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Chapter 33 Them

A few days later, when the death of Reverend Lafar spread throughout Hottandin, many people were sighing.

Lafar was a good priest, well-connected in aristocratic circles, but now he is dead, and people lament him at best. The sheriff of Hottandin did not know who had done it, for the man who had killed the Lafar was so powerful that even Lord Desai could not feel any trace from the breath left by the scene.

"should be a holy strong man." "When Desai left such a sentence, he went back to his sorcerer's guild.

, the holy Strong? Say who believed it. What a noble man it is, how could he go with you, an old priest who is retiring quickly.

Besides, the whole of the Hottandin, also on the Bang grams of a holy strong, that is the pride of the Principality of Hill, is everyone knows the great character.

to say he killed Lafar, three years old children do not believe.

So, can only conclude that Lafar is his own old death.

then the Sorcerer's Guild buried him in a sacred ceremony, and the matter went unanswered.

and Phyllis Manor, Zacchaeus had been lying in jester's room, wrapped in white bandages like a dumplings.

a fat man stood by the bed of Sarai, unable to sigh.

"Jenson, you guys don't stay in the kitchen, what are you doing here, who let you in?" "When Jester came in, the Fat Man was present.

"Master Jester, I ..." Saw Jester, Jenson's fat body trembled.

"Get out of Here, Zacchaeus is not a man of your world now, give me a little attention later." "Jester kicked Jenson on the butt.

"Yes, yes, yes." "Jenson ran away hurriedly. He heard that "a stay" was injured and worried, so while Jester was out, he hooked up with his entourage in the caretaker room and sneaked in.

"Ah, you're out of it." "Jenson stood under the beautiful house, glanced back, and sighed heavily.

a moment of bitterness, and Jenson walked towards the place that belonged to him.

He did not know why Satan was hurt, but all the next people are talking about his "cousin", said that he and master jester is actually lost for many years of brother, because the leaf master lost many years of son, anyway, there is a lot of claims, but none of them is said that a person is actually a very distinguished identity of people ...

was who, Jenson knew best, and he did not know where the nonsense had come from, but was worried about him after learning of a serious injury.

Jenson is actually a person who has no idea, and it is easy to get in the way, so many people say that a stay and master jester have a relationship, plus today in the Jester Room Jester said the sentence, Jenson also did not believe a few points, perhaps really a stay is the Phyllis family outside the member ... In the small courtyard of

, Jenson looked at the room where he had stayed, and his eyes were not a little moist.

"is the wind, really annoying." "Jenson rubbed his eyes and wet on the back of his hand.

in fact, no matter what the identity of a stay, Jenson still want this silly boy is really his "cousin."

.. The outskirts of

Hottandin. On a small hill.

There are no plants around here, it is very desolate.

a few swoop, a figure from a distance high, a few ups and downs on the hill.

is bunker.

He stood quietly on the hill, as if waiting for something.

after a while, the sound of the click from the foot, saw suddenly opened a seam on the surface of the hill, and then the seam grew larger and bigger, until revealed an exit--

tunnel exit!

"Oh, my friend, I really admire you." "Bunker," Alvi, as the greatest assassin of the Sinoe Dark Elf tribe, did not expect to be so proficient in the design of the goblins ' organs. "

The Tower ...

footsteps came out of the tunnel, which sounded slow and stiff.

footsteps More and more close, finally out of the tunnel.

It was a man with a bent back, wrapped in a large, ragged black robe, with his black robe hat tightly covering his head and not seeing his face.

"Still don't like the sun, Sting. "Bunker put a warm smile on his face.

"Well, Uncle Bunker." "Sting has no sense of rejection of bunker, as natural as he is to Isaac."

"Let's Go." "Bunker Road.

"good." "Sting doesn't ask bunker where he's going." In his mind, Isaac was a friend, and this bang was a relative.

Bunker told Austin never to go out of the dungeon, he did, then so reluctant to scatter, also did not leave; Bunker now said he could go out, he also did, no matter where he went, he believed that from his childhood has often appeared in front of his "Uncle Bunker" will not harm him.

Austin followed Bunker and left the Dark dungeon, whose destination was the Phyllis Manor.


a few days later.

's body is still recovering, and it does take time for such a heavy injury to heal.

Midway He also woke up a few times, ate something, his vision was so vague that he could not see who was being fed at all.

just, that person's body scattered out of the flavor of incense, smell very comfortable.

"He's still not awake. "Vivian sighed, gently put down the golden Bowl, the food in the bowl, although fluid, but looks very delicate, a look is carefully prepared."

Vivian looked at Sarai's sleeping face, and a scene in the Klamar jungle appeared in front of her eyes.

"You hate to die, haunt me all the old." Vivian whispered to Isaac, even if he could not hear him. "As soon as you close your eyes, you think of the way you look, in your dreams ... Dream is also, do not know what kind of evil I am, or you are a cursed sorcerer ... "

, whispering softly to Satan, the expression changed a lot, a will be angry to beep the mouth, a shame and a smile, followed by the demon.

, "My sister ..." Jester suddenly appeared behind Vivian's back.

Vivian really startled, suddenly got up, that lovely little face flushed!

"Well, this should be like a person's performance." "Jester held his chin, a look of thought.

"Don't talk nonsense! "As soon as Vivian stamped her foot, she turned and left.

"If it's not ... Then why do you run here almost every day? "Jester is still the deep virtue of the suit."

"He saved me! "Vivian is in a hurry."

"Oh, I see." "Jester nodded with a flat nod.

was broken by jester and talked to Satan, ashamed to find the ground seam drill, she also did not care what Jester said, just want to get out of this room quickly.

"Want to know what your hero's name is? "Jester's slow way."

, Vivian stopped.

"Condition ..." jester turned slowly, and the expression proved that he really should have inherited his father.

Vivian's expression was lovely, but she still clenched her teeth and nodded, regardless of what Jester's condition was.

"Satan, Offilar's old saying, means strong and patient ... Gee, sister, look at your clever brother, how knowledgeable you are, and if it's not very promising to be a war saint, I think he must be the most prestigious scholar on the mainland ... "Jester shook his head is showing off.

, "Zacchaeus ... Strong and patient ... "Viv's ups and downs in peace of mind, Jester's fart she didn't listen to a word.

will stay, Vivian turned out of Jester's room, heart, but has been repeating the name.



Bunker called Jester to a place.

"Where is this? "Jester looked at four weeks--

a long corridor, the dark magic crystal thick covered with walls and tops, isolated from the light, but also isolated from the breath.

"This stone attached to the wall ..." Jester reached out and touched the magic crystals, feeling cold and even a little biting.

"This is called Black ice crystal, can absorb magic breath, is a good isolation." "Bunker laughs.

"How come I didn't know there was such a place at the Phyllis House? "Jester is very strange.

"has been, but abandoned, this used to be a warehouse, these black ice crystals are only recently inlaid." "Bunker walked forward, and Jester followed him, and it was really dark, and if it wasn't for the lighting magic lights in Bunker's hands, Jester couldn't see anything at all, and to be honest, he was really scared."

a sound, a flash of old iron door was pushed away.

Jester followed bunker into a secret room.

Bunker extinguished the magic crystal lamp in his hand.

all fell into a complete black.

Jester only felt that he had been brought to a stone bed by bunker, and then there was a little movement in front of him, as if a man had sat down, and it seemed not.

"Austin, my nephew, master Jester will give it to you." "Bunker's voice came out of the darkness.

"Hmm." "A dry voice suddenly came out in front of jester, without a hint of ups and downs.

really has a man in front of me!

Jester was startled.

, is this man really human? Why quiet like a dead man, and the darkness around as if melted into one!

"Uncle Bunker! "Jester couldn't help screaming.

"Be quiet, jester." "Bunker is still there," I'll be here, and you can rest assured that if you want to be strong, win at Hill's outing ceremony and get the favor of the most beautiful woman in Hill, don't think about anything, relax yourself and listen to everything. "

heard Bunker's words, Jester did not speak.

the outing ceremony, and the most beautiful woman in Hill. Although the Principality of

Hill is small, it is famous on the Offilar continent because it is rich in two things, one is gold, the other is a beautiful woman.

in such a beautiful country, can be called "the most Beautiful", it must be the dumping of sentient beings.

even jester such a small guts also produced courage, thus bunker said that the woman's magic.

Jester simply closed his eyes and thought nothing, and the ruffian had this benefit, and his mind would soon be emptied. The air in the

chamber began to flow, and a strange energy entered jester's forehead, and then he knew nothing.

Yes, the energy that completely paralyzes jester's brain is the taboo from Sting's "Soul Call"--

Undead magic!

, the Holy city secret, records that the spiritual power of man can be condensed and the taboo magic of his perception improved.


's body really recovered quickly, and after another more than 10 days, he was almost well.

Vivian hasn't been here since she was last hit by Jester.

the most seen people in more than 10 days, one because of leaf and the other for bunker.

They seemed to care about themselves, and Nathaniel was given the best care, and he had a fondness for Leafs and bunker in his heart.

who is good to him, he is good to whom.

's thinking was so simple that when he first saw Inlef and bunker, he didn't say anything, and gradually, when he was good, he could say a few words to them.

hurt well and was ready to leave, and he knew that the place did not belong to him. When

out of the beautiful house, he happened to meet the leaf.

"Where are you going? "Because Lew was a little surprised.

"Go back." "Lazarus."

"Where to go back? "Because Lew didn't react for a moment.

"that." "Satan pointed to the place where the Phyllis family lived in the distance.

because Leaf understood, laughing: "If you like, here can also be yours." "He pointed to the house behind Zacchaeus.

shook his head with no expression on his face, and was still so dazed.

but, because Leaf saw something from Sarai's eyes, something that jester did not have, and he did not have.

insisted ...

is close to stubborn persistence!

"Oh, seriously, I like you very much, Jester is also your friend, if you become a member of our Phyllis family, I will be very welcome." "Because of Leaf road."

still shook his head and said nothing.

"Forget it, President." "Bunker came from a distance.

He smiled and looked at Isaac: "A man who can kill a red python with his bare hands will not care about these things." "

" but ... "because of what Leaf still wants to say.

Bunker but made a gesture to him, "rest assured, will not delay, I believe, no matter where the little brother of Zacchaeus, his heart has us." "

" well. "Sprinkle with some nod and say a word."

then he walked towards a small courtyard in the distance.

because Leaf looked at the cloth, slender and upright back gradually drifting away, not to sigh: "Although it is a heresy, but that kind of stubborn but very valuable, if Jester can have half of him, no, one-tenth, I am satisfied." "

" can't say that either. "Bunker walked up to Leafs and lowered his voice," My nephew Austin has come here, and Jester will accept his ' soul call ' every day, and Christine says the effect is still good. "

" Austin ... "heard the name, because Lew couldn't help but tremble, and he had seen the man who was willing to be in the dark ...

"Bunker, brother, Austin seems to be a bit like this Satan, but this young man gives me a feeling like a beast with a strong sense of self-preservation, and your nephew, the son of your old friend ... It's hard to say. "Lamented Lew.

"is a bit like, I know what you want to say, that is the temperament of the undead sorcerer, they are by enslaving the souls of the dead meditation, so also dead, these two young people do not like to talk, have their own persistence." "Bunker nodded with a smile.

"Hopefully jester will be a little bit more competitive. "Because of Leaf road."

"There should be no problem, Sting to the undead magic, there is a natural sense of integration, if he cast the soul call, the effect must be the best." "Bunker Road.

"It's hard for you to do so much for our Phyllis family, if Jester can win at the upcoming outing ceremony in the Principality of hill ..." because Leaf slowly said.

"no problem." "Bunker patted because of Leaf's shoulder," we've been together for so many years, Jester Vivian Ann, and I've long regarded them as my own children. "

" I also understand, just ... "did not say what was next because Lew looked in the direction where Satan had disappeared.

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