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Chapter 187

Luo Qiu didn’t have any expectation at all since the beginning that this weird altar would move.

The black ink, water-like material gushed out and spread from the altar, but it did not spread rapidly.

Luo Qiu didn’t sense any heavy feeling that was usually brought by the altar. Rather, an unexplainably relaxing feeling started to surround his body at this moment.

Luo Qiu then subconsciously walked near to the edge of the altar.

The process of floating up did not too long. It only took 1 to 2 minutes to float up to about 1 meter.

But at this moment, Luo Qiu found out that the bottom of the altar was connected to a pillar of the same size! In the meantime, the gold and silver card in Luo Qiu’s hand emitted more brilliant rays compared to usual… It seemed to detach from his hand vaguely.

Luo Qiu frowned and turned his gaze to the pillar beneath the altar.

One, two, three, four… seven.

He discovered that on top of this pillar, there were 7 grooves of the same size like the card in his hands.

Luo Qiu tried to insert the card into one of the grooves… but there were no changes on the altar.

"Is there a designated place for it?" with this question, Luo Qiu frowned and started to try it one by one. When this card finally fell into one of the grooves, a new change started to appear.

At first, the card that fell into the groove turned smooth and changed its texture into the one of the pillars. It almost fused together with the pillar.

"The fourth key has been successfully inserted."

At the same time, a message flew into Luo Qiu’s brain from the altar.

Luo Qiu was stunned, "This card is a key… the fourth key, what does it stand for?"

"The fourth key."

"What is it actually?"

"The fourth key."

"What does the fourth key mean?"

"The fourth key."

Luo Qiu stopped asking. No matter how he inquired, only the answer ‘the fourth key’ was heard… And the problem about this so-called ‘the fourth key’, this gold and silver card, was that there was no information about its retail price.

He only heard ‘the fourth key’, which wasn’t even an answer.

Luo Qiu thought for a while. When he decided to drag the card out, the altar gradually sank down into the ground again. Those bizarre materials under the feet also started to gush in.

But at this moment, there was a slight change appeared on the altar. A new sphere showed up gradually around 1 meter on top of it.

Luo Qiu tried to touch it but his palm passed through it easily… It turned out that it was just a shadow.

"Is this … the earth?"

That should be right. This sphere apparently had an outline of the earth. According to the continental plates on it, it absolutely looked like today’s earth.

However, this ‘earth’ was totally different from others he had ever seen … the original blue and beautiful orb differed from this grey one appeared on the altar.

Grey and white replaced the blue ocean, and all the continents were brown… like a photographic plate.

"What does this earth represent?"

"Please insert more keys."


Luo Qiu attempted to say all these out to the altar. He never thought that the sphere would gradually vanish from his sight.

Since then, the altar had a new function: to project such a sphere.

"I can’t get to know everything about the key by spending my lifespan… there was even

no payment option to know why the fourth key would appear in the stone statue. Does it mean that I have to collect more keys in order to understand the story behind the hidden keys?"

He had left the underground third floor and was walking back to the hall slowly.

Luo Qiu suddenly recalled a story about the God and stone: Can the omnipotent God build a stone that he cannot lift up?

It seemed easy for him to apply this principle to the situation that he had just experienced. The club that was known for selling everything had something that couldn’t be sold by the boss.

"No… perhaps I am the only one who can’t purchase it. If it’s a customer, is it possible to purchase the information of the key?" Luo Qiu thought it in another way.

If this hypothesis was tenable, it meant the boss was not eligible to purchase the information of the key… After all, he was the boss, not the customer. There was no rule saying that the boss could buy everything from the club but the fact that he paid his lifespan for information-gathering created a misunderstanding that he could get whatever he longed for.

"But if it’s the customers... Let alone the possibility to purchase the information after knowing the existence of the key, even a simple question with the purchase had already...   

To be honest, who would be interested in this key except him… The customers needed to get the things they longed for urgently.

Therefore, he could only wait for the next key to appear?


Luo Qiu heard a call from the servant girl, who was watchful and seemed to realize something from the confusion remained on Luo Qiu’s face.

"I’m OK."

Luo Qiu smiled slightly and sat in front of the counter. His finger knocked on the desk, asking, "What food did Uncle Ye ask the hotel front desk to buy?"

You Ye answered, "Soybean paste noodles should be his dinner."

Luo Qiu spoke gently after thinking for a while, "Uncle Ye comes from the capital city. Once upon a time in Xiao Chun Martial Club, I could sometimes eat Soybean paste noodles cooked by Sister Xiao Chun… well, come with me."

Boss Luo rolled up his sleeves suddenly and headed towards the kitchen, "I should remember the recipe."

"Sister Black Water, where are we going now?"

After walking out from the mountain top where Xian Xuan Huan Zhen Dao’s temple was located, Black Water was passing through the forest with those kids.

Perhaps it was due to the fast walk, these monstrous kids looked tired. Black Water couldn’t bear to see this, so she found a mysterious place for them to take a rest.

Those kids sat inside the shelter while Black Water was keeping guard outside. The rabbit monster took a bamboo canteen to Black Water, "Sister, have some water please!"

"Thank you."

The rabbit monster was the oldest and the most thoughtful one among the kids. Black Water couldn’t help sighing while touching Lingling’s head, "Thank you for helping me throughout these days."

Lingling shook her head, "Sister Black Water is the one who has worked the hardest … I know that."

The rabbit monster lowered her head. Even though she didn’t say a thing, Black Water knew that Lingling understood everything, but she had been silently playing the role of the elder sister among these kids.

Black Water sighed, "We have to walk out from this forest before the day turns dark or else we may meet that disgusting bat when the night arrives."

Lingling tilted her head while saying, "If it shows up, should we go back to the Taoist ashram?"

"If we go back, that f*ckin Taoist will have a terrible time." Black Water sneered, "The bat kept following us with bad intention since we left the mountain last time. If it can beat me, it wouldn’t have hid nearby for a decade… If it dares to come to the temple again, then let it fight with the Taoist."

Lingling’s gaze sparkled, "Then can we go back there?"

But Black Water shook her head, "That Taoist is good at escaping. If he flees, we’ll be in danger… Anyway, we can’t stay in this area anymore."

Although she wasn’t sure why they would be worse off if the damn Taoist escaped, in little rabbit monster’s mind, words from the protector Sister Black Water must be correct.

The rabbit monster looked around, revealing a confused face, "But where should we go…"

In this whole wide world, it seemed that there was no safe shelter for them to take refuge.

Black Water hesitated for a moment, heaving a sigh of relief gradually, "I have no idea. It seemed like I can only beseech that master."

"That master?"

Black Water nodded, "She’s the last true dragon of our monster ethnics."

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