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The adorable and new Tai Yinzi took Luo Qiu to the boy's dormitory.

To be frank, Luo Qiu had a bunk in the dormitory as well---In fact, the university strongly encouraged students to stay at the dormitories. However, his apartment was nearby. As for his class… he could ignore those, so this bunk had been left alone.

"Is this the person who has strong desire and is narrow-minded with a murderous heart?"

"Yes, please have a look, master!"

In one of the boy's dormitory that wasn't so dirty and messy, Luo Qiu and Tai Yinzi appeared at the back of some boy. However, the boy wasn't aware of it.

Tai Yinzi walked close to this boy. "Master, see, this guy is talking with someone in this box! The current technology is so uncanny, he can communicate with other people using this weird item!"

"… This is a computer."

"Oh… master, you see!" Tai Yinzi pointed at the words that the boy typed on the computer screen, "This guy is especially vicious! See, he is making plans to kill one with poison! Assassins that use poison are all very sneaky. The most important thing is, this guy was smiling while planning all these traps!"

Luo Qiu shook his head after merely a glance and said without any expression, "Let's go."

[He is just playing video games! Oh my god…]

Besides, the strong desire was merely creative desire. Though he could be a customer, the club would earn very little from him. Even if he was willing to give up his soul… it would be of rather poor quality.

Luo Qiu didn't think he had fallen so far until needing to indiscriminately accept everyone.

"Don't you like it?" Tai Yinzi got flustered. He said, "It doesn't matter! I've got another one today! Follow me, please!"

After that, the new and adorable Tai Yinzi took Luo Qiu to the girl's dormitory.

Boss Luo wavered for a second before finally deciding to plunge into a room with underwear scattered everywhere.

"Master, please look. This box… hmm, this computer is showing such filthy images! What is this race? Why do they have black skin? That's still acceptable! The main point is, it is showing foreign men doing… is that a foreign woman as well? It's too dirty! How could a lady commit such an adulterous actions! Why do these foreign men have such large p*nises… Never mind, let's talk about the potential customer! Master, please have a look! This lady is watching these images which triggered her unbridled lust. Look at that flushed face, she even stretches her hand to… it's completely shameful! Look at her wallow in self-abandoned and losing herself to her desires… Master, where are you going master?"

[You're f*cking stupid…]

"Master, please check! This group of people in the room are totally losing their humanity! The man in a white coat is teaching these youngsters how to kill a person! The man lying there has obviously been injured! And the man in white clothes seems to have great knowledge about a person's body! Master, look! This place might be a nefarious training room for training assassins! Master… master, where are you going?"

[They are taking an anatomy course…]

"…Master, master where are you going? Wait!"

Boss Luo sighed. He had no idea why he wasted 5 minutes watching this comedic scene unfold in front of him.

"…Master, this time definitely… wait, master, where are you going? Wait!"

[Homosexuality is true love. It's not morally wrong or something…]

"Master, wait for me! I've discovered something else!" Tai Yinzi explained one more time before Luo Qiu in haste.

This was not a good situation! The first task he was assigned ended up with zero potential customers that his master was interested in, so Tai Yinzi was extremely anxious!

[Is this how modern society developed after so many years? Are the existence of such evil people entirely normal?]

Luo Qiu sighed. He stopped and said in a low voice, "Black Soul No.9, come to see me."

Not long after, an shadowy figure emerged from the ground.

His appearance was way too fast. It turned out that this guy was worried about Tai Yinzi, so he had been patrolling the surrounding area all along.

"Master, what's the matter?" Black Soul No.9 said woodenly.

Luo Qiu said, "En…Take Tai Yinzi to the university library over there, and teach him some basic knowledge about modern life rather than methods to bewitch human beings."

Black Soul No.9 nodded.

Then Luo Qiu thought of the so-called potential customers that Tai Yinzi found. He felt annoyed, so gave a serious order, "Cram him full of knowledge!"


Watching Tai Yinzi trying to explain something but was dragged away by Black Soul No.9, Luo Qiu shook his head then sat on a long bench.

He took out his cell phone, scrolling through his social-media account.

There were no answers these few days as to what kind of words were in the former boss's room.

Unexpectedly, he got a reply as soon as he logged in this time.

The person that answered him was called 'Golden Eyes'. He was also the one who had answered 'It's more likely to be Coptic language' for the initial question.

This was what he wrote: "Hmm, the one you posted here this time seems like a complete sentence. As for the origin, it looks like the same sentence has appeared in a page in the Gospel of Judas copied by the Ancient Egyptians in 3-4 century AD but I'm not sure. Hope my answer could be of some help to you."

Luo Qiu mumbled strangely after he viewed the answer, "Judas?"

Luo Qiu was not a Christian, therefore he only had a little knowledge about Judas. All information that he knew were from western legends and through reading articles on the internet.

He was one of Twelve Apostles.

And betrayed Jesus for 30 coins.

He recalled that there were some of the old photos in his cell phone, there were also some pictures of handwritten drafts concerning the Gospel of Judas on the internet, thus Luo Qiu just compared the sentence he had with those.

"Is it really the 'Gospel'…"

Luo Qiu discovered in surprise that there was a page that partly matched the words in the picture he took.

Luo Qiu's gloomy mood turned better as he found a clue to those weird words.

At this same time, two girls walked past him hastily.

"Oh my god! Tu Jiaya is coming! She might be making an MV for her new singer song!"

"Let's go see her! It will be too crowded if we're late!!"

Luo Qiu raised his head, watching the back of those two running girls, showing a curious look.

He may be a man who enjoyed being alone but it wasn't that serious until he could ignore all his surroundings.

Modern technologies opened many pathways for humans to obtain knowledge. It was hard to imagine someone who didn't know about Tu Jiaya in this area.

She was a gorgeous singer with a heavenly voice, always at the top of the pop charts and had countless fans.

Furthermore, she was a talented songwriter.

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