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Chapter 29 Klamar Jungle

"Liv! "Jester saw the girl, as if she had seen the savior, and the whole man was flabby.

"You've come so well. "Jester this ruffian, unexpectedly no scruples rushed over a hug of the girl."

"Master, pay attention to a little." "Liv's face was red, and she forgot to do so."

the girl is the Maid of the Phyllis Chamber of Commerce, Vivian's valet, Liv.

"What is this, think I jester 12 years old that year, has conquered all the beautiful scenery of Hottandin!" "Jester bragged loudly, more like venting."

glanced at Liv, lowered her head, and continued to tease Gita.

"Gee! "Liv broke free from Jester's embrace, her expression became flustered," almost forgot, I looked everywhere for you ah. "

", what are you looking for me for? "Jester doesn't get it.

"Miss, she's gone! "Liv panicked," Qi ya has gone out to find, I do not know how to do, had to find young master, but the young master also disappeared, and then I Met your entourage, only to know that you are here! "

" panicked what! "Jester glared at Liv, hating the way," must be Townsend that bastard, and only he dares to divulge the whereabouts of the young master, hey ... "he showed a frivolous smile again," especially after seeing our beautiful Miss Liv. "

" Master! I'm scared to the dead if I don't see you! "Liv was angry, and it looked as if she was familiar with Jester, and did not speak in a tone like a maid.

"You're dead, how do I feel that charming ..." Jester gave Liv a gentle shave on his face.

is very familiar, the relationship is complex, this kind of thing is also very normal, Hottandin's big rich home will basically have, the master and the maid, in the physiological factor of the catalytic, generally and pure to the top.

"Master, help me." "Liv saw that jester had not been serious, and could not help pleading up.

"All right, all right, all right." "Jester waved his hand," Don't be nervous, I know where my baby sister is, a girl, and dare to go to that place where she thinks she's as powerful as a young master. "

Jester shows off his brachial three-headed muscle ...

heard jester say so, and Liv gave a slight snack, and now that master jester had took the thing, she and Kiki did not have to be punished.

Jester Although frivolous dandyism, but very speaking of righteousness, he took the matter, basically will help to the end.

"Gee, it's him." "It was only then that Liv saw the Satan crouching at the door. She and Kiki are Miss Vivian's maid, and Jester has a special relationship, so in the Phyllis family, she is also a status of people, generally in the eyes are difficult to see the miscellaneous workers and so on, she remembers Zacchaeus, or because of the impressive face of Zacchaeus ...

"Zacchaeus, oh no, boss, you do me a favor." "Jester ran to Zacchaeus and made a gesture of begging you.

Liv was silly.


, "Gita, you stay here until I get back." "Zacchaeus patted Gita on the head, and seriously, he grew to like the hyena."

"Whoo-hoo. "Gita nodded, although the Holy Warcraft can speak the human language, but an important role of the blood deed, is between the Master and Warcraft, can be connected by the mind." Although servant is a relationship, the benefits to both sides of the contract are in fact reciprocal.

at this stage, Satan's strength is only equivalent to the two class warrior, there is no possibility to produce Warcraft space. What is Warcraft space? It is the cultivator after breaking through the second bottleneck "polar wall", with mental force in the ideological opening of a space, can retract or summon the contract of Warcraft, but this space, only signed a blood Deed of Warcraft can stay inside, in order to exchange knowledge and energy with the host, so that the strength of both sides progress.

Therefore, the vast majority of Offilar practitioners, will not be their own strength is very poor when signed a blood Deed with Warcraft, until they have enough strength, they will go to find those powerful warcraft, and then find a way to sign with them.

such as this land is awe-inspiring Dragon Knight, is the knight in the real force to obtain the Dragon identity, the underage dragon will sign a blood deed with them, mutual assistance and common growth.

and jester out of Phyllis Manor.

, a chubby blonde teenager, led two tall white horses.

"Oh? "When he saw the horseshoe raised high, Sarai grunted."

"Prestige Bar, Haha, this is called Baiyunma, Level five Warcraft, unfortunately no attack power, its ability is all focused on the foot, is a very expensive ride." "Jester was proud again.

This is the commonness of the rich master, especially like to show.

"Ride." "Sprinkle one hand on the horse on horseback, across, Baiyun Horse feel he sat on his body, unexpectedly become extremely honest, horseshoe no longer dare to move."

and Jester, then by the five grade of the White Cloud horse swung seven meat and eight vegetarian.

"Townsend, you are not allowed to tell anyone where we have gone, dare to divulge, and will not want to go to a brothel with me again." "Jester glanced hard at the blonde fat Boy.

"Yes, young master, just now, I was to see Miss Liv asking before she dared to say, she and you ..." Townsend appeared a little wronged.

"Talk less nonsense!" Let's Go! "When jester patted the horse, the white Cloud horse shot out like electricity, jester crooked, and the people on Phyllis Street dodged ...

"that stupid guy from the Phyllis family again." "Well, he can do anything but do these stupid things. "The useless fellow, who also wanted to win at the upcoming outing ceremony, was just his virtue." "" is not to want the favor of the beauty, in addition to these in his mind is bean curd dregs. "...... A few well-dressed young men on the street talked, and their costumes and expressions looked like aristocratic children.

rode a white cloud horse past them and heard their conversation, so he glanced at them.

"Who's that guy? "Several aristocratic children found Satan Kazheng looking at them.

"Jester The Fool's entourage, just his silly, how to ride a white cloud horse." "

" Hey, silly boy, go after your young master, will not be thrown to death! "An aristocratic son mocked Isaac.

"haha haha! "The rest of the people laughter a burst.

even did not react, a silent ride on the white Cloud horse away.

He was called Silly boy, fool, melon, idiot these words too many times, has long been used to, also already do not care.


"So long! "Jester stood on a hillside, smiling.

"The horse is very slow. "Zacchaeus did not know why Jester would say that the White Cloud horse was running fast, and that the horse he was riding was shaking all the time, which was simply a struggle.

"Oh." "Jester suddenly frowned and his face twisted when he laughed.

looked at the bruise on his face, estimated to be thrown on horseback, but jester is still grinning, that expression although very ruffian, but very sincere.

thought of the conversation of the aristocratic children, and suddenly a feeling of acid was produced in his heart.

took a deep look at Jester's eye ...

Honestly, at first saw Jester, Isaac did not have the slightest affection, his beast intuition told him that this boy and he is not all the way, so he does not care about jester.

but he still has to talk to jester, or he's going to come out with jester because he promised jester. To say, extremely heavy commitment, is the character that Sarai developed from an early age, this is the influence of the strong, that mind can be loaded under the Laris mountains of men in fact deeply affect the growth of Nathaniel.

but now, Zacchaeus feels that jester is a little pathetic, yes, he was born in the Phyllis family, yes, he grew up in the greenhouse without food and clothing, yes, he has enough to let ordinary people envy the status.

but Satan felt the bitterness behind Jester's smile.

wants to be strong but can't do it, and to prove himself can only be the butt of other people's jokes.

people like him, should be afraid to be scolded fools ... Satan thought, unconsciously, that he was a little closer to jester.

This is the instinct of beasts to make friends, as long as they find that the other side and their own kind of similar, that sense of rejection will be reduced, and the current mode of thinking in Satan is like this, simple and direct, all by feeling.

"Where is this? "Zacchaeus went to jester and looked at the dense forest under the hillside.

"Klamar Jungle, Bro." "Jester put his arms around Sarai's shoulder.

this time, Zacchaeus did not earned.

"Klamar a jungle behind the hunting ground, a place where real warriors can come. "Jester was afraid of Sarai's shoulder, and the boy was a little familiar."

"The real warrior? "There's a bit of interest in Satan."

since Asher Lowen night left his legacy memory awakening, as soon as he heard the words of warriors, battles and the like, Isaac had an inexplicable sense of excitement, and the heat in Taneda surged up, and the whirlpool of bloodthirsty thurus days seemed to turn faster.

It seems that asura this family, in addition to pride and inviolability, in addition to natural ferocity, but also particularly belligerent.

This is not a bit contradictory, perhaps over time, with the further deepening of the nine-day Thurus mantra, Zacchaeus itself that with a little humble, a little afraid of contact with people would rather close their own character will slowly be changed.

after all, he is now unable to count as human, to be precise, he inherited Asher Lowen night's soul remains, with that powerful unknown existence left to his inheritance memory, he should count as the descendants of seven nights.

may be the only AH Thurus.

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