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The phone call was from Ren Ziling.

Tu Jiaqing hesitated for a moment. In the end, she didn't pick it up. However, the very next second, a message was sent from the same phone number. Its contents were about the dinner tonight.

Thinking of the pair she met in the university, Yu Jiaqing still remembered that the lady was called Ren Ziling… She seemed to be one of her sister's roommates during the university days.

She might be a person who was more familiar with Tu Jiaya, much more familiar than the ones her sister came in contact during work---This kind of person must be avoided at all cost.

She might have exchanged bodies with her sister; however, she knew nothing about Ren Ziling herself at all. Therefore, it would be easy to give herself away.

Despite this being a perfect change, she'd better take care of all the little details.

This basement was rented by her sister when she first started out as an idol. After obtaining tremendous success over the years, she bought this space for memory's sake.

Nobody would come over here… At least, for the moment.

With this thought, Tu Jiaqing took a deep breath…The worst had happened already, she did it and there was nothing regrettable about it.

She drove her sister's sports car, heading for Heaven Shadow Entertainment. Today she needed to attend a show at a large shopping mall.

"Mr. Chen, if your father keeps taking such a tough stance, it'll be difficult to solve the problem."

Still in the older part of the town, in a teahouse that looked ordinary, the white-collar man knitted his brows, looking at Elder Chen's son. "You know, I have already used plenty of time and skills to negotiate this price… Others won't have such a tempting offer."

"Yes, I know, Mr. Huang." Mr. Chen sighed. "My father's attitude is… But, today was way excessive… I never saw him get so angry before. How about giving up?"

Mr. Huang was displeased when he heard that. "Mr. Chen, we've been negotiating for so long, do you still consider the price low?"

Mr. Chen shook his head. "No, I don't."

As Mr. Chen hesitated, Mr. Huang said promptly, "To be honest, with the current salary from your work, you can afford to live a decent life. However, did you ever think about your future? Your kid needs to go to school soon. As a parent, one should always hope for their child to receive a high-level education. However, it's not easy to go to a top-notched school. Besides, you don't want your wife to work around the clock right? You want to give her a better life after you married her right? But ask yourself, have you achieved it? In addition to that, you'll have to worry about your son's marriage several years later. Do you know how much one has to pay to get married?"

Mr. Chen gave a slight fretful look, rubbing his wrinkled slacks, gritting his teeth. "Fine, I'll go persuade my father again."

"OK, good luck, I'm waiting for you." Mr. Huang grinned, standing up and saying, "I have to go back to the company now."

He said then nodded to Elder Chen's son, walking towards the counter at doorway and getting two boxes of packed desserts. "The customer at that table will pay for this later."

Mr. Huang headed to the door with the words. When he reached to the door, he turned round before mumbling, "Do you think you're my king? Son of a b*tch!"

Nonetheless, Mr. Huang humped up in fright due to seeing someone standing in front of the door after he opened it. As he didn't get his way with the purchase of the land, Mr. Huang was in a bad mood. Now, when he saw that the person who stood in his way was merely a young man dressed in ordinary clothes, he snorted grimly, "Can't you see where you're going?"

With the aura he had gained from working in this harsh society for a dozen of years, he thought it would be easy to frighten a young man.

"I have something to talk about with you."

"Do I know you?" Mr. Huang frowned. The more he looked at this junior, the more annoyed he got. "I have no time!"

"I'm a homeowner nearby and heard you're purchasing land?"

Mr. Huang was about to leave. However, once he heard this, he faked a smile, chuckling, "Oh, how may I call you, little bro? It's too hot, so I'm a bit angry… Sorry for the words, I'm not always like that!"

"Let's go somewhere else to talk."

"Sure! This is really not a good place to have a conversation!" Mr. Huang put on a smile.

Since Elder Chen's son was still sitting inside the teahouse, it was not convenient to talk there. But the good thing was, there were a lot of places in this old town where one can sit down and have a chat.

However, the woman beside this guy was so beautiful. Mr. Huang couldn't help glancing at her more than once.

Nevertheless, an attractive lady couldn't even compare with a good results and the promotion money.

"Little bro, what should I call you?"

Mr. Huang couldn't wait to ask him after simply finding teahouse.

Luo Qiu was ordering his food leisurely. "Give me a glass of water and a milk for her, please."

After ordering, Luo Qiu placed the menu ahead of Mr. Huang. Mr. Huang had already drank a lot of tea previously, so he just randomly ordered a glass of beverage.

As the waitress left, Luo Qiu asked him, "What's your company?"

'This young guy doesn't seem easily deceived' Mr. Huang whispered to himself. He took out his business card with gilt edges. It showed his name 'Huang Chengyin'.

And the company, Perseverance Group.

"You have must heard of Perseverance Group! It's one of the best companies in this area!" Huang Chengyin held up his thumb, before giving a confident laugh. "Where's your house, little bro? And how large is the area? Do you want a quick evaluation of it right now?"

"Mr. Huang, what is your company going to do after purchasing this land?"

Mr. Huang said, "Of course it's to build high-rise apartments!"

Luo Qiu thought for a second. "Oh, I see… Purchasing our houses, break them and build new ones, then sell to others. But where will we live?"

Mr. Huang gaped, before replying without thought, "Little bro, we're a legal and large company, of course we'll pay you. Once you're rich, you can buy and live at some other place! Think about it, how convenient your daily life will be living in a new town? There're plenty of places for eating and playing there. What's more, you are so young. I don't think you'd want to live here forever, with old women and men as your neighbours, right?"

"Little bro, how about giving it some thought?" Huang Chengyin was worried that his customer would feel annoyed if he talked too much; therefore, using followed the principle of retreating in order to advance. "But it's better to make the decision soon. Because several others have been signing the letter of agreement every single day. If you decide too slow, it'll be hard to get such a great price. You know, if your neighbours have all moved away, and houses have been pulled down, then you will have to move as well even though you're unwilling to do so."

At this time, the waitress came with the drinks they ordered and interrupted their talk.

Luo Dance gazed at the milk in front of her before taking out and inserting the straw into it without a second thought. The honey a moment ago did not seem to satisfy her. Now, she was holding the milk box with both hands and the straw in her mouth.

Luo Qiu gave a smile watching her interesting actions.

Huang Chengyin thought, 'Does this f*cking young guy really intend to talk about it? He's like those old women walking in the shopping malls.' Which meant, whenever the salesclerks promoted their merchandises, they would always have a unified answer. "I'll just have a look."

"Well… I'm just checking it out."

Just as he was thinking about that, Luo Qiu gave a reply that seemed like he didn't care it at all.

"Wait, little bro?"

This guy acted too quickly, leaving as soon as he stood up, with no hesitation. Huang Chengyin didn't detain him even though he called out to him thus couldn't help secretly swearing at him.

'F*ck! You fooling about with me?'

After a while, Huang Chengyin stood up and decided to leave. Unexpectedly the waitress came over to him, "Sir, do you want to pay the bill now?"

Huang Chengyin was slightly annoyed and said, "How much?"

"45 Yuan, please."

"Wait! There're merely a glass of water, one coke and one box of damn milk, the total is 45 Yuan?" Huang Chengyin said unhappily straight away.

"No, because that lady took away three boxes of milk when she left. They're Deluxe Milk! Very expensive!"

"…F*cking b*itch!"

It was hard to describe how mad Huang Chengyin was… And he even didn't know that guy's name!

Eating and taking away free food. Are they even human?!

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