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Chapter 188
Chapter 188: The Only Winner

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The speed of recovery shocked Ye Yan. The world he lived in was also considered as an underworld. He was aware of how serious he was hurt and understood the principle of ‘touch the darkness and you shall be defiled’ since the first day he joined the game.

Based on the medical knowledge he had learnt, he knew how severe his previous injuries were. He wouldn’t even recover fully in 3 weeks’ time, let alone one week.

After washing his face in the washroom, Ye Yan knocked on the mirror in a good mood where his face was reflected, chuckling, "It seems like you have quite a good luck."

Following his recovery, his appetite had naturally increased.

But he stopped eating the take-out after the first bite. It reminded him of the first year when he graduated from school, he was arranged to work in a place far from his hometown. Both the food and accommodation condition were bad over there. The only thing that could comfort him was the special soybean paste noodles from Xiao Chun Martial Club.

The taste didn’t only stimulate his taste buds but reminded him of the past good memories hidden in his heart.

Ye Yan opened the door, walked down to the front desk and looked at the boss. "Boss, where did you order the take-out?"

The middle-aged boss was reading newspapers while smoking. He raised his head, "Why? It’s from the noodle restaurant at the corner of the street. Does it taste bad?"

"Has it been open for long?"

"A dozen year." He said casually, "If you don’t like it, I can ask them to cook another one for you. They are my old neighbors and very easy-going."

Ye Yan shook his head, saying ‘no need’. He suddenly thought of something and asked the boss, "By the way, are there any letters for me today?"

"No, there is none." The boss glanced at this customer with curiosity.

‘Who will receive registered letters in this era?’---He would definitely not ask this. In this unauthorized hotel, anybody can live here as long as they pay. The only requirement was not to create any trouble.

"If there is, please notify me."

Ye Yan went back to his room, sitting back in front of the table. He ate very slowly, a string of noodle might take him a long while to be chewed and swallowed.

To swallow the loneliness and helplessness here, the uncertainty and danger of his future, and the happy memory of the past.

It was hard to deny that there were some people in the world who have strong hearts. No matter the dilemma or the despair they are in, they would never lose hope.

Such men could even die with hopes and no regrets. They had a very strong will to face the death.

Luo Qiu thought Ye Yan was a member of them.

You Ye was a very thoughtful girl who knew Luo Qiu would help her secretly without any condition. On the other hand, she realized that Ye Yan was probably the most difficult customer to deal with …Even if this kind of customer had extraordinarily precious transaction items.

But she didn’t express her thought at all in front of Luo Qiu.

"Master, we’ve located Kingkong but haven’t found the hidden cargoes of the Michael Club. Kingkong is very careful these days. He just hides himself and keeps searching for Mr. Ye."

"Stop looking. I’ve known where the cargoes are." Luo Qiu said coolly, "He traveled out of the city and earned some money. This information is not that expensive."

Luo Qiu wasn’t worried. Ye Yan only needed to recover now.

"Keep an eye on them." Luo Qiu said

gently while looking at You Ye. He then turned to Tai Yinzi, "Come back with me, I have some questions for you."

How did Tai Yinzi dare to say no? Since he had been chased and beaten to the club by Luo Xiruo last time, he had no opportunity to talk with the boss.

The two went back into the club quickly.

As a servant, Tai Yinzi knew that he should speak first. So he said with great respect as Luo Qiu sat down. "Master, what questions do you have for this old Taoist?"


Luo Qiu nodded, "Tell me about your sect. Besides that, is the statue you worship the creator of the ashram?"

"How do you know that…" Tai Yinzi gaped but came back to his thought quickly ---the mysterious boss should know whatever he wanted to know. "It is said that the creator of my sect was a figure during the period of Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns."

Tai Yinzi then started to recall the matters when he was cultivating Taoism in the ashram, "According to the ancient books and records of my sect, the creator was taught by a miraculous person in his childhood and mastered the basic methods to cultivate Taoism. After improving himself by practicing, Xian Xuan Huan Zhen Dao was established and has been passing on so far."

With this, Tai Yinzi’s face revealed more complicated expressions, "My sect is not that famous among all of the branches, but it is one of the few that has the longest histories. Even though it has few successors, it’s unprecedented that there is only one master and one disciple like now."

He didn’t mention Qin Chuyu… it seemed like in Tai Yinzi’s heart, there was no place for Qin Chuyu to be his fellow members.

Luo Qiu meditated for a second, "The Koan Sutra lives on from one generation to another. Don’t you think its author is still alive?"

Tai Yinzi frowned after showing a stupefied look. He acted funny but that was to make the boss lower his guard. But after being beaten by the servant girl, he became more obedient.

His words were full of thought, "Does master think that even the f*ckin slave girl, Yu Sanniang, could cultivate the Sutra, how is it possible for the creator to fail master it, correct?"

"Shouldn’t he?"

Tai Yinzi sighed, "I had the same thought that year but the creator has surely passed away. According to the records, the disciple of the second generation witnessed the creator sitting to death. The stone statue in the ashram was carved based on his appearance. Ah… it’s too embarrassing. Till my generation, only the f*ckin slave girl, Yu Sanniang, managed to cultivate the sutra among all the disciples. Me, the old Taoist who has been imprisoned for 500 years doesn’t know about it. But looking at the case of Yang Taizi now, it seems even more impossible for him to achieve longevity."

Instead of the legitimate disciples, it was a disciple who had transformed from a monster and successfully mastered the core knowledge of the sutra --- Luo Qiu didn’t know if Tai Yinzi knew the real identity of Yu Sanniang.

Luo Qiu thought for a moment, it is possible that Tai Yinzi didn’t know about this or else he wouldn’t just call her a slave.

He said after a while of silence, "What’s the name of the creator?"

"His real name was not recorded." Tai Yinzi shook his head, "As a disciple, I only know his Tao name ‘Xian Xuan’."

"Oh…" Luo Qiu closed his eyes as if meditating. Tai Yinzi didn’t dare to disturb him, so he could only wait aside.

It was hard to serve the master. Tai Yinzi suddenly felt that the servant girl had a strong ability.

He was afraid that he’d provoke the boss by accident. On the contrary, the servant girl was serving with her heart and soul… this might be the difference.

"Go get ready." Luo Qiu opened his eyes, "A customer is coming. Make some tea for the customer."

Tai Yinzi nodded hurriedly. He was good at making tea! Totally an expert!!

The 500-year-old ghost floated in excitedly.

But when he got to prepare the tea, this expert looked on in despair!

‘What the hell were these candles? It was totally wrong to make tea by using a glass teapot!’

‘Use a red stoneware teapot at least… where was it? And where was the teacup?’

‘The tea… what the hell the tea leaves were?! This old Taoist needs Long Jing before the rain! Where’s Dong Ting Bi Luo Chun? And there’s even no Rock Tea of Wu Yi Mountain? What the f*ck!

‘Why doesn’t the powerful boss have a good–quality tea set?!’

‘Damn it, no running water! The servant girl is quite unprofessional!’

And the well-prepared Boss Luo saw the new customer…a new customer to the club, but not to Luo Qiu.

This was Ms. Jessica who was living above his apartment.

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