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After driving away his son and the lobbyist of a housing property company, Elder Chen sat on a chair and sulked.

His wife didn't know how to calm him down, she herself felt anxious.

Luo Qiu suddenly changed the subject, "Uncle, is there any chili sauce added to the wined chicken?"

Elder Chen was stunned and said without much thought, "Add some white sesame seeds… Oh, right, wife, little Luo Qiu is having a meal here today. Go cook some special dishes."

"OK." The aunty nodded promptly, turning to look at Luo Dance. "Child, come give me a hand."

The aunty was a woman that stuck to tradition. She wouldn't join the men's conversations. Giving Luo Qiu a gaze filled with gratitude, she then pulled Luo Dance towards the kitchen.

Elder Chen closed the door and started to smoke his pipe. After a while, he smiled bitterly at Luo Qiu. "This shop will probably be closed down."

Luo Qiu said, "Do you want to sell it?"

Elder Chen replied emotionally, "What will people own after dying? One can't take away any fame or wealth. On the contrary, children are the best treasures. If my wife and I die, this restaurant and house will naturally belong to him. Honestly, I also have some selfish thoughts, can't I leave something for my son? It will make his life better, whether he decides to sell it out or do something else with it, rather than give it to others in a fit of anger. I believe in karma, so I hope to do something for my son. Perhaps he will remember and appreciate me; occasionally dropping by my grave and offer me a prayer."

Elder Chen shook his head, "However, this technique for making buns has been handed down by my ancestors. Looks like it will end during my generation."

He took a puff at his pipe, sighing, "Time's changed. Youngsters have their own thoughts. I can't force him to learn it. But these days… I don't want to talk about that."

He gazed at Luo Qiu, an apologetic look could be seen in his yellow cloudy eyes. "Little Luo Qiu, I'm just speaking out my sorrows. Don't worry about I and just listen."

Luo Qiu sat beside Elder Chen, patting the back of his hand. "Uncle, can I eat more today?"

"Absolutely! A pity you don't drink! Or you can feel how awesome it feels to eat wined chicken while drinking yellow wine!" Elder Chen laughed and started to sing.

"In the first month of the lunar year, more wines are drunk, the numb the spirit ~Ah~Ah. Some people drank too much, sleeping for a long time without waking up. However grave the matter is, it'll be left out~Ah~Ah~Ah~. No matter south and north, west and east, blurred and dizzy all day.Ah~Ah~Ah~"

He sang in a Northeastern style.

Elder Chen got drunk at lunch; therefore, his wife was busy taking care of business and had no time to look after Luo Qiu. She merely caught Luo Qiu's hands and talked to him for a while before seeing him out.

After Luo Qiu left, he bought a small bottle of honey from a convenient store nearby, then disappeared as soon as he turned at the street corner. Yet, he didn't immediately leave this place where he had grown up.

"Where are you going?"

Luo Qiu appeared in another alley. At noon, most people were resting. The alley was quite tranquil, with an occasional cool breeze.

"I… I was just planning to walk around and take a look." Luo Dance was taken back by Luo Qiu's sudden appearance.

Luo Qiu said, "Are monsters this bad at lying?"

"Ah?" Luo Dance stared blankly then stuck out her small tongue. "How did you know that?"

'Because humans are the best liars.'

"What are you going to do?" Luo Qiu asked then.

Perhaps it was because the club's boss disbelieving aura was too strong, Luo Dance lowered her head, hemming and hawing, "I want to find a way to stop the boss's son from selling off the bun house."

She got up the courage and raised up her head, looking at Luo Qiu, "I… I can't help the boss survive but at least… at least the bun house can be left behind."

All of a sudden.


The sound was a little loud.

Luo Dance gave a start, covering her belly with both hands.

Luo Qiu couldn't help laughing, "If you have energy, then only do you have power to do something."

Luo Dance blushed suddenly.

Luo Qiu pulled out the honey he just bought, giving it to Luo Dance, "It's an artificial product; nevertheless, it will be better than those oily meal that aunty cooks… Of course, it will not be as good as the flower honey you eat in the mountain."

Luo Dance received this bottle of honey without a second thought.

As a monster, she was much stronger than an ordinary person. So the bottle was cracked opened with a powerful grip. The golden yellow liquid erupted and covered her hands.

Without hesitation, Dance stuck out her tongue. Then started to lap her hand backs, palms, joints and fingernails, showing an intoxicated expression on her face.

"I've eaten up all the honey in the house of the boss's wife sneakily, but I did not dare tell her…"

Luo Dance spoke of her current situation. But when she found Luo Qiu gazed at herself with a weird look, she blushed again, facing round and licking her fingers clean. Then drinking up all remaining honey gradually.

The weird look, was because… He thought Dance would extend something like a straw from her mouth… Most butterfly eat in this way, right?

Unexpectedly she licked it.

Was she really a butterfly monster?

It was like feeding a kitty.

The young butterfly turned around, immersed in lapping up her fingers. However, she seemed to obtain a sense of shame these several days while living in human society, thus hid her hands behind her back in a hurry.

She looked at Luo Qiu uneasily. "I… I have nothing to pay for it…"

Luo Qiu smiled. "You don't have to pay for it."

Luo Dance let out a sweet smile.

"Let's go." Luo Qiu suddenly said, "To Elder Chen's son."

"What?!" Luo Dance eyed on Luo Qiu curiously, "Are you going to help the boss?"

Luo Qiu said coolly, "The bun house is not the only land that will be taken. "

He used to live here.

While saying this, Luo Qiu headed towards the other end of the alley. The young butterfly monster trotted to catch up to him. "Luo Qiu…May I call you Luo Qiu?"


Tu Jiaya's mouth was opened by someone then she felt her throat become moist. She merely gulped water, without caring about anything else.

She had gone a long time without drinking any water so she was extremely thirsty.

She was knocked out by someone at her home. Before she fainted, she merely saw a shadow flashing across her sister's room but didn't see the real appearance clearly.

"Who are you? Why did you catch me? Is it a kidnapping? What about my sister? Did you do anything to her?"

Tu Jiaya didn't notice her voice was different from before due to the dry throat or her extreme panic.

She was scared because her eyes were covered and her hands and feet had been tied. She couldn't see nor move.

Whatever she asked, the other person didn't seem to plan to answer it.

Soon, Tu Jiaya's mouth was sealed by adhesive tape. She wasn't able to talk. Right at this time, her cellphone rang.

It was her cellphone's ringtone.

Then, Tu Jiaya heard the sounds of someone walking away in a hurry and the sound of the door closing.

This place was very quiet, with a humid and moldy smell.

Looks like she had been imprisoned in this place for the time being…

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