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Liu Ang came to the study with a glass of water, sitting alone on the chair ahead of the desk. He wiped his face suddenly, breathing deeply.

Yet it seemed that he still couldn’t calm himself down.

He had a nightmare.

In his nightmare, there was an extremely pale face looking at him silently.

That face seemed to want to say something… but it was particularly ferocious. As that thing got close step by step, that him in the nightmare kept escaping. However, no matter where he fled, that face was still behind him.

"Stop frightening yourself… the previous matter was just done by that bastard! I’ve already spent so many years having nothing happened !"

Liu Ang comforted himself like this. He gulped a mouthful of hot tea, feeling eased. Thereupon, he went to the safe box, fishing out that high-valued black diamonds and observing it with joy.

"You’re the best, darling!" Liu Ang showed an obsessed smile. While touching the black diamond time and time again, dispelling his fear.


The heavy rain didn’t stop this night, shadows were moving constantly outside of the study. Maybe they were just from trees, or clouds, or maybe… something else.

No matter how loud the thunder sounded, it couldn’t override the resounding Disco music. The violent storm didn’t subside the passion of young boys and girls, who were hiding under the illusory lights and swaying wantonly on the dancing floor.

After leaving from Liu Family’s mansion due to rage, Liu Zixing did not know where to go. So, he called a pack of rogues to a bar and drowned his sorrows in wine. Six dozen of beers was finished within 2 hours.

The drunk Liu Zixing’s vision turned blurred. He didn’t know who was lying beside him.

Under the psychedelic spotlight, a memory flashed through his mind. This was the same situation that happened in his childhood--- That time, he was kicked out from home by his father. However, he was too young at that time. Unlike now, who could find a place to entertain himself.

He used to hide in somewhere nearby his house, After half a day, he would still be found by someone and taken back after half a day.

But for now, it probably won’t happen.

Liu Zixing tittered, not knowing was it for himself or for others.

‘Gambling… I want to stop it… but I can’t help continuing it.’

Liu Zixing himself didn’t know what was it for.

When his addiction to gambling started, he couldn’t help losing it over his head. He could not control his desire all the time or the pleasant sensation when gambling.

Maybe he would only hear these nagging thoughts when his nerves were about to be soaked in alcohol. Liu Zixing wanted to drown his worries in wine, but he didn’t. Instead, he thought even more and got even more agitated.

Furiously, he swept out all the items on the table--- fortunately, nobody noticed it in such a noisy place.

Suddenly, Liu Zixing felt someone’s hand was on his shoulder. He squinted eyes into a line with difficulty, seeing a 30-year-old man laughing and looking at him. Liu Zixing quivered abruptly and thought of climbing away, yet he was too drunk and fell down to the ground due to dizziness.

At this moment, the 30 years old man grasped Liu Zixing’s hair, getting close with a sinister smile, "Master Liu, are you gonna leave as soon as you see me? I’m not welcome hum?"

"Brother Panther… I, I’m not… I, washroom, I want to go to the washroom…"

The man called Brother Panther now made a ‘humph’ sound. He stood up and waved his hand. Then, both men beside him supported Liu Zixing up.

Brother Panther said indifferently, "Take Master Liu to the washroom to ‘pee’."

In the washroom.

One fist after another had been punched at Liu Zixing’s belly. A lot of stuff was vomited out to the ground. Liu Zixing felt his insides twisting together and almost fainted due to the extreme pain.

He begged for mercy, "Brother Panther, please give me some more time… I, Liu Zixing, only delayed the debt payment. It wasn’t to owe you on purpose… you can ask others for confirmation."

While patting Liu Zixing’s face, Brother Panther tutted, "Master Liu, I’m just working for others. The boss asked me to gather the debt, so I have to find the debt holders, right? Do you think I really want to be so rude to you? I’m just feeling bad for you, master! And waking you up, you know?"

"I know… I know…"

Brother Panther grabbed Liu Zixing’s hair and asked, "So when would you like to pay back the debt?"

"I, I don’t have money at the present…" Liu Zixing said painfully, "One month, just give me one month’s period!"

"Master Liu, are you kidding me?" Brother Panther sneered, "Why do you pay others so quickly but have no money to pay us? Master Liu, are you… looking down on us or…?"

"I’m not, absolutely not! One month, I promise, I can pay you back within one month!"

"Master Liu, you’ve borrowed three times from us in half a year." Brother Panther sneered, "Our nice boss lent money to you because of the reputation of your father… but you can’t always delay the payment right? Master Liu, if you don’t have enough money, we can go to your house and ask your dad to pay it."

"Nono… if you go to my family, my father will really beat me to death!" Liu Zixing said with a face full of fear.

"Three days!" Brother Panther smiled coldly, "At most three days, if you don’t pay, we have a lot of methods to have your father pay the money!"

"Three days…" Liu Zixing said bitterly, "It’s too short… I can’t get all the money!"

Brother Panther laughed unexpectedly, "Master Liu, shouldn’t you take other ways to get your father’s money, instead of asking from him directly?"

"I…" Liu Zixing thought of the matter where he was chased out, sighing with emotion, "I have no idea."

"There is some other way." Brother Panther tidied up Liu Zixing’s clothes, glancing at his chest, he said, "Ruthlessness is the mark of a truly great man. If your father is unwilling to pay, you shouldn’t just wait for your death, correct?"

"Well… what do you want to do?"

Brother Panther grabbed Liu Zixing’s collar, getting close to him and whispering near his ear.

Liu Zixing’s look changed slightly, "No, no way!"

Brother Panther said coldly, "Master Liu, we want only money and won’t do anything else. But it all depends on whether you cooperate with us or not. You are clever and should know that it’ll be troublesome if we can’t get the money."

Liu Zixing showed a struggling look. After gulping down his saliva for a long time he said, "Well, OK… but you can’t hurt my dad!"

Brother Panther smiled, "That’s good!"

Luo Qiu was auditing the account book at home.

"…Customer Liu Jianming, exchange kinship as transaction fee, for a full 3 million yuan."

Counting the time, it seemed to happen 30 years ago.

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