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Chapter 202

Jessica asked for a pen, two pieces of white paper, and two envelopes from the club. She lowered her head and started to write something.

The second visit, from the moment she entered the door and sat down, to making a simple request at last, she was more cautious than the previous time in Luo Qiu’s view.

Different guests with different characteristics and behaviors… these might be the reasons why Luo Qiu expected to meet new customers each time.

Jessica finished writing quickly. She put the paper into the envelope, taking a deep breath--- She didn’t ask why this time the one who was with the boss was this pretty servant and not the previous old and weird man.

She stifled her curiosity about this strange place. She only needed to know that by paying enough, she could buy whatever she wanted.

Jessica sat in front of the boss, pushing the envelopes to him and saying gently, "I don’t know the price, but it shouldn’t be that expensive… I need you to open them after the sunrise tomorrow."

"You don’t have to suspect us for such trifle things." Luo Qiu shook his head, "Since it’s the guest’s request, we won’t read these letters before the sunrise, we can promise that."

Yet Jessica said, "No, I don’t believe in any verbal promise… since the business must be completed once the transaction fee is paid, this is the first thing I want to buy for today."

"I got it." Luo Qiu said coolly, "What about taking the time from now to tomorrow’s sunrise as the transaction fee?"

Jessica was stunned but said nothing. She nodded, feeling relieved after signing the contract.

She said, "If I don’t take back my words by 6 a.m. tomorrow, please open it. The deal that I really want to make is inside."

"Sorry, we can’t accept this way of trading." Luo Qiu continued to answer after moments of hesitation, "If we can’t negotiate face to face, we cannot confirm the guest’s request and whether they have enough funds for the transaction fee…"

He picked up the envelope, "For example, if the things you want are beyond your ability to pay, we won’t take any action even after we’ve read it. Thus, you’d better not trade this way, you may not get what you want."

Unexpectedly, Jessica seemed to have thought it over, leaving a paragraph of shocking sentences, "I’ll mortgage my soul…giving priority to carrying out the trade in the first letter. But if that’s not enough, please carry out the content in the second letter by taking my soul as the transaction fee. If it’s still not enough, then help me to achieve part of the second goal. On the other hand, if I take the letters back before sunrise, then I’ll have my collateral back. But please be at ease, I’m not cheating you, I can use part of my lifespan to pay the service charge."

Luo Qiu hesitated, "Are you sure you want to pawn your soul before having a clear picture of the transaction fee and the result we’ll achieve? This is an unrestrained gambling. If you sign it, you’ll have no choice to regret."

At that moment, Jessica said seriously, "No… I believe you’ll at least complete the contents of the second letter."

Luo Qiu frowned.

He felt a sudden urge to read the second letter but due to spirit of complying with the contract, he had to wait until the sunrise tomorrow.

Jessica left… But if she didn’t show up tomorrow before sunrise, her soul would be extracted from her body, according to the contract.

The club had the norm of paying before receiving, or buying and selling instantaneously...But today, it was Luo Qiu's first time in receiving before calculating the price and finishing the deal.

However, this request from the guest did not break the transaction rules of the club.

"Master, the thing is ready."

As Luo Qiu fell into deep thought, You Ye held a tray and got close to him. Luo Qiu lifted the white cloth, using his fingers to touch the thing inside.

He revealed a smile.

Near to the Commercial City, Officer Ma was carefully instructing tasks the young policeman in a nanny van.

The young cop looked kind of nervous because Officer Ma was setting up a tracer and putting a bulletproof vest on him.

"Listen, you’re the smartest one among your peers, I believe you can do it well." Ma Houde urged again and again, "But don’t try to be brave. Come back immediately if

immediately if you sense any danger. The case and the prisoners are less important than your life."

The young policeman took a deep breath, nodding.

Ma Houde added, "If they reveal the thing, my colleagues will show up to help you. Be unperturbed, don’t give yourself away. Don’t converse with them about additional things, focus on the trade!"

"Roger that." The young cop nodded. Tidying up his equipment and wearing a black cap, he wanted to push open the car door.

Officer Ma pulled him back quickly, "Wait, take this with you!"

"Officer Ma, is it your…"

A pistol was handed to him.

Ma Houde smiled, "It’s been with me for years. My safety depends on it!"

The young policeman nodded, putting away the pistol. He then saluted to Ma Houde before getting off the van.

"Dude, take it easy." Ye Yan patted Ma Houde’s shoulder.

"Oh, am I nervous?" Ma Houde wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead, "Will I, your father, be nervous?"

Ye Yan grabbed Ma Houde’s shoulder with force, "Then, let’s get started!"

"Sure!" Officer Ma breathed in deeply, putting on the earphone for eavesdropping and adjusting the microphone, "Attention to every group, listen to my order!"

8:20 p.m.

The young policeman walked slowly into the underground parking.

He pulled down the black cap, lowered his head and walked slowly towards the appointed location.

At the appointed location, he only saw a black Santana. But there was nobody in the car and no footsteps were heard.

Time ticked away slowly, the young policeman knitted his brows. He started to check this common Santana suddenly. He walked around the car and crouched down to examine the chassis.

Not long after, he found a bag stuck on it. He opened the bag and saw a cellphone and a car key in it.

8:30 p.m.

The cellphone rang.

"I've arrived. Where are you guys?"

"Don’t be nervous, you just have to follow my instructions. Don’t blame our carefulness." A woman’s voice was heard over the phone.

"OK, go ahead." The young policeman said briefly, according to Officer Ma’s instruction.

"Next, keep the phone connected. Drive the car out and down to the road towards Sunset Boulevard…"

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