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Strictly speaking, Luo Qiu should have known all of Ren Ziling's tricks inside out.

For example, based on her mood on the phone, Luo Qiu realized that this woman had some ulterior strange motives.

[So why did I still come?]

Luo Qiu couldn't figure out the answer to that problem, instead, he caught sight of Ren Ziling waving to him--- As for the woman standing by her side wearing sunglasses and a hat, Luo Qiu couldn't care less who she was.

Similar events had happened before occasionally.

"Luo Qiu! This child is the new trainee. How cute, right?"

"This child is learning the piano! I met her when I was searching for materials! How lovely, right?"

"Yes… it is said that if the wife is 3 years older than her husband, it'll make their married life better! Your age is fine as well! The most important is to be able to gain my acceptance ! Then there would be absolutely no in-law problems. So go ahead to date him!"

It was probably that kind of situation, along with a disgusting fake smile, as if she were matchmaker.

"Luo Qiu, hurry up! Come here!"

Finally, Luo Qiu walked over to Ren Ziling. She pulled his hand and said, "Come over here, let me introduce you to my good sister from my university days!"

Boss Luo had nothing to say. He did not plan to leave a good impression. This was to crush all hopes of Ren ZIling that there might be a possibility for a relationship to blossom between him and her friend. He sighed. "…You don't even let your classmates off?"

Ren Ziling stared blankly, before reacting suddenly, scolding, "Don't make any wild guesses! Even if I want to, she probably won't be into you!"

At that time, the woman at the side pulled down her sunglasses. "Ziling, who is he?"

"I've told you already that I will let you meet my son!" Ren Ziling said proudly. "Dengdeng! This is my son, Luo Qiu. How is he? Isn't he handsome?"

"Your… son?!!"

"Oh, I see… he is your husband's son."

Tu Jiaya shook her head, looking at the youngster that was left out there alone--- Actually, she had drew Ren Ziling aside to ask for the information.

"I only knew you got married suddenly but unexpectedly that…" Tu Jiaya wanted to say something but stopped after thinking about it.

Ren Ziling adopted an indifferent attitude. "In our entire lives, we might encounter one or two men whom are worth sacrificing everything for them, right? I don't regret or feel miserable at all. Just as I said, I merely want to work hard and raise my son."

"… your son is already grown up."

"That's different!" Ren Ziling said with a serious face. "His biological mother had took care of him for a very long time and I only started these few years! Hence I'm less qualified!"

Tu Jiaya was stunned, then she let out a laugh and a sigh filled with emotion. "Forget it, I know you're not a behaved person. Rather, I should say that you are still yourself."

Ren Ziling was smiling. "What's wrong with me? Anyway… I remembered someone once said she wanted to hug my son… Are you gonna give him a hug?"

Tu Jiaya blushed. It was alright to embrace a kid but this was an adult man in front of her.

She spitted out at her, "You brat, you're already a mother but you still enjoy tricking others."

"Hey! Be reasonable! I'm still in my twenties so it's normal to be mischievous and lovely."

It might due to her bright and clear character which attracted Tu Jiaya and even encouraged her to walk down this the path of music.

The two were laughing and talking.

The aside Boss Luo didn't feel discontented, instead, he was looking at the two women exposed under the sunshine with interest.

He had never seen Ren Ziling's old friends, except the classmate that wanted to sell something.

He only knew she was an orphan.

Because of that, she hoped to have her own family members.

The words family members also made Luo Qiu heavy-hearted.

This woman had touched him in the end so he shall treat her as a real family member.

Boss Luo couldn't help thinking of that rainy day---though he couldn't understand even until now why the rain fell at a pertinent time.

That day was the day his father was buried.

Ren Ziling did almost everything, from receiving the news, to taking care of the funeral affairs. During those time, Luo Qiu kept himself in his room, eating food that was placed outside his door, then daze about until he fell asleep. Furthermore, he didn't realize whether it was day or night. He didn't even let tears drop because his father once said: 'A good man will never cry.'

At the end of the funeral and after saying goodbye to everyone that came, Luo Qiu began to wander the streets with no purpose, as if all his energy had left him.

He didn't know where he should go, simply taking a step at a time… not places where his father used to take him, nor places that contained good memories but purely… towards the front.

Nevertheless, Ren Ziling walked with him all the way.

He passed through the park, so did Ren Ziling. He walked over the pedestrian overpass, she did too. He stopped at the river bank, she followed him and stayed there.

Until he was too tired to walk, and fell down onto the ground.

Luo Qiu thought at that time, if he fell like this, it should be very painful. His father used to say, 'A good man would rather bleed than cry,' so if he could bleed as he fell down, that might be good.

But he didn't achieve that, because Ren Ziling hugged him from behind.

That hug gave him everything.

"Are you tired? Let's just go home, okay?."

Luo Qiu said 'OK', before falling into Ren Ziling's arm, bawling loudly.

"But she got serious illness after and I had to take care of her."

He finished reminiscing then. A surge of warmth in his heart made Luo Qiu chuckle unconsciously.

At this point, Ren Ziling pulled Tu Jiaya's hands and came over to him, saying, "Brat! What are you laughing about?"

Luo Qiu shook his head. "Nothing… I've come here already, can I leave now?"

Ren Ziling hands on her waist, "No way! My old friend is here, can you not embarrass me?"

Luo Qiu gave a sigh, suddenly turning to the woman at the side, "Please don't mind her."

Ren Ziling was stupefied and provoked by Luo Qiu's parental tone. She intended to have throw a tantrum but to her surprise, Tu Jiaya abruptly laughed. "That's alright, I had already gotten used to it before you."

Luo QIu nodded. "That's good."

Tu Jiaya slightly nodded。

Now, Ren Ziling didn't want to let them off, getting mad at once. "F*ck… Don't act like two parents meeting each other for the first time."

Luo Qiu and this unknown woman looked each other and smiled.

"Sister! You were here all along!

At this time, a young lady trotted over, grabbing Tu Jiaya's hand, panting heavily. "Sheesh, I asked KingKong, and he said you didn't want him to follow! You can't act so recklessly. If you got into trouble… who are these two?"

Tu Jiaya gazed at Ren Ziling. "This is my sister, Tu Jiaqing. She means no harm, just worries a lot about me. Well… Jiaqing, this is my old classmate, we met her by chance so we were talking about the old days."

Tu Jiaqing nodded. "Oh, I see… Oh yes, the director said we can start!"

Tu Jiaya nodded. "Ziling, what about making time to have a meal? I have to go to work now."

"Go ahead," Ren Ziling said.

Tu Jiaya nodded, watching her sister. "Did you bring the script? I want to check it one more time."

Tu Jiaqing took out the script in her bag. The duo left with one reading the script and the other was busy preparing something.

"Her sister was pretty sensible. Ah, if only someone could be so sensible…" Ren Ziling mumbled while waving her hand.

Luo Qiu gave her a contemptuous look. "A thirty-year-old person shouldn't act cute."


Luo Qiu shook his head. "Furthermore, all that glitters might not be gold."

"What are you talking about? Are you jealous of her abilities?" Ren Ziling said with a smile.

Luo Qiu looked at the time and said, "Tu Jiaya is going to start soon, don't you have to go take photos?"

"Eh? I just remember, I didn't introduce her…" Ren Ziing realize something as soon as she finished her words,. "Her younger sister is called Tu Jiaqing, the director, script… Hmm, you really have good observation skills!"

She shook her head. "Originally I didn't plan to report these but I heard she was been back, so I had an urge to go see her. That's the reason why I came here."

Luo Qiu nodded. "There are restaurants nearby, you can go to the cafeteria as well."

"The cafeteria!"

"Let's go."

Ren Ziling was so excited she pushed Luo Qiu's back and ran. "Let's go! Oh, right! What about Jiaya's sister?"

Luo Qiu… Boss Luo felt that it would have been better if he hadn't wept in this woman's arms at that time.

"Master, what are you listening to?"

You Ye served the black jam tea to Luo Qiu.

Luo Qiu picked off the headphone and passed it to You Ye, "Have you heard of Tu Jiaya's song, 'Give You the World'?"

You Ye shook her head and just put on the headphone before closing her eyes, listening to it quietly. Soon, the servant girl began to quietly hum the melody she heard.

Luo Qiu sipped a mouthful of black tea. The silent club felt even more tranquil with You Ye's humming.

However, this tranquility was broken by a sound of the bell.

Thereupon, Luo Qiu wore the mask with You Ye's help. "Welcome to Trafford's Trading Club."

Yet, when he took a closer look, that person he saw was actually Tu Jiaya's sister---Tu Jiaqing.

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