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"Should I not have… taken these?"

Looking at the hesitating appearance of Luo Dance, Luo Qiu wanted to say, 'But by the way you're holding the milk, you've seen them as treasures…'

In short, the young butterfly monster held three boxes of milk while following Luo Qiu.

Somehow, she seemed to be afraid, or thinking about something. This could be seen by the pace of her footsteps that were always half step slower than Luo Qiu… No matter how Boss Luo changed his walking speed.

"You said you wanted to do something, but why did you not say a word just now?" Luo Qiu asked.

Luo Dance was dumbfounded, answering naturally, "With you there, what should I say? I don't understand."

Luo Qiu was stunned as well. What's this? She was so obedient, like a dog following its master.

But after thinking a while, he understood. In the young monster's mind, the club was a mysterious and omnipotent place. Therefore, she didn't have to consider too much when being by the club's boss side.

"Everlasting Heart Group is collecting lands, but the news hasn't been officially disclosed."

They were walking on the streets in the old city region, "Not only Huang Chengyin, there should be many salespeople from the Everlasting Heart Group."

Luo Dance was in curiosity, "How did you know that?"

Luo Qiu replied indifferently, "Look at the street, pay attention to those who dress in familiar uniforms like Huang Chengyin… People from this kind of big companies are always required to wear the same uniforms under their company's rules."

"Oh they really are!" Luo Dance was suddenly enlightened, looking around and saying, "Look there, and one that way… Oh, and over there too!"

Luo Qiu said, "Besides, what they sign are merely letters of intent, Hmm…"

As Luo Qiu sank into deep thought, Luo Dance dared not say a word for fear of bothering him---Because the young monster had heard some legends about the club told occasionally by some passing monsters while she was still in the mountain.

Those fearful looks showed by those huge powerful monsters planted a thought concerning that place in the little innocent monster.

She was curious about the young boss at heart, but… the Grandpa tree monster said before that the club eats monsters, especially a young and cute monster!

The little butterfly monster backed up several steps subconsciously.

"I'm going to leave, so go back home." Luo Qiu turned around, looking at Luo Dance. He said nothing even though he noticed she had put some distance between them.

Luo Dance nodded hurriedly, watching Luo Qiu walk down into a side alley. She had excellent hearing; however, she couldn't hear his footstep as Luo Qiu entered the alley.

The little monster was envious of his teleporting ability, but then she felt happy again once more as she felt the weight of the three boxes of milk she was holding.

She planned to drink one that evening and other two were for tomorrow. After considering that, she headed back to the bun house happily.

At this time, Luo Qiu was at his old apartment in the old city region.

He had moved away only a few years ago… being dragged away by Ren Ziling. Subeditor Ren said she was busy working and the distance between her company and here was too far. Luo Qiu could not argue against such a sufficient reason.

Nevertheless, the reason was merely because she wanted a change in environment…Since the distances from the old and new houses to the company was almost the same.

He came back to this old apartment last time, before the new year.

This time around, the room was full of dust.

Luo Qiu opened the window to get some ventilation. Then he took a cleaning cloth and started wiping, even though he only needed a thought to have all the dust fly towards the dustbin themselves.

However, there were some things that needed to be done personally.


While wiping a trophy, even though it had always been clean, inside the display cabinet in the dining room, You Ye's voice came from his back, "It has been prepared. Ready to be started and transported at any time."

There were two matured debts. One was Elder Chen's, who was living in the same city and easily found. As to the other one, which was more troublesome… because the person was abroad.

Usually when one wanted to go overseas, one had to wait for the tourist groups and plan the time. As for applying for a visa by oneself… it would be even more complicated.

Nevertheless, some advantages could be provided to the boss of the club.

A mere three hours lifespan could be exchanged for a one-way trip while a round trip needed 5 hours of it…

Even the traveling time would be more than 5 hours.

Therefore Luo Qiu decided to use the convenient way.

He heard that the former boss was able to go around the whole world without needing to pay any of his lifespan.

Boss Luo expected to go beyond the skies some day.

"The contract of the other customer will mature in 5 days… Well, I'll hit my road after a few days." Luo Qiu thought for a while before saying.

"OK." You Ye nodded.

Luo Qiu said," Hold on, can you go somewhere with me after I finish cleaning?"

You Ye asked, "Master, where would you like to go?"

Luo Qiu gave her a smile, "The Everlasting Heart Group. We've been there before."

The Everlasting Heart Square.

It was a super large square and was one of the city landmarks ever since it had been built. There were more people in the square than usual today under the scorching summer heat.

They most definitely came for the big star---Tu Jiaya's fan meeting.

"Sister Ziling, it's almost time but why didn't Tu Jiaya come out?" The assistant asked her impatiently.

The manager was one of Tu Jiaya's fans. For keeping a good relationship with him, the subeditor mentioned above said to focus more on Tu Jiaya's news as it might be hard to have interviews with this big star after she headed to other places to work.

"Take my place, I need to get some air." Ren Ziling stuffed the Nikon D4S into her assistant's hands, "If someone dare to rob my place, you trample his foot and hit him with your elbow! If he acts cruelly, you just take off your pants and shout that someone is assaulting you!"

"…Sister Ziling, I'm a man."

"That'll be more effective!" Ren Ziling whispered, "And more effective!"

Ren Ziling squeezed out afterwards. The male assistant felt that if he shouted out the words she said, he would be posted at the headline on the newspaper tomorrow.

The content would probably be, 'During Tu Jiaya's fan meeting, a journalist started an indecent assault against his peer. He didn't stop, instead, taking further actions after realizing his peer was a man…

Oh my god!!

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