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Chapter 200

Ma Houde got up from the ground, shaking his head to get rid of the dizziness. He then walked towards Ye Yan.

"Ye Yan, are you OK?"

"I’m OK. Still alive." Ye Yan spat out a mouthful of blood mixed with impurities.

The two middle-aged man looked at each other--- looking at the familiar smile on each other’s face. Officer Ma raised his fist, so did Ye Yan.

Their fists bumped together faintly after 3 years.

"What happened to this guy?"

Officer Ma frowned at this moment, seeing Yu Hua who was laying on his stomach. Yu Hua had a cramp suddenly and kept spitting white foam from his mouth. That body of strong muscles contracted little by little.

Ye Yan squatted down, his fingers touching Yu Hua’s pulse, "It’s very weak, but he won’t die immediately… he had probably used some kind of hormone or special stimulant before that? Based on his look, it seemed that he had already gone through something before we came here…"

"Or maybe he guessed you’d come in advance?" Ma Houde’s heart was still fluttering with fear, "It’s uncommon! That guy was like a beast just now… Old Ye, he said that he was the one who had entrapped you like this?"

Ye Yan thought about it for a while. His hand was searching for something in Yu Hua’s pocket suddenly but simply found a cellphone and a wallet.

Ye Yan recalled the situation when he was rescued for the second time… It was hard to see the rescuer clearly but his figure was obviously thinner than Yu Hua.

And from the conversation with Yu Hua just now, it showed that he was not the rescuer… Then, who was the one who saved him?

"Bro, can you give me a hand?" Ye Yan suddenly asked.

Ma Houde didn’t say anything but patted his chest.

Ye Yan looked at the dying Yu Hua, saying, "Don’t let him die, and don’t let anyone know that he is in our hands… he might be the chance of a reversal for me."

Officer Ma nodded, "I know some black market doctors."

Ye Yan nodded.

The two lifted up the fainting Yu Hua quickly. They took a glimpse at the tomb before they left, saying together, "Bro, we’ll come to have a drink with you next time! Take care!"

"Master, Mr. Ye and Officer Ma left the cemetery, bringing Yu Hua together."

When You Ye came back to the tomb, she only saw her master grabbing a broom and was cleaning the dirt alone.

The fighting scene had left lots of traces and even dirtied the tombstone.

"I got it."

No more talking between

between them.

Luo Qiu cleaned the tomb, waiting for the dawn.

Jessica and Kingkong were standing in front of a screen.

Only a man’s chin was shown on the screen. The surroundings were so dark that it was impossible to see other things.

That man said coolly, "Kingkong, you’ve lost the person twice. I really doubt your working ability."

Kingkong lowered his head without uttering a word.

Not only feeling depressed, he even felt strangely enraged. But the fact was that---He was not resigned to be blamed by his superior.

Kingkong suddenly explained, "Mr. Sun, I feel it’s very weird. By right, only Jessica and I know about this place! And soon after she left, someone came to rescue Ye Yan. So I feel it’s too much a coincidence."

While saying this, he even narrowed his eyes and glared at Jessica.

Jessica stood still like a statue.

That man standing behind the screen suddenly raised his voice, "That’s enough! Jessica won’t betray us, don’t find excuses for your negligence. Think about it, she has revealed her identity in front of Ye Yan. It means she won’t let him go because it does her no good."

Kingkong knew about this matter, he frowned, "I’ll try to find him, and the guy who had secretly rescued him too. Jessica, is there anyone

there anyone else coming here from your group? According to the intelligence, someone seems to be helping Ye Yan secretly… his contact?"

Jessica shook her head, "I didn’t receive such message, but someone might be doing this stealthily. I’m not in the headquarters, so I can’t get that."

That man hesitated for a while, "It’s an uncontrollable matter. Kingkong, inform the buyers to prepare to make the deal in advance… Jessica, you take charge of it."

"Yes, sir."

He was reluctant but had to receive it.

At dawn, Officer Ma let out a long sigh of relief, sitting down. And Ye Yan was dressing a wound of his arm beside him.

This was the second floor of a Chinese medicine pharmacy, an Old doctor was living here.

That doctor washed his hands, drawing back the curtain, "Officer Ma, he won’t die, and I got out the bullet, but he lost excessive blood, so won’t wake up soon. Besides, some important joints have been hurt, so I suggested to send him to the hospital to do surgeries to connect his tissue system, or he’ll probably be disabled in his remaining life… the killer is so cruel!"

Officer Ma dared not to tell him the killer was just sitting beside. He took a slight cough, "I will. But it’s better to be disabled. Or, more innocent people will be injured."

The old doctor didn’t talk more, "I’ll go boil some medicine herbs, excuse medicine herbs, excuse me."

Ye Yan suddenly said, "Doctor, can I use that computer?"

"No problem."

Ye Yan nodded, walking to the computer. He got the data cable on the table, connecting it with Yu Hua’s cellphone, starting to play with it.

"Dude, what are you doing?"

"Cracking his password." Ye Yan concentrated on it, "Since he’s with the buyers, there should be many clues. I saw a new message coming, I want to know the whole content."

Ma Houde eyes blinked, grabbing the cellphone and clicking it randomly, "It’s unlocked."

Ye Yan frowned, he got the cellphone… He remembered it was locked when he came.

"Weird…" He clicked open the message.

Content: 8:30 p.m. tomorrow, basement parking of Caesar Commercial City, 105, wear black cap, deliver ahead of time, be careful.

"Deliver ahead of time!" Ye Yan voiced a little heavily.

"Ahead of time…" Ma Houde face cracked smile.

Ye Yan pointed the keywords, "Wear black cap."

Ma Houde laughed, "Yu Hua might not have seen the seller yet!"

They looked at each other. The two old men narrowed eyes, saying together again, "We’ve got the chance!"

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