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Chapter 31 Klamar Jungle-3

Whoo-hoo, uh ...

is the voice of a beast, why would it come out of a man's throat?

This is, the injured beast in the low roar, he does not want to die, he wants to live, so he only desperately to bite, to fight!

is a severe pain, is the instinct to survive, is the natural ferocity of Asura!

"Uh-huh! "

crazy roar, bloodthirsty Thurus days to the limit!"

But he can't handle it.

like the sound of cotton thread collapse intermittent into Vivian's eardrum, she only felt the skin hemp, the chest constantly surging, a sound of dry nausea.

is not a cotton thread collapse, is a muscle.

just, the sound is very similar.

the sound of a click!

Crisp even the leaking sunlight in the Klamar jungle trembled a few times. The

plasma came out like arrows, gathered in the air into a curtain of blood, and then slid down in the sight of Vivian.

she wanted to close her eyes, but she couldn't.

so she saw that the man slowly dropped his arms like two blood sticks, threw away the jaws of two huge snakes, and then the red poison python fell. The blood of the land of

, there were Satan, and there were red venomous pythons, whoever they were, and they mixed together and began to penetrate into the earth.

Vivian Trembled and could not speak. At this time, the man who seemed more ferocious to her than the Warcraft looked back at her ...

Vivian was shaken up.

, what kind of look is that?

dark eyes so deep, like the sad night sky, but, but full of wild-like bloodthirsty!

is like instinct, like an instinct to live, but why, the color of that eyes so shaking people's hearts, just as the heart has to be caught in the same ...

fell, looked at Vivian a glance, fell forward, slammed in the blood and dirt mixed ground.

a few plasma spilled on Vivian's face, she trembled and sobbed.

from small to large, she did not have the crime of today, the bushes are so dirty and smelly, she threw up many times, but she did not dare to move, because the trees outside there is such a terrible warcraft.

but now, she suddenly felt that the sin she had suffered was so small and so unbearable compared to this beast-like man.

because ...

, he's trying!

finally cried out.


a few hours later.

Dusk came to the Klamar jungle, soft twilight from the--& Net-idle, do not mess around a restless? "A middle-aged man stood in front of Vivian.

"Uncle Bunker! Vivian threw herself into the arms of the comer and wept bitterly.

"Well, all right." "Bunker stroked Vivian very lovely long roll, gently comforted," your father will be in a hurry to death, if not forced to force Townsend that silly boy, do not know you came here, do not know what Jester put on Townsend under what spell, that kid actually insisted on the board for several hours ... "Bunker smiled, His appearance looks very ordinary, but the eyes are faintly sharp light, "other I do not say, your father know to educate you, rest assured, I have told him, will not have too heavy punishment, at most time do not go out, hehe." "

See Vivian or cry, bunker have to comfort:" Don't be afraid not to be afraid, go home, your father is actually very anxious, I think you have understood, should also accept the lesson ... Look, our little baby is dirty like, hurry back with me, take a good bath, get a good night's sleep. "

was hard, Vivian stopped crying and broke away from bunker arms.

Bunker walked to jester side, crouched down, a pat on Jester's forehead, a faint light flowing through, and then jester opened his eyes.

miso, Jester jumped up, turned and ran.

"Useless boy, come back for me." "Bunker not by a burst of funny, reach out, a suction will be jester brought back, that Ruffian may be scared, even under the control of bunker, feet also keep fluttered its."

"Uncle Bunker? "Jester has finally come to the comer who is." Then he grew out of breath, straightened up, and stood beside bunker, "rest assured, sister, I protect you." "

went on, Jester put on a soldier before the battle posture, suddenly now there is no sword in his hand, had to laugh two, embarrassed bow, picked up his expensive one-handed sword.

"Well, when you protect us, we'll be dead, but for him ..." Vivian's dirty Little face was a little unnatural, and it might be that she remembered the beginning of reaching out and touching on a strange man ...

felt jester Strange eyes, Vivian face a positive, "by the way, your friend suffered a heavy injury, Uncle Bunker, we must ..."

said here, Vivian now Bunker has stood in front of the Satan body, so did not go on.

"Only two levels of strength, but can kill four levels of Warcraft." "Bunker looked back at the body of the red poison python after the eyes fell on Nathaniel," very strong will to survive, excellent physique, if it is other people, perhaps early to die. " "

" Is he really a friend of Jester's? "Bunker slanted A glance at jester, a little disbelief. Jester who, Hottandin aristocratic children in the name of the waste wood, to make friends is not a gangster is the same dude as him, although that guy Sky, has the desire to become Uncle Bunker like the Holy class of the great volunteer, and has been in the obsession of the effort, But the rich master's inferiority and extremely shoddy talent doomed him to be utopian.

"When he wakes up, he'll know." "Bunker put Satan up.

then, a burst of horseshoes came, and there was a noisy voice.

"Townsend! You silly boy, if something is wrong with Miss Young master, I can't spare you! "Can be heard, the anxiety in this voice."

is because of leaf, because bunker is a sound war saint, so much faster than them, at this time because Leafs also with a large group of people finally arrived.

"Old, sir, there they are." "A chubby golden teenager pointed in the direction of bunker. He was Townsend, and now he was covering his butt with one hand, walking with a limp, and if it was jester who spoiled him, the heart of Leaf killed him.

"Nonsense, give me a side, my bunker brother I still believe, Klamar jungle This kind of place for him a little pressure!" "Because Leafs glared at Townsend and saw Jester Vivian safe and sound, he also put his heart away.

"Who is the man bunker holding? "Because Lew saw Isaac."


left because of the Leafs. The Klamar jungle was empty again, leaving only the night. The evening wind in the

jungle was loud because the leaves were shaking.

a swoop, a thin black man standing on the treetops, the evening wind is very urgent, with his deep bronze head constantly disorderly.

"Ha! "The man smiled.

"What's funny about it." "A tall red man appeared under the tree, his broad back against the trunk, his eyes complicated.

"I was laughing just a man was almost tempted to do it, did you see him, fierce." "The Man in Black Flash and swooped Down Under the tree, a position much like the giant eagle that had just been killed by bunker.

a flip, black man landed beside the red man, his movement is very stretch, and clearly see his every movement, but feel that the degree is fast and terrible, as if never catch up.

"I don't know who you're talking about, little assassin. "Red Man Shing's way, the face of the dregs are shaking."

These two people, it is arrimendi and strong ...

"It's a pity, my baby horn eagle." "Aris Mendi, looking at the corpse of the headless giant eagle on the ground, and sighed," I caught it in pursuit of those wonderful footsteps, and followed me for so many years, and then I had to fly on my own. " "

" said less, don't you still have a little flying dragon? "He gave him a bright stare.

"Forget it." "Aris Wendy waved his hand," you also said you do not care about the night, feel a holy breath close, do not want me to release the small horn Eagle, although it is the soul sacrifice, but also cherish the life. "

" When did you become a life-loving elf? The killer ... "grabbed the red with the root of his head," as if it had just been that jihad. "

" I'm pretty familiar, too. "Aris Mendi looked in the direction bunker left.

"seems to have seen it. "The strong is still thinking."

"Don't think about it, whoever he is." "Aris Monroe looked," It was the night, the force that had just popped up ... "

's eyes twinkled.

"Only two levels of strength, but only by the strength of the body to kill the four level of Warcraft, and, as far as I know, the most powerful part of the red poison python is the mouth, but the night but let it rip open ..." Aris Mendi slowly, "This power Douglas also has, but that kid is not human, I think strong, we should be more careful, if Goya ..."

Arrimendi did not go on, for he knew that he could not say so clearly, and that he could understand.

"Let's Go." Back to the Ice Canyon. "A sudden word."

"good." "Aris Monroe nodded. It is time for

to go back, and two saints of the strong are around Satan, is this not a matter of telling the Holy city, is there a problem with Isaac? Even if Isaac is not heresy, people will think of him as heresy. Moreover, judging from the performance of the two men just now, it is certainly not easy for Satan to tear the red poison python.

Strong, Arrimendi is also strong, but Goya's holy city is stronger!

even if the strong can not put his night, but also need to consider for his safety, not to mention, in his heart, is the hope that zacchaeus can grow into a shoulder can carry the sky of the man, this must hone him, is helped to walk the person never make any difference, so, just strong has been about to do, but still hard to resist.

heart pain also to hold back, because this is the only way for men, especially the night.

knows better than anyone. A strong and respectable man had told him.

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