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Chapter 6 His Promise

What's wrong? Litt was startled.

don't you?

No, it shouldn't be. Terry looked at Shirley in astonishment, and the curve of tears slipping made his heart crack. Everything he did, including pretending to leave and so on, was designed to make the poor woman regain her confidence, but now, when the necklace swung helplessly with a diamond-crafted pendant, the woman was equally helpless and heartbreaking.

"It was me wrong ..."

Litt hugged Shirley tightly.

"I thought, this will make you forget the haze of the past more quickly, but, that kind of loss, even if it is a man, can not bear ah." "

the snow twitching.

"decided. "Terry gently stroked Shirley's brown length, with a hint of firmness in her eyes. "I will bring him to you so that your happiness is complete, believe me, Shirley, my wife, and I will give everything." "

felt it, and Shirley's arms clung to her, like a candle with hope in her arms in the long night.

"Two months ago ..." Terry kissed Shirley's Silk, his voice gently like the luster of a silk satin, "you suddenly disappeared, I looked everywhere, and finally found you near the Bora manor, it should be ....... Xiao Zacchaeus's birthday. You must have wanted to see him, and you must have been scared and miserable ... "

gently picked up Shirley's chest pendant," Odin Holy calendar year February 3, glorious Day, on this day of the birth of children, will be blessed by Odin, give a strong heart ... "

looked up, tearful eyes gazing at the number engraved on the pendant-... ...

"in the divine Shining, with a strong indomitable, dashed shackles, flying to the sun shining brilliant ... That day, the Dragon blossoms were like red velvet, and you, but you can only wander outside that isolated high wall ... "Terry kissed Shirley's corner of the eye, the smell of tears, wet and salty," Give me some time, I will bring him to your side, and then, we together, to a place where the Dragon blossoms Bloom, happy life, I will think of him as my own child, and I will teach him martial arts, I'll take him hunting together, and then you'll be at home waiting for us to come back and boil into a pot of fragrant soup with fresh beast bones ... "

to Terry's chest, listening to his story, gradually, tears, she blooms a smile--

I believe you. Because you love me so much. The wind of Sorrow. And then the bitter sting of the past. There's you, too. Warm my heart with blood. It's going to heal. The wound. We're going to be together. Live as you say.

the day of April in Odin's holy calendar year, a 26-year-old Gia sheriff, Littwallers, made the most important promise of his life on an ordinary day under the glow of God.


time flies, in a blink of an eye, a year has passed.

Odin Holy calendar year February 3. Glorious Day.

an ordinary house, behind the house there is a nursery planted with dragon flowers, this is the outskirts of Gia, but also the residence of Terry.


the sound of water gently.

Nursery, Shirley is carefully watering a plant to tie up the flowers of the Dragon flower.


's slender spout deviated, and lid fell on a rock in the dirt and broke into a few pieces.

was shivering all over ...

"What's wrong? "Terry came up to her.

"I ..." Shirley stop talking, though it was clear that her face was a little blue.

"It's all right, tell me." "Terry's hand was on her shoulder.

felt the temperature of Terry's palms, "it's like a bad omen." "She looked at the rocks protruding in the dirt, and a few pieces of debris were a little Shing.

"You're thinking a lot." "Terry smiled leniently," according to Offilar's custom, the aristocratic children will hold a grand banquet at the age of two, inviting all those associated with his birth, which is an awe of the great God of Odin and the blessing of the holy city of Goya to the great 6, you see ... "Terry took out a delicate featured and smiled at Shirley:" We have been invited, your identity has been different before, you are now my wife, Litz's wife, in the aristocratic circle, some things are ashamed to say, especially famous, Satan Gapollac, Gia Everyone knows that he is the child of Samuel and Judy, really obscured by filth, but sadly, it is also recognized, This is power. "

nodded, the expression is a little sad, but this lida special to her meticulous love, let her have some courage to face."

They were married 10 months ago, and for some purpose, Samuel and Judy were invited, and it would have been that Samuel had not wanted to come, but Mr Leigh had asked the Duke of Castroda, and a number of strong man had given him face, and that he had a level five fight at the age of the year, a remarkable achievement in a small country like hill. And he was born into a highly prestigious warrior family in the Principality of Hill, which made his wedding with Shirley a grand one.

was beautiful and radiant on that day, overshadowing the vast majority of women present.

, of course, was very uncomfortable, for the Duke of Castroda had called him to attend, and the Lord of the town of Gia, the brother of King Carritt, did not know what had happened between them, and he had always thought that Del and Leigh were still good friends ...

"will not fail. "Terry Sink," This year I harder than ever to cultivate the fight, become stronger than before, as long as every step, tomorrow when the sun rises, our family of three, we can safely walk on the way to Hottandin, my teacher, the greatest man of the Principality of Hill, the mighty Jihad, Will be waiting for us in Hottandin City, Hill, he will take care of us, because I have written him a letter in advance, quietly sent out, in order to keep secret, I do not even use magic subpoena. "

" well. Shirley's smile was beautiful, she did not expect her husband to arrange so well, she knew that what Terry had done was for herself, and that her only way of recompense was to love him with all her heart and give her life to him entirely.

Suddenly, she looked at Terry in surprise, "you just said, who is your teacher?" Is he a war saint? "

, the holy strong!? Litt's teacher is a holy strong man!?

with Shirley's experience, this kind of character can not even hear!

"Yes, his name is bunker, and if you were a native of hill, the name should not be strange." "Litt laughs.

"It's him! Shirley took a sip of the coolness, even if she is a slave origin, also heard the name many times! The Holy Strong man named Bunker is the favorite person to be mentioned by every Hill bard!

It was only then that Shirley finally understood why even Castro would come when she married Litt, and those who made her shortness of breath and looked strong ...

Originally, this is all because of their husband, is a disciple of the Holy class strong!

is now full of confidence, and the slightest fear of uneasiness has disappeared from the bottom of her heart.

early morning sunlight from the clouds, shining on the pieces of debris, with a little halo, seven colors are very good-looking, full of the taste of hope.


today is a two-year-old birthday to Zacchaeus.

the whole Bora Manor has been busy since early in the morning.

in accordance with the custom of Offilar 6, the Pollack family is an aristocrat, so the priest who represents Odin's blessing will pray for him in front of all those associated with the birth of Isaac at tonight's banquet.

"Reverend Lafar, Come on you." "In the hall, Isaac crossed his hands across the chest and saluted a white robe with a gold ring on his head.

"Oh, Count del, Gia Noble man, your etiquette is not to me, but to the great god of Odin, who is guarding the great 6. "Lafar," laughed the reverend, "I am here on behalf of Lord Desai, the Holy City Messenger stationed in Hill, who has come from the sanctity of Goya to bring to you the mercy of the Lord." "

" Bless Lord Desai. "Isaac's tone was more pious.

"Reverend Lafar, Do you remember me? "Judy, standing behind smile, looked at Lafar with a full face.

"Beautiful lady, are you? "Lafar a little dazed.

"Langton's Judy." "Judy laughs," Remember when you were in the British Empire, you prayed for me. "

" Ah. "It dawned on Lafar," I thought, alas, that I was still in the Sorcerer's Guild of the British Empire, and now I am old, and I should have left the lovingkindness of Goya Enze 6 If I had not been appreciated by Lord Desai. "Lafar smiled twice," the children of that year, now also have children, this is God-given fate, Julia Dives, I will be today for your lovely children to send the most happy wishes. "

, the Lord Desai in their mouth, is the director of the Sorcerer's Guild in the Principality of Goya, which is generally known as the" holy ". Reverend

is not a sorcerer, nor a practitioner, but an ordinary person, the main duty is to spread the faith in the people of Odin's great God in the folk, there are many ways, such as this for the aristocratic descendants of the blessing, is one of the

"Thank God." "In the face of the naked lies, it was not a bit unnatural for Isaac.



dark blue Electric light flashed through Lacey's palm.

"Wow ... Babbling ... "Xiao Zacchaeus opened his mouth and danced.

"Does it look good? "Darcy touched Sarai's head, and his brown head was soft, and he smiled." "It's called Magic, around us, there are a lot of little things, they are called elements, and if you're a very powerful sorcerer, you can make them listen to you." "

" babbling ah. "Little Isaac just cried," pull, pull, Grandpa Lacey, babbling. "

" is a good boy. "Lacey sighed. The child is very cute, but very dull, two years old, but also only to say a word, is that even said complete is very difficult "Grandpa Lacey."

"It would be nice if you were a little smarter ... That way I'll teach you to be a great sorcerer. "Lacey's hand touched a depression in the back of the brain.

"That bastard of Delphi. "There was a look of disdain in Lacey's eyes," he said, imposing his failure on the child, just getting him hurt by the full moon, eating and drinking all the time, knowing only the useless truth. "

a year ago, in that small courtyard at the Bora Manor, Sarai's head was hit by a vengeance, so it was not well bred.

Lacey scolded, Samuel is really a jerk, put hope on the next generation is not wrong, but if it is derived from psychological imbalance, it is deformed, which does not have any benefit to cultivate offspring, but also play a counter-effect.

at this time.

a little green light produced out of thin air, Lacey's complexion slightly changed.


green light floated before his eyes, turned into a green thorn, and then a flash fleeting.

"Don't you want to wait any longer ..." Lacey looked back at the most beautiful building in the Manor, "Today ... Here we go ... "Lacey sighed heavily.

"babbling." "Xiao Zacchaeus tugged at Lacey's trousers, and his little finger pointed to a verdant bird parked on a flower branch in the distance," Hee-hee, Lacey, Grandpa. "

" Well, let's go grab it. "Lacey chuckled.

just, his eyes, it got complicated.



drummed. Lacey rang the door of Judy's bedroom.

"come in. "A voice came from inside."

Lacey pushed the door in and the bedroom was luxurious and extravagant.

, "Are you Ready?" "Judy sat in front of the dresser, and before the banquet began she tried to make herself beautiful, and she wanted to be the focus of the dinner, because ...

"' Thorn ', one of the big 63 killer organizations. "A ray of light flashed through Lacey's eyes.

"It's them." "Judy put down the ivory comb," Why don't you Please ' bayonet ', my father once worked with them, clean and tidy. " The "

" bayonet, while strong, ranks first among the big 63 killer groups, but doesn't know why, and it's been hard to get in touch with them recently. "Lacey Road.

"Casual, just fix it." "Judy opened the Make-up box made of pure gold, The hateful way," that useless bastard is still hiding really good, hum, if not for that thing, who would like to endure such a day! "

Judy picked up Velvet made of paint, smear on the face," This lady is still young, has not reached the level of suffer! " Oh! It's finally today, and he's going to take it out and give it to his stupid son, um ... "Judy's face," I hear a lot of famous warriors and wizards will be there today, and what handsome young aristocrats, Lacey Butler, do you know anyone, you can introduce me, hum, Shirley that son of a woman's life is really good, Actually married to Terry again, look at their wedding, in the GIA is really not good scenery, even the Duke of Castroda to give him face. "

" because chief Terry's teacher is ' sonic jihad ' bang. "Lacey's expressionless Way."

"Yes, how enviable it is." "Judy's Shady," It's amazing, Lacey Butler, you've been at the Inger Palace so long, and you don't have any jihad or holy magic friends? How can I know people of a level like "

"? Ma ' am, if it's all right, I'll go first. "When Lacey Bow saluted, he walked towards the door.

"Go find that little piece of crap again, don't get mixed up, Lacey Butler, how clever your dead little grandson is, alas, it's unfortunate that your disgruntled son actually learned heresy, disobeyed the mercy of Odin's great God, and that your loved ones were executed, and I was so sad that you survived ..." Judy whizzed the way.

Lacey, with his back to Judy, said, "I remember how I survived, and if it hadn't been for the Langton family who saved me, I would have died, my life, the Langton Chamber of Commerce, the president, so please don't worry, MA ' am." "

said, and Lacey went out.

and Judy Hummed coldly and went on dressing up.


"Ah! Littlefield! My friend! "

stood at the door of the banquet hall, and Isaac saw a pair of men and women coming from afar, with a strange expression.

"Don't have to be like this. "Terry, who has a dress, looks valiant, and the gap between Isaac and him is too wide."

"This is my wife, don't introduce it." "Terry took Shirley's hand off his wrist and then gently held it.

on the face of a red, shame Guan ' er.

she had completely ignored Delphi, for her men were so good that the female guests, who came and went in and out, threw an envious and jealous look at her.

"Please come in." "Delphi was both embarrassed and angry.

"not busy." "There's something I have to talk to you about," said Terry with a smile. "

" has nothing to say! "Isaac finally lost his demeanor," and you didn't embarrass me enough? Son of a bitch! Your wedding is enough, and now it's like this, what do you mean! Didn't you invite us here, "

"? "Terry asked.

"Me? "Nathaniel froze for a moment and reacted," Judy, that bastard! "

" Your pain is going away. "Whatever Samuel's anger went on," continued Hottandin, "I'm going to be transferred, the sheriff of the old age, and I'll be his assistant, take his place in a few years, and come out tomorrow." "

" Congratulations, Young and promising Lord Terry. "The sour way of Nathaniel, but he was somewhat pleased to hear the news, for the gossip about Shirley in the aristocratic circle of Gia had made his face hang.

Litt transferred to Hirduhotandin, Shirley naturally also follow, he is at least now also counted as a celebrity, so that there is no longer behind the talk, think of this, Delphi anger is also a lot of peace.

"Shirley wanted to see Sarai alone before she left. "Terry whispered in Samuel's ear.

"No! "Isaac instinctively called, and countless eyes came from around.

"Whisper a little." "Terry smiled around, motioning to be fine, then he whispered to Del," Just see you alone, not to alarm anyone, you know, Isaac is Shirley's son, if this secret is revealed at the Blessing banquet in Zacchaeus ... "" Terry smiled and pointed to the whole Bora manor, "and there were a lot of servants here, those who knew , it seems to have been dealt with, among them, there is no one to sign a contract with you yo, assuming I am in the capacity of the sheriff to ask the words ... "

" OK. "Nathaniel looked at Terry hard," I'll arrange the location after the dinner, but Shirley can only go alone, you can't. "

" that's fine. "Litt took a deep look at Nathaniel, and this guy was really alert, and he was afraid that I would take Isaac away by force."

"We went in and waited for your news." "Terry took Shirley into the door of the ballroom.

"The future is important ah, Hottandin's sheriff is not everyone can do, you are so young, and division from bunker adults, perhaps the future is a war saint, to know how to cherish." "Samuel's voice came from behind.

Litt smiled, shook Shirley's hand, let her rest assured.

looked at Terry's side face, she really loved this man, and she was sure that Terry would never turn his back on himself!


"Here they come! "Dressed Judy stood on the second floor of the ballroom and saw the two men sitting at a golden, table-angled rectangular dining table with decorative magic crystals.

"Ma ' am. "Lacey came over and led Xiao Zacchaeus.

a small golden robe worn on sarai, very luxurious, soft brown head is engraved with Odin head of the ring hoop, a blank face.

"The ceremony is about to begin. "Lacey gave Isaac to Judy," and as his birth mother, you're going to take him down. "

" knows, I know! "Judy was impatient to lead Isaac, with a lot of force on his hands, and the little hand of Sarai was pinched and sore, and wow cried out.

"Please take into account the big picture, MA ' am. "Lacey sank the channel.

Judy stunned, reaction over, eyes flashed a hint of venom eyes.

then she showed a loving smile.

Lacey patted Xiao Sprinkle's face gently and turned away.

"Lacey ... Grandpa Lacey. "Little Isaac saw Lacey going and struggling hard.

Lacey's shoulders quivered slightly, but his footsteps still did not stop.

, "Come on, stupid little crap! "Judy gnawed his teeth."

"Ouch! "Suddenly Judy called out in pain."

took a hard bite on the back of her hand, and then ran to Lacey while Judy let go.

snapped, his feet knotted, slammed to the ground, but he did not cry, immediately climbed up, continue to run towards Lacey ...

Lacey's eyes were moist as the two little meat-whoop hands clung to Lacey's hand. The

mist soon steamed in the eyes, and Lacey returned Isaac to Judy, silently retreating to the place where little Satan could no longer see.


the low chirping of the organ through the entire ballroom, lighting the magic crystal chandelier extinguished.

accompanied by the warm play of the organ, the golden Light from the ballroom on the high platform of the crystal ball, landed on the mahogany staircase.

Judy stood in the Light with Isaac, full of maternal brilliance.


applause sounded like thunder. The

musicians stirred the instruments in their hands, and the music was instantly high.

The Magic chandelier rekindled, Judy smiled, led the sprinkle slowly down the stairs.

was quiet because Lacey used magic to calm him down.


felt the strange in his hand.

Shirley's hands became very cold and trembling!

"Don't be nervous." "Terry became shortness of breath, the face gradually pale, on the verge of uncontrollable Shirley ear Soft Way," two years have endured, and then endure, remember my promise, also remember our agreement, when the sun rises, our family of three, will be happy to live in the Paradise full of dragon flowers ... "

in the comfort of Terry, Shirley gradually calmed down, but her eyes did not leave the small figure in the small golden robe for a moment!

that's her son!

that was the life that was conceived in her body!

all the hard work, everything is sacrificed for that little life ... That is true love, true motherhood, the true cohesion of the deepest feelings in the world!


"created all the gods ah, we praise you with endless enthusiasm!" You come from the divine, with the magnificent love to care for the existence of life, your mercy, to bring us hope, we are your children, is your love in the arms! ... "The old voice of Reverend

Lafar sounded so touching in the music, but there was only one voice in Lacey's ear standing in the corner--

" Grandpa! Grandfather! Grandfather! "

immature shifted from and sharp cry for help mixed together." The blood of the

, and the sacred faces.

cry for help more and more weak, until the sight can no longer see the disappearance of the lives of loved ones.

Lacey closed his eyes in pain.


Lafar's hands on the crystal ball, closed his eyes, prayed with piety, and put his hand on Isaac's head.

"Great and eternal Odin ..." Lafar a white pastor's robe, and the golden light of the crystal ball fell on him, and the guests were not amazed.

"Give this Renaissance perfection, that is the rule in your heart, that is your love that will never change to us." "

Lafar's hand left Sarai's head, then crossed his arms across the chest and knelt down on one knee. There was a commotion in and all the people knelt down, including Philip Shirley, including Nathaniel Judy, because it was respect for God, which was a piety to God.

only Lacey did not, his eyes became very cold, the old face in the dark corner looked more cloudy flock.

soon, the ceremony was over, the guests began to eat, wine and delicacies, cup staggered, passing flattery ... In

's main position, Isaac received a steady stream of blessings, his face flushed, and he was in a great mood in the face of his full-crowned guests.

"My dear friend." "A bloated but well-dressed middle-aged man came over. All the people in to make way.

"Duke Castroda, when did you come? "Isaac was startled.

"Hardly long after, was fortunate to see the last blessing of Reverend Lafar." Castro nodded to Lafar, Lafar hurriedly and politely drank the wine from the cup.

"Desai Saint to make all right, I haven't returned to Hottandin for a long time, haha." "Castro swung his hand lafar and motioned him to be polite," you went back to tell my old friend, not that I didn't go to see him, but that it was too busy here, and I didn't like to listen to my brother nagging. "

" Gia so beautiful and picturesque, and I think His Excellency Castro enjoyed it. "Lafar laughs," I'll pass on your words to Lord Desai. "

" that's fine. Come on you up. Castro stopped talking to Lafar, raised a glass of wine, and touched Isaac, "You are so blessed, my friend, to see how beautiful the child is." "Castro drank the wine, looked at the Satan sitting in Judy's arms, and said, half-jokingly," Seriously, Count del, this child is not really like you and Judy, it seems that the blessing of Reverend Lafar has long been effective, this beautiful little guy from birth has taken possession of the advantages of parents. "

people laughed, even if Castro said it was not funny, and stabbed someone in the pain in his heart."

"You are so humorous, my great Duke." Judy handed Isaac to the maid behind him, got up, and raised his glass, "You are here, and the Bora manor at night is like a return to the day." "

" You can really talk, language is as beautiful as people. "Castro drank the wine out of his hand," and in the days to come, I will rely on you, Langton, the bastards of our neighbour Luchian are not quiet, and the armor weapons you brought from the British Empire are a guarantee of our continued singing and dancing. "

" that's natural. "Judy had a good laugh.

"everybody." "Zacchaeus held his glass in his left hand, and the ring on the unnamed person in his left hand flashed, and an old, faded sheepskin roll appeared on the right hand.

Everyone was quiet, and they knew that Del had something important to say.

because of that Satan's left hand wearing that style is very vulgar ring, is the space ring-Offilar big 6 very expensive magic apparatus!

This ring, there will be a magic open space, can store things, and only the owner of the ring can be through the consciousness to call out what is stored in it.

"It turned out to be in his space ring, no wonder he said nothing to replace this ugly ring, I should have thought of it long ago." "Judy's eyes fell to the sheepskin roll of Zacchaeus's right hand.

"took it out ..." Lacey's eyes must be in the corner of the ballroom.

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