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Chapter 194: Dim Lights
After a single dosage was injected, Jessica left Ye Yan.
She looked at him, "Before the next injection, I hope to hear the answer you agreed to give."
Ye Yan sneered then lowered his head, simply staring at the floor. Jessica didn’t really mind. After finished packing her things, she walked out from the room slowly.
Just at the moment when she came out from the door, Kingkong walked to her front immediately and asked, "How is it going? Did he say something?"
Jessica answered, "He’s trained. Besides, he receives an antibiotic shot every year. At least three dosages are needed for him in order to see the effects. Don’t be so anxious."
Jessica sneered, "You’ve caught him once before, don’t you know that he won’t tell anything useful even if you beat him to death?"
At this moment, Jessica asked, "Where’s the cargo located? Is it safe?"
Kingkong said, "I’m the only one who knows where it is. Don’t worry, it’s absolutely safe."
Jessica frowned, "It’s been so long, I need to go and have a look. Lead the way and take me there."
Kingkong shook his head, "That’s unnecessary. I mean it when I said it’s safe. The team has found a delivery method. You’ll see it after two days. So now, pay more attention to this man. All in all, the things that he has in hands are the most fatal ones to the internal police team."
"I have my plans." Jessica said, "I have to go out and settle something. You stay here and keep an eye on him. Don’t let him escape or else I’ll need to deal with your trouble."
Kingkong sneered, "Don’t worry, I’m watching him round-the-clock! Unless he’s a ghost, or else he won’t vanish in front of me!"
Jessica nodded, "You’d better don’t touch him because pain, intimidation, or even talking to him will only make him sober and hinder the effectiveness of the medicine."
Kingkong shrugged and threw a punch at the sandbag next to him instead. The sandbag created a buzzing sound. He said fishily, "I know that you cherish your ex-lover, so I’ll punch this one, OK?"
Jessica took a hard look at Kingkong and didn’t utter any more words.

She went back to her rental housing very quickly. She didn’t go upstairs to the floor where she was living immediately. Instead, she came downstairs and opened the apartment door of another resident with ease...Luo Qiu’s apartment door.
After trying to remove all eavesdropping devices without leaving any trace, Jessica took the lift and went back to her floor. Out of her expectation, she met Ren Ziling at the door at this moment.
Jessica was astounded but she appeared to be extraordinarily calm. She revealed a curious look, "Ms. Ren, are you looking for me?"
Ren Ziling had already arrived here for more than 10 minutes and had pressed the doorbell for a while, "Ah… Yeah, I came here for you."
Subeditor Ren turned her gaze and then faked a smile, "You said you sprained your foot a few days ago. Since we are neighbours, I came to see if you are getting any better."
Jessica smiled, "Thanks for your concern. I’m fine now."
"Ah…That’s good." Ren Ziling nodded, suddenly asking, "By the way, can I go in and have a look? There is water leaking to my balcony. I want to check if there is something wrong with your air-conditioner. Hehe, I asked all other neighbors and then came to you."
"No problem." Jessica answered while opening the door, "Come in, if it is me, I’ll notify my landlord immediately."
Ren Ziling scanned around the place randomly. Jessica said, "Ms. Ren, the balcony is over there."
"Ah, yes." Ren Zing asked, "Can I use the washroom? I suddenly feel like want to pee."
"No problem."

"…It seems like nothing is wrong with your place. Sorry to bother you."
No, No, No… Nothing was there. Not even an extra person hiding anywhere. Ren Ziling couldn’t help but sighed, thinking that her intuition was probably inaccurate.
"No problem

." Jessica sent Ren Ziling to the doorway. After watching her walking into the lift, she thought about something else.

The hotel boss took out the suit that he wore 10 years ago from the wardrobe. He styled his hair like a youth and carried two big bags of take-out to Room 505. He then cleared his throat before knocking the door, "Cough…Miss, your order has arrived!"
The woman in back who just moved into this place opened the door after a short while. Looking at this middle-aged man… If she remembered correctly, the hotel boss she saw just now should be wearing a white undershirt and shorts with flip-flops.
But that was OK, she nodded and intended to shut the door close after receiving the take-out.
"Hey… wait." The boss held the door with one hand and leaned against the door frame.
"Is there anything else?"
"Well, our hotel requires check-in using identity documents…Miss, you haven’t checked in yet." He said seriously, "This is a decent hotel!"
The woman in black was stupefied, smiling to him, "Boss, I’ve registered, have you forgotten?"
The boss blinked his eyes, thinking in a daze, "Oh yes… you’ve checked in."
"Boss, see you later."
"O, OK…OK." The boss turned around immediately and walked down the stairs dully.
That woman shook her head after shutting the door close. Right then, a small black shadow fluttered in front of her, diving for the food. She stretched her hand out and seized him easily. "Little Pig, wash your hand before eating, did you forget what I’d taught you?"
"Ah! I’m starving, Sister Black Water!"
"Wash your hand, or else the food is not yours." Black Water showed a straight face.
The little pig rushed to the washroom bitterly. Black Water shook her head and opened both suitcases. There were small animal-shaped models inside the suitcase. She blew on them in one breath. The animal-shaped models started to recover their original appearances and jumped out of the suitcases one by one.
The little rabbit monster rubbed her eyes, "Sister Black Water, are we there yet?"
"Yes, little pig is gluttonous and woke up first." Black Water laughed, "Come here, have some food first. After that, sister will go out. You guys just wait for me here. But remember, never go out of this room or pull open the curtains, understand?"
The rabbit monster replied tactfully, "Yes, Lingling will look after them!"

"He hasn’t come back yet? I see… Mouse Qiang, continue to watch attentively. If he comes back, tell him that the envelope is in my hand. If he wants to get it, tell him to come to me."
Throwing the cellphone on the sofa, Ren Ziling heaved a sigh of relief… The matter of Old Ye really made her worry.
"Ah…so painful…"
Of course it was cool to chop the fortune cat in pieces by using one karate chop. But she had to pay for it. She lamented that her springtime had gone while applying tincture and rubbing it on her palm.
In the past, she could chop two at least, "So painful…"
"What are you doing? I heard your whining even before coming in."
Ren Ziling was stunned, scrambling to hide the tincture at her back while squeezing a smile to the door, "No, a mosquito bit me just now. You’re early today. Don’t you need to make up a missed lesson for the beautiful high-school girl?"
In the ordinary course of events, Ren Ziling would probably spot something was wrong with him if she thought properly about how long the time he had taken. But obviously Ren Ziling did not.
Because people were used to believing what their kinsfolks said.

Luo Qiu didn’t continue asking about this question but walked to Ren Ziling’s and sat down next to her, "What are you hiding behind your back?"
"No." Ren Ziling looked up to the light, "Damn mosquito, it’s still alive… why are you looking at me? Is there anything on my face?... Ah, let’s watch TV… Oh, you just came back, don’t you want to take a shower… Fine, fine!"
Ren Ziling couldn’t stand Boss Luo’s haze any longer. She could only take the tincture out from her back at last. Looking at the frowning Luo Qiu, Ren Ziling said, "I only smashed my hand accidentally, I didn’t smash other people’s stuff… F*ck…"
What the hell, she just revealed everything without realizing it… and when did his gaze turn so stern?
Luo Qiu exhaled, stretching out his palm.
Ren Ziling had to put the tincture on Luo Qiu’s hand.
Luo Qiu lifted her injured hand, applying the tincture and massaging it. He asked, "Did they compensate you?"
"Yes…Ouch, pain. Gentler… Can’t you be gentle?" Subeditor Ren’s eyes were full of tears, still with a serious look.
"It didn’t hurt your bones, just the tendons that are slightly bruised."
"Yeah, I already said I’m fine…ouch, pain! Gentler! It’s all my fault, can you please forgive me…"
"Keep yourself away from water tonight and spicy and sour food these days. You haven’t eaten, right? Let me cook some millet congee." Luo Qiu cleaned the tincture left on his hand and then went to the kitchen.
‘Who said that women can’t live without men?’
‘My son is the greatest man!’
Subeditor Ren’s heart was suddenly inundated with a great sense of satisfaction and pride. She started to smirk.
But she collected her smiling face quickly and walked into her room.
Gazing at the envelope on the table, she frowned. The other hand that wasn’t injured was reaching for it slowly but was pulled back quickly.
"No, I can’t read it…"
She kept her chin up, stretching out her hand and then withdrew it again, "No, I can’t or Old Ye will scold me…"
Thus, she stretched out her hand for the third time, "It should be OK to just to take a brief look, right?"
Subeditor Ren whistled while gazing outside of the window. Her finger started to open the envelope. She was deceiving herself.

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