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"Sister, have a drink of water. The sun is too fierce today. Let me tell the director to start as soon as possible or else someone will faint due to heatstroke!"

Tu Jiaya took the glass of water from her younger sister, Tu Jiaqing, and shook her head. "I'm alright but you should have a good rest. You've been busy since you got up this morning."

Tu Jiaqing shook her head. "Sister, I'm not tired at all! You're a big star, a famous singer, if I don't keep an eye on you, what if you get taken advantage of by others? Rest assured, I'm going to see the director now! I'll be back soon!"

"Ah… This child."

Watching the energetic Tu Jiaqing sprint away, Tu Jiaya shook her head. After taking a mouthful of water, she concentrated on the script in her hands.

Just as if she had gotten into her own world.

Even though it was crowded, with students, onlookers and paparazzi surrounding her.

Snap, snap.

It was only a soft sound of the shutter but clear enough for a musician that had been through training to capture. Tu Jiaya frowned.

She found a woman… that sneakily reached the van and was taking photos secretly. From the pass hanging on her neck, Tu Jiaya figured out she was a journalist.

"Miss! This place is off-limits!"

A bodyguard walked over to her immediately and said seriously to the female journalist, "Delete the photos you took then leave now!"

The female journalist looked up and laughed. "What if I insist on staying here?"

"Miss, please be civil."

"Civil your ass!"

Why were the ladies now all so strong-willed? The bodyguard felt super depressed, there was a saying that a good man doesn't pick a fight with a woman… especially women with shrewd characters. Hmm, even though she was good-looking, her personality was sorely lacking.

"Miss, have some manners! And leave now!" the bodyguard said that again.

Unexpectedly, Tu Jiaya said lightly, "She's my good friend, let her come, it's alright."

The bodyguard was stunned while the woman with a camera pushed him away with a smile and walking towards the van. Tu Jiaya shook her head, "KingKong, don't worry. I'll chat with my friend."

KingKong could not help it, only nodding and return to his position to stand guard.

"As expected, being a big star is different, this bodyguard is strong enough too." The journalist said as she gazed at Tu Jiaya before commenting, "Tut, your figure is still good as always. Are you sure you didn't go for plastic surgery?"

Tu Jiaya snapped, "Miss Ren Ziling, can you be serious? It's been a few years… but you're still the same!"

Ren Ziling stepped into the van as she laughed. She looked around and said, "How are you doing? You should be living pretty well these years after winning several prizes back to back. You've become one of the most popular female singers in the southern area!"

Tu Jiaya shook her head, "I don't care the reputation. The more popular one is, the more rumors and scandals that are spread."

"What happened?" Ren Ziing asked curiously.

Tu Jiaya said, "All minor issues. How about you? Still working as a journalist? I was abroad at that time but heard about your husband…"

Ren Ziling stretched. "I don't think about anything now except to work hard and raise my son."

"A son!" Tu Jiaya 's attention was caught by those words. She caught Ren Ziling's hands. "What did we promise back at school? We would be good sisters for a lifetime. Yet you didn't even tell me you've got a kid! Tell me what is my nephew like? Is he lovely? Why don't you show me his photos?!"

Ren Ziling suddenly looked at her. "Little girl, do you really want to see your 'big' nephew?"

"Of course!"

"But can you leave now?" Ren Ziling squinted her eyes. "If you can leave, maybe you can see him right now! Honestly, he is very handsome!"

Tu Jiaya hesitated for a while, "It shouldn't be a problem if it's a short while because the shoot hasn't started."

"OK, I'll ask him to come at once… and let you hug him!"

"What? Zi…"

Nevertheless, Ren Ziling jumped out of the van then started making a phone call at the side. Tu Jiaya stared blankly, she wondered if her good sister brought her son to work.

"Hey, my son!"

"Hello? Luo Qiu?"

"What's the matter?"

"Where are you now?"

He thought about her question while checking materials about the Gospel of Judas on a bench.

Normally, he should be at the university---and he was.

Of course, if he answered he was at home or not at the school, he would definitely receive a nagging from Ren Ziling that overflowed with a mother's love.

"At school."

"That's good. I'm here too! Come to me now, I'm at… this side!"


"Wait, aren't you curious why I'm at your school?"

"I'm not curious…"

The newspaper office that Ren Ziling worked for actually specialized in gossip---due to the two girls who were talking about some big star, Luo Qiu had gotten some clues as to the reason she came.

"OK! I'll go to you! Where are you now?"

"Wait… I'll go to you instead."

Strictly speaking, Black Soul No.9 was regarded as an old ghost. As for Tai Yinzi…it was needless to say, he was a 500-year-old ghost.

But what were two old ghosts doing at a university library meant for young people?

Boss Luo had said that Tai Yinzi needed to be educated by cramming knowledge down his throat so the only thing they could be doing was reading books.

"What!! How dare the abominable Tartars invaded our Ming Dynasty's territory?!!"

"The man called Wu Sangui should be cut into pieces!!!"

"Good! The Qing Dynasty deserved to be wiped out!!"

"These damn foreign and wild countries! How dare they invade the Divine Land! Kill, kill, kill!!!"

He was reading a simplified edition of ancient and modern history. Tai Yinzi read with body movement and gestures, puffing and glaring. Thankfully, as a black soul envoy, he could not be seen by others or else he might have been threw out long ago.

Black Soul No.9 had learnt some lingo from the modern language. He found that one of them could be used to appropriately describe the current Tai Yinzi.

F*cking stupid…

Black Soul No.9 shook his head. if it was not the master's order, he would never have thought of teaching this novice black soul.

He just sat quietly at the side, looking at the youngsters in the library.

Some potential customers might be found here.

Though their desires were hidden deep in their hearts, if one were to observe carefully, some might be discovered.

People tend to reveal their true nature when they were alone or when nobody was focusing on them. The black souls were free to appear or hide at will; therefore, it was easy to observe a human's hidden side.

Black Soul No.9 frowned at this moment. It saw a young lady walk by, seemingly looking for a seat.

As an experienced black soul envoy, his ability could not be compared to entry level guys such as Tai Yinzi---this lady had a fairly pure soul. It would be used as a high-quality transaction fee.

Just as Black Soul No.9 was going to observe this lady in detail, a scene abruptly flashed across his consciousness.

Holding up an oiled paper umbrella, someone was staring out in the drizzling rain, seemingly trying to say something.

It was a blurry sight but mournful feeling spread through Black Soul No.9's mind.

Black Soul No.9 tried to distinguish the person in the gloom until that potential customer walked past him.

The lady's appearance overlapped with the obscure shadow in his mind.

Black Soul No.9 whispered unconsciously, "Lanfang…"

He spoke out a strange but seemingly familiar name. Gazing at this lady, who had stopped suddenly.

Zhang Qingrui paused for a second.

She seemed to hear someone calling the name 'Lanfang'… which was her grandmother's name.

However there was nothing but a table in front of her.

"How weird… was it empty here before?"

She shook her head and simply took a seat without a second thought.

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