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Chapter 9 Up and Downs

Just a few meters wide outside the cave in the open space, silently appeared a figure.

He was covered in a blood-red, and the cold wind on the cliff seemed to touch his body at all, and the goose-like snowflakes falling in the air, close to the breath that existed around his body, were detached from the original falling trajectory, automatically bypassed, and would not fall on him.

"Damn it! Those eat white rice guys, they threw Lao Tzu in this shithole! Not that this ghost big 6 beautiful women like clouds, bustling incomparable? How can it be better than ours, the ground will at least not be so slippery! "

Cave outside the inexplicable appearance of the man moved, oh, my God, he actually did not have feet!" No, no, he's just a foot off the ground with his feet, and the whole person is suspended in the air.

"Annoying snow, it's best not to stick to my skin, the air here smells really uncomfortable." "Can't see the Weirdo's expression clearly, can only hear his tone is very unpleasant, a lot of blood, so slowly drifting into the hole."

"Haha! It's good here! That channel consumes too much of my energy and has to be restored at a relaxation. I don't want to stay in that shithole any more for a second! "The man floated in the middle of the cave, his shoulders shaking, and seemed to laugh proudly.

"eh? Is there anyone else? "When the man bowed his head, he finally stood on the ground with an old man, looking at himself with an extremely frightened look.

was exposed to the moment of the man's eyes, and Lacey seemed to break down, even though the man was in a blood-red and could not see clearly at all ...

is the feeling!

just feel, let a enough in Offilar Big 6 famous Magic Guide's will instantly disintegrated!

"You are ... I'm afraid of me. "The man's voice was filled with breath, directly letting Lacey spit blood!

, "then die ... If you die, you won't be afraid. "

a red line from the blood of the group, the degree is very slow ...

Lacey could not avoid, but watched the red line fly like a blood to the eyes, and then from his forehead into the front, and then drilled out of the back of the brain ...

Lacey fell, the body in front of the Satan, covering the man's sight ...

when he had the last bit of consciousness left, he still didn't forget to protect the child, who was important to him.

is not a memory ...

is not a substitute for ...

is real ...

I really love you ah, lovely child ....

because I can't forget ...

The first sound you called me ... Grandpa

Lacey ...

.. Xi...... Ye...... Ye......

that childish childlike voice is still in the ear, but gradually drifting away. Lacey closed his eyes.


"died so slowly. "The man landed next to Lacey, surrounded by a protruding piece of red blood beneath him, as if he had stretched out his leg and kicked Lacey's body.

"has never seen a bug and can still struggle. Hey? "The man saw a broken strip of cloth exposed after Lacey's body.

he kicked Lacey away.

"Strange, such a weak life can still survive in this environment, the breath of this little thing ..." the man sensed a very long interval between Isaac's breathing.

so he moved to Xiao Zacchaeus's side, bowed his head, and observed it carefully.

a wisp of blood mist emerged from the red of blood in which the man was in, encircling the body of Sarai.

"Oh? The meridians are sealed, no wonder. It's a brilliant technique, ah, a nasty ray element. "The man muttered, the blood-red movement a few times, transparent a little, from the outside, can already see his movements, saw his right index finger a bullet, blood mist dissipated." He was surrounded by arms, his right hand holding his chin, and seemed to be thinking.

He suddenly frown, "Huh? Is it going to disappear? Forget it, meet the adults I, just help you. "He Jie Jie strange laugh, seems to be playing some sinister idea."

He put his hands lay flat forward, posing in a strange position, and read out a string of characters that only he could understand.

See, the cave in the air like solidified general, no, to be precise, it should be time solidified!

at his feet appeared a string of huge characters, scattered with black and gold interwoven light, arranged into a team, slowly into the body of Zacchaeus. The

character was long, and after more than 10 minutes of walking, the man seemed to be on the verge of support, and the red liquid began to seep from his forehead.

"This little thing is human? How could there be humans in this place? Are those few eat white rice messages wrong? "The man's body quivered and the blood of the group dissipated in an instant!"

there was a low roar in his throat, and countless red light spouted out of his body. Then his body began to grow larger, behind the growing of giant wings like bats, the head of two like the inner curved horns, hands become blood-red, three inches of long nails slowly stretched out, sharp as a knife.

he turned out to be naked, and it was no wonder that he had been shrouded in a cloud of red.

there was a hideous illusion above his head, and mouth seemed to engulf it all. His body changed, and the dark red scales were born from under the skin, gradually covering his whole body. His body began to grow larger, as if the soles of human feet had become much like lizard claws.

ground violently shaking, air flow is unusually urgent, stone crumbs drifting in the air, constantly impact on each other!

"even sweating ... This damn little thing, I turned into this ugly look, really do not want to change AH. Fortunately, no beautiful woman to see, or I this body will hurt their fragile heart! "It's cold, this weird guy doesn't forget to talk to himself at a time like this, it's really verbose."

red light began to converge, condensed into a lot of light groups, flying into the weirdo has soared to more than three meters high in the body.

at this time, a diameter of 50 meters of blood red huge light column appeared, will be that three meters high of the strange body inside, trembling a few times, toward the top of the cave straight away!

"Bang! "The stone wall at the top of the

hole was broken by the beam of light, countless gravel followed the light column together to fly to the sky, a moment, blood red will be 10 miles of sky shielding, like a blood rain." Cold as a blade of the strong wind from that nearly 50 meters wide hole in the pouring in, with a sharp roar.


Offilar Big 6 Absolute Center. Goya Holy city.

12 pairs of eyes opened almost at the same time, looking to the north.

then, a few lights shot out of the holy city, and in the blink of an light, disappeared into the sky north of Goya.

the rest of the eyes, but did not close as usual.


's transformation seemed to be complete, his breath scattered with a thick smell of blood, and the black air was fluttering around the dark red body. The

hissed ...

Lacey's body began to decay, quickly turned into a blood water, and then blood water was swept by the airflow, into the man's terrifying body.

He staggered with ten fingers in his hands and put on a peculiar gesture, the pressure of the air surged instantly, and the movement of characters at his feet accelerated steeply, scrambling to pour into the body of Zacchaeus.

after another more than 10 minutes, when the last character entered the body of Satan, the man, no, should be a monster, his huge head, has been covered with blood red sweat.

He gasped with a big mouth, reached out to erase the sweat on his head, "failure, just come to reveal the body!" "Suddenly, his blood-red eyes cold light a flash," lean, those guys still sense! " "

He looked at the Satan on the ground, and his hideous face was full of smug expression. He grinned, and the two big tusks parted on both sides, looking terrifying.

"Haha, seven nights, you're not very much in the mouth?" Are you asura a very arrogant family? I have branded your things in this humble and weak human being, which is the greatest insult to you! Hum, do you dare to disobey that grown-up? You're just looking for death! It didn't occur to me that the final seal was destroyed when you died. Haha, I am the most brilliant genius of the blood demon family! Power? Strength has a fart! "

He touched his chest, as if it were a sore look. "But seven nights, you are worthy of being the strongest king of the Asura! Your last one, it made me miserable for so many years! Do you know that kind of pain? Every day and night ... "he sighed and shook his head, as if to shake off his shuddering memories from his eyes.

"Haha, Asura king? Ridiculous! I admire you! So, you have to do something to honor you! Your Soul seal, you're going to sleep on this little thing! Well, I'll always remember! So, I must erase your last traces! Let you proud of the blood, completely disappear! Remember, this is the curse that I Lunan the king of the great Hades can not wear out! "

his face hate, words exude the pleasure of revenge," You did not think of it, I unexpectedly in your self-exploding last moment, with the blood magic of the great forbidden Spell sealed your soul remains! So that your soul will not disappear, but there will never be a chance to wake up! The ultimate forbidden spell of blood magic-Eternal seal! haha haha! You just stay in a humble shell and slowly suffer. By the right, you can't feel it, you idiot! "

Suddenly, his expression was a change again," came so fast! Now the magic is only less than 1%, although only a few little ones, but I lunan how noble the life of adults, how can be destroyed in those garbage hands. Hey, miscalculation, did not think of a small trick, unexpectedly let me consume so much, it seems that it takes a long time to recover, must find a safe place to do ... Cough, human beings, humans, the structure is really strange! "

this strange guy named Lunan is definitely a leap thinking of the heterogeneous, not only neurotic, but also quite verbose." Between the words, his body had returned to its usual appearance.

and Human is no different, but he is very handsome and very demon, the body is tall, the proportion is perfect, there is a pair of blood-red eyes. With such a stunning shape, it's no wonder he hates the way he's just changed behind.

right hand gently wave, a door-like color of the color of the light appeared out of thin air, lunan shape flashed, into it.


long. Calm was restored in the cave of


's body is also beginning to produce strange changes. His original brown head became dark, very thick, like a late-night sky, scattered around him in a vast expanse of white, appears very eye-catching

just by the monster called Lunan forced into the body of the character, dense appear on the surface of his body, scattered black and gold interwoven light.

is this the soul of Asher rejoicing, who is called Seven nights?

don't know, just know that Zacchaeus is in pain now, it is a two-year-old can never endure the pain. The skin is peeled off in an inch, and then, under the action of characters, it begins to grow new skin.

went on, fell off, and grew out again.

back and forth seven or eight times, his muscles began to tear, which was accurate to millimeters of fracture, 1.1 o ' clock, in pain!

the black and gold characters began to swing again, and the broken muscles fission into molecules, running in the air with a peculiar trajectory, and reassembled into muscle fibers.

had been fully awake at this time, and the indescribable pain had turned his tender voice into a mournful howl, echoing in the cave.

muscle combination finished, the most terrifying scene appeared!

his bones stoutly squeezed out of his body, a complete skeleton, so detached from his bodies, floating in the air, characters began to rotate around the bones, like dancing neatly.

a few seconds, Isaac was in a coma ...

a coma, it's not something people can afford. The

bones slowly lowered, then squeezed out the flesh and returned to its original position. The

character stopped beating and, in a bizarre arrangement, did not stop in Satan's body.


could not calculate how long Isaac had been in a coma, only to know that the white cold cliff outside the cave where he was, had received at least five times of sunshine. At this time, over the Ice Canyon, a few figures appeared.

the breath of their bodies seemed to let the cold of the ice canyon begin to melt.

"here? "One of the young men with a long white head and a golden Magic robe asked softly.

"That's right." "replied another young man with a cold face and a black magic robe. His voice is as cold as his people.

"Is blood magic, this taste is really disgusting." "A cool woman in a white robe, her pale blue Chang wind fluttering, and the ice canyon feeling very paired."

"What strength? "asked a golden Beetle Knight, the only fighter among the four.

"It's not very clear from the point of view of the fluctuations in the residual magic elements. I can only tell that this man is going to kill me, and I don't have to bother. "Young man in the golden Robe."

"Heresy? Master? The young man in the black Robe asked again that his words were succinct and that he would basically not have used two words.

the young man gave him a look, "Yes, the high forbidden spell of blood magic-the door of blood." As far as I know, this kind of magic is absolutely impossible to exist in Offilar. A full seven days have passed since we felt this power, and the magic element here has fluctuated so strongly. "

" Rafael, are you sure? "The woman in the white robe opened her mouth.

called Rafael's golden Robe young man nodded, he looked down at the strange Lunan disappeared from the cave, meditating. Slowly, his expression began to be dignified.

"Is it ..." Rafael looked into the eyes of three other people and didn't go on.

"There! "The trio said the sentence almost at the same time.

, you go back now and report the situation to the Lord at once. Bira and Shelly and I went in three directions to find the guy's trail. "Rafael positive color to the young man in the black robe.

"Be careful." "Barnabas nodded and said another word in two words.

"Rest assured that he is using blood magic, and the strength is likely to be that level." We're not stupid enough to go and have a look at him. "Rafael Road."

"You mean that grade? No way! "Cried the woman with the white robe called sherry.

Rafael looked into the distance, slowly authentic: "If he comes from there, it's possible ..."

. The sunshine time in the

ice and Snow Canyon was short, and after four hours of waking up from the four of Rafael to Isaac. Night, has come to this frozen land.

the little Satan staggered and stared at the outside of the hole with a dull eye.

"hee," he smiled suddenly, then danced. "Where? Ha ha! Who? To? Hee Hee "He bounced like a madman, gibberish."

his clothes had long been made into rags by the change of his body a few hours earlier, but he could not realize the cold at all, like a man who was all right, only to know the joy of silly.

, don't you?

, is he out of his mind?

is right.

If Satan's brain was a half-idiot before, now, the two-year-old is really an idiot.

Lunan did a good job! He just wanted revenge. Asher Lowen Night, who had seriously injured him, would not have thought that such a powerful soul remained, plus the high-level forbidden spell of blood magic-the blood soul ...

But this is also beyond reproach, who is Lunan? Seconds to kill a legendary magic guide character! How could he possibly think of the ants in his eyes? If Lacey had not sealed the meridians of Isaac with a ray seal and slowed down the cycle of his life, he might have died long ago from the interruption of pain and the cycle of life.

Unfortunately, because of the seal of the Satan Meridian, the central system in the body is almost interrupted, so he endured the blood soul of the Lunan, the body of the various organs are separated, so he survived.

But the connection between the various parts of his body was no longer healed, and all the meridians were misplaced. In other words, now Satan, not only cerebral palsy, but also all the limbs are not controlled, the organs of the body in the Lowen night that powerful unconscious soul force, become a separate individual, survival, but each irrelevant.

's young body is now like a group of people and the chaos, we are all in, are alive, but no one to ignore who, if accidentally born a relationship, but also have to meet to the dead.

, but he's alive. Miracle.

But he's already a fool. It's a miracle, too?

fate, the fate of many fated. Like a domino game, one down, one down. His mother's bitter, he is more bitter, is this also a genetic?

hard to say, the only thing that is clear is that a brain dead, physically uncontrolled, organ division of the "People"-Alive, dead, there is no difference.

's young body makes all sorts of weird moves, like a puppet with a thread off. He rushed out of the cave and turned around in the small open space.

Suddenly, he slipped under his feet and fell down.

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