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Chapter 30 Klamar Jungle-2

The air is very damp. The Principality of

Hill is located in the north of the Offilar continent, with a cold climate, but here, this Klamar jungle is hot and humid.

"is your friend here? "Isaac opened the wide leaves in front of him.

"Not a friend! "This is the first time Jester has spoken to himself since he met this taciturn fellow, so the tone of jester has become a little excited when he calls back," is my sister, Vivian Amphilis, very arrogant guy, always think that their strength over the young master, is simply funny ah, you say yes, brother, a girl, How can you stand on a man's head and dance a knife to get a sword? Gee ... "Jester was glad to say that now Caesar was no longer beside him.


a loud bang, and jester was startled.

then he changed his face and saw a huge tree smashing towards himself.

in the trunk to smash to Jester's face, a vigorous as a beast figure swept over, hands held up the tree, with a burst of drinking, the stout trunk was lifted up, and then thrown away.

"It's coming out! "A magnetic, low, even somewhat dull voice was passed into Jester's ear, and Jester looked back in amazement at the scatter that threw open the trunk.

He did not know where Zacchaeus had begun to hide, nor did he know why he was going to show up at this critical time again!

still too late to ask, jester ear will feel a breath of heat.

is Isaac.

He became hot all over, and even stood beside him feeling unbearable, Jester did not take two steps back from the direction, the hands of a knight with the kind of one-handed sword, the sword looks very expensive, but the soldiers who can use it are shaking.


is like a change of person, full of fierce face, jerked towards the huge trunk!

like a beast to kill prey in general, sprinkle hands to the death of the trunk epidermis, and then another Roar--


more than five meters thick trunk was divided into two halves by him!

Jester's eyes flashed with fear, for he saw what was hidden in the trunk ...

a python!

a python at least three meters thick and dozens of meters long! The red scales glowed with cold light, and the huge serpent had a green fillet of meat on its head, and there was gas on it!

Red, turquoise, these two colors paired very showy, and this gorgeous master, but is such a horrible python--

red poison python! Zacchaeus and Jester had no idea that this was an extremely terrible warcraft in the Klamar jungle, accustomed to hiding in the trunk to hunt for food.

Red poison python habits are very insidious, more frightening is that this kind of Warcraft actually reached the four level!

"Just came in ... How to ... "Jester's legs do not live chaff, terrified to watch Nathaniel and red poison python melee!"

This is what he said about the real warrior to come to, this kind of place can be jester often go to the Klamar hunting ground, that kind of place, the most but three levels of Warcraft, or in the deepest part of the hunting grounds, because it is used for entertainment, must first ensure the safety of those aristocrats. So, Jester thought, the Klamar jungle is the same, so, he and his sister Vivian made a bet, who can first go to the deepest part of the Klamar jungle, who will have to listen to who later, at least to each other as one months of slaves ...

agreed on the time is today, but jester because to come to Satan, so forget, so the wayward big lady herself came. When Liv told Jester Vivian to disappear, Jester reacted, but he was embarrassed to say that because he was a little afraid to go to the Klamar jungle, this guy has a little guts, but face still has to hang, so he thought of a way, is to drag Satan together ...

is so childish, do they think this is Klamar hunting ground? If you can not always appear a threat to life, and how to be called "real warrior can come to the place"!

The flowers in these two greenhouses, the result of mischief, is that Isaac is like a beast in front of fight!

"Brother ..." the low bush behind Jester moved a few times, and then a head stretched out.

"Sister! "Jester cried back, looking at the dirty little face, and he was astonished," You didn't go in? "The rustling of the

bushes, and then a girl in a beautiful armor drilled out ...

the armor on her body was really beautiful, and the delicate details were enough to see how beauty the girl was, that she was not tall, that she looked very petite, that a long roll was lovely, that the color was brown, and that it was lighter than jester. A handsome and beautiful small face is full of dirt, but still can see that faint slender bend eyebrows, big watery eyes, long and playful long eyelashes, small nose, chin sharp, cherry mouth is constantly gasping.

This is Jester's sister Vivian, she looks very embarrassed, also very afraid, at this time, she carefully climbed to jester side, Jester reached out to lift her up.

's big Eyes flash flash, and she was now wrestling with the monster that frightened her from hiding in the bushes.

"Who is he? "Vivian gasped, and it seemed that the fear had not yet been completely eliminated.

, "my friend." "Jester stared intently at Isaac.

was "terrible ..." and there was a look of horror in Vivian's eyes, "it's like ... It's like a hell of a beast ... "This time it scares her, not the red poison python, but the black man with blood all over her.



was pumped into the chest by the tail of a red venomous python, spewing a mouthful of blood.

the power of this tail is very big, but Satan is dead, he despite the pain of the chest sag, roar to catch the big tail attacking him!

bloodthirsty repair Luo tian! The

pain stimulated the whirlpool of the sprinkle, and the intense heat dissipated from the high rotation, fused into the muscles of Satan--

even hugged the tail of the red venomous python!


Red Poison Python felt the power of that man, which made it painful, and originally, it also regarded the guy as food.

Red Poison Python also angry, by the food in its eyes clinging to the tail, so that its original ferocity was thoroughly stimulated!

The red poison python desperately flung his tail, sprinkle and hold its tail, like a kite was dumped to dump.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

was finally thrown out, hit a few giant trees in a row and smashed into a bush.

"Hissing! "

Red poison python head turn, look to Jester Vivian Ann."

"Sister ... Run...... Running ... "the message revealed in the eyes of the green, faint snake was the rage of the Red Poison Python, and Jester was about to stand unsteady, and the expensive sword in his hand fell to the ground.

Vivian has been scared speechless, originally she wanted to run, but legs just do not listen to command, can only stay in place shivering.

"hissing ..." the huge snake body of the red poison python slowly swam this way. There was a touch of banter in the eyes of the gigantic serpent, and the two humans, so weak that they had not even been worthy of their food, had come to hunt because they felt the breath of Sarai, which made it exciting, and if swallowing Isaac was good for it.

So, Vivian can be far away to see red poison python when hiding, she thought red poison python did not sleep, in fact, is people simply lazy to eat her ...

She dare not run, can only hide in the dirty and smelly trees filled with warcraft faeces, that feeling really makes her sick to the extreme, but compared to life, she still can only endure.

but now, would have wanted to hide in the trunk in one fell swoop to hunt the red poison python but eat a big loss, that black man, that its food, even have a sharper intuition than Warcraft, he felt dangerous, dodged, until the danger came out to come up--

this more like the Hunting of Warcraft, It's more warcraft than the hunt of its four-level warcraft red Venom python!

so, in retaliation for Isaac, the red venomous python decided to eat the two humans with him first, and then slowly swallow the guy who tickled the teeth it hated. The

green Liquid was left out of the venomous teeth of the red venomous python, dripping on the soil, with a burst of corrosive stench. The fear of the

jester brother and sister reached its extreme, and jester sat down on the ground, while Vivian was about to faint. They must be very remorseful now, so capricious, so pretentious!


smelly fishy wind came, red poison Python moved, it pounced on Vivian, that snake mouth open, enough to swallow this petite lovely woman!

's instincts closed her eyes.

Suddenly, she sensed the sudden appearance of a figure around ...

The snake Hiss stopped, and she was still alive.

Suddenly, everything is so quiet, only the sound of patter slowly sounded.

Sizzling Sizzling ...

was the corrosive sound of , and then a strange smell sprang into Vivian's nostrils.

she opened her eyes and was surprised.

saw a long black man with his arms open, and stood up to the terrible serpent mouth!

snake mouth out of the fishy wind blowing him hanging in the vest of the long, that fluttering black like a knife blowing Vivian's eyes.

She finally knew where the strange patter had come from ......

covered her mouth, but told no sound.

because of that man's muscular bulging arm, is a blood hole, muscle fibers are dripping from the mouth of the red poison python a little bit of corrosion, blood mixed with minced meat slowly flow down, until the see White hand bone ...

Jester passed out.

Vivian was still awake because she was too frightened, so she saw the next picture that surprised her even more.

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