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Chapter 35 Fragrance

The Comer took off his hat and saw a long golden sprinkle.

"Hot to death." "Come and shake your head, the silk strands of gold, as if the soft eye waves, suddenly let Vivian's room seems to be bright a bit."

, what a beautiful woman!

Fair skin is in the shadow of the night can also be crystal clear circulation, vibrant eyes flow hidden charm, small and kinda nose just right, lips bright red, lip line every subtle action, are ticking the bone marrow, are in the silent Declaration, that unique personality.

This woman is really attractive, Vivian than, may not be so lovely, but she scattered out of the temptation, but can let every first sight of her man heartwarming.

is a bit perverse, a little wild, a little weird, a little pure, and a little sexy ...

countless "a bit" gathered together to achieve the most beautiful woman--

Cilia Belsa in the Principality of Hill.

"Does my brother know you're here? Vivian saw Celia go straight to her bedside, and lay there with no scruples, and the heart jumped again.

"Shh! "Celia up his index finger," whispered a little, seriously, Vivian, your brother, it gives me a headache. "

" hee. "Vivian is happy," you mean he's like some kind of animal. "

" likes to jump around ... "Celia actually lying on Vivian's bed, the body leaned down, the golden silk fell in front of the face, shaking ....

even though Celia imitated the toad's movements, he was not ugly at all; even if the broad robe could not see the curves of her body, it was enough to make people reverie!

couldn't help blushing.

"Huh? "Celia breathed a few times," This is not the taste of Soro flavor yo, well, the smell of heavy sweat ... "

" You come down! "Vivian rushed over and tugged at Celia's hand.

"Why are you so nervous? Let people lie down for a while, walked so long, out of a lot of sweat it. "Celia threw off Vivian's hand and pulled the robe down a bit ...

White jade-like fragrant shoulders, hung with subtle beads of sweat, as if the flawless can immaculate dotted with diamond powder.

"You pay attention a little bit." "Vivian's face is red again." To tell the truth, her young friends who have known each other since childhood, although bright and not square things, but the character is sometimes very strange, raised her hand looks casual, completely natural outpouring, can be very lethal, do not say men, on the Lianweiwi, will often be left and right.

"Oh? "Celia squinted his eyes," I understand ... Hey, say, where did you hide him, my little cutie! "

" No! "Vivian instinctively shrank back."

"Still want to lie, it seems, the princess to clean up you, see you do not tell the truth!" "Celia's hand opened like a cat's paw.

"Ah! "Vivian fled backwards, but the little foot accidentally hung on the foot of the bed, a bang fell on the bed."

then, Celia pounced on it ...

ragged clothes, jade body staggered, giggle gasp, for a time, the room live color incense.

for a while, Celia put Vivian under the body, Vivian body Petite, about 1.6-meter, and Celia but nearly 1.7-meter of the height, it does look a lot more abundant than Vivian.

Xili looked at Vivian lovely pretty face, suddenly sighed, "have like the person, really good." What happened to "

"? "Vivian sensed something was wrong with Celia.

is at this time ...

Bang! The

door was knocked open!

"This? "Seeing two beautiful women glued to the bed in that position, Jester forgot even his breathing.

"Vivian ..." Celia sat up, unhurriedly tidied up his clothes, "your door, there are no servants?" Can you just come in? "

" seems to have been like this lately. "Vivian also flushed left up, scrambling to pull up just by Celia ripped off the skirt shoulder strap."

jester speechless, eyes not a little omission all fell on the Celia body, the whole person did not move, as if it had been petrified.

Celia also do not speak, respond to Jester's eyes, the corners of his mouth like laughing, but two tall crescent moon but wrinkled up.

and Vivian sighed, turned her head and looked out of the window.

a few minutes later.

Celia stood up, "I'm gone, Vivian, and I'll see you some other day." "

" Is there something you want to say to me? "asked Vivian.

"No need, anyway you'll soon know, man, hum." "Celia looked at jester," in addition to being attracted by the appearance of women, they do not know anything else, there is no decent! " "

said, Celia Head also did not return out of Vivian's room.

"What are you doing here, brother? "Vivian sighed again, and Jester liked Xili she knew, but she also knew how high the vision of Celia, the only baby daughter of His Majesty King Carritt of the Principality, was ... A character like his own brother, Celia can talk to him for two words, also is to look at their own face ...

saw a bit of sadness in Jester's eyes, Vivian couldn't help shaking her head secretly.

"Give it to me ... Give me some money. "Jester is a little out of his mouth.

"Ah? "Vivian's corrugated."


out of the small building where Vivian lived, strolling on the lawn of Phyllis Manor, Xili looked at some gray sky on his head. The weather in the north of

is so unsatisfactory. When autumn arrived, everything was as if it were going to wither, and there was no Lianyun in the sky.

Celia looked down at the foot of some yellow grass, the mood is more boring.

at this moment, a gray shadow flashed through her feet.

Celia was startled.

was in shock, and another shadow flashed from her side ...

a few things like the head swept over her cheek, and the sudden puffy felt even more to make her tremble.

a man with a strange black, and a hyena.

"Hey! "Celia stared at the man's back, originally the mood is not good, at the moment that long and vest black let her heart inexplicable a burst of irritation," Who are you, look at your outfit, like the Phyllis Manor of the other, you do not know in your identity, can not appear on such a lawn! Also bring such a low-level warcraft, the Phyllis family is really more and more unruly! "

" What! "Celia saw that the guy actually ignored her words, but on his own squat down, tease up that hyena, can't help but furious!"

"I'm talking to you! What kind of identity do you dare to be so rude! "Celia rushed to the man in front of him, his hands waist, and looked at him in a condescending.

The black anti-man raised his head, dark as the night silk slid through his deep eyes ...

Celia stayed for a while.

This look ...

a little dull, a little humble, a little scared, and a little sad ...

said it was not clear what it was like, and for a moment, Celia felt as if he had seen a beast that hid all his teeth and sorrows.

She could not say the next thing.

Two people just look at each other.

"What are you doing? ' Vivian and Jester came out and just saw the scene.

See and Celia look at the black man, Vivian Heart can't help but tremble.

"I'm helping you teach you a lesson." "Celia took a deep breath, turned to the road, saw Jester is looking at himself, show eyebrows slightly frowned."

"The other guy? Vivian froze for a moment, and soon reacted, and the black man, the man who had made her heartbeat countless times in her dreams, was just a handyman at Phyllis Manor.

saw Satan crouching on the ground, bewildered appearance, Vivian suddenly very sad, walk over, pull him up, raise his head, face expressionless to Celia Way: "He is not the man, he is my friend with Jester, called Isaac." "

" Isaac? Is he dumb? Fool one. "Celia looked at the two men and left without returning his head. Just Vivian's attitude made her a little angry, after all, she is a princess, and known as Hill, the most beautiful woman in this beautiful country, haughty is inevitable.

"Are you all right ... Don't mind, Celia is like this, in fact, she is a very good person, there is no malice ... "At this time, Vivian reacts to her hand was still pulled by herself, her face flushed, loosened her hand.

his hand, it was very hot, not at all like his people, cold, dazed .... Vivian secretly raised her head.

saw that Satan did not react, but looked out of his mind Celia left the direction, like a statue in general.

Vivian in peace of mind inexplicably tremble, a kind of uneasiness in the bottom of my heart breeding ...

"Whoo-hoo." "

The Coyote Gita rubbed on Sarai's calf.

took a moment of Satan's move.

"Let's Go." "Jester came over, but the ruffian smile on his face was a little unnatural.

nodded with some nod.

"My sister is going too, no way." "Jester shrugged at Satan," since the last time I was in the Klamar jungle, I have been regulated, not a penny, only to ask Vivian, she is a good boy, never spend money. " "Jester touched Vivian's head," right, you haven't officially seen it, her name is Vivian, my sister, a lovely girl who dreams of becoming the strongest female jihadi in the mainland. "

" hates it! "Vivian shook off Jester's hand, and the curly brown length was a little messy.

"Hello ..." she hurriedly looked at her head.

but, Satan only "Oh" a cry. His eyes, had remained in the direction of Celia's departure. His mind was still filled with the seductive scent.



, for the first time in his practice, was eat by an uncontrolled repair of Lori. When

practiced two days ago, Gita was faithful to the lookout for his master. Unsurprisingly, a huge force suddenly scattered from its brain, a bit of it knocked out. When it returned to consciousness, Isaac was no longer there. It was connected to the life between Isaac and found it here. Just too many people, it dare not come near, has been wandering outside Vivian's room. It didn't dare come in until Jester appeared.

Although Satan was injured, Gita was worried. But Gita's mood is exciting, because when it wakes up, it is pleasantly surprised that its strength has leapt from a level of Warcraft to level three!

this, it was brought to it by Isaac.

at that time, Zacchaeus felt that the whirlpool of Taneda is more in demand than usual, devouring the degree of Lori is crazier, because--

blood deed!

's strength is so poor, so when Satan is practicing, he must also turn the two-thirds Lori to it!

but "bloodthirsty thurus days" how domineering, how can it allow others to share its "food"! As a result, it is self-accelerating to run the degree. Lori practice produced by the repair of the original has been divided two-thirds, it also to add insult to injury, not eat is strange!

So, while Gita was refreshing, its owner went through the first practice of eat in life. When

fainted in eat, Jenson and bull two guys were out there splendor. And he's a small courtyard, and there's generally no one coming. It was Boer's duty for the Phyllis family to arrange for the work of the other, and Isaac was Jenson's cousin, and the relationship with master jester was shallow, so Boolean would not arrange work for Satan at all.

also do not understand one of them, every day in addition to practice is the cultivation.

no one dares to come to his trouble, and no one dares to resent, but to tell the truth, if not jester, if not Boer, some of the imbalance in the heart of the people have long come to find ballast, it is strange to say, the world clearly some people themselves are very bitter very poor, but like to bully more bitter and pitiful than them, In this way to meet their own very fragile inferiority.

when Gita himself has become a Level three Warcraft, the surprise is huge, but when it is now fainted in the land of the scatter, and mournful cry up. In its mind, Isaac is everything to it, more important than anything else, even if it loses the chance to live.

don't know if it was a coincidence, anyway Vivian heard Gita scream, rushed in.

don't know is not embarrassed, she did not call the other under, also did not call Liv ya, just hurriedly to call brother Jester.

So, Isaac was jester got to Vivian's room, maybe Vivian is afraid that Satan can not get careful care, want to take care of him in person.

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