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"Good job, girl!"

"I support you!!"

These words were all from their neighbors who were merely watching the fun. An old man was whistling, and some others were clapping, perhaps because of the little girl's bravery.

Luo Qiu thought so as well.

He lowered to pick up the book, then tapped the table with his finger. Almost at the same time, several glasses suddenly turned over and scalding tea water poured onto the pants of the several most enthusiastic old men.

Other customers shifted attentions to them involuntarily but found that there was nothing worth watching. Just as they intended to follow-up the story of the new bun house beauty, the young pair of 'male and female' had already vanished.

When did they slip away? Why didn't anybody witness it?

"What did the aunt say to you?"

They were actually at the back of the bun house. After bringing her out, Luo Qiu asked her, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Luo Dance said without thought, "The aunt said, I might be fond of you. She told me to let you know that, and asked me to be braver."

"You're really brave." Luo Qiu laughed. "What did she tell you that? Don't try to hide the truth."

Luo Dance had no choice but to say out the whole process.

In his imagination, the monsters should be smarter, or could peer into the hearts of humans; for the more intelligent ones, they should be able to dally with the human heart. However, it turned out there were still some innocent monsters that existed in their group.

Having his general knowledge updated, Luo Qiu shook his head. "Remember, before you give a confession of love next time, you should make sure the man is someone you really like. Though you're a monster, you are, theoretically, still a female as well. A girl's confession is considered a precious thing."

She still didn't understand. Luo Dance merely showed him a puzzled face.

The club's master had no interest in teaching a monster what love was; therefore, he shook his head, going through the motions, "Go back to work. You'll understand it later."


The little monster nodded without saying a word. Her face was devoid of any depressed or embarrassed expressions. It was as if… she just did a simple thing.

Luo Qiu sighed with relief. This was the second time he felt the viciousness of a female matchmaker besides Ren Ziling.

After such an awkward occasion, he might not go back there for a while… Furthermore, there would be not many opportunities that would cause him to stop by there again..

He raised his head and looked up at this decades-old bun house. At the same time, he saw Old Chen's son approaching slowly while carrying two big bags of items.

Mo Xiaofei still remembered the way to the automobile repair workshop.

Yet the odd thing was, the doors were firmly closed during the daytime. Mo Xiaofei went around to the back door and stuck his ear onto the iron door. He could faintly hear some sounds from the inside… it seemed to be the sound of something being smashed.

Recalling the ferocious look that Brother Quan showed and his threatening words, a hint of darkness flashed through Mo Xiaofei's eyes.

He stared at the lock, then abruptly wrinkled the area between his eyelids. With a 'crack' sound, the lock became twisted. Then the door opened automatically in front of Mo XIaofei and he walked in soundlessly.

Inside the workshop, Brother Quan sat beside a folded, square table. Hints of anger could still be seen on his face while he held a bottle of beer in his hand. Several students lowered heads in front of him.

Swollen marks had been left all over their faces and dirty oil stains could be seen on their clothes. They looked at Brother Quan in fright whom had just taken a seat.

Even after searching for a whole night, the thing he wanted hadn't been found. Therefore, they became the punching bag of Brother Quan. None of them dared to retaliate against him because he used to box, hence had a strong figure. If he went all out, they wouldn't even be able to bear one fist with their weak bodies.

"This is all Mo Xiaofei's fault! If he didn't go crazy, how could Brother Quan lose his item! If it wasn't for the fact that we didn't know if he was already dead or not, we would definitely teach him a good lesson!"

There was still ways to stop Brother Quan from beating them all up to vent his anger. For example, one student was planning this.

"F*ck! I won't have my things lose for free! If I know which f*ckin b*itch picked it up, I'll peel off his skin!" Brother Quan pounded the table forcefully. "You guys, go to check if that brat Mo Xiaofei died or not! And find out where Mo Xiaofei's home is! F*ck, he'd better not die, so that I can ask his father for the payment of the debt!"

"That won't be necessary."

All of a sudden, a light voice came from the door. Everyone else gave a start.

Mo Xiaofei walked out one step at a time. His clothes were still the same clothes he wore yesterday, and he still maintained the same messy appearance after he had been assaulted. The only difference was that the originally heavily injured body seemed to be fine now.

Brother Quan sneered and stood up. "Tut, you didn't die and actually came running back. You have guts… You came to see me? Did you get the item back? Brat, I appreciate your audacity. If you return it, this matter will be written off. And I'll protect from now on!"

"No, I didn't." Mo Xiaofei shook his head.

If this happened a day ago, he wouldn't even have the courage to speak. Whereas now at this moment, he was not afraid at all. Mo Xiaofei took a deep breath. "I'm here to tell you, that you'd better not hurt my family. Or you'll face the consequences!"

Blond hair Brother Quan went crazy with anger, feeling as if he heard the funniest joke of the year. He hurled the canned beer that was in his hand towards the ground, rapidly approaching Mo Xiaofei. "Seems like you haven't had enough!"

Even when it seemed like Brother Quan's fist was about to strike him, Mo Xiaofei neither retreated nor evade it. In his eyes, Brother Quan's action seemed to slow down drastically. He stretched out his hand, with 5 fingers spread out.

Between the electric sparks, Brother Quan's body flew backward, smashing into the side door of a car.


The car door completely caved in. The car window even shattered at the same time. Brother Quan felt as though he had been hit by a lorry. An intense pain emitted from his spinal cord, the agony almost letting him lose his soul.

"You… you…" Brother Quan could not speak. Instead, a mouthful of fresh blood was spat out.

However, at this time, Mo Xiaofei extended his arm and grabbed the air causing Blond hair Brother Quan to be dragged back from afar.

Mo Xiaofei caught Brother Quan's hair, kicking his belly severely. "I've said, that you would have to bear the consequences."


With hearing the screech from Brother Quan, the faces of those students turned dreadfully pale due to fright.

What happened to Mo Xiaofei… he caught him without body contact?

They really witnessed this scene. Brother Quan's body directly floated to him from several meters away!

Several students freaked out. They slowly backed away… before turning around attempting to flee.

"None of you guys can leave."

Hearing Mo Xiaofei's cold voice, those students seemed to be pulled back by something and were dragged towards him.

"Receive my judgment."

"No, no---!!"

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