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Chapter 8 Snow Canyon

Laris Mountains.

It's covered with snow all year round and the climate is cold.

Ice Canyon-located to the west of the Laris Mountains. And the Great 6 western Orc territory Mrs. Holden Mal Wilderness, the southern of the Warcraft forest, the Oriental burial land, a total of known as Offilar's "four fierce land."

is deserted here, inhabited by a large number of ice-system Warcraft and some unknown monsters and non-human strong.

is known here as one of the four most murderous places because the creatures here are very exclusive, and anyone but themselves, as long as they appear in the range of the Laris mountains, will be mercilessly strangulation by them. Many years ago, because the ice and Snow Canyon was too domineering and killed too much, the holy City sent hundreds of Holy masters to destroy it. As a result, all 100 saints were all perished. 12 The temple was greatly shaken, and at last a temple owner came to be flattened. But the canyon has not been extinguished, it has only been hit hard. The Lord of the Temple was also in a difficult position, and went back to a full more than 10 years before returning to the level of the year.

Since then, the Ice canyon, under the strength of the holy city, has had to change the rules and will not be attacked as long as it does not enter the canyon. The creatures in the canyon cannot leave the canyon for half a step, and the holy City will not enter the canyon-that is, the agreement between the two sides.

in fact, as long as it does not go in, the Ice Canyon is now basically harmless, but because it was once so popular, the people on the big 6 still call it "fierce land."

there's another reason.--

ice and Snow Canyon is also known as the "Holy Prison", the Holy class of the strong prison. Offilar the Great 6 on the famous, offended the holy city desperate, do not ask the world, stealth retreat of the holy Strong, all will enter the canyon life. Because it is isolated, it will never be disturbed here, including the holy city.


Horizon appeared dawn, dark Night light disappeared, a glimmer of hope like loving eyes, hanging in the sky.

snow-covered cliffs, suddenly appeared a few electric light, and then, these few electric light shuttle to each other, forming a ring, and then, a black magic robe, the head sparse, the appearance of yin flock of the yellow face old appeared in the ring.

"Whoop." "As he took a long breath, the electric light around his body disappeared," he gasped.

"sleeps really well." "The old man looked at the child in his arms, with a hint of a smile." What a child, not knowing the feeling of grief at all, well, Grandpa Lacey doesn't want you to grow up to be a guy who only knows how to hate. "

", huh? "Lacey looked up at the distance," Fastor How not to come, if this thing does not give to the president, there is no evidence, Perna will not admit his plot, my president, to hide the claws around the wolf too trust is to die ah ... "Lacey sighed and looked back at the boundless snow under the cliff," Below, is Offilar most famous fierce, Fastor, you actually set the end of the transmission array here. As the president's most trusted you, must not have something to do ah, and so on to the Dragon formula to the president, I took Xiao Zacchaeus to a place where no one knows us, teach him to grow up, even if can not become a sorcerer, but also let him be a happy person, forget hatred. "Lacey stroked Isaac's head and touched the recess of the back of the brain, and Lacey did not sigh.

Brain was traumatized, thinking that the brain is not full, such a person, even normal wisdom has a problem, not to mention or that million pick one of the magic sense!

is in Lacey waiting for companion Fastor, and ponder how to make Zacchaeus become smarter when--


a thing that hit him in front of him.

A cloth bag ...

Lacey was startled, and just as he was about to pick it up, a familiar voice sounded.

"Lacey, my friend, the heresy that was saved by my brother, the picture of you holding the child, is really very warm ah, are you remembering, the great legendary Magic Guide? "

Lacey's face changed, and his hand was ejected with an electric light, forming a layer of protective power grids in front of him and Satan.

"By the right, you are not heresy, I am wrong, you are a Thunder Magic Guide, with a strong level nine magic!" "

saw a fat man in luxurious costumes coming over from the other side of the cliff, followed by a few men in black, one of them, exactly 13!

"You are really smart, lurking in my side, unexpectedly almost cheated by you, is worthy of the legendary Magic Guide Ah, although your son learned that can summon skeletons of nausea and evil." "Perna laughs.

"is the undead magic. "Interrupt Road, a man in black next to Perna. He's a little different, he wears a long black suit, but it's not like a magic robe, it's just weird.

"Yes, yes, yes." Undead Magic. "Perna smiled at the man in Black," I'm sorry, 10, my friend, that can't be called evil, and that's an integral part of Goya's magic System. " "

Undead Sorcerer! This thorn killer, called "Ten," is an undead sorcerer!

Although this guy's magic is not as strong as himself, Lacey is still a little nervous, and he knows more than anyone how terrible this magic, known by Goya Holy City as "heresy and Evil," is!

because Lacey's son was unable to resist the powerful temptation of this magic, and thus embarked on a devastated road! One is heresy, the whole family is heresy-this is the rule of the holy City of Goya sanctioning heresy!

"How did you find this place! "Lacey stared at the Perna.

"here." "Perna fat lips bawl to the cloth bag on the ground.

Lacey put Xiao Zacchaeus under the rock behind him and then opened the cloth bag ...


cloth bag is actually a head!

Fastor's head!

looked at Lacey's angry expression, Perna smiled: "Still do not understand, I know what you are planning, and then let the thorns of friends caught Fastor, you know, their means enough to let any loyal people do the betrayal of things." "

" So the end of the transmission array is here. "Lacey got up and got it.

"two options. "Perna pointed behind him," Here are four thorn killers, and I think you can only accept it. "Speaking of which, his eyes looked at Sarai, who was still asleep under the rocks," loyal to the president who saved you, made useless sacrifices, lost the Dragon's formula, or protected the bastard, handed over the dragon trick, and then jumped from here ... "

" I wish you Were you. "Perna squinting," I chose the latter, because with the strength of your legendary guide, into the Ice Canyon, maybe you and that bastard are still glimmer. "

" Do you think I'm an idiot? "Lacey smiled," Can I still live when I give you the Dragon's formula? "

" is not necessarily. "Perna shook his finger," You know, Lacey, I have a big hobby in the Langton Chamber of Commerce, which is gambling, handing over the dragon trick, you will at least have to win. "

Lacey smiled.


a flash of lightning from the top of Perna's head to split directly!

Perna was shocked.

Bared bared ...

called "Ten" in the black man's hand appeared a black whirlpool, the lightning will be fully absorbed!

just Perna was in shock, an old sheepskin roll was swept by an electric light and flew to the other side!

"Thunder! "Ten low drink, his voice just fell, 13 then rose up, his hands green and light, around the electro-electric sheepskin roll circle."

"Be careful, 13. "Ten hands have a black whirlpool, is paddling in a bizarre arc on the chest," the Thunder will detonate, you pull it to me, I use the devouring whirlpool to absorb the old guy's magic. "

," can you? "The other man in Black looked at 10 with a little doubt." As far as I know, Thunder is a very powerful magic. "

" 11, that kind of low-level magic, how can be compared with my undead magic, you do not affect me, Fire dragon formula if not, see MOO and peso two adults how to clean you up!

heard ten words, 11 of faces flashed a hint of fear, he no longer speak, and 10 mouth of the Moo and Peso is the thorn of the two masters.

"Be careful." "Perna face is going green."

, "I'm going to kill him!" "11 The man next to him looked viciously at the electric light, his eyes closed and sang Lacey.

"Don't! Nine! You're better than him, but don't do it! "Ten," beware, he'll detonate early! "

So, everyone is afraid to move, can only quietly look at 13 will contain a thunder of the Dragon Formula Traction to 10 in front of ...

hard, ten absorbed the Fire Dragon trick in the power of thunder broken.

and Perna, then ecstatic will fire Dragon formula into the storage ring.

"Open the magic mark of the Dragon Trick, Perna, you find your own solution, it is only a eight-degree magic mark, as long as the magic is higher than the cast of people, it should be easy." "10 long breath."

"This I know, hard for you." "Perna patted 10 on the shoulder.

Suddenly, he cried in pain, a huge current from 10 shoulders out, almost the whole wrist interrupted!

"What's wrong with you? "Ten is a little strange."

and then, the afterglow of his corner of his eye saw Lacey ...

Lasimo opened his eyes, with his hands patted, a dark blue wand flew straight from behind him, and after spinning a lap over his head, he pointed to 10!

"This is the real thunder! "

with Lacey's drink, ten bodies are torn apart!"

a blood mist blurred the eyes of the crowd, they fell in front of the eyes, all scattered viscera!

then, Lacey's wand stuck in front of them ...

"Watch out! "

Nine took a step forward and grabbed the magic wand.

"You step back! "

Nine's sleeves were blown up casually, the muscles on the arms sinews, and the electric light flowed high in them.


the Magic wand exploded!

Lacey actually used his magic wand as the carrier, once again cast a thunder break!

and this time, even more violent, because the wand itself is used to better command the magic elements of the tool!

"Oh, my God." This strange old man is really good. "13 fell from the air and put the Perna down.

"The power of a sorcerer is indeed terrible. "Nine of the arm bloody, but he is still without changing, even the tone has not changed, is worthy of being a trained killer."

"Even you're going to get hurt with your fight? "13 saw nine of the arm.

at this time, 11 also landed, shocked way: "Nine, if not your reminder, perhaps we do not die also seriously injured." "

" let him run away. "Nine looked at the empty cliff edge."

"So what to do! "Perna is in a hurry," and if he comes back to Inger alive, then ... "

" Don't worry. "Nine reached out to stop Perna from talking," he went to the place, called the Ice Canyon ... "

all the faces of the crowd were a change.

Nine took a deep breath, "as far as I know, there is not a single person, into the fierce land, can still come out alive." "The worries on

Perna's face disappeared and the five senses huddled together.

"Don't be happy too soon, Lord Perna, our 10 is dead and you have to pay a bigger price." "Nine cold looking at the Perna."

"That's nature, money is not a problem, you know, behind my back, standing what a strong backing!" "Got the dragon trick, the president is within reach, Perna happy not to overjoyed, a time unexpectedly said leaking mouth."

"pay attention to a little. "Nine looks a little awkward Perna," the sacrifice is not small in order for you to get the position of President of the Langton Chamber of Commerce. "

" knows. Perna patted himself the face. "As long as I can get the Langton Chamber of Commerce, I can give anything!" "

Yes, anything, including your own daughter, your own brother ...

kinship for such a person, but to use the tool, besides, that Judy, is only his hordes of wives to give him one of the tools of output.


"Oh? "On the golden Desk of

, a crystal ball filled with black air.

A must be white, the face around the old man closed the hands of the classics, looking at the crystal ball.

"Well." "He nodded, his fingers slowly rubbing in the pattern engraved the desk.

a little golden light from the window behind his head, he spread out his hand, caught the light point, closed his eyes, like in contemplation.

the sound of a click, the heavy mahogany door was pushed away.

"Ballona President. "A young sorcerer saluted respectfully."

"Wait a minute, Lottesille." "The old man waved his hand and the white beard shook," Don't disturb me to read the magic message. "

" is, President Ballona. "The young sorcerer retreated quietly to one side.

, the old man, is the president of the Sorcerer's General Association, the Foreign Affairs agency of Goya Al-Quds Ballona!

"Hmm." "For a long, the Ballona opened his eyes, and the pupil was flowing with an unknown sheen.

Ballona stroked the beard thinking, the young sorcerer Lottesille simply dare not disturb him, this young man knows that whenever the President of this situation, there must be something important to live ...

maybe, and it's going to alarm there ...


12 Temple in the heart of the holy city of Goya!

Lottesille Heart is not a little excited, the holy city high above, also a little lonely, he is so young to stay here, life is boring home.

after a while, Ballona like to make a decision to nod, and then asked Lottesille: "Young man, so anxious, what's the matter?" "

" is the magic of the undead. "Lottesille was messing around, and suddenly heard Ballona ask him, as if he had been knocked on a stick, so he saved a lot of crap etiquette and said it directly."

"Oh." "Ballona doesn't seem to care, he just said," where it appears, it's good to have the holy work there, and the Sorcerer's Guild provides the best wizards for each country to help them, and the rulers there should be very cooperative. " "

" is the Ice Canyon! Lord Ballona! "Lottesille raised the sound.

"Quiet, this is a sacred place." "Ballona frowned and suddenly his eyes changed," Where do you say? "

" Ice and Snow Canyon, but the induction demon stone shows that the undead sorcerer seems to have been killed. "Lottesille Road.

"It turned out to be there ..." Ballona took a deep breath, "that place ... Maybe it's this big 6. The only area we can't control, young Lottesille, do you know about ice and snow jihad? "

" What is that? "Lottesille asked.

"Oh, young people are impulsive, do not know how to think, this is the sorcerer's big bogey AH." "Ballona stood up and paced the room," Do you think it's as common as the magic stone that you use to practice magic stones? "

Lottesille puzzled, and he took care of the huge stone every day, and there was nothing unusual about it.

"That is the only piece of Offilar 6, is said to be our Lord, Odin great God let that he dominate this big 6 of the face, that is, the owner of Goya brought, it is said that ..." Ballona said here, as if to collect closing, improve the sound decibels, "Anyway, you remember, induction stone is very, very precious, Don't ever let you drain the crap out of your body to it again! "

Lottesille face red, bow down:" Know, will grow up people. " "

" This inductive stone has been cut into two parts, part of our Sorcerer's Guild, and the other part is hidden on the edge of the ice Canyon, so you will know that heresy is there, like the other 6 other countries, we sanction heresy, or rely on the eyes and wisdom of the Saints. "Ballona Road.

"President, please forgive my cynicism, I want to know, you said the ice and snow jihad ..." Lottesille couldn't help it.

"Young people just can't sink." "Ballona Tilted Lottesille, his hands behind his back, and his beard trembled with his slow footsteps.

Lottesille dare not speak, can only wait for Ballona President adults to adjust the breathing evenly.

"Heresy ..." Ballona suddenly stopped, as if to sort out his ideas in general, "in short, the ice and snow Jihad, is a large-scale war between Goya and heresy, time probably ... Well, it was hundreds of years ago. Did you take part in the "

"? "Lottesille asked.

"No, it's also a pity that I defend justice. "Ballona," if you take part, how can you not remember the time, and I will only be able to get the message from the Holy City collection of books at that time. "Ballona's eyes fell on the tall bookshelf on the four walls of the room.

"It's fun to be president, and to be qualified to read these interesting."

"Cough, in the Ice Canyon, there is a heresy organization that sees Goya's love for the Great 6 as a dictatorship, which is a terrible blasphemy, so we have a jihad! "Ballona coughed and turned the subject back," The Master of the Holy City, the voice of the great Odin Great God, bathed in the glory of God, and when the jihad was stuck in the glue, the benevolent Lord decisively made the Lord of the Temple of the Spiritual temple in the 12 temple go out to Yakai. Of course, in the end, out of Odin's kindness to life, we signed a contract with the Ice Canyon, and they continued to survive, while we continued to guard the big 6. "

" Wow! "Lottesille mouth," That's amazing, Lord Ballona. "

" that's for sure. "Ballona nodded with pride.

"What kind of existence is the Holy Lord you are talking about, the master of the holy city?" "Lottesille asked again," You have been in the holy city for so long, have you seen him? "

Ballona expression stiff a bit, dumped sleeves," Lottesille, the story time is over, go back to watch your induction magic stone. "

" Ah? "Lottesille silly, a little reluctant to withdraw from Ballona's study."

"The Holy Lord? "Ballona raised his head and swung," How can I qualify to see such a man, I heard that even the 12 lord of the Temple, it is very difficult to see him ... "

at this time, Ballona turned to the crystal ball on the desk, transparent sphere inside the black gas more intense.

"Perhaps this time it will be possible for the Lord Yakai to give me a message in person, which means that the real horror is coming." "There is a hint of doubt in the eyes of Ballona," should I inform the Temple of Light, which is responsible for dealing with the mighty heresy, which is not simple ... "Ballona is resourceful, he is not unaware of the 12 temple also has contradictions, and the Temple of Light, is one of the 12 temple.

He suddenly remembered Lottesille just reported, a flash in his eyes, "that terrible breath appeared in the same ice canyon ... Forget it, I still follow the rules to report to the Temple of Light, Yakai although I take good care of me, but such a thing, I can not bear the consequences. "

thought of it, Ballona nodded and walked out of the study.



this should be the sound of the head cracking.

Lacey, holding Xiao Zacchaeus in his left hand, was powerless to kneel to the ground.

his fingers, the electric light gradually extinguished, and in front of him was a pile of snow wolves ' corpses.

Snow Wolf-the Warcraft that lives on the edge of the Ice Canyon is not high, but because it is in groups and united, it is also king on the edge of the Ice Canyon.

Lacey jumped off the cliff with Isaac, he landed on a wasteland full of ice and snow, where the climate was so cold that even warcraft such as the Snow wolf rarely hunted here.

Lacey's luck was really bad, and when he jumped off a very high cliff, he had to use magic as a buffer to land smoothly, and he had to protect Xiao he again, so the magic was greater.

This, of course, is like the smell of blood to attract a large number of snow wolves.

Warcraft is a delicious food for snow wolves, can be practitioners, especially powerful practitioners, but also delicious delicious!

hard, Lacey solved these snow wolves, but he knew the snow wolf this kind of Warcraft, a fall, there will be more dead to come!

must take the time to escape here.

Lacey around looking around, suddenly raised his head, saw a distant side of the high stone wall, hard frozen rock, like a layer of shell.

and in the middle of this cliff, there is just a cave, and there is a small open space in front of the cave.

very good hiding place, Lacey nodded, Snow Wolf such a Warcraft do not come, and even if encountered flying Warcraft, there are caves and open space can be maneuver to walk around.

so Lacey ripped off the long hem of the magic robe, made two straps, and carried the sleeping sprinkle behind him.

then he began to climb the cliff.

Sorcerer's physique is very weak, but Lacey is different, he is halfway home's sorcerer, before practicing magic, Lacey was a senior warrior when he was young!

So, the effect of that year's exercise was still there, and Lacey didn't climb the open space for long.

"Good risk!" "Lacey had just stood in the open space when he saw a black-pressed snow wolf gathered under the cliff.

Snow Canyon Sunshine Time is very short, this is the evening, the late sky let those snow wolf red brake eyes like countless points of candlelight brought together.

a cold wind blowing from the front of the cliff, even if Lacey is a legendary magic guide, but also can not help but play a shuddered.

's dress was a little thin, and Lacey turned his head back, and now the little face was purple with cold.

Lacey hurried into the cave, the cave is not much better, is still a large area of freezing, only a few places exposed the patchy yellow land.

Lacey crouched down on the little yellow Land, took the flint out of the storage ring, and some magic scrolls.

Wow ...

Precious Magic Scrolls have thus become the fuel of a bonfire.

Magic reel bearings generally use very good wood, so can burn for a long time, even if there is no cold wind from the outside of the hole pouring, the flames also shake a few times. The warm fire of

soon shone on Xiao Zacchaeus.

but it was so cold here that the child was still shivering with cold, and even if Lacey used his magic to make him lethargic, the instinctive reaction of the body existed.

there's no way!

This place does not yet know how long to stay, Lacey now consumes most of the magic, is approaching the limit of fatigue, he must meditate for a long time before he can recover.

Meditation is the wizard's way of cultivation, mainly used to think about the arrangement of magic elements and the way of command, which is very time and energy, perhaps a meditation is a few days and nights, Lacey can not watch the small sprinkle frozen to death!

He was well aware of the dangers of the ice canyon, and he had to leave with Xiao Zacchaeus as soon as possible!

this time he really regretted why he didn't choose the fire department when he studied magic!

"That's the only way." "Lacey bites his teeth.

Thunder Seal!

when Lacey cast this thunder spell on Satan, the interval between the breaths of Isaac slowly grew ...

: Thunder Advanced Magic, can temporarily close each other's life cycle, so that the other side of the move appears to stagnate. This is a control move in wartime, but it was used by Lacey on Xiao Zacchaeus.

of course, he used only a small part, just let the life cycle of Xiao Nathaniel lengthened, which is also very risky, if not Lacey is very confident about his magic skills, he would never dare to use it easily.

saw that little sprinkle because the life cycle lengthened and reduced calorie consumption, shaking body gradually restored calm, Lacey finally closed his eyes began to meditate, part of the use of Thunder seal than all use also consumes magic, Lasigen has reached the limit.



cave inside the bonfire burning, a day and a night, finally only a few flames left.

suddenly. The airflow in the

hole is added, and the flames go out at once!

Lacey jerked His eyes open--

saw a wisp of blood-red light drifting slowly from the extinguished fire with an extremely bizarre route!

"This breath! "The load of

Lacey's heart reached its limit for a moment.

that the red light like blood is clearly not offensive, but let his heart will crack!


Red light flew into the hole in the air, suddenly added, spare a few laps, flew to the outside of the hole.

then the red light turned into a blood-like light mist, and then a blurry figure loomed in the light mist.

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