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Chapter 34 Misunderstanding

Old and small courtyard.

a yellow leaf fell from the tree in the yard and floated to the stone table.

"Damn Autumn! "Jenson catch up the yellow leaf and shredded it.

"Jenson Buddy Ah, don't be depressed, everyone has everyone's blessing, forced not to come, drink it, this is the life that belongs to us!" "The Bald bull has a drunken face."

"Drink! "Bang, Jenson did not hold his glass and fell to the ground and broke.

"Alas, Hottandin autumn, cold People's fingers are numb!" "Jenson kicked off the broken glass.

"You're still thinking about him. "Bull, how could the old fritters, who had been rolling at the Phyllis House for years, not see Jenson's mind? "There is a saying in my hometown that the Swan will not live with the duck, seriously, Jenson, from the first time I saw your cousin, I knew that he was by no means one of us, and wanted to open something." "

Jenson looked at the house where Satan had lived," I know, I know, from the things I often see him doing in that house as some warrior masters do, but it's also a little too fast ... "sighed

, grabbing a chicken leg on the stone table, gnawing a few bites, and then falling to the ground and scolding,". " You dork, you often say that your cousin stay, I think you are the most stupid! What kind of identity are we? To live a day is a day, and what do you want to do! You have seen who do not like the rich, who do not like the status, people are like this, once flying on the high branch, who will not forget! Feelings? Joke! After all these years at the Phyllis House, Lao Tzu has never seen anything, this kind of thing has long looked down, I said, you do not make this silly bird like, listen to your brother Boer, at night we go out happy, the next street there are a few chicks can be warm, they as long as the money, do not look at *** status, Laozi do not believe ... "

" do not believe what? "Jenson drank a mouthful of wine, and a fat face was glittering with oil.

"Your cousin is back." "Bull has a big mouth open."

"Nonsense, I do not believe that he will come back, you ***, drink too much is it! "Jenson scolded.

"No, it's really coming back." "Bull pointed to the door of the small courtyard.

Jenson Jerked back!

saw a man crouching at the door with his back to them, a gray hyena in his calf with a Huan ...

is still the cloth, or hanging in the vest as long as black silk satin.

Jenson froze, suddenly, and his tears were coming out.

teased Gita for a while, went to the stone table, and said to Jenson, "is there anything else to eat?" "

" Has it! "Jenson gave his hand a quick wipe in the corner of his eye, grinning.

"I want to have a barbecue." "Zacchaeus looked at the empty barbecue plate on the stone table," Hurt well, very hungry. "

" mm-hmm. "Jenson kept nodding, opened his mouth, and looked cheerfully at Isaac.

"You're stupid! Bull patted it his head, The *** brother is going to have a barbecue, and you're not going to get ready! "

" Oh, yes! "Jenson got up hurriedly and rushed towards the kitchen.

"That's right. "Zacchaeus picked up the remaining half of the chicken on the table, nibbled it, and tore it half to Gita.

"What are you going to say? "Jenson turned, and Bull looked at him.

"I don't call a daze, my name is Isaac." "said Sarai, chewing while saying.

, "Aren't you called AH? "Jenson froze," I knew from the beginning of knowing you that your name was AH. "

" that was taken by the old lady, I never said I called AH. "It's rare for zacchaeus to say such a long sentence.

"Everything is good, everything is good, hehe, come back just good, come back just fine." "Jenson ran toward the kitchen contentedly, and the fat ran really ugly, but it was very happy."


into the night.

in the small courtyard to restore quiet, Jenson and Boer drink too much, directly to find the next street, the few enthusiastic girls went, not leaked, is to celebrate.

, on the other hand, returned to his little house and began to practice.

This is the first time in nearly one months that he has practiced a nine-day Thurus spell since he signed a blood deed with the hyena Gita.

Bloodthirsty Repair Luo Tian-the first stage of the nine-day Thurus spell.

felt that after he was hurt, the whirlpool in Taneda seemed to have become more powerful.

is this also Asura's gift?

need to wander between life and death, the strength is growing faster?

not understand, but he was aware of the changes in his body.

soon, he entered the state of cultivation, sitting on the ground, his shabby clothes have been soaked with sweat. The whirlpool in

is significantly accelerated, and the energy that condenses from the depths of the body according to the "Nine days Thurus mantra" can no longer satisfy the ** it devours.

that Whirlpool, like a monster that will never feed, only know swallow, swallow, swallow!

can only speed up the degree, the circulation of Lori in the meridians has reached the limit, all's sense of powerlessness deeply stimulates the pain nerve of Satan.

, what's going on?

after a while, Zacchaeus suddenly opened his eyes!

chest Qi and blood a surging, "wow" a sound, he spit out a large mouth of dirt blood. It was clear that he had been eat by the repair of Lori and had suffered internal injuries.

covered his chest, struggling to get up from the ground, but he could not lift a little strength, the eyes of a black, fell down ...

when Zacchaeus awoke, it was two days later. He opened his eyes and the surrounding environment had all changed. The place where he lay was not the cold floor, but a very soft feather bed. It's still pink ...

"You're awake." "A gentle voice sounded in his ear.

the side of the body, the eye, is a pair of beautiful big eyes, long eyelashes upturned upward. At this time, the owner of the eye is looking at him with a god.

This man is a little strange, how to look at himself like this?

do not understand, but also silly look at the hands holding up the chin, elbows propped up on the edge of the people.

was Vivian, and Sarai had never seen her well, so there was no impression at all, and he looked at Vivian's eyes, and was actually looking at a stranger who had made him strange, a woman who had made him inexplicable.

Vivian seems to have misunderstood a little, looked at for a while, her face actually flew over a shy hongxia.

"How do you get hurt all the old ..." Vivian lowered her head, and the long roll swung with shyness, which was lovely.


How did she know I was hurt?

to do not understand, at this time is even confused, so, he looked at Vivian's eyes more confused.

But, his eyes are too unique, deep like the night sky, clearly confused, but in Vivian secretly aimed at his eyes, unexpectedly turned into a gentle hazy beauty ...

a complete misunderstanding.

body seems to have been all right, Zacchaeus also don't want to face this let him confused woman, so, he opened the quilt, jumped off the bed.

and Vivian screamed and covered her face .....

jester that bastard, clearly asked him to help, unexpectedly took Satan off only a pair of shorts!

This is the first time Vivian has seen a man's body in her life, and although she doesn't see the most critical parts, it's enough to make her 18-year-old shy.

but, Vivian's finger seam or secretly opened .....

more symmetrical body ah, slender figure, muscle lines full of explosion and coordination sense, scars scattered on the skin above ...

's heart is going to jump out.

She closed the finger seam, dare not look again, she is afraid to look down again, will not be able to control their own.

"Why are you covering your face? "A ruffian voice came." "What about Satan? "

gone? Vivian took her hand, and now the man who made her blush and heartbeat was gone, and instead, it was her brother, the slippery ruffian jester.

"He's gone, you didn't see him? "Vivian looked embarrassed.

"No, I just had something ..." Jester appeared in front of the dark Chamber of Secrets, and the Dead old man with Strange magic to make himself faint, the heart can not help but shiver.

"What's wrong with you? "Vivian is a different brother."

"Meet a guy who's scarier than a dead man ..." Jester said he missed his mouth.

is "scarier than a dead man?" "Vivian doesn't understand what kind of person a guy is scarier than a dead man, she has no idea."

"Forget it, don't say this." "Jester looked at the empty pink soft bed," Where did you hide my friend, what did you do to him? "

" is gone! "When I heard jester pointing, it was obvious, Vivian was angry and stared," and you said, "ask you to help, why take it off!" "

" which family? "Jester is happy," no ah, that person still has a pair of shorts Ah, you think, my sister, people hurt just right, and fell down, if you are not wandering in the place where people live, how can now people fainted in the ground? As your brother, in order to make sure that there is nothing wrong with your family, of course, you have to undress. "

's face was completely red, her head lowered, her lips clenched, and she kept silent ...

Jester laughed and walked outside Chaoweiwi's room.

"Where are you going? "Vivian stopped him.

"Go to your family, your family has promised your brother to work together in the body." "Jester head did not return," How, do you want to go together ah, I remember you are also a very good warrior, by the way can ask your people also teach you ah. " "

Vivian in Peace of mind moved, almost said yes, suddenly she reacted, this is jester another tweet."

"Don't go!" "Vivian was really angry, threw herself at the bed and buried her face on the pillow.

A man's breath mixed in the scent, with Vivian's breath into her body ....

was left by him ...

Vivian motionless lying on the bed, feeling the taste of sprinkle, the heart began to jump wildly.

just as she was about to be unable to do so, Liv bumped in.

"Don't even have to knock in my room now! "Vivian jerked over, and the red tide on her face did not recede, as if she had done something anything wrong.

"No, no, it's Princess Celia." "As soon as Liv's voice fell, she saw a figure hidden in a large robe that flashed in.

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