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Chapter 201

"No, we didn’t see him. But don’t worry, I’ve already order someone to capture him as soon as he arrives. I’m telling the truth! How dare I? When did I ever cheat you… Ok, fine, I have a meeting, and we can talk later!"

Officer Ma wiped off the cold sweat, turning off his cellphone. He looked at Ye Yan, pouring his grievances out, "To be honest, I rather face those bald guys in the police station than talking with that girl… was she a rat in her past life? She could dig out many problems in a simple case!"

Ye Yan patted Ma Houde’s shoulder, giving him comfort.

Ma Houde patted Ye Yan’s hand, "Dude, you said you didn’t want to get me drawn into this and knocked me down. But you didn’t take a stand this time. I’m in deep water."

"Maybe we have to resort to the local policemen." Ye Yan said helplessly, "Kingkong and… both of them know me, so I cannot attend the trade tonight."

Ma Houde nodded, "Don’t worry, I’ve arranged some colleagues… If it wasn’t because I interrogated Kingkong before in another case, I’ll attend this time! Tut, I’ve not been in such major case for a long time, I’ve almost lost control of myself!"

"Anyway, let’s bring it to an end tonight."

Ye Yan took a deep breath.

He shut his eyes closed, honing his strength for the big push from now on.

One year ago.


"Do I look weird in this dress?"

Jessica fiddled with her long dress awkwardly. On the contrary, Ye Yan who was wearing a suit looked quite refined.

As her partner, Ye Yan’s look ran down the banquet site. Jessica frowned, "I regret listening to your suggestion. Actually, I found out that I don’t have to fake being a guest to come here."

Ye Yan took two glasses of champagne from the tray on a server’s hands, passing one to Jessica, "Your adaptability is not flexible enough. Are you jealous of those female guests?"

Jessica sneered, "I only think that this kind of high heels will probably be an impediment if something happens."

Ye Yan smiled, "They look very good. Don’t worry, you should trust your beauty."

Jessica replied fishily, "Thanks… The target showed up."

Ye Yan got in Jessica‘s way, blocking her sight, "That guy is quite vigilant, don’t look at him. Let’s approach him later."

Jessica said unhappily, "Don’t take me as a freshman! I know what I should do. Moreover, You’re the freshman I brought in to receive training."

The music started playing at this time. It was a waltz.

Ye Yan grabbed Jessica’s hand suddenly and then put it on his shoulder.

"What are

are you doing?"

"To get near to the target of course." Ye Yan said softly, "Don’t worry, I won’t step on your feet. Instead, I’m more worried that you will step on me."

Jessica glared at Ye Yan but could neither say anything nor turn hostile. She told herself that that was only for the sake of approaching the target.

They were dancing in the dancing pool among other guests, getting closer little by little to the target.

Under the misty light followed by sweet-sounding waltz and trots, Jessica suddenly stepped into a trance.

"Good dance." Jessica looked at Ye Yan’s eyes.

She felt that Ye Yan’s glance was drifting away to monitor everyone who had passed through, insensibly bringing her closer to the target.

"I used to have a dancing partner." Ye Yan asked casually.

She knew that something sorrowful had happened to him before. So she stopped talking.

She started to size up this man in front of her: mature, calm, and having a gloomy look that couldn’t be brushed off. She didn’t think she had ever understood his heart completely even though they had been working together for 2 years.

Jessica felt that at this moment, Ye Yan’s eyes were telling stories. The distinctive black and white of his eyes were different from the westerners but had a kind of fatal magic.

Her body swung with the music but her gaze was fixed on his eyes… she could even saw her inverted image in his eyes.

Ye Yan’s face got closer to her slowly, Jessica stood on tiptoe by instinct.

Like the kissing fish met in the sea, they’d overlap eventually...during this task, heart palpitations had made Jessica forget about almost everything.

When they almost lost themselves, Ye Yan stopped and apologized. It turned out they collided into another pair of guests.

"Oh, sorry, sir, I can’t help kissing my female partner."

"Don’t worry." The man smiled, praising, "If I were you, I’d have the same reaction with such a beautiful partner."

It seemed to be a little episode and that man walked away with his partner.

Jessica took a deep breath, calming down. Ye Yan whispered, "I’ve installed the tracking device."

"Oh…Really." Jessica lowered her head, "Then let’s get out of here first."

Her head dropped unconsciously, Jessica who was taking a short nap opened her eyes.

She touched her lips. It turned out that it was only a dream. It was also her memory of the past.

A glass of red wine that had been touched was left near to the sofa. Jessica looked at the red liquid in the wine glass, taking off her necklace and playing with it between her fingers.

Then, the phone rang at this moment. It was from Kingkong.

"I’ve arranged everything. Come here now. Mr. Sun said you’re in said you’re in charge of this deal."

"I got it. I’ll show up at the appointed place on time."

Turning off the phone, Jessica looked at the time. It was 4:21 p.m.

She took a deep breath. But she still couldn’t erase the fear and uneasiness in her heart. She didn’t know what would happen later tonight.

She changed her clothes with a heavy heart. She hadn’t went back to her apartment due to Ren Ziling’s inquiry last time. Therefore, she checked into a hotel nearby.

The lift was opened, there was nobody in it.

Jessica walked in, at the moment when it closed, she held her arms tightly subconsciously and took a step backwards.

As if walking into a cage, she couldn’t see the surroundings clearly. The path ahead was indeterminate…no future. This feeling arose from her thoughts, her willpower.


She came to the first floor.

As the door opened, Jessica saw an old pine door. She hesitated, then pushing open it and walking in.

It was that weird place. Those same dim lights, along with all sorts of weird decorations that made her dreadful.

"Nice to meet you again, dear guest."

It was still that boss… it seemed like he knew ahead of time that she’d come again.

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