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The shaking suddenly became extremely furious and large pieces of stone started to rain from the ceiling!

Suddenly, Zhang Jiao screamed mournfully!

His scraggly body started to melt quickly, as if reacting with strong acid! Merely in a blink of an of an eye, the weedy body turned into several bones. A ball of gray fog appeared from the bones, looking like it might disperse at any time.

"Seems like his body couldn’t be maintained for too long." You Ye glanced at him, "That magical stone wants to swallow his soul incessantly; however, he didn’t know that he actually couldn’t leave the magical stone either."

Luo Qiu nodded, feeling the strong shudder, and watching the cracks in the ground, saying in a hurry, "Take the professor’s and Gao Rui’s bodies first."

You Ye nodded, walking towards the professor. While Luo Qiu took a glance at Ms. Zhang who was scared out of her wits once again, waving at her and letting her body start to levitate.

"Don’t worry, I’ll take you out."


With the words, Luo Qiu walked along the original direction. He stopped when he passed by the huge stone coffin. Looking over to it, he reached for something quickly, as if snatching something from the coffin.

Zhang Qingrui didn’t see it clearly, so she dared not to ask about it.

Luo Qiu quicken his pace to meet up with You Ye. At this time, You Ye had grasped the professor’s and Gao Rui’s bodies in each hand, getting ready to withdraw this place at any moment.

Luo Qiu looked back at the depths of this 3-level underground palace. Suddenly, he lifted up his hand, collecting Cai Wenji’s scattered bones.

Even if the whole palace was shaking, it couldn’t still stop Cai Wenji from seeking Wei Zhongdao’s tomb. Since the magical stone had fallen, the light wolves born from this array would definitely no longer arise.

Without the light wolves stopping her, it would not be difficult for her to get access to Wei Zhongdao’s tomb.

No light illuminated the ice cold tomb chamber originally, yet the magical stone had brought about a dim cyan glow. Cai Wenji halted in front of a pint-sized stone coffin.

She transformed from fog back to a human-shaped soul, regaining her beauty, rather than a female ghost. ‘How can I see my husband with a hideous and disheveled hair?’

Cai Wenji looked down and cried, looking at this stone coffin sealed away for a thousand years.

"My husband, can Wenji see you now?" Cai Wenji muttered to herself. She held that magical stone in both hands, putting it on the coffin.

The cold cyan light pulled at Cai Wenji from start to finish. This magical stone was like fire; it was weakening her soul constantly. She was like a flying moth darting into a fire, willing to do so even if it would destroy her.

"My husband, you still don’t want to see concubine?"

Cai Wenji lay on the stone coffin. Her tears fell sadly, looking like the time she knelt outside the palace for 3 whole days just to avoid going back to the Han Dynasty a thousand year ago.

"Why would I keep you by my side?"

With grief and indignation, desperation, and everything she waited during these thousand years… Cai Wenji knocked the magical stone down to the ground.

Rolling, stopping, and being picked up.

It was knocked into Luo Qiu’s feet.

He passed it to You Ye. Then, pointed at those floating bones, letting them float to the coffin.

Cai Wenji raised her head, tears covered her face.

Luo Qiu didn’t speak, only moving away the lid and sending the bones in.

"Now you can be together with each other," Luo Qiu simply said.

She managed to stay by her husband’s side forever, after a thousand years.

When he finished his actions, Luo Qiu turned around to leave--- At this time, the underground palace shook even more fiercely.

He wasn’t scared, merely feeling that it would be a troublesome matter to get both dead bodies and Zhang Qingrui out from the palace if they were buried alive.

"Thank you, Young Master Luo…"

This was the last voice he heard from this ancient lady.

She had probably entered into the coffin and slept quietly.


The huge pit started to sink crazily from the center.

Those heavy equipment used for excavating, bodies of the tomb-robbers and countless of bones on all layers of the palace, Cai Wenji, Wei Zhongdao and Zhang Jiao, even the professor’s past, were all hidden in the earth.

Now, the sun rose and the beautiful scenery was revealed again.

Strong wind started to blow and sweep away the dust from the pit. Luo Qiu stood at the edge of the hollow place, gazing at the rising sun.

Without noticing, one night had passed.

"Will they be disturbed in the future?"

Ms. Zhang came up to Luo Qiu, about the distance of 3 steps and looked down to the pit as well.

Luo Qiu replied, "Who knows, maybe there will be some guy coming to seek for treasures next time."

Zhang Qingrui bitterly smiled, "Human live for wealth and birds live for food. Even if those tomb-robbing guys don’t…"

Saying these, Zhang Qingrui looked back to the girl who was cleaning the Jeep Wrangler and placing both dead bodies in it, "… Even if they could go into the palace, they’ll probably lose their lives and get nothing."

Luo Qiu merely revealed a faint smile without words.

Zhang Qingrui gritted her teeth, "Luo Qiu… can you not wipe my memory? I know you and that lady can do it."


Zhang Qingrui deeply breathed, inhaling the fresh air in the prairie. She smoothed down her hair and said with sparkling eyes, "To be honest, I just don’t want to forget the matters that happened during these days."

She looked at that sinking pit, "There have not been many waves in my life… therefore, these two days have been the most intense and exciting days to me. I experienced nervousness, excitement and dangerous matters that I would never have the chance to feel even if I almost lost my life. However, for the first time, I felt my heart beat rapidly; for the first time, I smell a different kind of air. I now know that living in the world is so wonderful… I’m afraid I’ll forget this feeling or have no chance to go on an adventure ever again.."

Zhang Qingrui took a deep breath, closing her eyes to greet the rising sun with a smile, "Perhaps I won’t encounter such situations anymore… I just hope that next time, there will be some memories that are worth reminiscing about."

She suddenly opened her arms, standing by the edge of the pit, as if she would fly along with the wind at the very next second.

After long, Zhang Qingrui exhaled as watching Luo Qiu, "By the way, it looks like I have to give you something for doing this for me… what should I give you?"

"There will be some changes, I will erase both You Ye and I, is that alright?" Luo Qiu suddenly said. "If you remember us as well, I might have some problems from my side."

"Yeah, that will be better. If not, I don’t think I can be friends with you two anymore," Zhang Qingrui answered.

She then asked with expectation, "What’s it that I should give you? Is it a high price?"

"You already gave me beforehand." Luo Qiu laughed.

Zhang Qingrui was stunned, showing a puzzled face.

Luo Qiu said calmly, "It’ll be the return for treating me in the underground palace."

"But it was just a small piece of bread…" Zhang Qingrui stared blankly.

"It might be not important to you or me either." Luo Qiu imitated Zhang Qingrui, spreading his hands, and feeling the strong wind that could lift him up, "The important thing is, you shared it."

"I… what should I do next?"

Luo Qiu walked to the Jeep Wrangler, taking out a thing wrapped in newspapers from a traveling bag, "Call your home first."


"The professor probably thought he would be able to leave." Luo Qiu said indifferently, "So he took all of your identification documents and purse."

Zhang Qingrui took them over, turning on the cellphone, but suddenly shut it off. "Can I send away the professor for his last journey? I think he won’t be lonely if one more person comes to send him off."

Luo Qiu agreed.

"I have one last question."

Zhang Qingrui blinked her eyes. "Since that magical stone can absorb people’s souls, then why did Cai Wenji’s soul stay the same?"

"This is what I found in Zhang Jiao’s coffin." Luo Qiu fished out something from his pocket, then showed it to Zhang Qingrui--- It turned out it was a comb.

"This…" Zhang Qingrui gave a start. It seemed that she understood something, but wasn’t sure.

Luo Qiu said, "It should be… a lady’s comb."

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