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Chapter 7 Dark Night

"This is the ' Dragon Trick '?" "Castro could not help asking. At this time, when the host of the banquet has important things to announce, only people of his status dare to interject.

"Yes, Castro." "Samuel replied, though respectfully, that he could hear the smug tune in his tone.

"Oh, this is Hill's hero delent The practice of the War division Ah." "Castro nodded and praised," The legend of your gifted brother is in a place where the Dragon blossoms Bloom to understand the use of fighting methods, not only the practice is fast, but also the effect is very good. "

" is therefore called the ' Fire Dragon Formula '. "said Samuel aloud," I dare say, this is the best practice of the Principality of Hill, and it can be as hot as fire, and it is also one of the fastest cultivation methods of the whole Offilar, and it requires very low body innate conditions for the cultivator! "

" according to you, I can practice like this? Castro was curious and kept asking, after all, that the law had long been known throughout Hill with its creator, the eight-class war division Delent.

"That is natural, and you can also get a very high achievement, even compared with delent, I can become a senior warrior with five levels of fighting!" "Nathaniel Dao."

"That's it." "Castro looked at" the Dragon's Trick "with a bit of a change in his eyes, a little greedy, but only a little bit, in his status as such, basically do not have to practice.

"My obsession with the cultivation of the King brother will love, but also thought that the Dragon formula and delent together lost, early know ..." Castro wondered. Then the afterglow of Castro's corner of his eye swept Judy's expression, and all of a sudden he understood why Judy, the baby daughter of the Langton Chamber of Commerce II Perna, would marry a fallen count like Del.

"The news networks of these chambers of commerce really can't be underestimated. "Castro did not lament from his heart.

put down his glass, went to his hand and hugged Isaac from the maid, and shoved the dragon's trick into the arms of Xiao Zacchaeus, and loudly declared to the guests of the entire ballroom: "In the testimony of Castro's Lord and Lafar, my only son, Isaac Gapollac, officially inherited the dragon trick, and he will become, after me, The 24th home owner of the Pollack family! "

everyone clapped their thunder.

in Judy's eyes cold light a flash. Lacey, in the corner of

, also lost sight.


late at night. In a bedroom illuminated by magic crystal.

a soft cot, and Xiao Zacchaeus slept soundly.

his index finger wrapped in gauze, which was caused by the magic mark. Fire Dragon tips Such a precious bands generally have the Magic imprint of the Sorcerer, which is a sign of the Lord, meaning that the holder and this bands between the blood to establish a connection, constitute a contract, only the holder can open or release.

lifted the magic mark of himself and the Dragon's formula, and let the blood of Satan be established. He is not familiar with the dragon trick anyway, and with his innate conditions, it is so.

that roll of old sheepskin rolls on the side of Satan, lighting magic crystal light on it, dark yellow dark yellow, more old.

creaked. The bedroom door was pushed open. A slender figure came in quietly.

is Shirley. Isaac finally arranged for her to meet with Isaac, an agreement between him and Leigh.

Shirley walked very lightly, her body seemed to tremble, because her heart in the uncontrollable surging.

, with a pale yellow light, came to Sarai's little bedside, gazing deeply at Satan's lovely sleeping face, and for a long time, two lines of tears slid out of her eyes.

"Well." "Xiao Zacchaeus turned over, and a small, fleshy arm came out of the god. He slept soundly, completely unaware that his biological mother was crying by the bed and looking at him!

wiped away her tears and stuffed her son's exposed little arm into the quilt.

out of the window of the night confused, Shirley looked at her son's sleeping little face, murmured, "my child ... My baby...... My mother finally saw you, saw you ... "

tears fell on the sheepskin roll next to Zacchaeus, wet the dragon tip that three words .......

looked at Zacchaeus for a while, and Shirley could not help gently stroking Sarai's little face with her fingers.

and she has no present, outside the window, a pair of cold eyes are scattered with bloodthirsty light!


"Bang" just as she wanted to keep her head down and kiss her son!

a smell of blast instantly will be gilded iron bars shattered, a black figure with a very fast sweep into the room.

Cold light a flash, almost unable to hear the sound.

's expression froze on her face, her throat slowly appeared in a blood line, and then the blood-red liquid was sprinkled in the air.

the injury was fatal, but Shirley did not die immediately, for a silver one-handed sword scratched the arm of the black figure, so much so that there was a slight deviation in the figure's technique.

"Ah!!! "

a roar, and then a sharp fight straight direct to the dark shadow."

"Hum. "The cold sound seemed to hum from the nose of the shadow, with a brush, and two turquoise flashes of light flashing, and the vengeance dissipated in an instant.

"Junior warfare division? "In the dim light, he could not see clearly the appearance of the shadow, but felt as if he had frowned." From the fight against him, he judged the strength of the man in front of him with a sad face, level six.

Bang's voice, the door was knocked open, and Nathaniel rushed in.

He was stunned, the ground Shirley's body is still twitching, yanhong in the dim is not dazzling, but has been from Shirley Neck wound out of the flow, in the luxurious carpet slowly spread.

"Terry! You? "It was not too late for Isaac to ask the man holding the one-handed sword that the shadow had rushed towards him.

is fast! It was really quick, like a black line, to blink in front of Satan.

looked at the dark shadow with a dull expression, and the Thin Man in Black wore a black mask, with only his eyes leaking outside, but in terms of the magnitude of his orbital changes, he seemed to be laughing.

eye contact, Zacchaeus Heart appeared a feeling called fear, that is life in the next second can still exist fear!

"What's your name? "asked the man in black softly. The sound was thin and cold.

, "Satan, Satan Delporac." "Samuel's voice trembled, trembling little, but desperate enough! He had no idea why he would answer the question of the man in black, but it was so huge that his delirious fears dominated him!

"Oh ..." the man in Black nodded, "it's you. "The

flashed again, as if the aurora on the glacier melted in a moment.

fell, and the red spray in his throat was like a gorgeous fountain.

"1 ... 2 ... "The man in Black simply ignored Leigh, who was kneeling on the ground and clinging to Shirley, and he already knew the strength of Terry, a level that seemed to him irrelevant.

His index finger twice, nodded with satisfaction, "enough." "

then he went to Sarai's cot.

"Huh? "It was a bit strange in the eyes of the man in black.

saw the little boy in the cot had sat up, his mouth open, his eyes hollow, he wanted to cry but he couldn't shout.

"Original sanity problem ah, brain insufficiency." "The man in black understood why the child had seen his parents killed but did not cry.

then, his eyes bent again, there was a smile on the corners of the mouth under the black Mask, and he touched Sarai's head, grabbed the old sheepskin roll beside Sarai, went to the broken window, reached out a silver Thorn branch out of his arms, threw it out of the window, and then, with a lift, a blue-green Qi wrapped up the thorn branches, into a dot of green light, glowing away.

then he flashed out of that broken hole in the window with great speed.


"Cough ... Cough! Shirley lay in Leigh's arms, her chest smoking, blood gushing out of her mouth, mixed with saliva passing through her beautiful face.

"Hold On! Shirley, my wife, hold on! "There was tears in Terry's eyes, his hands clinging to the wound on Shirley's neck, and cool's red flowing out of his fingers.

's fight blew to the maximum, forcing the fight into Shirley's body to hold on to the life of Shirley, who remained in her body and did not dissipate.

But, Terry only six levels of fighting, such a practice, must be eight levels of fighting above, his body has not been able to stand, teeth bite dead, a trace of blood from the corners of his mouth overflow, and then drip.

snapped ...

's blood fell on Shirley's face and splashed a small flower.

slowly opened her eyes, blurred sight, and she seemed to feel what Litt was doing ...

"Don't ... Don't ... "Shirley's hand was powerless to lift, and she took Terry's hand, and she wanted to break it apart, but there was nothing she could do.

"You don't Move ..." Terry's voice trembled, Shirley's behavior let him heartache incomparable, but he still smiled at the heart like Crystal Woman, "rest assured, I can, we still have the agreement, you can not leave, you want to come with me, to complete that agreement, in the land where the Dragon blossoms Bloom, we together ... A happy life together until ... Until we are all old, until forever ... "

Shirley speechless, but she still smiled, so beautiful, so kind, and so full of hope and vision .........

This poor woman ah, short life so bumpy, can be happy away from her, but only one step short.

in the eyes of the tears finally slipped, because he sensed that Shirley's life is slowly passing, he tried his best, but he is also powerless, he can not do, really can not do!

that the death of a knife, do not say him, even if it is his teacher, the sound war Saint-Bonche, can not do!

the strong just have power, they can't come back from the resurrection, they're not gods!

"I, I ..." Shirley's closed eyes opened slightly again, and her white lips became dry and cracked with too much blood loss.

understood what she wanted to do, so she gently picked her up, walked to the bedside of Zacchaeus, every step, the tears of Terry did not stop, he is how strong a man, from small to large almost did not shed tears, but this time, but the flow of non-stop.

"Isaac, she's your mother, you call her." "Terry put Shirley gently beside Sarai, and he did not continue to pour a vengeance on Shirley, for his physical strength had dried up, and even if it had not dried up, it would have played no role, as the cultivator of the practitioner was well aware, but did not want to face it."

, "Scream! "Seeing the hollow eyes of Satan and the appearance of a pair of dementia, Terry was furious in his heart, shaking Isaac hard."

is like the wind in the fluttering, the eyes are still no God, the mouth is still open, the only change, is the saliva of a hint of thrown out.

"Count, forget it." Shirley suddenly sat up and grabbed Terry by the wrist.

Litt Tears again! Because he knows that this is the reaction of people before they die.

Flashback-The person who appears in this situation, the heart must still have the deep concern and the unfinished wish.

"Let me, let me give him a hug ..." Shirley gasped.

put Satan in Shirley's arms.

"Kids ... My baby...... Mom wants more ... See you grow up day by day ... To see you become a man of the world ... "Shirley clasped her arms tightly, gazing deeply at him, tears patter on his little face.

"Pity ... Mum can't do it ... Mom's going to leave you ... I am sorry...... Children...... Mom has never loved you well ... No matter where you are in the future ... All have to remember ... Mum loves you ... "


The sound of a sudden cry!

small hands to hold Shirley hard, crying very hard.

Litt cried, he covered his face, so that the sound did not come out.

"Mom ... Mom! No...... Don't go! "

, Xiao Zacchaeus is talking!

This is the second sentence he will say from birth to now!

pity ...

is a farewell ...

"Terry ..." Shirley turned her head to smile and looked at Terry, who cried in her arms, but with unparalleled happiness on her face!

"Did you hear that? He called me ... Call me mom. ' Shirley's voice is getting weaker and her body is about to fall.

helped her.

"Your hands ... It's getting cold ... "Shirley leaned in his arms and slowly closed his eyes." Your hands are so warm, you can always give me a sense of peace of mind, a lot of hope ... "Shirley's hand was placed on Sarai's little face," Zacchaeus .... Isaac is our child .... I know...... You're going to protect him ... "

" Yes, he is, we will live together, have a happy life and be together every day ... "Terry kissed Shirley on the forehead.

"Uh ... Don't Lie to me ... But I'm really happy ... The days I was with you ... It was me, the happiest time of my life ... "Shirley felt Terry's lips, but it became more and more blurred," I'm sorry, Terry, not being able to finish the pact to go with you, if ... If there is an afterlife, you do not love others, but also love me ... "

Shirley's body softened down.

was shaking violently all over, and he knew ...

Jr. cried more fiercely, with his hands dead to catch his mother's arm.

Litt tightly hugged Shirley, after a while, he no longer shed tears, loosened his hand, stood up, affectionate gazing at Shirley's sleeping face, "if there is an afterlife, do not love others, but also love me ... This is you, my wife, to me to mention the last request, you always silently bear, even if the pain, will not say, kind and gentle ... Fool, why wait for the afterlife, wait for me to be good ... "

" forgive me, can not do your last request. "Terry jerked his sword and rubbed it around his neck!

Poof! The cry of

Jr. stopped, and the blood sprayed on his face was hot and hot.

fell and fell to Shirley's side.

his hand, and put it on Shirley, and life and death were gone.


"Young blood, is that how impulsive?" "An electric flash flashed and Lacey appeared in the room. "Live, and have a chance, you're dead, who's going to protect this kid." "Lacey looked at the dead Terry.

"Lacey, Grandpa Lacey! "Xiao Sprinkle cried up.

Lacey held him in his arms, then reached out at his temple a little, and the thin electric light flashed from the side of the Satan Ear, and Isaac lost consciousness.

"very clever technique ah." "A thin voice sounded, and the man in Black began to flash behind Lacey from outside the door.

"Did you test the goods?" "The tone of the man in black turned out to be a little undulating, for he saw the body of Terry.

"Death thorns ..." Lacey sunk the channel, "Offilar, one of the three killer organizations of the ' thorn ' used to inform the employer of the method, to a special magic crystal made, worthy of thorns, so expensive with special effects of things also at any cost, it is very confidential, but also very professional." "There was an extra golden metal card between Lacey's fingers, which was thrown to the man in black," take it. "

the man in Black took the card, had an extra strange lens in his hand, and swept it on the card.

"20 million? "The man in Black raised his head with a strange expression," two lives, only 2 million, plus this ... "The man in Black shook his old sheepskin roll," The Dragon's formula, "and" it's only 17 million. " "

said, the man in Black threw the old sheepskin roll to Lacey." Did you count that guy, too? He didn't kill me, how much do I charge 13, how many lives I take, never lose money, and I never take more. "

" 13 ... "Lacey turned around, holding Isaac in one hand, and taking the dragon trick," You are ranked 13 in the thorns, about eight levels of fighting, indeed good. " "Lacey's eyes fell on the old sheepskin roll in his hand," Do you know what this thing is? "

" doesn't know, and doesn't want to ask. "The Man in Black" 13 "said directly.

"You have to know, because the 3 million extra gold coins that come out of 20 million miles are another business. "Lacey's cold Way."

"Oh? "The man in Black came interested." But in his eyes, it flashed a look that was incomprehensible.


ambiguous color, out of the magic Crystal, turned into a rope, landed in Judy's bedroom.

and Judy stood by the bed, on the upper body, plump chest although a little drooping, but still scattered seductive light.

"Strong wave Baron, what are you waiting for? "Judy's eyes are spring, a pair of hands have been touched on their own body, her legs wearing lace black silk, when the time is closed, the legs between the empty without any cover-up."

a stout man pounced on his breath.

then the two men began their original movement in bed.

"Hard Ah, my Baron, you are much better than Samuel's bastard Ah, make this lady comfortable, your future is full of light ah!" "Cried Judy, shouting.

and the man, as if he had been greatly encouraged, advanced more violently.

just when both were quite intoxicated, a touch of red appeared on the bed, silent.

Judy opened her eyes with impatience, "Why stop, go on!" "

's knock, Baron Bonaparte's head hit her on the chest.

Judy's face froze.

"That's disgusting." "A face with a black mask appeared, and his thin voice," it's a good gift, I'm 13, and I hate this kind of man the most. "

" Who are you! "Judy screamed, pushed the body of Baron Bonaparte, clipped his legs, shrunk to the bedside, and her chest swung up and down with her movements.

"Thorn Killer, 13. "The eyes outside the black mask were closed, and two of messy eyebrows were wrinkled together," I'm not interested in bothering you to cover it up. "

" Oh, Lacey invited the killer Ah. "Judy smiled, grabbed the sheets and covered his body. "How's it going, is it done? "

" well. "Nod at 13."

"Did you get the money? "asked Judy again.

"took it, and there's more to come out. "13 a serious answer."

"That's not going, is it not enough? "Judy stared at Thirteen-One eyes," Look at the good things you've done! "She pointed to Baron Bonaparte's body," and your lady's wonderful Night was disturbed by you! "

" Don't you want to know about the process? "13 corners of the eye picked."

"Nathaniel's useless Loser, Shirley's bastard, and their little bastard, the family is dead, there's nothing to say, and it was all negotiated at first. "Judy Hates the Channel," You're not professional, a killer is asking questions, and he hates to die. "

" The Child, not dead. "13 Slow way."

"Why! "Judy sprang up, and the satin sheets slipped and reappeared.

"Because our thorns don't kill children, that's the rule." "13 faint way," and, crouching, covering, degrees. "

" Lacey How the old thing was arranged! Son of a bitch! I knew it wasn't easy between him and the little crap! "Judy was crouching and covering his body. I don't know why, deep down in her heart, she was a little scared of the man named 13.

suddenly, her eyes again staring, "that more money out of it, you have received it!" "

" received it. "Nod at 13."

"Do not do things also collect money, you thorns are robbers, do not understand the rules!" "Judy's angry Way."

"A life, a sum of money, never more, never less, we thorns have been doing this." "13 refers to the body of Baron, who was implanted in the upper wave law.

"Unlucky! "Judy spat," Lacey's old Bastard put me together, waiting for me to go back and say to my father! "

" had no chance ... "13 sighed and looked at Judy with a silly look," a puppet at the mercy of a man who is not qualified to say this ... "13 seems to have suddenly come to interest," since today has lost money, then I will lose another good, let you understand. " What does "

" understand? "Judy Shing's Way, she thinks the killer's presence is sometimes nerve-and-really weird.

13 laughs: "Dragon trick this thing is really interesting, although the cultivation degree is very fast, but there is a side effect ... In fact, in our thorn eyes, this kind of thing is not worth 15 million, but also only your father, the urgent need to expand the power of the people will be interested, because, he wants to use this kind of thing, to kill his brother, become the real owner of the Langton Chamber of Commerce! "

" What? "Judy was startled.

"Ambition can blind everything, including feelings, in fact, you are such a glossy person, more despicable than those who live in the shadows." "13 despised Judy's Glance," The Dragon's formula, created by Hill's Delent, a man who boasts that anyone with any qualifications can practice, determines that it can create a large number of fighters with at least five levels of fighting in a short period of time, which is helpful to someone who wants to achieve their ambitions, and that's who your father is. From the beginning, you married Nathaniel, the plan began, and your father, Perna, had a good will for the dragon, but Samuel protected it well, and it was useless to kill him, so Perna wanted you to have a child between you and Del, so that it would be logical to get the Dragon's formula, and not to sacrifice your daughter ... "

" sacrifice? "Judy was startled and interrupted by 13.

"Don't argue, spoil my spirits." "13 coldly glanced at Judy, and Judy couldn't help shuddering, and the fear in her heart became more pronounced.

13 continued: "However, the Fire Dragon formula that interesting side effect in Zacchaeus revealed, that is, anyone who has cultivated the dragon's formula, although can quickly get a fight, but the damage to the body is too great, especially in the fertility aspect ... Haha, you see now why there are no children between you and Del, right? "13 saw Judy's surprised expression seemed very happy, so raised the tone," Your father, Langton Chamber of Commerce second home Perna very anxious, so he thought of a way, that is, find a person to replace Delphi, and a maid gave birth to a child ... "

" What! "Judy was shocked," what about the man who replaced Zacchaeus? "She pressed.

"dead, a despicable slave without a name, dead and no one asked, and the maid was as completely unaware as you were, for she had no sense at the time, ha, and all the people involved in this matter were going to die, for your father did not want to leak a little wind before his success, so he hired us at a great price, That 20 million is just a small part of it. "13 has laughed and said," Haha, that maid is dead too ... "and with that remark he looked at Judy with a strange look.

"What are you doing? "Judy's nervous."

"Didn't I say that everyone who knew about it was going to die ..." 13 drew with his hand in front of his neck, "the guy who died between your legs was given away by me at a loss, and that was 3 million more ... Actually, it's you! "

Judy lay down, the sheets slipped from her body, blood spouted from her neck, dyed with a slightly wobbly chest.


Lacey looked dignified, raised his hand, and an electric spark enveloped the corpses of Shirley and Leigh, and soon their corpses disappeared.

"Go all the way well, in power and under, what else can't be lost." "Lacey looked at the sleeping sprinkle in his arms, the lovely sleeping face looked lovely, and Lacey sighed," Isaac, my child, your birth, is to represent the spread of that, you are the instrument of the original sin, but so quiet sleep, pure face ah, how to be invincible through the greed of this world ... "

" This dark night, will eventually corrode us. "Lacey flashed with a black light, a magic robe on his body, and then an electric glow around it.

"Have to go, I'll protect you, son." "

Lacey's sparse head was agitated by the airflow brought up by the electric light, and then it all disappeared in an instant, including himself.

, is this magic transfer?

can use magic to transmit the sorcerer, at least must also be a senior Magic guide, that is to say, eight levels of magic above!

Lacey's strength really strong to that extent?

room in the last ray of electric light extinguished, gorgeous ceiling used to illuminate the magic crystal flickering, like that unknown true and false plot, around, dead general silence.

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