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The pet center closed for nearly the whole day.

The little butterfly monster looked at the wall clock… It was the same time as she met that weird maiden yesterday.

She was still lying in the treatment room, in a deep slumber up until now.

Long Xiruo didn’t speak a word for nearly 24 hours. She pulled a long face and stayed in the treatment room, giving an injection for every once in a while .

The little butterfly monster didn’t know what is the medicine, but she was aware that it differed from other ones that were used to treat other monsters. It had been taken out from the concealed compartment under the floor of the pet center.

Monsters wouldn’t feel tired staying up for the whole day. Luo Dance sat outside of the door, reading the dictionary just to immediately hear Long Xirou’s order if she needed some help.

"Dance, come in."

Luo Dance put the dictionary down and walked into the treatment room. Long Xiruo sat down and handed over her some work. She passed an injection syringe full of red liquid to Luo Dance, "Do you remember the injection method I taught you? Practice it with this one."

"Ah?" The butterfly was stupefied.

It was good to have the access to practice. When she was in the bun house, the butterfly had sensed that she couldn’t eat and live there for free. Since Sister Long took her in, she always thought to assist her seriously. Even when she was hungry, she would clean the area first before eating.

But to skip over several processes to take injections, it was too hard for her… the butterfly monster who was reading a dictionary and watching TV plays tried to say, ‘Sister Long, concubine can’t achieve it!’

"Don’t worry." After a whole day of hard work, Long Xiruo kneaded between her eyebrows, "Even if you inject in the wrong part, this guy won’t feel pain. But if you stay there and don’t take actions, it’ll soon die of hunger. Make a decision."

Luo Dance hesitated, the hand grasping the syringe quivered slightly. While murmuring in her heart ‘Sorry’, she summoned up the courage. Following the procedures, she sterilized part of the syringe with iodine.

She picked up the syringe but her nose smelled something unconsciously. She was stunned.

The liquid in it was not any medicine but fresh blood. The light smell of blood made Dance threw a look at Sister Long.

Long Xiruo yawned, "This guy is half a Hanba. She didn’t rely on blood to live, but because of the serious injury, she has to drink it. Give the injection, it can make her absorb quicker."

"Han, Hanba!" Dance opened her eyes widely.

Long Xiruo said coolly, "Half Hanba’s quite different from a real one… However, there hasn’t been any Hanbas for a long time."

Yet half a Hanba was still Hanba to the little butterfly. She’d heard this kind of being from Grandpa Tree Monster, and it was one of her childhood psychological shadows.

Grandpa Tree Monster… I’m going to give an injection to a Hanba… after waking up will she eat me...

She felt dizzy, as if her whole body had been emptied. She could not locate the accurate place to insert the syringe needle, let alone the injection.

"Don’t dilly-dally!"

To her surprise, Long Xiruo walked towards her and patted Luo Dance’s arm all of a sudden so as to push the syringe into the inner thigh of that girl.

"Prick wherever, she won’t die. Prick more later. There’s still 500ml of blood in that bucket." Long Xiruo said indifferently.

It was jabbed in… it was jabbed in…

Yet Luo Dance seemed not to hear it, but she was thinking if this Hanba would eat her or not after waking up.

Taking injections to the Hanba maiden cautiously, Luo Dance was still fluttering with fear as she looked at Long Xiruo, "Sister Long, is she your friend?"

Long Xiruo answered randomly, "Not a friend, but seems like the later generation of an old friend."

"But why was she injured so seriously?"

Long Xiruo frowned, "I don’t know. This guy disappeared since one year ago, who knows where she ran to and what she has met? Moreover, I’m not her guardian. Even though she looks young, she is actually a few hundred years older than you."

Luo Dance stuck out her tongue, continuing giving injections to the Hanba maiden.

"By the way, Sister Long, what’s her name?"

"Zijun." Long Xiruo said, "Su Zijun."

7 o’clock in the evening.

The next day after the typhoon, the rain continued to pour down for the whole day… it seemed darker than ever at 7 this evening.

Liu Ang’s wife took a cup of ginseng tea, intending to initiate a lovers’ talk with her husband.

Liu Ang stayed in the study for all day long, even skipping his dinner.

"Old Liu, it’s me." Liu Ang’s wife knocked at the door and then pushed open it, "Take a cup of tea. How can you stay a whole day without food? Why don’t you turn on the light?"

Not only the ceiling lamp, even the table lamp hadn’t been lighted. It’d be totally dark without the light illuminated from the corridor.

Liu Ang’s wife frowned, calling him for few times but she merely saw the chair turned facing the balcony outside of the study.

Liu Ang’s wife shook her head and reached for the switch nearby… But at this moment, something flashed across her eyes.

An old pale face, white as a paper emerged in front of Liu Ang’s wife. This scared her in an instant and the tea cup dropped on to the floor and broke.


Taking advantage of the darkness.

A white bread truck stopped outside of Liu’s mansion. Liu Zixing hesitated, getting down from the car followed by Brother Panther and two of his two underlings.

Brother Panther provided everyone with a head cover.

Liu Zixing thought for a second and wore it finally---Brother Panther’s method was simple: slid over the guard system then catch Liu Ang. and had him open the safe.

Nobody knew when Brother Panther had inquired about the news that there was a safe in Liu Ang’s house.

"Master Liu, don’t worry. If we find some treasures, we’ll return the rest to you after subtracting from the debt. " Brother Panther laughed next to Liu Zixing

Liu Zixing had to echo although he didn’t believe him.

He must be possessed by ghosts. He really took them to his house. Since it had already happened, he didn’t know what they would do to him if he said no.

"You… follow me."

Under the lead of Liu Zixing, they bypassed the guards here. Brother Panther frowned, "Master Liu, what’s wrong with your house? Why are there no security guards standing here?"

He couldn’t say that they were all scared away by the accident where he dressed up like a ghost. It would be impossible to call them back so fast since Liu Ang had his worker and doorkeeper go for their vacation.

Liu Zixing faltered, "There are no people here during these two days."

"You better don’t play any tricks." Brother Panther snorted.

Liu Zixing trembled, leading the line of people and slipped into his house successfully. This guy went ahead nevertheless, leading them to Liu Ang’s room.

However, they stopped after several steps. Brother Panther pulled Liu Zixing’s arm and Liu Zixing said in low voice, "That’s my father’s study… he should be sleeping normally at this time."

Brother Panther nodded, walking towards the door of the study with lighter footsteps.

The door was unlocked with lamplight visible now. Brother Panther stretched out his head to have a look. Just with a gaze, he felt shocked and his four limbs turned ice cold.

He saw a woman… hanging on the pendent lamp.

When her body turned, it could be seen that her tongue was stuck out and her eyes rolled up!

1 Hanba: It was a female ghost that could cause a drought, in Chinese myths.

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