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"I’ll go out for a while."

Luo Qiu carried a pot of millet congee from the kitchen and saw the appearance of Ren Ziling rushing out in a hurry, walking directly towards the door.

"There’s an interview and I may come back very late at night." Ren Ziling added.

Then, the sound of the door shutting was heard.

Luo Qiu, who took off the gloves, frowned He had the look of thinking about something... No matter how hard she tried to conceal her worrying look, it couldn’t get away from Luo Qiu’s eyes.

How many days more to come?

Anyway, so many days had passed. These few days gave Dance a sort of feeling, as if a day dragged past like a year, since the temporary visitor---half Hanba Ms. Su Zijun came to the pet center.

Su Zijun and Long Xiruo seemed to find each other objectionable. They would argue about ineffable subjects after being together for longer than 1 minute.

Dance who felt herself not being able to take Sun Zijun’s side would always get involved in their oral fight.

‘My heart is really tired…’

But according to her view, Ms. Su Zijun was not a person who liked to look for a fight.

‘How should I describe her?’

‘A person who barks more than bites? Ineloquent? Or saying one thing but means the other?’

For instance, every time after ignoring each other, she’d beat about the bush and inquired about Sister Long’s information from Dance. After finished eating up the newest Xin Hua dictionary, Dance felt that she had made a big improvement for being able to use so many idioms. Well done!

"Where’s that old lady?"

Luo Dance was shaking her feet while sitting at the front desk of the pet center. Drinking milk with a face full of bliss, she replied, "Sister Long is taking a nap in the office. You can go in straightaway to find her."

Su Zijun snorted… Su Zijun, who was wearing an apron, actually held a casserole with both of her hands. At this moment, she put the casserole on the table with an indifferent look, "This is the screw-up food I cooked just now, that old lady’s tongue suits this kind of food the best. If you don’t plan to be lazy, take this to feed her!"

‘You can actually do it yourself, and I’m not a lazy worker!’

Luo Dance sighed. As she was planning to say something, a woman in a black coat came in. The woman in black looked at Luo Dance and Su Zijun, asked after hesitating for a second, "Excuse me, is Doctor Long around?"

Su Zijun narrowed her eyes slightly. With her teenage girl’s look, she licked her lips and answered suddenly, "That old lady is not around. But you can ask me if you have any problem…"

Su Zijun stopped talking suddenly. In a flash, her body floated above the ground–––of course it was not her will to do so but there was someone grabbing her collar.

To be exact, she was lifted up by someone and was thrown aside at the very next second.

Long Xiruo appeared out of nowhere at this moment, glimpsing at the woman in black, "Leave her alone, come to my room first."

The woman in black became extraordinarily respectful at the moment when Long Xiruo appeared. She nodded her head slowly and followed her into the office with an unbiased look.

"What’s wrong?"

Long Xiruo sat on the office chair, crossing her legs and lighting up a cigarette. She was sizing up the woman in black in front of her--- Black Water, and sighed, "Your breath becomes weaker. According to your ability, you should become stronger within these few years."

Black Water took a deep breath, kneeling down suddenly, "Master Long, please help me!"

Long Xiruo frowned but didn’t help her up, "Stand up, tell me what happened."

Black Water sighed, "10 years ago…"

Long Xiruo exhaled a puff of smoke slowly, "I’ve told you 200 years ago to concentrate on your reincarnation. I repeated that 100 years ago and 15 years ago, you were still unable to concentrate. Black Water, you’re the descendent of one of the greatest monster ancestors. If you can cultivate well, let alone one tiger monster, even 10 of them are no match for you."

Black Water looked at Long Xiruo with a serious look, "Master Long, if we monsters will have to massacre one another for a turf in order to live, what will be the difference between us and the human beings?"

"Conflict is the nature of all species. Do you think the turf battle will end if monsters are the ones who dominate the world? No, it will only become more violent."

Black Water shook her head, "From being ignorant in the past, we’ve now mastered spirituality. From acting by instinct, we’ve learnt to think. Isn’t this a form of evolution that gets rid of the beastial nature? And you should know that among the animals, there are some species that have never fought."

Long Xiruo said coolly, "You want me to help you, my way is to stop that tiger by force. This is the embodiment of beastial nature."

Black Water was stunned, lowering her head, "Master Long, it won’t occupy our habitat by force as long as you persuade it."

"No, it will leave this place and occupy other places by force." Long Xiruo added spicily. "It’s true that it will yield to me but it is also because of yielding to me, it will soon encroach other places using the same way. A tiger monster needs a lot of vitality to survive. It can’t bear to launch an attack to occupy other’s domain after so many years because the situation is over its tolerance. You don’t wish to fight, but it’ll happen anyway, because of you."

Black Water gritted her teeth.

Long Xiruo sneered, "After all, it’s because you insist on not letting yourself become stronger. You fear that you can’t control your power and the fear wasted away what has been passed down in your bloodline…Go back and consider thoroughly. If you really need my help, come to see me again."

Black Water grabbed her clothes and left with a disappointment.

Su Zijun who was chatting with Dance looked at Long Xiruo at this moment. She gave a half laugh, "This is ‘its descendant’ right?"

Long Xiruo stared at Su Zijun coldly, saying with an indifferent look, "Don’t hurt her because...she’s my friend."

With only one glimpse, the last true dragon of this wonderful land gave the half Hanba maid a chill from her head to toes.


Su Zijun snorted.

"…Why did you call me out this late? My wife thought I was going out to fool around!"

Ren Ziling rolled her eyes at Ma Houde, "Look at your kidney-deficient face, you may not even satisfy your woman, are you so shameless to say that you can fool around?"

"I…" Ma Houde gritted his teeth but didn’t plan to argue more about this… Anyway, he never won an oral argument with this woman. It only courted a rebuff if he continued in this argument.

"Then why did you ask me out for?"

"Look at this."

Ren Ziling showed Ma Houde the envelope, frowning and asking seriously, "This is a letter for Ye Yan. Old Ma, what’s the reason for Ye Yan to come back this time? The address written here, why is it the cemetery? And it’s where my husband’s tomb is located?"

He originally thought that it was a notice of Ye Yan listed as wanted by the police. After hearing the content, he was shocked, "What??"

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