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"They are starting to instruct our people to take action… Seems like they are very cautious!"

Ma Houde took off one earphone and frowned while looking at Ye Yan, "Do we follow or not?"

"Follow him." Ye Yan said decisively, "We’re in, it doesn’t make sense for us to give up… Dude, give me a map!"

On top of Santana, the young policeman said over the phone, "I’ve driven into the Sunset Boulevard."

"Take the U-turn before entering the underpass."

"I’ve already taken the U-turn."

"Good… Next, you will need to drive into the circular expressway and exit the first toll station."

"Get off the car now. Can you see the bus stop at the side? Get on the first bus."

"Get off and cross the overhead bridge."

1.5 hours had passed since he drove out from the underground parking. The young cop who was familiar with this city couldn’t help thinking that Officer Ma’s plan was thrown into disorder since long ago. It seemed that the opponent was too cautious.

"I’ve already walked up to the overhead bridge."

"Good, turn to the Middle-South Boulevard. I start to count down to 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, you’ll have to jump down. 5, 4…"

The woman didn’t spare him time to consider. She had already begun counting.

3, 2… 1!

The young policeman gritted his teeth. Climbing over the guardrails, he took a deep breath and jumped down straightaway!

At this moment, a large truck was running through the bridge, and that policeman jump dropped on it!

He wiped off the cold sweat and saw the surroundings clearly--- this was a truck that transported cars.

He picked up the phone again, clamping it to his ear and querying with a slight anger, "Do you really want to make this deal?"

"Sorry, please forgive us for being so careful. Because the monitoring system in this city is really good, both you and us might be revealed."

"You said you were revealed?" the young cop asked.

"I said it was possible… OK, now, please throw this phone in your hands away, of course, including your own phone as well."


"Now, walk to the end of the top floor and then climb down. We’re in the last car on the second floor."

He followed the words, finding and climbing into a white car. He saw a man and a woman over there. The man sat in the driver’s seat and the lady at the rear seat.

"Your cautiousness really enraged me."

Jessica sized him up randomly, saying coolly, "Please fasten your seatbelt."

The young cop frowned. At this moment, the car reversed suddenly and ran over the rear guardrails before falling on the highway… after a fit of bumping, the white car was already driven down the road and then entered a small road of the city.

"Where’s the cargo?" the cop asked.

Kingkong chuckled while driving, "You’ll see it real soon… don’t worry, this car will be given to you. Where’s the money?"

The cop fished out a tiny E-key, "Give me the cargo and I’ll give you the money."

"No problem." Kingkong whistled, licking his lips, "Sit well!"

Jessica passed a long black cloth to the cop, "Please blindfold your eyes."

"Do you believe that I can end this deal at anytime?"

Jessica replied under an extremely dissatisfied gaze, "You have to know, this is the first time we make a deal… last time’s deal was ruined by international police. So as the seller, we have to be more cautious. Therefore, if you want to continue making this deal, please do so according to our instructions. Well, you can finish it, but remember, you won’t find any better goods than ours. Don’t worry, we just want to finish the deal. We won’t do anything to you."

The cop had to blindfold his eyes silently.

"The signal is cut off."

In the van, Officer Ma flung the earphone in his hands with force, swearing in rage, "F*ck, are we revealed?"

Ye Yan said calmly, "Not sure… they may just be cautious. Jessica is an elite from the criminal police system, she probably has interferential equipment with her… they are afraid of being framed."

Officer Ma was burning with anxiety, "We’ve lost touch with him that’s why we can’t guarantee his safety. He’s in danger during the period. Besides, we don’t know what happened after he jumped off from the overhead bridge!"

Ye Yan used his fingers to comb his hair, closing his eyes. Time had been passing slowly.

Furiously, he gritted his teeth, "Get off, let me drive the van!"

When the car stopped, the young cop was told to take off the black cloth.

He looked around the environment first… It seemed that he fell into another parking lot.

After getting off the car, Kingkong opened the trunk, there was a new set of license plates. Kingkong smiled, "Are you still worried? We’ve made adequate preparation. When you swap out the license plates, you can drive it to anywhere you want. Of course, you can choose not to drive it."

"Where’s the cargo?"

Kingkong said indifferently, "Follow me."

Kingkong led the way and Jessica walked behind. The cop was stuck in the middle. They went to the second floor by lift.

The young cop counted… it was a 27-floor building.

There were not many high-rise buildings in this city. He clasped his hands together suddenly, his fingers tapping his waist lightly.

Walking out of the lift, Kingkong took them to a room---the surveillance room.

The door of the surveillance room opened not long after he knocked on the door. The security was surprised to see Kingkong. But before he spoke, Kingkong covered his mouth quickly and threw a punch at his belly. The security guard fell down to the ground.

Then Kingkong walked straight to the console, erasing the records of the parking lot and then turning his body around.

He looked at Jessica, "Leave him alone for now, I worked here not long ago and he knows me. But don’t worry, I’ll handle it well."

This place was… the tower of Heaven’s Shadow!

Jessica nodded. She took out a laptop and connected to the network before adjusting the screen facing herself.

Soon after, a man who showed only half a chin appeared on the screen.

"Are you the one whom General Prasong sent to make the deal? Only yourself?" that man opened his mouth.

"There was only 2 people from your side who came here too."

That man nodded, saying after awhile of silence, "Jessica, you did well this time. I’ve been keeping an eye on the whole process from catching that guy to instructing this action. I appreciate your ability… Kingkong, take out the cargo."


Kingkong walked to the screen, starting to tear it down. Not long after, he fished out bags of blue powder one by one, along with a leather bag.

Jessica gaped, "It turns out that the cargo is hidden here."

Kingkong said coolly, "I used to be a bodyguard in this company, as well as the security supervisor. This is the best place. My staffs guard for it for free every day… and, there are at least two months till the next inspection."

Kingkong took out the bag and the cargoes and separated them, "28KG with high purity, do you need to examine it? But I have to warn you, just take a little bit or you’ll suffer your own risk if you’re too high."

The young cop grabbed those bags, pretending to check them---How could he identify if they were real?

"Have you finished checking? We have a high reputation and won’t cheat you." Kingkong said impatiently.

"OK, no problem."

"Then let’s finish the deal." Kingkong logged into an account of some foreign bank using the laptop.

That young cop looked at Kingkong and behind Jessica. He could only walk towards the laptop step by step, taking out the E-key and inserting it into the laptop.

He started to squint his eyes slowly, one hand groping something at his waist secretly.


All of a sudden, a resounding gunfire echoed in the surveillance room. The young cop felt a sharp pain in his back and then fell down to the ground straightaway.

"Jessica, what are you doing?" Kingkong was stunned, hitting the roof.

Then, the second shot went through his chest!

"You…How dare you…" Kingkong opened his eyes wide, gazing at Jessica unbelievably. He knelt down and tumbled down the ground.

Holding down the pistol, Jessica looked at the laptop coldly.

That man didn’t look worried. He rested his chin on both his hands, "I don’t understand why now only you betray us. You were raised up by us since childhood, it’s impossible to turn against us by right."

Jessica took a deep breath, "Mr. Sun, let’s make a deal."

"Go ahead."

Jessica grabbed one bag of blue powder, "It’s not easy to extract and purify it. One bag is worth a lot. So, I think Michael Club won’t give them up easily right?"

"Interesting, go ahead."

"I want to leave you guys." Jessica told him while watching his reaction on the screen. But he kept still, "But I know it probably won’t come true. Therefore, I changed my mind. I want you to send my mum to the headquarters of Interpol safely before tomorrow’s sunrise… if not, I’ll destroy all these objects now!"

"Do you really want to betray us?"

That man said coolly, "You might be perplexed temporarily. I even think that there’s some misunderstanding between you and us. We don’t control your mother. Instead, we provide her with a better life in a perfect world. In Utopia, there’s no fighting, sorrow, or enmity. Everyone lives happily."

The man’s voice became gentle, "Jessica, you should know that only those who are selected by the heavens have the chance to go to the paradise. Because of you, your mother is eligible to live in that paradise, why do you want her to go back to this earthly hell? Jessica, you’re a lucky dog picked by the god and a messenger that brings a new order to this world. This is your mission, did you forget your belief?"

The man’s voice brought a vast and limitless power. Jessica stepped back, showing a painful expression. She covered her forehead, trying hard to open her eyes.

"Jessica, you’re the best. You’re our excellent warrior and our kid. You’re the most loyal supporter of our belief, aren’t you?"

"Stop it!"

Jessica pulled the trigger suddenly, shooting at the console randomly. She said breathlessly, "Send my mum out there before sunrise! Or I’ll destroy these goals! This is my only request!"

That man seemed to sigh, "Is it because of Ye Yan? It seems that you are degenerated by human emotion… Jessica, you used to be a promising kid, but now you’ve been contaminated. A dirty one should be erased."

That screen shut down automatically and the man disappeared.

Jessica sensed a terrible crisis was hitting her. By instinct, she turned her body around and saw Kingkong standing up there.

That bullet hole was still obvious on his chest and his clothes were dyed red with blood. But he seemed not to feel any pain.

Kingkong twisted his neck, cracking a grim smile, "Hopefully you have better endurance than your lover."

Jessica raised up the long gun in her hands calmly.

But Kingkong tore his clothes violently, throwing them to her.

At the moment when her sight was blocked, Kingkong rushed up to her, striking a karate chop at her arm.

She felt as if it was cut off straightaway!

The gun dropped on the ground due to the sharp pain. Jessica dug out a small round box from her belt, pressing it open with force!

A fierce light filled in the whole surveillance room all of a sudden--- Kingkong lost his sight.

"Ah! Ha!!"

Kingkong waved both of his hands with anger--- He only heard some sound. When he regained his sight, Jessica had already escaped from this room.

Kingkong gnashed, rushing back to check the monitoring screen in order to track her down. Soon, Kingkong sneered, "Since you’ve betrayed us, you won’t be able to flee."

He ran out of the surveillance room quickly.

The young cop moved his body suddenly.

He sat up, untying his clothes and taking off the body armor eventually… Looking at the shot mark, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He then stood up, stretched himself and mumbled, "This is the feeling of being a spy… quite exciting."

The young policeman stretched his hands to touch his own face. Taking off a thin layer of something, he revealed his original appearance--- this was the club servant girl’s handcraft dermis mask.

He shook his head, his hands started to fiddle with the laptop.

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