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Carrying a 28KG big bag of cargo was a very heavy burden for a woman, especially a woman who was running.

Moreover, one of Jessica’s arms was chopped at by KingKong. It was, perhaps, fractured.

But she had successfully run down to the parking lot using the lift.

Fortunately, Kingkong gave the car key to the buyer in advance to show his sincerity. At the moment when the miniature flash bomb sparkled, she fished out the key from him.

It didn’t take too long for her to get into the white car. She could do it faster but only on the premise that she threw out the cargo.

However, she couldn’t do that… Because it was the only chip she could use to negotiate with the Michael Club.

Starting the engine, Jessica stepped on the gas. She ran wildly in the parking lot! But when she almost arrived at the exit, she had to stop!

The gate was closed--- she didn’t think that she and the car would be safe if she attempted to rush out.

So she could only choose to reverse the car!

Yet, the car wouldn’t move at this moment. Instead, the rear wheels were tilting!

Frightened, Jessica saw Kingkong from the rearview mirror!

He lifted up the back of the car with just his hands!

Kingkong roared furiously. Both of his arms turned over this car directly with a tremendous force!

Jessica felt dizzy. At the moment when she sensed her body becoming topsy-turvy, the car roof collapsed on top of her!

Turning upside down, the thin roof caved in due to the heavy car chassis!

Jessica climbed out from the car in a panic state but she couldn’t escape because her left leg was stuck in the seat.

"I told you that I’ve been working here for a period of time. Did you think you could escape from me?" Kingkong walked to Jessica, sneering, "You have 5 seconds to say your last words."

5 seconds was not a long time.

But that was enough for Jessica to generate an intense thought… The young club boss had arrived as she was following this thought.

Like a phantom, Luo Qiu stood behind Kingkong. He raised his arms slowly, aiming at Kingkong’s back.

At the moment when he was about to pull the trigger, he put his hand down, knocking on the pillar at the side lightly.

It was followed by a loud noise!


This sudden noise came too abruptly. In a very fast speed, the gate in front of him became deformed and a huge thing ran through it all of a sudden.

Like a monster, it was a totally deformed nanny van!

It hit Kingkong ferociously and smashed into his body out. He turned motionless after rolling on the ground for a few seconds, not knowing whether he was dead or alive.

The door of the nanny van was kicked open at this moment. A figure ran out. That was Ye Yan, followed by the confounded Officer Ma who had received a huge shock.

Officer Ma shook his head, saying with stars in front of his eyes, "Dude, can you inform me in advance…"

Officer Ma went around in circles as if he was lost. But Ye Yan walked up to Jessica quickly, pulling her out from the car.

"Ye… How did you…" Jessica looked at him in a daze.

Ye Yan pressed the part of her leg that was bleeding, saying quickly, "I found the tracer that you had left at home and followed its signal to this place."

Jessica moved her lips, lowering her head and saying softly, "You… you still chose to believe me at last."

"Sorry." Ye Yan breathed in deeply, "I could have found you earlier. From the conversation we had on that day, you skipped the things that took place 3 years ago. And the shot you injected into me was a product made several years ago. The newest one should not be used separately… Even just now, you looked very cautious by dragging the time of the buyer on purpose during the transaction. But I still think you were delaying the time… you actually hoped that I could find you! Even… the person who saved me was probably you."

"You’ve guessed everything correctly. Sorry, the club was monitoring my each and every move. If I didn’t catch you…" Jessica smiled wryly, shaking her head and sighing, "I saved you just to let them sense the danger as the potential enemy would foul up their plans. So, the trade was brought forward."

Ye Yan frowned, "Why did you put so much effort? What’s your motive? Or do you want to seize the cargo and fight with Michael Club by yourself?"

Jessica shook her head, skipping Ye Yan’s look while saying, "I’m not as kind as you think… I did it for myself. I didn’t expect you to discover the clue that I had left in the very beginning. It was just my backup plan so that you can find my corpse and maybe the cargo in case I failed."

"What’s your real identity?"

"Me?" Jessica looked at Ye Yan, saying depressingly, "I’m just …"

At this moment, Officer Ma interrupted, "Old Ye, it’s not the suitable time to talk about love… F*ck, we seemed to be meeting a monster again!"

Because of Kingkong.

He stood up then… his muscles bulging.

"Ye Yan, Jessica…" Kingkong took a glimpse at the trio, "And Officer Ma? Very well, the trio of hindrances are all here. Let me solve all together at once!"

Ma Houde said in a deep voice, "Don’t struggle for nothing! We have surrounded this building, you can’t escape! And!"

Kingkong frowned, "And what?"

Ma Houde stretched out his hands to fish out something from his back, "And, I’ll shoot your head with one bullet!!"

But when he tried to fish out his gun customarily, there was nothing--- he gave his gun to the young underground cop.

It was quite embarrassing!

"What do you use to shoot my head? The air?" Kingkong gave a grim smile, "Let me shoot your head!"

He pulled out a pistol from his belt. Kingkong loaded it, "I like to shoot a little lower in 1V1… but when there are many people, I prefer targeted killing!"

Kingkong pulled the trigger but he couldn’t finish it--- because the cartridge was stuck!

The probability for the cartridge of this kind of pistol to be stuck was...0!

Kingkong had no time to think about the problem. At this moment, a cold light was emitted from Ye Yan’s palm, hitting his wrist precisely.

The pistol dropped from his hand… Ye Yan ran toward Kingkong at full speed. Both of his hands sliding in front of Kingkong!

Continuous retreat!

Kingkong looked at his chest. A notch was left on his clothes and the skin inside was faintly cut open. Kingkong wiped the blood with his hands and smeared it on his lip, sneering, "Seems that you have some other strategies."

Ye Yan sneered, "I’m skillful. For instance, I’m good at keeping and maintaining guns, it would be impossible that the cartridge would be stuck."

The teasing made Kingkong squinted his eyes. He sneered and swung his palm for a few times, then clenching his fists and putting them in front of him. Both of his legs bounced swiftly.

"Ye! He’s transformed by the secret potion of the club! And his motor neurons are beyond a normal person!" Jessica reminded him quickly.

One of Ye Yan’s hands flopped, saying coolly, "I’ve met someone similar to him before… I know how to deal with it."

He breathed in deeply. A tense body rushed up to him!

The two got into a hand-in-hand fight very quickly.

Kingkong tried to avoid Ye Yan’s dagger and Ye Yan tried to avoid having a dogfight with him as far as possible.

"Old Ye couldn’t even fight him off…" Officer Ma could only be worried at one side.

He totally realized that Ye Yan could only resist hard instead of fighting Kingkong. As to him, being knocked out would be the only result.

"Ma… Officer Ma!"

Suddenly, Officer Ma heard a familiar voice. That young cop ran quickly to him, panting heavily, "Officer Ma, sorry… I, I failed!"

Officer Ma had no time to think if he won or failed!

He was very happy to see that this spy had returned safely!

Ma Houde asked hurriedly, "Where’s my pistol?!"

The young cop took it out and gave it back to him.

Receiving it, Ma Houde gave a heavy kiss on the pistol!

Raising the gun, Ma Houde shouted, "Ye Yan!! Squat down!!"

Ye Yan did as instructed as soon as he heard the voice.

Bang, bang, bang, bang---!!

4 extremely loud sequential bullet sounds were heard in the parking lot!

Officer Ma took 4 targeted shots, precisely hitting both of Kingkong’s knees and elbows!

Kingkong knelt down with rage and horror. Ye Yan soon rolled to him, pushing the dagger into his back, pulling it out, and sweeping over his ankle!


Only KingKong’s screech was heard. He was pressed down by Ye Yan.

Kingkong couldn’t use his strength. His face stuck on the floor, trying to struggle but had no way to stand up.

Officer Ma blew a mouthful of air to the muzzle with an excitement shown on his face, "I’ve told you that I’m the number one sharpshooter in the office!"

Ye Yan didn’t see Ma Houde but raised his thumbs and pointed at him, "A treasure blade does not age!"

"Good job, Officer Ma!"

The young cop smiled faintly.

He laughed sincerely, a warm feeling was flowing in his heart….That was him several years ago. 10 years ago when his father was alive, he lived such life with Ma Houde and Ye Yan.

Going through fire and water, such a lifestyle attracted them. He seemed to understand that the deep relationship among elders was precipitated by going through such a life.

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