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"Luo Qiu? Are you Luo Qiu?"

Boss Luo heard someone calling him. To be honest, the probability of someone calling out to him here was very low.

But it happened. If he remembered correctly, it should be his high school classmate.

Since the time before university entrance examination was where his life was at its lowest, he never kept in contact with almost all ex-classmates.

He couldn't remember his name…

Boss Luo could only nod and give out the almighty multi-purposed sentence. "So you're in this university too?"

"Yes!" his ex-classmate walked close to him passionately. "I can't believe I met you here! I've heard you entered this university as well but didn't see you for long, it's really hard to meet you!"

"I major in paleontology so that's to be expected."

His ex-classmate asked inquisitively, "Paleontology? Does our university have that?"

His question merely confirmed Luo Qiu's feelings. He really must have been cursed by evil ghosts when he chose this major.

He was not interested in reminiscing about old days thus said another universal sentence, "Yes… Well, it's time for class, let's talk next time."

"Oh… okay." The classmate smiled and said suddenly, "Let's exchange our phone numbers so we can keep in contact!"

Luo Qiu couldn't refuse this reasonable request so he had to exchange numbers with his classmate before leaving.

"…Classmate A? Whatever."

He couldn't remember the name, so just left this name in his contact list before heading towards the classroom.

The last class he had was ten days ago. As for this time, it was because he received Zhang Qingrui's message to come instead for the attendance.

"Luo Qiu, let's go for class."

Just a simple message.

Zhang Qingrui came earlier than Luo Qiu. She was sitting in the classroom, eating takeout for breakfast. Because there were only two students in this department, even opening the door would draw the attention of others.

"Hi, Luo Qiu." Zhang Qingrui raised her head and smiled to Luo Qiu, "Did you have breakfast? I have a lot but can't eat all of them."

Luo Qiu shook his head, then sat down at a seat 2 rows away from Zhang Qingrui at the back.

Out of curiosity, Luo Qiu took the initiative to ask, "Why are you so positive today?"

Zhang Qingrui nibbled the steamed bun in her hands, saying without turning back to him, "Er… I want to experience life at the ivory tower [1], rather than a blank university life when I recall it 10 or 20 years from now. Er, maybe I think it's better to encounter someone and start my romance from now."


Luo Qiu had twisted off the cap of his water bottle but abruptly choked after he took a sip.

Zhang Qingrui turned to him and said with anger, "Is there a problem?"

Luo Qiu used the third golden sentence, "None at all. As long as you're happy."

"Why? Do you think this kind of words shouldn't come from my mouth?" Zhang Qingrui didn't seem to let him off easily.

Luo Qiu said following a long pause, "You seem to be a rational woman rather than an emotional one."

Zhang Qingrui seemed to a little different compared to before… Her actions and words became spirited so suddenly.

Normally, this kind of transformation would be due to a good event, or else something terrible happened and this was a form of protection.

As if the person was telling others that 'I'm good. Life is good as well. balabala…'

"So you always consider me to be a woman that prioritize her work life even though I'm so young?"

Seeing that Zhang Qingrui was about to continue down this subject, Luo Qiu had to interrupt her. "The bell for class rang, why didn't the professor come?"

Zhang Qingrui answered him perfunctorily, "Perhaps he doesn't expect both of us attend today. But if he isn't here even when class has started… Well, I've been absent for approximately 2 weeks, Luo Qiu, what about you?"


"…Don't tell me the professor thinks there is no hope in us, so he doesn't intend to come?"

Without looking at each other, the two felt astonished for a moment. Luo Qiu then stood up and walked towards the classroom door.

He was considered a straightforward person. For instance, as soon as he realized the professor wouldn't come, he left rapidly with no word.

Zhang Qingrui hesitated for a minute then packed up her stuff, talking to herself, "Unexpectedly… I failed to enjoy my first day at the ivory tower."

It reminded her of the agreements she made with her grandmother.

This was the freedom she finally earned. At least she could do anything she wanted before graduation, hence time became precious.

Zhang Qingrui dared not waste the first day. She raised her voice, "Luo Qiu, wait a minute!"

"What's the matter?"

"Can you not give the look like other people owe you money." Zhang Qingrui dashed down the stairs of the classroom and came to Luo Qiu with a smile. "Since we are already at university, would you like to stroll around? I need you!"

Luo Qiu stared blankly. He checked around first, then pointed at himself, revealing a perplexed expression.

Zhang Qingrui was amused by him, "Don't think too much! Just do a little favor for me… anyway, you won't refuse such a small request from your classmate right?"

"Well… I refuse." Luo Qiu suddenly said, "I'm busy so I'll leave first."

Zhang Qingrui was speechless at Luo Qiu, who, at this moment was walking quickly towards the door with no desire to return.

She couldn't help being curious. "How did this guy manage to get such a grand beauty?"

Soon afterward, Zhang Qingrui shook her head. "None of my business."

"Just focus on my yourself during these 3 years."

As no others could be seen in the corridor, Boss Luo took one step forward, then teleported himself straight to the teaching building's rooftop. He gazed at the campus down below from the rooftop.

The reason he left suddenly was because he felt a black soul envoy appear nearby. Unexpectedly, it was Tai Yinzi. With just a thought, a streak of air, which was invisible to an ordinary person, rose from bottom the floor in an instant. It combined into a shadowy figure at last in front of Luo Qiu.

"Tai Yinzi greets the master!"

Luo QIu sized up Tai Yinzi, and asked curiously, "You Ye said you've learned very fast so I allowed you to roam outside… Is this the place you've chosen?"

Tai Yinzi answered promptly, "Yes. My teacher black soul envoy No.9 suggested this place with lots of people. He said it's a good place for novices… I didn't know master was here too."

"I'm a student in this school," Luo Qiu said indifferently.

Luo Qiu asked him curiously after a while, "How long have you been here?"

Tai Yinzi said, "Several hours already."

Luo Qiu said, "Have you gained anything?"

Tai Yinzi replied, "Master! I've found a suitable person that could be our potential customer! This person has a strong desire. I gazed at this guy's facial expression and deduced through physiognomy that he is narrow-minded and has a murderous heart. So it will be pretty easy to delude him!"

This should be more interesting than strolling around the garden with Zhang Qingrui.

Luo Qiu smiled, "Then take me to have a look."

[1] Ivory Tower: A holyland for learning. It means a place for pure learning without the any of society's negative influences. In this case, it is referring to the university.

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