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Chapter 4 Pendulum is Shaking

One months have passed.

"Go away! "In the beautiful hall, a decadent man lay in a large golden chair, drunk waving his arm.


a jug fell on the carved floor, and the liquor flowed out of the spout.

"Useless man! "Judy despised Samuel and turned to walk outside the hall, scolding as he walked," When did you wake up besides seeing you and the son of that bastard! I was so bothered that I wanted you to do something for our Eaton Chamber of Commerce and talk to Castro about the trade, and I didn't expect you to be so uncompetitive! "

then, a fat old woman hit in.

"Slow down, Marka! "Judy frowned, his lipstick lips skimmed," Don't you know what you weigh? "

," and master Sarah ... "the Kama gasped.

and Judy frowned, "What's wrong with that little bastard!" "

" cried very hard, afraid of being hungry. "Marka saw Judy's expression, and did not swallow the spit, but she went on, for she was now the babysitter of Little Isaac. ' He can't eat anything, and also, less than half-year-old children, need to be nurtured by their mother ... "

" Shut up! "Cried Judy Gao," Don't you know what you're trying to do, I warn you, Marka, though you're my nanny, don't mention that little bastard in front of me again! "

" I'll go. "A pale, gloomy old man came in, with a sparse head count of the number of clear roots."

"Do you know how to raise a child? Lacey Butler. "Marka looked at the old man in Surprise.

"Hmm." "Lacey nodded and then left with Marka.

"This weird old man! "Judy stared at the back of the pair leaving," I don't know what's wrong with my father, I have to take this old guy with me, I've been alone all my life, I don't know what he's thinking, but ... "Judy winked," he did something clean and tidy ... "She looked back at the drunken unconscious of the man-in-a glance," If it hadn't been for his arrangement, I'm afraid I wouldn't have been unable to find this man back, hey. "She sighed," What's the use of finding it back, not a piece of crap yet. "


"He smiled, and he smiled. Lacey Butler, you really have a way! "In the soft bedroom, the Marka jumped up.

a knock, and when she landed, the whole room seemed to shake.

Wow! The baby in the cradle of

began to cry again.

, "What are you doing?" Marka, please pay attention to your weight. "Lacey frowned.

then, he would carefully boil the rice soup, mixed a little deer milk, with a soft scented stick dipped a little bit, dripping on the lips of Xiao Sprinkle.

seems to smell this special fragrance, Xiao spread opened his eyes, crying to a halt, his small hands have moved up, straight up, like to eat.

Lacey showed a hint of a smile.

"The first time I saw this strange old man laughing. "Marka was amazed.

Ow's barking, very lovely, Lacey gently reached out to hold him out, in the room around the circle pacing, every lap, feed Xiao sprinkle a little mixed with deer milk honey rice pulp .......

a few laps down, under the food and Lacey's coax, Xiao Sarai actually began to giggle.

"Little boy, want to fly, fly to the tree to pick fruit, did not pick, picked to Hornet's nest ..."

Lacey this lonely strange old man actually sang nursery rhyme!?

Voice is very hard to hear, the tune also ran, but can be heard, inside that warm taste ...

Marka's eyes were a little moist, so she crept out of the room.

"called Grandpa Lacey ..." Lacey teased Little Sarai, "by the right, kid, I forgot, you can't talk yet, hehe ..."


days go by.

is like the pendulum where the sculpture clock never stops at the Pollock Manor.

a moment, every wobble, is a symbol of the silence of the years.

's reputation as a big "deal" with Gia's Lord, Duke Castroda, has brought him huge profits, and the prestige of the Bora estate has greatly improved in the GIA of this area.

every day there are aristocratic dignitaries to visit, coupled with the financial support of the Langton Chamber of Commerce, the Bora Manor is almost a day banquet, night communication ...

a few more months later, Pollock's home Lord, Isaac, seemed to recover in this glossy glory, and his confidence came back. The vanity of

loss of dignity is also interesting?

is not important, and Nathaniel has been repressed for too long, even so, he likes the gush of flattery and the cup of the interlaced hypocrisy.

just, he still doesn't share a room with Judy, as it was a long time ago, and now he says very little, and the two are just a little intimate with each other in front of guests and outsiders.

This may be the last limit to the dignity of a five-class warrior.


, "Run!" "On the lawn of the manor, a thin old man in a housekeeper's dress drummed," Look, little Sarai, that's a butterfly, go get it, grab it, and you'll make it! "

" Ah! "A little boy, almost a year old, climbed up from the ground and swung flash towards a five colors butterfly parked on a small flower.

Two small meat feet wearing luxurious small leather boots, is very attractive, but, did not take a few steps, snapped, Xiao Sprinkle pounced on the ground.

"Don't help him, let him stand up on his own!" "

's voice came as Lacey was shocked and ready to pick up Xiao Caesar's extra overtime.

"Master." "Lacey loosened his hand and saluted bow, but his eyes flowed through a glimmer of fine.

"My son, I will learn to walk by myself." "The Proud word of Delphi."

Lacey's heart suddenly did not taste, he lowered his head, his eyes revealed a little disdain-this guy never care about the child, only know to say these useless truth, Xiao Zacchaeus saw him afraid, did not think of him as a father.

on the contrary, Lacey-this lonely flock strange old man, but Xiao Zacchaeus's favorite person.

The joy of a toddler is almost instinctive, and of course, little Nathaniel likes Markhis babysitter, but only when he wants to eat ...

"Get Up!" "Seeing little Sarai still lying on the ground crying, Sarai burst into anger, a few steps rushed over, forcibly pulled him up, snapped on Xiao Sprinkle's butt egg."

heard Xiao Zacchaeus crying loudly with fear, and Lacey's face changed.

"Just like your bastard mother! "Samuel did not fight a place, and perhaps the cry of Isaac reminded him of something.

"Master ..." Lacey was startled when he suddenly appeared in Satan, and the old man was so quick that it was impossible to use magic?

Magic ... That's a noble term for Offilar.

"You ... Do you call Isaac's biological mother that? "Lacey sank the channel.

"Bastard! Do you know who you're talking to! "Samuel was ashamed and angry, and jerked a punch at Lacey!

sizzling sizzling.

a thin electric light rolled over Samuel's fist, and he was like hitting a grid!

"Ouch! "Cried Nathaniel, taking a few steps back and grabbing his blackened fist.

"Who the hell are you? "The frightened word of zacchaeus."

"Your housekeeper, sir." "Lacey Yin Flock's face was uneventful.

"suffered, useless loser! "A woman with a heavy makeup and a slightly blessed figure came over," said the man of my Langton family, not as a man of your strength could imagine. "

", MA ' am. "Lacey Chaojudi saluted, and the complexion remained unchanged, as if the matter had nothing to do with him.

"Haha, pollack home, so good ah, the result is not even a retired court sorcerer is inferior!" "Judy mocked the Delphi.

retired court sorcerer? This Darcy is really a sorcerer!

"Big 6 North, Callan, Inger, Farsi three empires, the small principality of Hill, but by the trade in the seam to survive, not to mention, that represents the supreme will of the great God of Odin, the holy city of Goya!" "Judy squinting," Your pride now is brought to you by my Eaton Chamber of Commerce, otherwise, do you think you are a fallen count, who cares about you, who care about you? "

was blue and clasped his fist.

"What are you doing? Want to swing your fist at me, great warrior? "Judy laughed with his mouth covered, and the laughter was sharp, like cutting a knife to Sarai.

But he was still afraid to do it, because Judy was standing next to Lacey, the retired court sorcerer!

"Do you think Lasigen is the housekeeper, you idiot! "Judy laughed enough and had a positive face," I was ranked fourth in all the chambers of commerce in Offilar, and the National Chamber of Commerce in the British Empire! Useless man, do you know what the National Chamber of Commerce means? That is the chamber of Commerce that can be responsible for the royal trade of a country. For royalty, we are much better than you useless aristocrats! Hem, such a prominent Langton family, asking a retired court sorcerer of the British Empire to protect their two ladies what is so strange, to blame, it is strange that this lady married the wrong person, married a useless man, even her own woman can not protect ... "Judy did not stop the mouth, has been showing off, has been stimulating the Delphi.

and Lacey beside her, then silently went to Xiao Zacchaeus, pulled up his small hand, until then, scared early to stop the cry of the Satan has the movement, he gripped Lacey's leg, the small face tightly affixed to Lacey's leg.

"Take him away! I hate it when I look at it! "Judy noticed Little Isaac.

"Yes, MA ' am. "Lacey picked up Little Isaac and walked towards the garden in the distance.

"pull, pull, pull ... Lacey .... Grandpa ... "

suddenly, Lacey stopped and Isaac froze." "He was also stuck.

, Xiao Zacchaeus is talking!

He clasped Lacey's old neck and uttered the first words of his life.

"haha haha! "Judy froze for a few seconds, and screamed," Ironically, my Lord Pollack, you are proud of the successor, you and that bastard bastard, said the first sentence, the first person to call, incredibly not you as a father, you really failed to come home! "

," get the hell out of Here! You guys! "Sarai stared angrily at Lacey's somewhat bent back. Judy's remark really stabbed him in the pain.

Lacey went away, holding Xiao Zacchaeus, leaving only Judy and Delphi to stay there.

"Let's go, your son and his favorite man are gone, what are you still doing here? "Judy went up to Zacchaeus and took his arm.

"Let go! "Samuel shook her off.

"Come on, my husband." "Judy smiled, still with irony," the Duke of Castroda had a banquet, and you were invited to come with me, Count del, without me, you would not even be qualified to walk into an occasion like that ... "

was panting, but he never threw away Judy's hand again.


"Scream again." "Old Lacey crouched in front of Satan, smiling.

"Whoo-hoo! "Xiao Sarai's skull shook, he looked like his mother Shirley, very beautiful, a brown head like his mother supple smooth, white skin, eyebrows beautiful."

"It's not a whoop, it's Grandpa Lacey, Come on, Sarai, follow grandpa and read, pull ... Xi...... Ye...... Master ... "Lacey saw Xiao Sarai's expression of Han Han, happy open his arms.

"pull, pull, pull ..." Little Sarah Gallas didn't pull out for half a day.

Oh no, pull it out, a smell from the butt of a small thing scattered out.

listen to Del and Judy have been talking about things he didn't understand at all, and Little Isaac was afraid to hold on until this time, when he and Lacey were alone, they instinctively relaxed ...

, of course, let it out, too.

"This little guy! "Marka, who had been in the room preparing lunch for Sarah, rushed out.

"I'll come." "Lacey took the soft velvet diaper from Marka's hand.

"He ... Even ... "Marka surprised at Lacey's careful change of diaper to Zacchaeus. Although she did not know Lacey's identity, she had, after all, come with Lacey from the Langton Chamber of Commerce as far away as the British Empire, and she had seen the attitude of the President of the Langton Chamber of Commerce and Lacey speaking-very gentle, very respectful!

So, Marka, with her instincts of the next one, guessed that Lacey's identity must not be simple.

is not simple, the court sorcerer, as the name implies, is the sorcerer who plays for the royal Family, the sorcerer originally in Offilar 6 is the noble existence, not to mention for the royal family to play the sorcerer!

"Pull, pull, Grandpa Lacey! "Xiao Sprinkle is comfortable under his butt and opens his mouth again."

"Alas! "Lacey gave a happy cry, and his eyes became very bright.

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