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The woman’s face was full of pain. She clutched the rope tightly, kicking both of her legs in the air.

Her body was rotating slowly along with the copper-colored ceiling lamp, giving Brother Panther a shock. He took two steps back, feeling a layer of cold sweat emitting from his back.

Liu Zixing followed and leaned his head over to see. He was taken aback first, followed by a furious quiver. He then rushed into the study directly.


Liu Zixing screamed in horror. He had no time to hide his current appearance and his original purpose. Taking a chair there, he helped her down from the ceiling lamp.

"Mum! What happened mum!" Liu Zixing yelled as he held the woman’s body.

Liu Ang’s mum coughed in pain before fainting. Liu Zixing’s first intention was to call the ambulance, hence he fished out his cellphone.

Yet Brother Panther grabbed it as soon as he just took it out, "What are you doing?"

"Rubbish! Of course…" Liu Zixing suddenly thought of his current situation.

"Don’t worry, your mum just fainted!" Brother Panther spoke in a low voice, "But she was hung by someone, you better focus on this! F*ck! Is there anyone else in the room planning to commit a crime?"

He thought this way unexpectedly.

There were a few reasons he was called Brother Panther. He had committed a lot of cruelties throughout these years and knew that Liu Zixing’s mom was hung by someone with merely a glance. They obviously aimed for her life---an enemy or someone who came with a vicious purpose.

"Did your family offend someone?"

Liu Zixing was confused and shook his head.

Right now, an underling with a Sichuan accent came to Brother Panther’s side, "Brother, what the hell is this?"

"Quiet." Brother Panther looked around, focusing on the safe that was revealed after the hanging picture had been moved aside in one go.

Without another word, Brother Panther walked towards it. He found that the safe was not locked, it was just a false perception! A smile emerged from Brother Panther and he pulled open the door!

Inside the safe that consisted of several layers, some brand-new cash was laid at the bottom layer. It seemed to be a lot but there was only few hundred thousand yuan after counting. Brother Panther actually cared more about the jewelry located on the shelf.

"Give me the bag!" Brother Panther turned around and said with a chuckle.

But right then, the light of the study went out. A woman’s screech was heard. Liu Zixing who was looking at his mother suddenly shouted, "Wife!!"

He had no time to care about anything so he rushed out from the study in a hurry. Brother Panther and the other two people gaped and frowned, "Pack up these jewelries first! They are all good stuff."

"Fair enough!"

The three hurried to make a clean sweep of all the objects in the safe. No matter what the things were, Brother Panther just stuffed them into the bag while observing the situation outside--- it was weird that the light was not turned on again.

It was probably a trip-out due to the rain and thunder outside. The trio were only illuminated by the flashlight of the cellphone.

"Stupid! Be careful, make sure you don’t leave anything here!"

The guy with Sichuan accent squatted down to pick up a box dropped in chaos. He opened it, "What the hell is this, just a card?"

It was a black card without any pattern, like plastic. Brother Panther took it from the underling, trying to break it off slightly with his hands.

Suddenly, he felt a dizzy feeling.

He shook his head and threw it into the bag with others. Now, since he saw everything had been cleared, he said, "Go, go have a look! If someone came here before us, they might have some treasures."

"Brother, we don’t know who they are!"

"We have three people, don’t be afraid! Useless guy!" Brother Panther snorted, "There’s no way anyone can rob anything before Brother Panther!"

When Liu Zixing hurried into his own room, he witnessed a shadow lying at the entrance. By virtue of the faint light coming from outside, he could distinguish that it was his wife.


Liu Zixing rushed to her, taking her into his arms! Yet she caught his arms abruptly, like grabbing a life-saving straw, "Husband, save me! Save me!"

There was a horrific wound left on her arm and the same on her thigh, which were apparently wounds caused by being chopped at… She had crawled out from the house!

Liu Zixing looked towards the room subconsciously!

The lightning struck suddenly! Liu Zixing inhaled out of instinct--- There was Liu Ang wearing his night-robe!

A weird smile flashed across Liu Ang’s face. His eyes were opened extremely wide, as if they were propped up by something… His face was colored by few drops of blood! His hands drooped and his head was lowered, coming forward step by step.

In his hand… there was a French knife!


The thunder came after the lightning! At this moment, Liu Zixing’s wife caught her husband’s arm more tightly, moving her body into his arms, she said in a frightened voice, "Your dad went crazy! He wants to kill me!"

Liu Zixing suddenly thought of the scene where his mother was hung in the study!

"Dad… you, you!" Liu Zixing couldn’t imagine it at all, about what happened.

Yet at this time, Liu Ang pounced on him abruptly, screaming like a dreadful ghost, "Are you too, going to robbing my treasure ?!!"

That knife was pointed exactly at Liu Zixing’s forehead. It was kept at bay by him at full strength. Liu Zixing was now frightened, "Dad! Wake up! I’m your son!!"

"Kill you, kill you, kill you!!"

Liu Zixing resisted him with all strength, but he couldn’t oppose Liu Ang. At the moment where the knife was about to stab his eyes, Liu Zixing’s heart beat at a lightning speed!

All of a sudden, a beam swept over, Liu Zixing could only feel his body turned light, and Liu Ang, who pressing down on him, now rolled aside!

"F*ck! What the f*ck is your father doing?"

It was obviously from Brother Panther, followed by his two underlings. The mobile torch was swept along the floor and stopped at Liu Ang.

Now, Liu Ang got up rapidly from the ground, showing a weirder look, looking like a totally different person. Brother Panther whistled, finding that there was a necklace on Liu Ang’s neck.

What a large black diamond!

At the first glance on this black diamond, Brother Panther couldn’t move his attention away. His innermost voice told him… that this black diamond belonged to him!

He took off his head cover, licking his lips, walking step by step towards Liu Ang! As if he didn’t hear the call from his underlings at the back.

Now, Liu Ang’s eyes that were widely opened suddenly rolled. He roared in a low voice, "You guys too, are coming to rob my treasure!!"

"Give me that!"

Brother Panther rushed towards Liu Ang, pressing him down to the ground due to his superior strength and reached for that necklace.


Unexpectedly, Liu Ang bit Brother Panther’s arm! He bit with tremendous strength, biting away the meat from his arm!

The extreme pain made Brother Panther scream. His body was suddenly pushed away by Liu Ang! The terrible pain woke him up.

Yet, at the moment, Liu Ang got up again from the ground… a lump of grey light started to emit from his body. Something like smoke was gradually released from his figure.

A shadow… shadow, was now hanging over Liu Ang’s body.

"What the hell is that!" Brother Panther gasped, sitting on the ground, then moving back instinctively!

The gray shadow that was covering Liu Ang’s body now turned gradually into an unusually old and ferocious face.

"Grandpa?" Liu Zixing was stunned with panic.

In front of him, Liu Ang’s body slumped over the ground all at once under the presence of the large old face. Both his hands propped his body up, forming a crawling posture!

His head raised furiously. Like a spider, he started to creep rapidly all of sudden!

All the members who were already scared let out a scream! The group of people scratched and scrambled, running towards the stairs!

Liu Zixing’s wife had been cut on the thigh, so she couldn’t move at all. Now she had to escape with the help of her husband, bringing up the rear.

"Honey… Honey…"

"Don’t worry, I won’t leave you alone here…" Liu Zixing gritted his teeth, holding his wife up abruptly.

The group rushed towards the gate! Yet they couldn’t open it no matter how they kicked or hit it!

"Big brother!! That thing is coming!"

Liu Ang was creeping down from the stairs! Both of his hands were full of energy supporting himself on the stairs. As for the shadow of the old face, it was now dashing towards them!

"I’ll kill all of you! I’ll kill whoever want to rob my treasure!!"

Hearing the penetrating scream, all of them scattered away. There was no time for one to care about the others!

That old face hit an underling who held the bag. In pain, he grasped his own neck as his body started to float up.

The underling’s feet kicked about randomly, showing extreme pain… Yet in a flash, his breath stopped, and his body fell down!

Liu Zixing and his wife hid at the back of the bar counter. Watching this, they quivered and covered each other’s mouth, fearing that some sound would be made.

Meanwhile, Brother Panther and the other underling had to run upstairs again, because they couldn’t open the gate!

The two were desperate to choose the way. They ran to the end of the second floor, but were kept out by the door.

At the other side of the corridor, Liu Ang was creeping towards them step by step, opening his mouth… his mouth was full of blood from Brother Panther’s arm!


Brother Panther wrung the lock of the door crazily. The two of them stuck against the door more frantically--- finally, it was knocked open!

The two rolled into the room and got up as quick as possible before closing the door. Then, put their backs against the door while still gasping for air, their faces turning pale after the scare.

"F*ck! That scared the hell out of me!" Brother Panther lowered his head while gasping, then looked at the underling. "Go see if the window can be opened. I don’t want to stay at this hellish for another second!"

The underling opened eyes widely, quivering as he focused on the front, "Bro, brother…"

Brother Panther turned his head around unwittingly.

A shadow was floating in the air. An old person… that looked like the huge face covering Liu Ang’s body.

"When did it come in?"

"No… it’s another one!!"

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