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Ma Houde read the letter promptly. An address like this really existed… and then, there was also a time.

"Who would be the person writing this letter to Old Ye, and the time is 3 days after. Does it mean that they’ll meet there 3 days later? Ma Houde frowned while guessing… but it puzzled him, "Why must they choose this place instead of others?"

"It makes me wonder as well… Ma Houde, tell me honestly, do you know something?"

Even though he knew something, could he say them out? He couldn’t say that due to Ye Yan’s bad luck, there was the gigantic and powerful Michael Club behind all this--- it was the first time he heard about this and knew very little about it too. That day when he woke up after being hit by Ye Yan in Xiaochun Martial Club, he almost burst with rage. But what could he say? He knew Ye Yan’s character too well.

Officer Ma sighed secretly, pretending to be unperturbed, "Sister, if I know something, will I look so puzzled? Besides, how did you get this letter? So you have found Ye Yan?"

Ren Ziling talked about the matter happened in Peace Hotel briefly, "I told Mouse Qiang to stay there. No news coming from there, I bet he hasn’t gone back to the hotel yet."

"Well, tell me the address, I’ll go there and wait tonight. I’ll keep the letter first." Ma Houde said while pressing Ren Ziling’s shoulder, "Go back home now. I’ll notify you at the first time moment if something happens. You know that you’re loose-tongued and your son is quiet but very calculative. If we spill the beans, there will be another unnecessary thing to be worried about, understand?"

"OK." Ren Ziling nodded, "I don’t care. If there’s no news, I’ll go to the graveyard 3 days later no matter what you say."

Officer Ma nodded, "If there’s no news, I’ll go with you 3 days later!"

He was buried in this place.

There was no light in the cemetery at night and the surroundings were tranquil. Only the shrill of insects could be heard.

He remembered it was last year since he last came here to sweep his father’s tomb.

Luo Qiu stood in front of the tomb.

He lowered his head, shutting his eyes. After a while, he stretched out his hands to sweep the mud on the tombstone--- Uncle Ma and Ren Ziling were waiting to come at the right moment because they didn’t want to inadvertently awaken an enemy even though they didn’t know whom Ye Yan would meet here.

But Luo Qiu wasn’t worried about this.

"I’m doing fine. Don’t worry about me." Luo Qiu spoke softly in front of the tombstone.

His father was buried here that year after dying in the line of duty. Ren Ziling once said something quite similar, "I’ll look after your son, don’t worry."

At that time, neither Ren Ziling nor Luo Qiu himself would have thought that Luo Qiu’s destiny would undergo a thorough change after a few years.


All of a sudden, You Ye’s voice rang in front of the quiet tomb. She was surprised to meet Luo Qiu in such a place at night---She could come to her master’s side at any time. That was why, for many times, she didn’t know where exactly the master was before she came to his side.

The servant girl took a quick glance at the tombstone without uttering any words and took a deep bow at it.

"I haven’t been here for a long time." Luo Qiu raised his head and looked at the night sky, at those sparse and looming stars.

You Ye was listening to him silently, she knew that her master was immersing himself in his memories at this moment.

Luo Qiu suddenly stretched out his hand, "That’s the Pole Star. When I was young, my father took me out to camping and taught me how to identify a location using the orientation of the stars. He said if I’m lost someday in the wilderness without a compass with me, I can at least find the way through the Big Dipper."

Luo Qiu lowered his head and smiled, "But it’s a pity that I’ve never had a chance to make use of it even though I’ve learnt it…I’m afraid there won’t be any chance in the future too."

Luo Qiu shook his head, "The stars have turned much darker, they are not as bright as before."

He clasped his hands at the back, sighing and asking You Ye after a long while, "What do you want me for? Did something happen to Ye Yan?"

You Ye nodded, "Yeah, something happened. But Mr. Ye is fine. On the contrary, he’s been rescued by someone."

Luo Qiu gaped, "Who?"

You Ye shook her head, "I’m not sure for the time being. That person’s face was covered…Should be a man. And the mysterious man rang the fire alarm at downstairs to divert KingKong’s attention. After that, he took Mr. Ye away with him. I followed them all the way but something weird happened. After that man rescued Mr. Ye, he knocked him out and left the park after placing him in the grove.

"Er…Is he the man in black?"

"I’ve located him, we can find him easily if you want." You Ye said, "Mr. Ye came to his consciousness soon and he’s currently safe. So I come back to report this matter to Master immediately."

Luo Qiu nodded, he contemplated who would be this person who rescued Ye Yan---Besides him, no one else should know the exact place where Ye Yan was brought to.

While thinking, Luo Qiu looked around casually and stopped his gaze at the back of his father’s tombstone.

He frowned and walked to the back of the tombstone to have a look. Right below at the back of the tombstone, he found an obvious trace of the grass being turned over. It’s not difficult to be discovered as long as one observed it close enough.

Luo Qiu narrowed his eyes, squatting down and touching the turned over grass---He lifted up a piece of sod easily.

Luo Qiu became stiff at the moment when he was lifting up the sod. His posture remained still. Even his gaze did not move at least a bit.

You Ye took a step forward and looked at the mud pit subconsciously.

Animal’s fur, dead mice and broken bones… those grimy things let out a foul smell at this moment!

"These… were probably placed here since not long ago. Who would do this…"

Luo Qiu took a deep breath and stood up slowly.

He looked at You Ye indifferently. He stroked his heart with his hands, which had a very light beating sound, "The club had latched my soul in the very beginning and within this period, my feelings had slowly turned numb. But now, it became stronger suddenly. Do you know why?"


"Because there’s someone here disturbing my father’s tranquility using these grimy things…"

His eyes turned silver suddenly and the background seemed to distort. A gigantic door, in which laid buried uncountable ghosts who died unjustly, appeared from out of nowhere.

It opened slowly.

Far away, Tai Yinzi suddenly held his head in his hands. He laid on ground painfully as if something had terrified him. He felt a great sense of despair.

In the Zhang’s house, Black Soul No.9 was hiding in a more furtive place. Holding his head with one hand and kneeling on one knee, his face revealed an anguished look.

Black Soul No. 18 knelt down furiously, looking at some direction in awe.

In some university campus in Russia, a young man with tattoos all over his body suddenly woke up from a dream with his body full of cold sweat …

In Britain.

A woman woke up from a dream, her heart beating rapidly. She looked towards the East subconsciously as if hearing a call…

In the pet center.

Long Xiruo frowned, gazing at the sky, he murmured, "Whose malevolence is this?"

As the last true dragon, she couldn’t calm down her mind at all.

All the monsters and ghosts around the city were quivering at the same time.

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