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Chapter 206: Reason for Living
Nevertheless, this ‘Mr. Sun’ who had experienced various trials and tribulations before, recovered from the state of being shocked very quickly.

He walked towards the doorway quickly and switched off the light in the study---if someone was monitoring him, they wouldn’t be able to clearly see his current situation.

He didn’t believe that someone would be able to ‘see’ him on the other side of the world. That person must be hiding somewhere nearby his flat.

Collecting his thoughts quickly, ‘Mr. Sun’ operated something using the laptop while talking him, "You can even find me here. Very smart. Can you tell me who are you exactly?"

"If customer plans to make a deal with us, you’ll know by then."

‘Mr. Sun’ raised his eyebrows, asking slowly, "You said you won’t be receiving any money? Then how about some hard currency like gold?"

"Any form of currency will be denied as the transaction fee."

Luo Qiu said in low voice, "But be assured, the reason for me to contact you is to know about the so-called Micheal Club. But I feel a little bit disappointed. Mister seems to be one of the important personnel of the club. But from the conversation over the phone, you seem to be just an unimportant role under the code name ‘Mr. Sun’. You are more like a contact of the external affairs."

The man breathed in deeply, "List out your requirements. Let’s get straight to the point."

"We’ll surely make the deal…" Luo Qiu put the cellphone near to his lips, "But this is not the time to trade with you yet. Besides that, I’m a curious person… So, let me see to what extent is the execution of your orders to unify all evil."

The voice was completely cut off in the middle of this sentence.

The man narrowed his eyes, looking at the screen of his cellphone. At this moment, he received another phone call---That was a reply from the order he had issued using the laptop.

"Sir, ‘Demon Eye’ has observed the surroundings but he didn’t find any suspicious person. Besides, we can trace the origin of the telephone number… there’s probably some skillful hackers on their team."

"Can’t find any suspicious person?" The man couldn’t help blowing his fuse, "Then can you tell me how could he see the brand of the wine I was drinking?"

"Maybe… maybe they own the same ability as ‘Mr. Demon Eye’…"


"Sorry, sir… is there anything else we do for you next?"

"Get ready immediately. I want to leave this place." The man stood up and commanded, "This place is exposed. Destroy everything here after I leave… Oh, get ready for me first. I have to go out to the sea. Right now!"

"Yes, sir…"

The man closed his laptop, both of his hands pressing on it. But he still felt someone was watching him. It made his hair stood on end.

Yeah, the man felt an unprecedented horror.

The unknown… was too frightening!

"It’s you…"

The moment he hung up the phone was the time Jessica opened her mouth to speak… She was looking at the club boss with a mixture of vigilance and fear.

She basically heard the second half of the conversation between the club boss and ‘Mr. Sun’--- because she had already woken up in the middle of the conversation.

Luo Qiu glanced at Jessica, returning the cellphone to her, "Michael Club didn’t really hypnotize you effectively. That man tried to rouse the part where they had brainwashed you but he obviously failed."

Jessica intended to recall her memory. She gritted her teeth and held the wall to stand up, "For these few years being out on missions, I didn’t always go back on time. As time went by, I’ve developed a resistance against my other self."

It was probably on account of some other reason.
Luo Qiu didn’t lay bare the truth. During the painful process of the hypnosis, there was a short period of time when she grabbed her collar--- it was the pendant of her necklace that she was grabbing.

Jessica looked at the weird boss suddenly. "It seems that you know more about Michael Club compared to me."

"Well, I only knew about that place recently." Boss Luo didn’t intend to beat around the bush, "Then I paid the price to gather some information."

Jessica suddenly asked, "Since you know what the Michael Club has been doing and you have such a wonderful power, why do you still want to let this organization continue to exist?"

Luo Qiu replied calmly, "Dear customer, are you probing our standpoint?"

Jessica breathed in deeply, "Since you have such a mysterious ability, you can make this world better, can’t you?"

Luo Qiu shook his head, "Gratuitous expense will never be our choice. Moreover, why do we have to wipe out Michael Club purely because of its existence that darkens the world and lets a lot of people indulge themselves in suffering?"

Jessica explained angrily, "At least without them…"

Luo Qiu interrupted her, "Have wars ever stopped throughout human history? How can you ensure that another Michael Club won’t exist again after this one disappears, right? You can’t guarantee it, and we… don’t have to guarantee it."

Jessica sneered, "The root of this cause is that you don’t get enough benefit. You won’t act until you gained enough, will you? Personal profit before anything, you’re indeed a businessman!"

Luo Qiu revealed calmly, "You don’t have to infuriate us. Besides, like what you’ve said, we are businessmen who seek nothing but profit. If you can afford the transaction fee, you’ll definitely have the right to ask us to wipe out that club."

Jessica faked a wry smile, "Even if I sacrifice all I have, it may not be enough to root out 1% of it!"

Luo Qiu didn’t speak but stood there in silence. He was exceptionally quiet in the dark alley as if he had been blended into the darkness.

Jessica kept silent as well.

After some time, Jessica opened her mouth, "I want a deal."

"Please go ahead."

Jessica spoke in a low voice, "Michael Club is heavily-guarded. They are unable to tolerate any betrayal. They are vicious and merciless … I need to know if my mother is safe now."

Jessica had to consider her next step, she was even worried that the people in the club weren’t threatened… After all these years, she became aware that they are a group of madmen.

She couldn’t understand their way of thinking.

Sacrificing 5 years of her lifespan as the price, Jessica got the answer from the club boss.

"I’m sorry. Dear customer, your mother had passed away 25 years ago."

Luo Qiu said out an unbearable answer!

"Impossible!" Jessica roared, "That’s impossible! I video-called with my mum several months ago! She was still alive at that time!"

Luo Qiu sighed, "Actually, you’re an orphan. Your mother was gone since you were very young. And you were picked up by the club from the street. They started to hypnotize you since then. The ‘mother’ in your mind is used to lull your will… well, she’s an actress."

"You’re lying!"

Luo Qiu came to Jessica, touching her forehead softly with his finger. He added, "Your childhood memory is there, hidden deep in your brain…Dear customer, you should be able to believe me if this is the case ."

The memory was suddenly evoked in Jessica’s brain.

20 years old.

"Don’t worry, mum. I’ll be an excellent believer. After my birthday, I’ll be sent outside to fight for our god! I’ll definitely fight for the chance to let you to live better!"

"Dear child, don’t work too hard. Take good care of your health. Just try your best in whatever you do."

"Got it, mum!"

18 years old.

"Sorry, mum, I didn’t reach the target for today’s training…"

"Dear, don’t work too hard.Take good care of your health. Just try your best in whatever you do. Our god will witness all your hard work."

"Mum… will I get to eat your apple pie tomorrow?"

"If you work hard, I’ll make that for you. Fighting!"

"Yeah! Mum!"

13 years old.

"Mum, what’s that place opposite the sea? I … I don’t know. I saw it in the video and videotape. Is there a lot of people over there too?"

"Of course, a place opposite the sea is also a very dangerous place. Remember, we can only live happily here."

"Oh, I see."

10 years old.

"Mum… mum, where are you… I, I’m so scared…"

"Dear, I’m right over here! Can you hear me? Listen, use the dagger in your hand to kill that hunting dog. It’s an embodiment of the demon. As the believers of our god, we’re obliged to kill it! Listen, sometimes we have to employ force in order to guard the paradise we are living in. We have no choice but to do that… I’ve made the apple pie for you, good girl…"

However… she was still scared.

‘Mum, I don’t want to kill the hunting dog…’

6 years old.

"Where… where is this place?"

"Here? This is the paradise. There’s no sadness or enmity in this place."

"Who are you?"

"Darling, did you forget? I’m your mum…"


"Good girl."

5 years old.

"Get out of here, wimpy kid. You’re so dirty. Don’t stand in front of my father’s shop!"

"I… I’m starving…"

"Do you want to eat? The bread that is sold here? If you can act as a dog and creep for two circles, I’ll give you the bread."

"Woof… Woof…"

"Eat it! Little dog!"

Three years old.

"Mama, I want to listen to the story of Cinderella!"

"OK, but after that you must go to bed."


"Once upon a time, there’s a hunter family…"

Jessica leaned against the wall, her body slid down slowly until she sat on the cold floor.

"Who… am I… doing this… for…"

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