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Elder Chen asked his wife and Luo Dance to help clean the dining room first before taking Luo Qiu to his home located upstairs.

This was a 3-floor self-built house, which were commonly seen in old towns. The first floor was renovated for purpose of doing business while the upper floors were used as a residence.

Elder Chen was accustomed to using a Chinese-styled smoking pipe. At present, he added a little bit tobacco onto the smoke pan, then huffed and puffed to ensure the tobacco kept burning.

"Luo Qiu… You're Luo Qiu right?"

He couldn't make sure whether this male of the younger generation before him was the one he knew---Especially after witnessing the miracle that year. He might be a fake, merely a person ordered by that place to remind him of his debt.

Luo Qiu understood what Elder Chen was thinking. He did not expect Elder Chen's name to be recorded in the accounts. He had signed a contract with the club, which meant he had to pay his dues. Time was up, whether he came to the club or not, the results would be the same.

You Ye or himself, the only difference was who came.

Luo Qiu opened his mouth after a while of silence. "18 years ago, your wife and son should have died in a car accident but you exchanged part of your lifespan to give your son the chance to survive, then paid half of your remaining lifespan for adding 18 more years worth of lifespan for your wife."

Elder Chen closed his eyes slowly, as if reminiscing back on those days. After a long while, he sighed, "18 years passed by so quickly, like a horse crossing the river. Let's not mention those old days."

While saying that, Elder Chen shifted his attention to Luo Qiu and smiled. "I heard that on TV and imitated it because it gave off a different feeling. I wouldn't be able to make such a good sentence myself… By the way, how long do I have left?"

Luo Qiu answered, "3 days."

Elder Chen suddenly said, "Are you free today? How about having lunch here? You always eat the buns but actually the best dish is the wined chicken my wife makes."

Luo Qiu nodded slightly, agreeing.

Elder Chen didn't intend to ask about Luo Qiu's identity. He seemed rather calm even after being informed that he had only 3 days left. He just treated him as an old acquaintance, a kid that he watched growing up.

"Take a seat, I'll go buy some dishes," Elder Chen went downstairs while saying so.

Luo Qiu looked around the room. Suddenly a butterfly flew through the gaps of the security mesh at the balcony, appearing in front of him.

The beautiful golden teinopalpus imperialis stopped there, transforming into a human appearance---Luo Dance.

"Eavesdropping is not a good behaviour," Luo Qiu suddenly said.

Luo Dance answered, "I just have excellent hearing. Furthermore, you didn't seem to have any intent to conceal your conversation… The boss... will he die after 3 days?"

Luo Qiu nodded, looking at the old photos hanging on the wall. "Time has run out, so his should end as well."

Luo Dance blurted out, "Can't his lifespan increase anymore? He's a good man."

Luo Qiu turned to look at the butterfly monster, "Yes, it can be. However, only if someone wants to pay for extending his lifespan… Dear customer, do you intend to help?"

"I…" Luo Dance wanted to say but stopped eventually, falling silent.

She had just emerged from her cocoon; therefore, had no valuable items.

This thought flashed across her mind but was halted by her instincts. The monster that had just stepped into a new stage definitely appreciated the couples who showed kindness to her. However, to give up something for them... she still had to distinguish what kind of things she should do, and the ones she didn't have to.

Luo Dance gave a bitter smile while patting her chest to feel the heartbeat, "It's weird. I have the urge to help the boss and his wife by myself; however, I feel a sense of terror."

Luo Qiu said, "At least you have the impulse."

Luo Dance said abruptly, "Logically speaking, the couple watched you grow up… Don't you feel sad?"

Luo Qiu had asked himself the same question when it appeared in his mind. He didn't think that someone… no, a monster would ask him the same question so soon…

Boss Luo said softly, "Without the 18 years, I probably won't have a sense of sadness."

Luo Dance shook her head. "It's hard to understand the thoughts of humans."

Luo Qiu shook his head as well. "I know a little more than you but less than those who have been living for decades. The matters that you don't understand, I don't either."


Luo Qiu said naturally, "Because we're young, how do we see through everything?"

Just then, some noisy sounds came from downstairs.

Luo Qiu turned his head, while the butterfly monster at his side frowned, "Should be the boss's son. He came again today."

"You know him?"

Luo Dance shook her head, "I've seen him several times but I don't know. Seems like someone wants the land and his son wants to sell this building but the boss disagrees. Hence they have quarreled twice about it."

Luo Qiu frowned, saying at once, "Let's go have a look."

Downstairs, two middle-aged men around 30-40 years old were sitting opposite to Elder Chen's wife. One looked like his son. As for the other one, who was dressed in a suit, he seemed liked a successful white-collar worker.

His wife was sitting at the side, as if she didn't want to see them.

Elder Chen's son said, "Mum! What century is it now? Isn't it wise to sell this land? They promise to pay a high price so that you can enjoy your retired life rather than work hard!"

The wife could not help but say to her son, "Your father doesn't agree… And, I, I don't want to sell it either."

The man aside got a word in, "Auntie, the urban redevelopment plan has been proceeding a fast pace. Times have changed, the old will eventually be left behind in any case. It's beneficial to sell it now. If more and more people start selling their land, the price will fall, which would makes you suffer losses. You've been running this business for dozens of years with my uncle, if the land has a drop in price, you two would feel pained as well."


His wife was very affable, with an indecisive character. She didn't know what to say and how to deal with his son and this talkative man who came everyday at this time.

"You brat! You dare to come again! Urging your mother while taking advantage of the fact that I'm not here! Get out here! Go away!"

Elder Chen's sudden appearance scared his son. He dare not to look him in the eye. Elder Chen then grabbed a broom by the door, looking like an atrocious gate guardian.

As to the white-collar man, he revealed a frown that almost couldn't be noticed.

Yet Boss Luo got a caught a glimpse of darkness flickering through his eyes.

Elder Chen had kneaded dough for several tens of years, therefore he was as strong as a young man when he became enraged. The broom was struck towards his son's feet with no hesitation.

His son merely left with the words "Think it through" before pulling the man aside in a hurry, scurrying out of the bun house awkwardly.

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