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The old castle had two wings which consisted of the east wing and west wing. It was hidden behind a large field of forests and a sea of rose flowers. One could see mountains far away, giving it a picturesque feeling.

Just like a wonderland.

Of course, it was the wonderland based on the western mythic concepts.

The castle was filled with a deep sense of history and did not have many people around. Only a narrow highway access to the castle gate had been built.

Luo Qiu and You Ye strolled along the road of roses, recalling the transaction contents of this customer stated in the account book, or perhaps one should say, the consistent transactions with the Ceaucescu Family throughout hundreds of years.

Throughout the period of these 500 years, the Ceaucescu Family had continued to purchase the sealing time of a devil by spending the souls of their family members.

As for this devil, he was the 'Impaling Duke' mentioned by You Ye.

Or he could be also called Grand Flood Duke… but because he was known as the 'Impaling Duke', Boss Luo would definitely link this name with the other name 'Earl Dracula' together.

Nevertheless, when Boss Luo and You Ye reached the castle gate, they unexpectedly saw many modern vehicles that had been staying there. While there was no lack of precious luxury cars, it was the yellow brass four-wheeled wagon that he was interested in.

It really was a wagon.

Boss Luo had no desire to restrain himself and it was not bad to be a tourist before starting his work. However, the castle should be noisy at the moment, which didn't match the tranquility in this sea of rose flowers.

The Ceaucescu Family was a quite an old family in this area. They had lasted for generations.

These few days, all the later generations of the family had come back from different places. This was because they were notified that the leader of the Ceaucescu Family---Jonathan, who just celebrated his 65-year-old birthday, was diagnosed with a terminal illness and would be not for long in this world.

He had called up the lawyer to deal with the question about wealth distribution. However according to the tradition, most of the whole Ceaucescu Family's property would be assigned to merely one person, and the rest was for the remaining people.

That meant the Ceaucescu Family's property controlled mainly by one person---However, the weird thing was, the inheritance would not always fall upon the direct decendants of the current leader.

The inheritance rule was always followed based on a mysterious and ancient judging mechanism.

At this moment, the steward who had been serving the castle master for 30 years obstructed the path of everyone who desired to meet Mr. Jonathan.

"Fangmiu, why do you not allow me to see my grandfather?!"

The young man questioned the old steward in a loud voice. As Jonathan's direct grandson, the young Kista displayed his dissatisfaction due to the obstruction of the old steward.

Yet the old steward said, "Master Kista, please forgive my rudeness. But I have to obey the orders of the leader. He doesn't want to see anyone until he's ready."

Kista gave a start and said with a frown, "Are those my grandpa's instructions?"

"Yes, it is, my young master." The old steward nodded, looking at the other several young people and the older men of the Ceaucescu Family.

Because the successor would not always be a direct descendant, the steward was the only individual who knew about the secret mechanism. He could sense the greed that had been disguised as anxiousness and worry.

There was only one person who didn't care about this problem among the many descendants. His name was Osmond and was around Kista's age. He was also Mr. Jonathan's grandson.

Once upon a time, his mother had an engagement that was envied by all with a later generation of some dynasty's Sultan here. They were also an ancient family as well. However, Osmond's mother fell in love with a chef in the old castle of the Ceaucescu Family. The two eloped and gave birth to Master Osmond.

Osmond had just been found by Mr. Jonathan this year and had acknowledged him as a member of the Ceaucescu Family. Yet he was a love child, so was not treated equally.

The young Osmond sat at the back of the crowd, without a word and walked out alone.

He came out of the east wing, arriving at a quiet courtyard at the connection of east and west wings. There was a tiny maze made out of rose flower hedges in the yard.

Osmond had been to this castle several times. He knew there was an old well that had been closed off in the center of this tiny flower wall maze. The well became dry for long and was sealed off by a large stone. It wasn't a particularly special place to most people.

Yet each time when Osmond passed by, his heartbeat would accelerate inexplicably, as though he heard something muttering.

"Mr. Osmond."

All at once, someone from the back called his name to stop him. Turning about, he saw a nun, who was dressed in a black robe with a silver cross. The hood covered both her eyes and nose, but the parts that were exposed were fair.

Suddenly, a blast of strong wind blew open the lace curtains and sound of rolling could be heard. The lawyer who was having a discussion with Mr. Jonathan was puzzled by this situation.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Jonathan that was still ill in bed said, "I want to be alone. Leave first and I'll call you later."

The lawyer dared not say anything else because he was clearly aware how scary the amount of property the old man owned and how powerful this family was in this country.

Hence, the lawyer walked out and shut the door. Only then did Mr. Jonathan throw back the quilt and got out of bed, staring seriously at the two figures who, god knows when, had shown up on the balcony.

Mr. Jonathan breathed deeply, "You came eventually."

"Mr. Jonathan, according to the time agreed upon the contract 30 years ago, the deadline is before tomorrow's sunrise. Please prepare in advance." You Ye said as she looked at Jonathan.

Of course, the conversation between them was spoken in a special language.

Luo Qiu clearly understood the dialogue---it was in Hungarian.

He gave 5 full days. Nevertheless, it was considered a cost-efficient deal if one could master a language by exchanging merely 5 days.

"Haven't seen you in a while, Mr. Asas," Jonathan said calmly.

In reality, he knew he was about to reach the end of his life. Therefore he was hurrying to tie up the remaining loose ends concerning his property and the issue of selecting a new successor. He looked at You Ye, whose appearance had not changed after 30 years. Therefore, as logic dictates, the man beside her should absolutely be the club's boss.

In spite that he was not clear why he wore a clown mask, however, Jonathan didn't want to ask more about the further matters of the mysterious place that came down since ancient times, no matter what happened.

"Mr. Jonathan, this is…" You Ye intended to correct Jonathan's mistake.

But the club's boss waved his hand, before nodding, and speaking in his fluent Hungarian, "Yeah, It has been a while."

The new boss only had a simple thought.

'I won't take any blame for what the former boss did. I'm just here to collect the debt…'

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