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If the one laid in that sarcophagus was the well- known founder of Taiping Taoism--- the leader of Radicals of the Yellow Scarves Rebellion, it might be the most powerful ‘person’ that Luo Qiu had ever seen.

His peaceful daily life had occupied by diversified oddities. This time, meeting with the famous historical figure probably meant that they would meet him again in the future.

That was Luo Qiu’s prediction.

Luo Qiu looked over this figure thoroughly. His split vision swept over Cai Wenji’s soul, whom had immeasurable fear to the evil Taoist Zhang Jiao.

She was quite a beauty with classical charm, yet her current expression was not very good.

And now, Gao Rui’s soul had already been absorbed into that stone coffin for a period of time. Luo Qiu reached for the cover of the coffin.

Nevertheless, at the moment he was about to touch it, dazzling cyan light shot out from the gaps furiously.

It lightened up everything nearby in a split second!

An extremely strong force broke out from the stone coffin, which pushed the heavy coffin lid!

Within this strong cyan light, a figure gradually stood up from the coffin. He had a dried face, long sleeve tough silk clothes with black animal skin stuck on both cuffs along with a taper-shaped hat. Both hands were also placed in front of his chest and making two fists.

An oddly-shaped object laid between both of his hands which illuminated the whole three-floor tomb palace.

"Magical stone, Zhang Jiao?"

Viewing this scene, he turned to look at Cai Wenji.

Cai Wenji gnashed her teeth, giving a heavy nod.

Luo Qiu sized up this Hun’s clothes… Well, he wasn’t sure what it was wearing.

Now Boss Luo could distinguish the difference between ordinary people and special ones.

"What kind of intruder dare to disturb this king’s sleep!"

The person in the coffin opened his eyes… it was a pair of cloudy eyes. Luo Qiu couldn’t see the spirit that ordinary people had in their eyes.


The guy… Zhang Jiao, said in a deep voice with a slight hint of rage, "You dare bring people to intrude this king’s tomb!"

"Concubine…" Cai Wenji couldn’t stop her quivering body, and lowered her head.

Zhang Jiao snorted, "Well, there is a huge shortage of souls that I need for regeneration, you guys come to help fill the deficiency!"

"Hold on."

All of a sudden, the cyan light of magical stone Zhang Jiao held contracted. At this time, You Ye suddenly opened her mouth. "Before that, could you tell us what you’re holding? My master wants to know, could you please tell us?"

Boss Luo gave a start, he really wanted to ask this.

"This is a miraculous object from Heaven, you ordinary people have no need to understand! Quickly contribute…"

Before Zhang Jiao finished talking, well, he wouldn’t have that chance… because, this evil Taoist who had terrorized the people, flew out from the stone coffin, before he could even react.

Back to the process before he was kicked.

The servant girl appeared before him at lightning speed, pressing her hand onto Zhang Jiao’s chest.

It looked like he was being crashed by a truck!

Zhang Jiao’s eyes opened wide, but his body stayed in the air. His clothes billowed as he flew into a rage! Yet, before he found the woman that attacked him, a giant impact struck him from the back, knocking him to the ground!

The thick flagstone on the ground was the victim.

"Such a zombie like you even dare say ‘contribute’ to my master? Worm, do you know what an honorable person looks like?"

She said in a soft voice, which could be only heard by Zhang Jiao--- and he... received the third attack.

She trampled over him severely. Through his body, the huge power was passed onto the floor, making the already cracked floor break. Then, Zhang Jiao’s body was buried into the ground.

"Cheap slave girl dare… if this king has not got recovery, I won’t tolerate you… Ah!!!!"

The servant girl heavily stamped on Zhang Jiao, saying indifferently, "There’s no ‘if’. No matter how powerful you used to be, now you are a weak one."

Watching the next stamp coming, Zhang Jiao’s voice betrayed his anxiety, "This king will tell the truth about the magical stone!"

You Ye pushed away Zhang Jiao to a place that pretty far away.

Zhang Qingrui asked after hearing the voices down there, "You… Don’t you intend to help her?"

Boss Luo was a wizard who had no desire for close combat. Furthermore, You Ye could do well in everything so that he didn’t have to worry.

"Should not be necessary, eh?" Luo Qiu was not sure about it.

Right after his words, You Ye’s voice came from the front, "Master, it’s OK to come now."

The Zhang Jiao that made waves throughout history, now sat on the ground pathetically.

Zhang Jiao didn’t talk until Luo Qiu arrived, "This item is a miraculous object from Heaven. When I found it, its surroundings were full of magical flowers and vegetation. It’s amazing how the broken flowers and grass could regenerate themselves. I couldn’t find what it is in the books, so I just called it ‘magical stone’."

Zhang Jiao took a glance at the magical stone. "After that, I studied intensively and found it couldn’t only let spring comes to a withered tree, but also absorb a living person’s soul. The more souls absorbed, the stronger the rotten tree will be revived…"

Zhang Jiao heaved a sigh. "I changed my life by becoming the Hun’s Sage King through using the strategy of Reverse Days and Alter Lives. But after that, I knew my life wouldn’t last long, so I tried to find the way to get a cure. And this magical item astonished me… thus I started to refine it and obtained some small accomplishments. Next, I built the underground palace and aimed to put young boys and girls under arrest before they were about to die… but unexpectedly, this object didn’t cure me after a thousand years of absorbing plenty of living souls; instead, it lost its magical power. Adversely, its ability to absorb living souls has been getting stronger, almost out of my control… even I tried to resist its power. If fresh souls are not provided in time, it’ll keep corroding me…"

Zhang Jiao now presented the magical stone, "You two can feel free to take it away. If not, I may die due to its constant invasion…"

Luo Qiu now said, "I know a Taoist who longs for longevity. You even outshine her."

Zhang Jiao didn’t dispute this fact.

Luo Qiu now gazed at Cai Wenji, whose eyes were full of hope, before asking, "Where’s Wei Zhongdao buried?"

Zhang Jiao was shocked by such a question. He glanced at Cai Wenji, thinking about their relationship but didn’t answer.

But the servant girl revealed her unhappiness, showing a hint of sneer beside him.

Zhang Jiao’s look changed, hesitating, "Zhongdao… Zhongdao…"

"Husband, how is my husband?" Cai Wenji was eager to meet her husband who she had met after waiting for a thousand years, "My husband is alone these thousand years. Did he… also…"

Zhang Jiao felt the strong sense of pressure, lowering his head with a faint voice, "Zhongdao won’t feel lonely."

"You… What did you say?"

"Your husband died at an earlier time." Zhang Jiao talked softer, "I used special skills to let you guys think that Zhongdao’s soul still remained in his body."

Cai Wenji gritted her teeth, "Concubine doesn’t believe it! Concubine could meet with him twice a year!"

While Zhang Jiao said, "It’s me that was talking to you…"

A bolt from the blue. Cai Wenji took two stepped back in a fluster. She shook her head. If it was true, then what the meaning of these thousand years of insistence and hard waiting?

"No… not like this… that’s not true." Cai Wenji held her head, her look turning ferocious. In the status of a soul, her let-down hair no longer had any classical charm, turning into a fierce and cruel female ghost, "You lied to me!!!!"

Within a flash, Cai Wenji turned into a lump of dusky fog, rushing towards Zhang Jiao quickly.

Everyone thought she would let off her indignation on Zhang Jiao, but to their surprise, she took away that magical stone in a splitting speed.

"Husband… Concubine came to see you… these guys… are lying to concubine…"

With the faint voice, Cai Wenji moved towards the opposite side of the tomb palace.

Right then, whole ground of the three-layer palace started to quake. Zhang Jiao said frantically, "The palace has been built along the geographical venation. The magical stone has been refined and becomes the center of this array. It absolutely cannot leave this place…"

Luo Qiu frowned, "Say it clearly."

"The thousand-year Qi of the souls will erupt… and the underground palace will be completely destroyed!"

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