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"Grandma, save me!"

Zhang Lilanfang woke up from a nightmare furiously, cold sweat covered all her body. Her heart was beating quickly and felt it hard to breathe. Clearly, she was terrified by that nightmare. It was the fifth day, but Zhang Qingrui hadn’t been found yet.

This made her lose her cool. Zhang Lilanfang put on her nightgown in a rush and pushed open the door. "Get the car ready!!" The driver had to follow her order, driving a car to Gu Yue Zhai hurriedly.

At this time, the sun hadn’t risen yet.

After coming back to the shop, Zhang Lilanfang opened the gate, walking towards the collection storeroom. "Wait for me here."

The driver nodded, waiting for her in the hall.

In front of the collecting room, Zhang Lilanfang hesitated. Then, she switched off all the security systems one after another.

She couldn’t wait for her only granddaughter aimlessly like this. It was for every day and hour that was passed, she felt as if she could hear the screams from her granddaughter.

Finally, she came to the black card, even though she loathed to do so. Her quivering hand took out the black card from the cabinet, "No matter what I have to do, my only wish is for the safe return of my granddaughter."

The old mistress held this black card tightly. Yet, soon after, her look changed entirely!

She pulled it back forcibly! Looking at the shredded black card, Zhang Lilanfang showed a cold look. "Old Fart Zhong… I lent you the card for the sake of my sister, to continue your life… You, you dare give back a fake one to cheat me!!!"

A real one couldn’t be cut by a knife nor burned by fire… but the card she grabbed, was obviously a fake one.

The old mistress sat on the chair quietly, lowering her head without turning on the light.

When Shi Shijie rushed to the shop, it was already dawn. This was the first time he saw such a horrifying expression on the old mistress’s face.

Shi Shijie looked around and found that many items had fallen and broke in the storeroom. Therefore, he hurried over to her. "Mistress, what happened…"

"Old Fart Zhong lied to me… Shijie, follow me to look for him." Zhang Lilanfang raised her head, her look seemed like an evil spirit.

Shi Shijie deeply breathed, "Yes! I will go make preparations now!"

However, as Zhang Lilanfang sat in the car after preparation, the cellphone rang--- It was from Zhang Qingrui.

Zhang Lilanfang answered it. One minute later, she said to the driver promptly, "Wait, go to the airport!"

Outside the airport.

Zhang Qingrui embraced her grandmother and cried. Zhang Lilanfang held her granddaughter’s face, gazing at the pale face that was due to fright.

"Rui Er, where did you go, do you know your grandma, almost, almost…"

Zhang Qingrui was still terrified while speaking of her experience those days. Of course, it was the only the things she remembered.

"… The whole palace collapsed, but I escaped from it through the cover of chaos."

At the back seats, Zhang Lilanfang touched her granddaughter’s face, saying with moist eyes, "Everything is over, and you came back safely."

Zhang Lilanfang sighed as the two enjoyed the happiness of this reunion. "20 years ago, there was indeed an outstanding team in this field, but suddenly they were no longer been heard of since. Unexpectedly one of them was actually your university lecturer."

She shook her head, "That Qin Fang is quite a poor guy… but anyway, you came back. Qin Fang died, we can’t call blame him. Rui Er, don’t tell the story in the underground palace to any other person, OK?"

Zhang Qingrui forced a smile, "Cai Wenji and Zhang Jiao, the underground palace and those light wolves, nobody will believe those."

Zhang Lilanfang said, "A lot of things in the world are not as simple as they appear. Before grandma married to the Zhang Family, there were many more uncanny matters that were hard to verify."

She shook her head, "Fine, everything past is no longer important… except for the tomb-robbing group you said. We have to check to avoid leaving behind seeds for future troubles."

Zhang Qingrui searched through her memory. "I remember that man was called Sneijder and his group members come from different countries. Furthermore, they seemed to have deep pockets."

Zhang Lilanfang nodded, patting Zhang Qingrui’s hand. "Don’t worry about this, this is our country… I have my own arrangements."

Zhang Qingrui nodded. Then, she suddenly gathered up her courage, "Grandma, I don’t want to marry the Zhong’s grandson."

Zhang Lilanfang fell silent for a moment, nodding slightly as she saw the uneasy look of Zhang Qingrui.

"Really?" Zhang QIngrui gazed at her grandma in surprise. The amazing experience these days had made her become stronger, different from the past.

Zhang Lilanfang looked at Zhang Qingrui, "You’re the most important thing to me. Nothing else can be compared with you. Besides, I was would reconsider even if you don’t mention it."


Zhang Lilanfang shook her head, "Don’t think too much. I’ll take you back home to rest now. Uncle Shijie is handling the shop business currently. Don’t go anywhere else, stay with grandma for a few days."

In the basement of Qin Fang’s house.

After seeing Zhang Qingrui getting on the car, Luo Qiu and You Ye came here.

To his surprise, they met Qin Chuyu here--- Ever since they came out from the palace, he hadn't found any trace of her around.

It looked like Qin Chuyu knew Luo Qiu would come again. At the moment he and You Ye came out, this weird lady was already sitting there with closed eyes.

The original dead body in the basement had vanished. It should have been moved away by Qin Chuyu.

Luo Qiu looked at Qin Chuyu, "I thought you’d send off the professor for his last journey."

Luo Qiu didn’t meet Qin Chuyu in Ulan Bator until the burial of the professor at Gao Rui’s hometown. It might be due to her stoic temperament or something.

Qin Chuyu opened her eyes, "I’m not Gao Rui’s daughter, why should I send him off? But rest assured, I’m not interested in Qin Fang’s family property. His testament is in the safe box, and I’ll deal with it and sell everything and finally send all the property to Gao Rui’s real daughter."

She was definitely the only one who could find Gao Rui’s daughter.

Luo Qiu didn’t care how to deal with the following events. He came here to deal with the dead body. And sooner or later the university would find out the truth about the professor.

Luo Qiu nodded. He didn’t plan to say anything and looked at You Ye, showing her a ‘Let’s go back’ expression.

"Wait a minute please."

Unexpectedly, Qin Chuyu called out to stop Luo Qiu. She fetched a primitive and simple wooden box and opened it in front of Luo Qiu, "This is the sarira of an eminent monk from the Tibetan Esotericism. How long can I stay with you if I make a deal with you in exchange for it?"

Boss Luo gave a start… even though his customers all had strange requirements.

But what the hell did staying with him mean?

"Originally, I should not wake up at this time." Qin Chuyu said indifferently, "But the sudden shatter of Taoism has destroyed almost all of the cultivation during this life, and left behind some bad after effects. So I need to stay by your side, to keep feeling…"

She took a glance at Luo Qiu, and You Ye, saying in a serious tone, "I need to remove the fear from my heart, so that I can continue my cultivation."

The ones who had ever dealt with the club before were the best.


This was because they knew the rules and immediately offered what they would pay, then only make a request. Luo Qiu’s hand swept over the sarira. After a while of meditation, he said calmly, "Two years."

"OK, two years then."

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