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Chapter 5 Pendant

On the streets of the town of Gia, a warrior with a silver armor walked slowly, his upright figure, handsome appearance, attracted the attention of passers-by, and many beautiful ladies even seduced him naked ...

, the fighter, is GIA, the young sheriff of the small town of Terry. At the age of 25,

reached the peak of level five, with the strength to approach the mid-level warrior, one of the most prestigious geniuses in the Principality of Hill, and the Duke of King Carritt's younger brother, Castroda, attached great importance to him and entrusted him with the task.

he used to be the fallen count, oh no, it should be Gia's best friend now, because he was also Samuel's brother, Hill's hero Delent the Lieutenant of the War division ...

"Shirley, do you like this one? "Terry stopped and looked at a beautiful woman in a vegan suit, in the direction of his fingers, a diamond necklace in a glass crystal window.

woman did not speak, her face is beautiful, but in a trance.

"Gia's most famous beautiful man, Terry, actually liked a dementia. "murmured a lady of nobility in the distance.

"Yes, it's a pity." "The lady of the aristocracy is also the same flowery girl's way."

"and ..." another passing lady joined their discussion, "Do you know, that woman ..." she lowered her voice, "It was the little wife of Earl Del, the slave, who was said to have been forced to rape after being drunk, and later to see that she was beautiful and not willing to drive away ..."

"Ah, really! "A lady of nobility screamed.

her cry caught the eye of Terry, and when she saw the gaze that Terry had cast on this side, Miss Aristocrat covered her mouth.

"vulgar woman, compared to the pure and kind you, is how annoying." "Chasheli, with a cold hum, walked away, and Big Square pulled up her hand.

a few women a lament, and at the same time Chasheli shot to the eyes of resentment ...

"Well." Shirley Trembled, and the temperature of Leigh's palms made her feel, and when she was devastated countless times, it was this warmth that calmed her down.

"I don't want it. Shirley leaned her head on the shoulder of Leigh and walked slowly with his footsteps.

"Why? "Terry smiled," Women should all like that. "呶呶 mouth to the diamond necklace. "Don't worry, Shirley, I don't have any money, but I still buy it." "

" Forget it. "Shirley whispered," Can get your care, has been my lucky, I came from a low birth, and was abandoned, I actually ... In fact ... "Shirley lowered her head and" didn't deserve you at all ... "

Litt heart slightly shocked, he saw, Shirley from the corner of the eye slipped a string of crystal clear.

"You go! "Terry was suddenly furious.

was frightened, raised her face, and there were dry tears in the corners of her eyes.

"Your words make me angry, please go!" "Terry loosened Shirley's hand.

Shirley's Corner quivered up, can feel under that vegetarian coat, slender body jitter amplitude.

"You're not leaving, are you? "Terry glanced at Shirley," I went. "

said, and he turned away angrily, and soon disappeared into Shirley's sight, leaving Shirley alone standing where she was, and not even coming back from God.

and across the street, the aristocratic women were happy to whisper, and they were poor and not cheering.

"I'll tell you how a woman like that deserves Terry. "

" is that it's disgusting to see her in a pathetic way. "

" I was thinking, most of that, like Count Del, was fascinated by the flirtation. "

" haha, yes, young, bloodied, by this woman a daze, lost control, you noticed, he just looked at me, must have been fascinated by the beauty of this miss, and now finally wake up, left that woman, go back ready to my father adult kiss! "

" Don't smelly, he just looked at me, ah, it seems that I am going to prepare the wedding skirt. "

" You are too narcissistic, clearly in the eyes of Terry is only me, the scale of the wedding must be large, well, it is best that even Lord Castro can be brought in. "

" Me! "" It's me! "" It's me, you two idiots! "

, they quarreled again ...

"I'm sorry." "Shirley muttered, looking at the direction of Leigh's disappearance.

"Thank you, the Levites, that warmth, this is what people like me should not get, and I, but still hope to have, it is ridiculous ..." she hid her face and wept.

now, when I shed tears, I only have myself.

Shirley wept bitterly.

She did not know what she could do alone, she did not know whether she could face the past that broke her heart, she did not even know, humble how long she could live in such a world ...

but she turned around and shaky in the opposite direction to Terry until, disappearing at the end of the street.


a few minutes after Shirley's departure, Terry's figure appeared in a place separate from Shirley, standing in front of the glass window, looking at the diamond necklace in the window, with a smile on the corners of her mouth.

"Today." "Terry's eyes Moved," fool ... "

," Sir Terry, you're counting it! "A genial white-bearded old man dressed as a craftsman came out of the shop door.

saw Terry Standing there alone, the old man can not help but Leng a bit, "How, just you one?" Is "

" ready? "Terry didn't answer the old man's question, the more obvious the smile on his handsome face.

"Of course." "White beard old man kind of understand," fell into love of the king of the People Ah, which lucky woman can accept this happiness, ouch, forget, I old Cocobourg as a craftsman so many years, incredibly even this did not see. " "

then the old man opened the window and took out the diamond necklace. The pendant of the

necklace is very chic ...

now look carefully and really looks like a baby's nipple.

"Whoop." "Looking at the back of the back, the old craftsman relieved," must today, my great man ah, this can almost get the life of the old Cocobourg yo, hehe, bless you, this is Odin to the world's most beautiful gift. " "

old Coco Bull turned, toward the south, praying pious.

there, is the direction of the holy city of Goya.


River, gentle flow, like that, winding long talk, and like, continuous affection, rippling in the heart, flowing through the wound, stranded happiness.

sat by the river with her knees in her arms, her face lying on her lap.

She really did not know where to go, can only go aimlessly, walked to the river.

This river is called Rorol, in the ancient saying of Offilar, meaning "together."

the name was taken by Gia, Lord Castro, in memory of his tie-up with his first wife.

put one hand on Shirley's shoulder .....

"Lord Terry! "Shirley Jerked back.

But, she's stuck.

, this is the handsome, strong face!

a piece of flowing, ugly face!

"Chick, there is no place to go, yo, crying so sad, you are which maid was kicked out, and Shalebaki said ..." The owner of the face of the hands have been placed on Shirley's shoulder.

"Let go! Shirley struggled, but the guy named "Schaler" obviously had a practice, and the hands were like Iron forceps, where Shirley, the unwieldy woman, made it open.

"Yo, will struggle ah, look at your appearance, as if did not be opened by the Master AH." "Schaler," laughed, "come, give your holy first devotion to the Viscount, and serve the viscount, and give you a place to live, and food." "The

guy's hand was about to touch Shirley's chest, and Shirley screamed.

"Don't scream, this is the Rorol that symbolizes love." "Shirley's desperate struggle made Schaler more excited," usually no one comes, even if there is someone, it is only night, haha, those Earl Ah Baron Ah, all here to rendezvous lovers, the sound of the river, coupled with that groan, wonderful ... "

Shalebaki's language made Shirley struggle harder, and he himself, The face flushed with excitement.

, just as he had pressed Shirley under his body and began to rip her clothes, brushed--

cold feeling out of his neck.

excited feeling was gone, and when he saw the cold, whizzing blade of his neck, there was another feeling of wanting to pee.

"Get up." "A masculine voice sounded in Shalebaki's ear.

"Yes, yes, yes." "Although Shalebaki has practiced, but the breath on the sword to kill his degree of Baiba is no problem."

the sword away from Shalebaki's neck.

Schaler, a face surprised, "chief Terry? You, how could you? "

" roll. "Terry didn't even look at him, and went over to gently lift Shirley up, and Shirley was too frightened to cry on his chest."

"haha." "Shalebaki saw Litt holding the woman, and happy, silly cried:" Sir Terry you really cheat yo, clearly is I first, you have grabbed, forget it, I gave you, we make a friend! "

frowned and whispered in Shirley's ear, "You wait for me." "

and then ...

Schaler blood flies away.

then, the crap ran away.

, helplessly shrugged.

's face tears, but still smiled, fear quickly dissipated, when facing this man, she is always able to be happy.

"Do you know what day it is today? "Litt asked softly.

Shirley did not answer the question of Terry, but shudder asked: "The Levites, you, you are not angry ... I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's all Shirley's fault ... "

" you're not wrong. "Terry gently pulls up her hand," the wrong is the great God of Odin. "

" Ah? "Shirley was startled-Odin was the faith of the whole Offilar, and even if she was a humble maid, there was this common sense.

"God is wrong." "Terry gazed at Shirley," Odin gave us life, but let them split up, Odin gave us love, but let them miss, life and love, this is God's gift, but also he made a mistake. "

don't know what to say, but Terry's affectionate eyes make her heart beat hard."

It was a feeling she had never had before, so strong, so irrepressible!

She's going to jump into that man's arms, really.

"He had the right time, too." "Leigh refers specifically to the sky," he said, setting out a calendar called Odin's Holy Calendar, and then, 21 years ago today, the day of spring blooming, you were born, which for me is the only right, because, if not that day, how can I have the person I like, if not meet you, How could I have a heartbeat that couldn't stop ... "

Shirley's tears couldn't stop the stream.

"Today is your 21-year-old birthday, I have been preparing for a long time." "Leigh took out the necklace," This is the day I saw from your sell-out contract, perhaps even you do not remember, but I remember, because I saw you from the first moment, just ... Like you ... "

Shirley looked at the necklace in Litt's hand with tears in her eyes, and her unparalleled happiness filled her heart.

"Forget that do not know how to cherish the bastard, but also forget all the pain, accept me, accept this let you happy life of happiness." "Terry knelt down on one knee and held the necklace in his hands ...

Shirley Wow cry out loud, she understand, she understand this etiquette symbolizes what, that is she even dream dare not expect things!

She took Terry's necklace, covered her chest tightly, and sobbed.

smiled and looked deeply at the woman who cried because of happiness, and did not get up.

"Want me to keep kneeling, if you don't." "Terry finally opened his mouth.

"No! "Shirley's tears did not stop, but she was laughing, that smile is really beautiful, even if her eyes have swollen, the face is a bit of flowers."

"How can I let my husband kneel, after I will certainly listen to his words, forget the past, his everything, is my life, is the meaning of my living." "Shirley spoke so loudly for the first time that

stood up, and then Shirley threw herself into the arms of Terry.

two people embrace, Rorol water in their behind the flow, that represents the meaning of gathering, in fact, also represents love ...


It was Terry who took care of Shirley for so long that she kissed her for the first time because he loved the woman so much that he cherished her. Litt know, if she put forward any request to Shirley, she will not refuse, she has been used to take it, but he does not want to, he wants Shirley to forget the past, brave face of their own life, he wants to let the woman he loves confident and beautiful live!

He would never forget the first time he saw Shirley: that innate look of pity, that gentle as water submissive, as well as that is always watery with humble eyes ......

He didn't know it was like it, he just knew he always wanted to see her, so even if he was busy, he would take the time to go to the Bora manor ...

in that small courtyard, when Shirley was hurt, his chest can not extinguish the anger made him know how he felt, so he was desperate to stand out, instead of Delphi did what men should do!

"Monseigneur ..." Shirley struggled gently in the arms of Leigh for a moment.

"Call My name, solemn introduction, Littwallers, 25 years old, Senior Warrior, is working towards the Junior war division." "Terry kissed Shirley in the face.

"Then I should have the name Wallace, too, Shirley Wallace." "Shirley smiled very cheerful, love dispersed her humble, bring her confidence."

"You are the most beautiful woman." "And the gentle way of Terry."

Shelley took the initiative to kiss him ...

When Love confessed, she knew that she was so in love with this excellent man, but at that time she was too mortified, feel that she did not deserve to be in Terry.

This kiss for a long time, to the end, Shirley has flushed, the body is a little out of control.

She is not do not understand the joy of fish and fish, but in the face of such a young masculine atmosphere, more mind ripple.

is even more uncontrollable. The young man's qi and blood are exuberant, and he has a five-degree peak of the fight, in this regard is similar to the male beast.

just as Shirley's skirt was faded to her wrist, she saw the a love letter sent to her by Terry on her chest ...

She had not looked closely, for the shock that Litt had brought to her had made her unavailable, but at this time the nipple's general shape had plunged into the eyes like a thorn.

She jerked Terry away and wept bitterly.

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