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Chapter 199: I’m Good At Utilizing The Dagger
They just hid instead of leaving.
Luo Qiu’s face did not reveal a too-surprised look when he saw Yu Hua’s physical changes--- This was the first time he bought this kind of ability from the club which allowed him to synchronize with people’s thoughts.
It was not just a simple intention to come here to gather information. Instead, he wanted to understand one’s thoughts completely.
So this kind of expense was definitely more expensive than the information gathered normally. But there were people who could exchange riches for their hobbies, so it was normal that Luo Qiu exchanged his lifespan for the rage in his heart.
"Fortunately, he hadn’t given up all hope." Seeing Yu Hua’s slight change, Luo Qiu said coolly, "This guy is the client of Michael Club who hid those cargoes, he has Michael Club’s secret potion in his hands. It has the ability to strengthen a body in a short period of time, probably similar to what Kingkong is using."
"A short period of time, it is probably not a complete product," You Ye thought and said.
Luo Qiu nodded, "But it’s enough for people who know its power to take it as a life-saving potion...It’s also because he was still hiding this kind of thing that he thought he had a chance to win. Or else I wouldn’t have beat him so easily. But the appearance of Uncle Ye at this place reveals that they’ve been contacting each other earlier."
Luo Qiu shook his head, "Fine. Since Uncle Ye is here then let it be. After all, Uncle Ye is more suitable to take revenge for Sister Xiaochun.
You Ye showed a faint smile.
She understood what did it mean by ‘I won’t beat him so easily’--- Yu Hua was having an obsessively vengeful heart. His extreme thoughts would easily activate the deal of the club.
If it hadn’t happened, it was because that this guy hadn’t felt devastated yet.
The servant girl retreated and stood behind of Luo Qiu so that she wouldn’t block her master’s sight. On the other hand, she hoped that her master could be somewhere nearby to her to watch the fierce battle between giants.
She could feel that Luo Qiu’s anger had eased a bit--- However, she didn’t think that her master would let Yu Hua go that easily.
People born in this country thought highly of filial piety.
And also because of Yu Hua’s behavior, the door appeared on her master in advance. This showed how serious and enormous the impact of this emotion had on her master.
The Door of Origin showed up in advance.
You Ye thought carefully. Even though she still couldn’t forgive Yu Hua, but she had to thank him for enraging her new master.

When Ye Yan and Ma Houde arrived at the cemetery holding the torchlights, they frowned at the same time.
Both of them saw a half–naked man kneeling on the ground with both of his hands covering his face… along with the robust muscles that were full of energy.
The weird man in front of them stood up slowly.
Officer Ma asked in a low-pitched voice, "Who are you? What are you doing here late at night?"
Yu Hua ran his eyes over the two, his voice turned much lower than ever, "Ye Yan, Ma Houde, are you both here… fine, I’ll get rid of you two together so as not to waste my energy! After killing you, the damn guy will be the next!"
Ye Yan frowned, "Do we know each other?"
Yu Hua sneered, "Why, can’t you figure out anything since you are already able to come here? Did you forget how you received the jade lock?"
"It’s you!" Ye Yan narrowed his eyes, saying with rage!
Yu Hua roared with laughter, "Are you angry? But that’s not all--- do you know why you have such a bad luck recently? Let me tell you that. Two months ago after you uncovered the case, you’ve already fallen step by step into our control."
After the secret potion got into his body, Yu Hua’s body didn’t only gain a powerful energy, he even experienced a sense of excitement and pleasure. He could

n’t help telling the truth to Ye Yan, seeing his emotion mixed with indignation and resentment---that was the most wonderful matter in this world to Yu Hua.
He gazed at Ye Yan, teasing, "Have you ever thought about why is it so easy for you to get the clues about the scandal that those damn cops have committed? Do you think that there’s someone so careless? If I didn’t plot the story, how could you find it? Do you think you could find it? Hahaha, are you suffering? You had a good performance 4 years ago due to that case, then you got promoted continuously. But after 4 years, adversely you’re chased by both the underworld and policemen like an unwelcomed loser! Look at yourself now! What a goner you are!"
Ye Yan didn’t utter a word.
While Officer Ma defended him against injustice, "F*ck! What a shameless b*tch you are! What has my brother done to offend you? Why are you treating him like this? You’re really a beast. The deceased should get respected, but you even wouldn’t let go of the deceased’s tombs!"
Yu Hua snorted, "Not only Ye Yan. The second one is you! Ma Houde! Let me tell you, my name is Yu Hua! The son of Yu Zhengde! Not only you two! I’ll go to other b*tches to get revenge, and I won’t let all your family members of as well!"
Officer Ma was stunned and Ye Yan’s mouth was slightly opened. The way they looked at Yu Hua was already different.
"F*ck! 4 years ago, your father took away numerous innocent people’s lives. When I heard that he died in the jail a year ago. I felt too happy and got drunk that night!’ Ma Houde snorted coldly, ‘But that’s not enough! Let me send you to the hell today!"
Yu Hua sneered, "Oh, can you? You just hid somewhere and earned some merit that year. Coward!"
While saying this, Yu Hua jumped up quickly and strode over 3 meters, getting close to Ma Houde. He raised his fist, trying to hit Officer Ma’s face!
"Watch out!"
Ye Yan pushed Ma Houde away, one hand grabbing Yu Hua’s arm, twisting it suddenly. He turned his body around and kicked his ribs with his knee!
A normal person’s ribs would be broken with such attack. However, Yu Hua looked as if nothing had happened and stood there motionlessly.
Ye Yan was frightened and turned pale… he suddenly thought of another guy---Kingkong!
That guy had an iron-made body as well!
Ye Yan’s mind changed yet it didn’t stop. With all his might, his hand launched an attack on Yu Hua’s chin. At the same time, his other arm bent, with his elbow hitting the clavicle hard!
It was a fast and ruthless move!
Unexpectedly, Yu Hua acted as if he was not influenced. Lowering head, he gave a grim smile, "I thought I could have a good fight with you, but it seems unnecessary now! I gained my martial uncle’s power after killing him! If I knew he was still hiding this, I wouldn’t… Humph! Go to hell!!"
He launched a hard blow!
Ye Yan’s raised both of his hands, covering his face. But it looked as if he was hit by a car. His whole body flew out.
His arms became numb. Ye Yan continued to look at Yu Hua with fright.
Yu Hua came step by step, wearing a disdainful face, "Eight Pole? Like this? Apparently, you used some dirty tricks to beat my father that year!"
Ye Yan didn’t talk but lowering his center of gravity slowly.
But at this time, the sound of a shot being fired was heard from Yu Hua’s back!
He staggered before falling down on the ground.
The bullet blew his leg out!
"F*ck!" Ma Houde swore from far, "I’m not a coward! I used the Barrett M82A1 and acted as support that year!!"
Even though he grew fatter in his middle age and his belly was already pressing against the belt, he was still manly and handsome with the gun in one hand!
"Humph… kill you first!"
Yu Hua stood up from the ground furiously--- his bleeding calf couldn’t stop his speed!
Under such a fright, Officer Ma fired a series of shots at his legs and shoulders but it still couldn’t stop him!
This guy was totally a monster who couldn’t feel pain!
Officer Ma gritted his teeth, aiming the gun at his forehead. But at this second, Yu Hua turned shorter all of sudden. Bending his back and rushing to Ma Houde, he knocked him down easily.
"You could have killed me with the first shot!" Yu Hua sneered, "But you cops are idiots! You only want to catch us! Upholding the rules is the reason for your death!"
At the moment, Yu Hua raised his horrible fist. Ye Yan knew that Ma Houde couldn’t bear such a heavy blow, so he said, "Yu Zhengde was just a useless person!"
Yu Hua suddenly stopped, grabbing Ma Houde’s gun from his hand and mashing it using his fingers! He threw Ma Houde down heavily!
"What did you say? Dare you say it again?"
"I can say it as many times as I want!" Ye Yan sneered, "He was quite an useless person, or else he wouldn’t be defeated by me. Eagle Claw Art? I think it’s more like Chicken Claw!"
"Let me crush your mouth first!" Yu Hua eyes turned red suddenly. Without saying a word, he dashed towards Ye Yan rapidly!
He couldn’t feel pain, surging with endless power!
With only two or three movements, Ye Yan lost his energy to defend and was pressed on the ground by Yu Hua. Yu Hua choked his throat, smiling hideously, "I thought of giving you 3 days to recover so that you can have a good fight with me again. But it seems to be unnecessary! What do you want to say before dying?"
Ye Yan squeezed the words out from his throat, "You… are right…"
At the moment, Ye Yan’s hand shook as if a cold light flashed past, hitting Yu Hua’s eyes. Yu Hua evaded it by instinct!
But at this moment, Ye Yan’s palm crossed over Yu Hua’s wrist during the interval!
Yu Hua who couldn’t feel the pain was enraged. He tried to squeeze his throat but couldn’t feel any power on his hands!
Ye Yan body twisted crazily and rolled to one side. His hands swept across Yu Hua’s ankles at the same time!
Yu Hua got even more enraged. He wanted to chase him but knelt down suddenly. He couldn’t stand up no matter how! He got greatly frightened, "What did you do to me?"
Ye Yan touched his neck, letting out a few coughs, saying hoarsely, "You’re right. I used dirty tricks to defeat your father… because I’m good at utilizing the dagger."
He turned his palm over, only a little dagger was seen between his thumb and index finger. "Especially this kind of dagger! It’s the sharpest!"
"You…" Yu Hua realized after a while.
The tendons in both of his hands and feet had been cut off!
Thus now, Yu Hua could only move his body by crawling!
Ye Yan walking towards him quickly, stabbing the dagger into Yu Hua’s scapula, completely limiting his capacity to act.
He looked at Yu Hua’s horrific muscles, teasing, "Didn’t your father tell you that IQ is also a strength hum… you’re enraged easily, truly a useless person!"

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