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Officer Ma walked up to Ye Yan in a hurry, taking out a pair of handcuffs and putting it on Kingkong.

"You can’t escape. Just obediently cooperate with us!"

But Kingkong sneered while turning his head aside without having any intention to speak.

Right then, a police car drove in, followed by another two. Those fully-equipped policemen held guns in both of their hands and ran out of the cars.

"Officer Ma! Officer Ma!"

"F*cking b*tch, do you always show up after the battle? How can you guys be cops?!" Officer Ma said angrily.

‘But you’re a policeman too…’ Those policemen thought that but dared not speak out. They just took away Kingkong silently.

Ye Yan walked to the site where Jessica had an accident. However, he didn’t see Jessica.

He looked around the parking lot and saw the undercover young cop. Grabbing his arm out of instinct, he asked him nervously, "Where’s that lady?"

"Ah… Sorry, I don’t know, I didn’t see her," The young policeman answered blankly.

Ye Yan let him go. He took two steps backward and searched the surroundings. He put his hand to his mouth, "Jessica!! Jessica!! Jessica--!!"

He walked out of the parking quickly, calling her name while looking for her.

Luo Qiu took off his mask.

A group of policemen was collecting evidence and cleaning up the site at a corner.

The servant girl was right beside him. And the one who was supposed to play the undercover role originally was sitting on the ground.

You Ye pointed her finger at his forehead for a while.

Finally, she drew back her finger, looking at Luo Qiu and saying gently, "Master, after he wakes up, this mister will have the memory as if he experienced everything that had happened just now."

Luo Qiu nodded and turned his attention to the silent Ye Yan who was leaning against the van, saying after a second, "Let’s go, it’s over."

Jessica came to an alley near the building.

She spent all her strength trying to reach this place but she still managed to take out the cargo successfully. After forcing herself to take a few deep breaths, she fished out her cellphone.

Soon, the phone call got through but the opposite stayed silent.

Jessica said slowly, "Mr. Sun, from the phone call, you should know that Kingkong had failed."

‘Mr. Sun’ replied unhurriedly, "Dear Jessica, based on your voice, I feel that you’re not in a good condition."

Jessica said, "I’m fine… at least I still have the cargo with me. None of your henchmen are here, so can we come back to negotiate the deal I’ve talked about, hum?"

‘Mr. Sun’ said, "No no no, Jessica, I don’t care about the cargo. Now I’m worried about you. Jessica, you deserve to be the kid we had fostered and one of the best believers. Kingkong’s fall proves that you’re excellent. Jessica, you are just confused for a short period, aren’t you? We always open our arms to welcome you."

"Stop this bullsh*t! My requirements won’t change! Before sunrise, you must send my mother to the headquarters of Interpol safely! Or I’ll throw the cargo into the sewer!"

"Oh, kid, you really let us down." ‘Mr. Sun’ talked in a sighing tone, "It’s time for you to come back to us and listen to our beliefs."

Suddenly, a strange sound rang from the other side of the phone.

Jessica held her head suddenly. A horrible, ear-piercing sound rang in her brain!

She fell down on the ground in pain.

The phone was still ringing, "Jessica, tell me, who are you?"

"I… I’m Jessica, the most loyal believer in Michael Club…No, No…No! I’m Jessica… No…"

"Jessica, when was the last time you listened to the gospel of our lord? Girl, you’ve stayed out for too long, the temptation of this world has hoodwinked your mind. Girl, think about who you are."

"I’m… I’m…"

Jessica stopped, her expression turned blank. She picked up the cellphone slowly. Even though her eyes seemed to reflect slight struggle, her consciousness had been replaced.

Jessica tried hard to control her body but the words she spoke were the opposite of what she had in her mind, "I’m… a child of the god… I’m a believer of the god… I’m…"

‘Who can… come to save me.’

"Yes, you’re our child, everything you have, including your thoughts are meant to serve our great god."


"Then child, let me know your location, I’ll send people to pick up you and the cargo. Don’t worry, you’ll meet your mother in the ‘heaven’ soon."


What ‘Mr. Sun’ didn’t know was that the phone was grabbed by someone else.

Feeling that Jessica’s answer was not that wonderful, ‘Mr. Sun’ continued to instruct, "Jessica, good girl, tell me, your current location."

"Yeah… Are you Mr. Sun? Well, one of the Mr. Suns?"

It was not Jessica’s voice. Rather, it was from another person whom ‘Mr. Sun’ had never heard of before! He frowned but was not flurried, inquiring coolly, "Who are you?"

Who are you?

It seemed that this question was one of the most common questions the club boss had been hearing in these 2 months.

The boss who appeared in this box now looked at Jessica, sensing a slight hint of struggle from her look. He said peacefully, "Me? I’m just a businessman. Now, Jessica is my customer."

"Oh really?" ‘Mr. Sun’ fell into silence, speaking after a second later, "Interesting. We’re all businessmen. If so, I think we can have a good talk."

Luo Qiu chuckled, "Dear customer, what can I do for you"

‘Mr. Sun’ said, "Very simple. No matter how much Jessica gives you, we’ll double it, even more, as long as you pass Jessica and her stuff to us."

"The purchasing power of our customer seems to be quite strong." Luo Qiu squinted his eyes.

‘Mr. Sun’ said, "Stop this bullsh*t. I don’t know how much you know from Jessica… but if you know me, you’ll regret negotiating with me. But that’s OK, I like to negotiate with brave guys. A billion."

"A billion?"

"Euro." ‘Mr. Sun’ said indifferently.

Luo Qiu said, "That’s quite a large amount. However, it’s a pity that what we accept isn’t money."

"Excuse me?"

"Italy, Turin, Arpino Street, No.38… Well, Unit 4, the study room…" Boss Luo squinted his eyes, "Customer, does the Margaux in front of you taste good?"

"!! Who are you!!!!"

His revealed his fear and confusion.

In one of the flats of that exact address, the wine glass dropped from a man’s hand. He stood up abruptly and checked if there was anyone else in the study.

He even walked to the window and pulled open the corner of the curtain, viewing everything in the street carefully…

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