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Whoever the person was, no matter how they arrived or what they wanted to buy or sell, the club would attempt to seal the deal. That was one of the basic rules of the club.

Luo Qiu felt surprised by Tu Jiaqing's appearance but not extremely so.

He sensed that they might meet each other soon but did not expect it to be on the same day.

She should have been guided here by the desires in her heart, thus obtaining access to the club all by herself. That explained the uncertainty on her face as she pushed open the club's door.

"Dear customer, what can I do for you?"

Boss Luo spoke out his never-changing sentence.

"Where is this place… Why am I here? I was originally on the street…"

Tu Jiaqing took a step back, as if intending to run out. Anyone would be on guard after arriving at such an eccentric place and seeing someone wearing such a fearful clown mask.

Furthermore, a woman dressed in a maid outfit was standing aside him. Her beauty seemed to be otherworldly, giving this place an even weirder feeling.

"It was your desires that brought you here." Luo Qiu made gestured with his hand. "Do sit down please."

The chair beside the small round table was drawn out automatically. The friction between the chair legs and the wooden floor gave off a short and heavy sound.

Tu Jiaqing jumped up in fright.

She wanted to escape from this place; however, an intense curiosity overcame her suddenly, as if that chair had some marvelous magical power. When she came back to her senses, she had already sat down.

"Is this… a magic shop?"

This was the conclusion she came to after witnessing the decorations in the shop, the suspicious-looking boss, and the trick that made the chair move.

Luo Qiu didn't say anything but swept his hand over the surface of the desk in front of her. A heap of black cards appeared. They were arranged into a pyramid formation, with five cards at the bottom, all the way up till the one card at the very top.

After Tu Jiaqing saw this magical scene, she became even certain of her guess.

She was a bit agitated today; her mood wasn't good. Nevertheless, this scene aroused her curiosity. Tu Jiaqing asked doubtfully, "What's this? Tarot cards? But it doesn't seem like it."

"Customer, pick one please." Luo Qiu made a gesture, inviting her to try.

Tu Jiaqing hesitated for a moment, then pointed at the middle one in the third row eventually---which was located at the central point of the pyramid.

"And then?" Tu Jiaqing had chosen it but there was no response from the clown, so she felt a little bit unhappy.

Luo Qiu shook his head. "You're not ready yet."

Tu Jiaqing was stunned as she saw the person in a clown mask stand up. "Everything can be purchased here as long as there is an item you want. Come back when you're ready next time."


Tu Jiaqing stood up promptly; however, at the moment, everything changed. She saw high buildings, bright night lights, the heavy traffic… she was already on the street.

Tu Jiaqing looked around frantically. In this noisy city, she felt a sudden fear.

And the single black card in her hand made her feel even more frightened.

She shivered suddenly, as if her arms had met electric shock before throwing the card on the ground and disappearing into the crowd in a hurry.

Luo Qiu didn't care about the situation of Tu Jiaqing after she had been sent out--because another person had pushed open the door and entered the club.

Luo Qiu suddenly felt that business was getting better---but in reality, it was the chain reaction from his former deals.

"I want to see Sanniang! No matter what I have to pay! Even if I can never reincarnated again!"

This customer had already spoke out the purpose of his visit before Luo Qiu had a chance to use his opening remarks.

It was Su Houde, the devoted man that wandered the earth for 500 years.

"I met Yang Taizi! He told me I could find Sanniang if I came here. Tell me, what should I pay to find Sanniang?"

This man had a more emaciated complexion than before, with messy hair and the peculiar smell wafting off him revealed that he had not bathe in many days. The only same thing with last time was his exceptionally firm look.

Luo Qiu thought for a while, "Only looking for Yu Sanniang?"


"Are you sure you don't need to evaluate the price yourself?" Luo Qiu asked.

"Say it please!"

Luo Qiu nodded. "You used to be a jade craftsman 500 years ago but died for a woman. Your love for Yu Sanniang turned into an obsessiveness so you were able to wander for 500 years. But now, even if you knew it was all a lie, you still insist on finding Yu Sanniang, right?"

Su Houde nodded slowly.

Luo Qiu said, "I got it, you're still attached to that romantic memory after all… If you want to seek out Yu Sanniang, you need to pay every one of your happy memories. Do you agree or not?"

Su Houde stared blankly. "Do I still have any happy memories? All of them merely caused me pain! Take it away! I merely want to ask Yu Sanniang why she treated me this way at that time!"

"Let's sign a contract then."

Luo Qiu waved his hand and the old sheepskin scroll gradually unrolled itself in front of Su Houde. After Su Houde had left his fingerprint on the sheepskin, Luo Qiu said, "Follow me please."

The interesting thing was… Yu Sanniang was actually living in this city.

---Finished purchasing the location of Yu Sanniang, 10 days of lifespan have been deducted.

Tu Jiaqing had planned to return to her apartment but eventually decided to head over to Tu Jiaya's office.

Entering that strange place gave her the goosebumps but there was another matter that made her more restless. It was also the reason she loitered about the streets aimlessly.

"Jiaqing… we've listened to the demo you sent us. However, it didn't meet our requirements… in fact, it's not necessary to look for us. Your sister is… Isn't it better to ask for her help?"

"Supervisor, could you please listen to it again? We spent so much time recording it. I'm confident it could compete with those famous songs playing on radio…"

"Sorry, I'm a little busy… Well, perhaps you can make some changes to it and maybe it will meet the requirements. Oh, please send my regards to your sister."

How could this be?

Tu Jiaqing returned to the office, depressed. Nevertheless, she found someone was still inside… was that her sister?

Tu Jiaqing caught sight of the light emitting through the unlocked door. Entering after hesitating for a moment.

Unexpectedly, Tu Jiaya's voice could be heard. It seems she was talking to someone… Tu Jiaqing hesitated, then peered through the door gap.

Was that… the supervisor?

Tu Jiaya said apologetically, "Harry, sorry to trouble you."

Harry smiled. "That's alright, lots of demos get rejected everyday, I've gotten used to it. Nevertheless, she is your sister, is that a good idea?

Tu Jiaya shook her head. "Don't worry. Just do as I say, eliminate Jiaqing's demo."

Harry shrugged his shoulder, "But in fact, Jiaqing is quite talented… it's so regrettable."

Tu Jiaya said coolly, "One Tu Jiaya is enough for the company."

Harry laughed abruptly, "We've not had dinner together in a long time, are you going to do me a favor?"

"Sorry, I've was on the location the whole day, I'm too tired now, how about some other day…"

Harry merely waved his hand as he walked towards the door, saying, "Alright, take it easy, I don't mean anything else. I wouldn't want to be fired… Well, don't worry about your sister, I have plenty of excuse to refuse her…en?"

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, might be some cleaner or the guard." Harry said, "Send my regards to Mr. Lin, alright?"

Tu Jiaya took a deep breath before nodding slowly.

Tu Jiaqing squatted at the floor outside the building, with a pale face. The conversation between her sister and the supervisor had been unbelievably harsh to her.

"Why reject your sister's demo?"

"One Tu Jiaya is enough for the company."

All her failures, were they caused by her sister?

It was the first time in her life that she felt her sister, whom she was always proud of, to be so terrifying.

Tu Jiaqing hugged her own body, curling up into a ball, feeling her heart excluding an icy coldness. Tears started falling down her dazed face.

Right at this moment, she saw a black card on the ground…

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