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Chapter 189
Chapter 189: Newcomer

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3 years ago in Lyon, France.

"What? A new partner?"

"Yeah, he’s new from China. This is his profile, Take a good look. And he’ll arrive at the airport tomorrow. Go pick him up from there and take him here."

Jessica frowned to defy her superior and query, "Why assign a new partner for me? I have one already."

"Jack is old." The superior said, "He has applied to switch to be in charge of civilian work two months ago and it’s been approved recently. On the other hand, you are capable enough to train a newcomer. Jessica, be confident."

Jessica glanced at her superior. Her hands pressed on the table and her eyes didn’t blink. "I just hope that this newcomer can persist for over 1 week."

"Hope so."

Ye Yan, 35 years old, born in China, 10 years of working experience as a criminal police.

In the airport, Jessica was seeking for the trace of the newcomer at the exit. She was pretty confident of her memory and looking for the target in the crowd was an exercise for her eyes.

However, she felt kind of awkward to train this newcomer---because Ye Yan was 8 years older than her.

Generation gap plus different cultural background would probably hinder them from getting along with each other. Jessica had no idea about eastern culture… She was even afraid that communication between them would be an issue.

Even though he passed the examination and language test required in Lyon … ‘Well, I found him.’

Good eyesight helped Jessica to find the person she wanted.

The target wore a long black wind coat. He had stubble on his face and looked gloomy. He carried a valise, in which could only contain 2 suits.

As Jessica intended to lift the board up, she suddenly saw that Ye Yan changed his walking route, hiding at the back of a traveller as if willfully eluding someone’s sight.

This was a common tracking skill…he seemed to be tailing somebody. Out of curiosity, Jessica put down the board with his name. She wanted to figure out what this ‘newcomer’ from the east would like to do and who he was following.

Soon, Jessica got the answer. Ye Yan was tailing a white man from the same flight with him.

Jessica didn’t greet Ye Yan in this case. Rather, she followed him who was at the back of that white man. This formed a weird tracking relationship.

Jessica evaluated this newcomer while going after him. ‘He does well in tracking but lacks vigilance’.

In no time, Ye Yan followed the white youth and turned into an alley. Jessica frowned after waiting for few seconds and she walked passed in a casual way. But at the corner of her eyes, she found that Ye Yan and the other youth were not in the alley.

Jessica looked up, thinking that they might have gone up the stairs or somewhere else. However, a figure jumped down from the top when she looked up.

Jessica retreated out of instinct. With a fixed gaze, this was Ye Yan for sure … Her tracking was discovered already?


Before Jessica got ready to utter a word, the man turned around and fell to the ground steadily. Without greeting, he got close to her immediately.

Seeing Ye Yan clenching his fists, Jessica was alarmed,

He launched an attack!

It seemed to be free sparring. Jessica didn’t have time to think why he wanted to attack her… Maybe it was because he discovered the tracking---She didn’t reveal her identity in the first place.

At the same time, she’d like to test the newcomer’s martial ability, so she countered every mo

vement --- Unexpectedly, like a trick, Jessica only felt being she was struck by a force. Her body flew out instantly and hit the wall violently.

With Ye Yan’s weird posture, the tremendous force hit Jessica and filled her with dizziness.

She didn’t know that this trick was called ‘Close Body Hit’ from the ‘Eight Pole Fist’, which was very powerful!

Jessica felt like throwing up but Ye Yan stretched out his hand to pinch her chin immediately --- the joint was unhitched and she lost the ability to speak.

She was in danger!

Jessica moved her hands to her waist. But this action didn’t get away from Ye Yan’s sight. Ye Yan pressed her arms against the wall at a faster speed. He drew out her gun and pointed at her forehead.

He spoke in fluent English, "Miss, you better don’t move. Please turn around."

Jessica could only endure the humiliation in silence and turned around. Then Ye Yan searched her body, and got her identification card.

As Jessica thought that he would feel sorry after seeing her ID card, an incredible thing happened!

Ye Yan whistled, "Of course you’re the criminal policewoman… The guy who is hiding, you can come out now,"

Jessica felt that this was peculiar so she took a glance. Then, she found out that the hidden person was obviously the white man Ye Yan was tailing in the beginning.

That youth shrugged. Without saying anything, he walked to Ye Yan’s side in silence. He covered the gun with a handkerchief and grabbed Jessica’s gun from Ye Yan’s hand before pointing it at Jessica.

Jessica’s back started to emit cold sweat!

The white man said fishily, "I won’t take pity on a beauty. I didn’t believe it when my dude said that he’s tired of being followed by the cops! We just got off from the plane, what a bad luck!"

Watching him putting the gun in his duffel bag, Jessica knew that she was in trouble--- it seemed like this white guy wanted to kill her here!

‘Isn’t this Ye Yan? Did I see wrongly?’ This was the first time Jessica suspected herself if she remembered Ye Yan’s appearance from the profile wrongly,

She couldn’t await her doom to arrive. So Jessica forced herself to calm down.

But at this moment, Ye Yan grabbed this man’s arm, pressing it down, "Dude, if you do it here, we will be in trouble. Next, Interpol headquarters is here… I don’t think that I want to hide myself later because of your joy causing me to be unable to indulge myself in alcohol and the scent of women."

The white youth frowned. It seemed that he agreed with his words, "Then how will you deal with it?"

Ye Yan smiled while stretching out his hand to press on Jessica’s carotid and her left wrist. Jessica lost her consciousness in a short time.

"If anything happens, she’ll be the best shield, isn’t she? I heard that foreigners strive for humanitarianism."

"Hahaha! Good idea, dude, I like it!" the white man laughed, "And I never played with a lady cop before! Come with me! I’ll bring you to see my boss!"


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