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Chapter 28 Gita

Night, so quiet, like a lost soul, silent in the cold. In the small courtyard of

, there is one man and one wolf.

Jenson and Bull had slipped away, and by the time Jester came, they had escaped from the back window. Master Jester is notoriously moody, and they don't want to mess with this tough guy.

tore his sheets into strips, and from Jenson he asked for a high concentration of wine and salt to bandage up the wounds of the hyenas. Although the

wolf is very painful, but it did not resist, its wisdom although low, but it out of instinct, feel that the man in front of this will not harm it. It would be nice for

to survive, and what other luxury could there be for them, such as the kind of inferior warcraft that anyone has ravaged?

"All right, you go." "The bandage was ready, and Isaac looked at the hyena, pointed to the door of the small courtyard, and then, back in the room, continued to cultivate."

this time the practice is not long, the next morning, Zacchaeus woke up. One of the biggest benefits of the "nine-day Thurus curse" is that you don't have to sleep, and when you practice, it works better than sleeping. But this is sometimes fatal, because the practice of Satan is completely unconscious, that is, isolated from the outside world, unless the whirlpool in Taneda absorbs enough, otherwise he will never wake up.

pushed open the door and he saw one thing.

the hyena last night, lying quietly at his door, waiting for him to come out. The wolf's eyes were wide open and seemed to be a lookout for him.

could not help but a moment moved, he crouched down, gently stroked the hyena's back. The hyena seemed to enjoy it, rubbing his head against Sarai's calf and humming "well" in his mouth.

"If you like it, take it as your Warcraft."

looked up and saw jester appear in the small courtyard with a smile on his face.

nodded to him, and was kind of greeted.

"What's your name? "Jester trotted to Satan's side and put his arms around his shoulder.

"Zacchaeus. "Sprinkle gently shook his shoulders and broke away from Jester's arms. He was unfit for such a move to survive like a beast. Before, only his sister Na, only to him like this.

"Isaac? What a strange name, this should be Offilar's old saying. "Jester held his chin, with a ruffian face, and could not see at all that he was thinking. "By the right, it means patience and toughness." "The boy is still a bit of a culture, after all, by his father forced on those historical communicative etiquette ah and other courses."

Endure strong ... So that's what my name means. There was a slight quiver in Sarai's heart, and he asked Jester, "What do you say about Warcraft?" "

" contract warcraft, huh? Would you be so clever in the refining method that you don't know this yet? "Jester exclaimed.

"Contract warcraft ..." and Zacchaeus pondered. He's not unaware, he's just a little hesitant, after all, a Level one Warcraft ...

Hyenas seem to understand what they are saying, looking forward to Isaac, its eyes are very excited, to know, this for it, but a once-in-lifetime opportunity, a first-class Warcraft, if and break through the first bottleneck "limit" practitioners signed a contract, become the cultivator of the Warcraft, for their own improvement level, has a huge help.

"All right." "Zacchaeus could not bear to disappoint the hyenas. He himself was strange as to why he would be so soft on the weak life in front of him. Perhaps, in it, saw its own shadow ...

bitten his index finger and drew a pattern of hexagonal stars on the hyena's forehead with his own blood. This is one of the easiest Ways for Warcraft to sign, provided that both parties to the contract are fully voluntary. The hexagonal star on the forehead of the

began to shine, and it felt the magic of the ancient ritual, closing its eyes, a blood shot from its mouth, flying to the forehead of Isaac, also forming a hexagonal star, but soon dissipated in the skin.

"Blood Deed!! "Jester exclaimed again.

"What kind of blood deed? "The ceremony was completed, and the consciousness of Zacchaeus clearly felt that the presence of hyenas could directly direct its every move.

"A way to sign a contract that is completely reciprocal to Warcraft." In general, only when powerful Warcraft is willing to sign with the cultivator will they use it that way. Dragon Knights, for example, are the strongest warriors on the Offilar continent to sign a blood deed with a creature as powerful as the dragon. "Jester DAO."

"What's the impact? "asked Isaac.

"It's not, it's just that you've become a one-sided giver." You can't get any benefit from this low-level hyena. "Jester DAO."

"To ... I am sorry...... Main...... Master ... "There was a timid voice in Sarai's mind.

"Hyenas? "Isaac spoke with consciousness and this freshly received Warcraft."

"Yes." Yes, I'm sorry, master, I, I just want to be by your side, no, I didn't think of you, but you used such a method ... "The voice of the hyena stopped, as if deciding what, for a while, its voice sounded again," Master, you, you kill me, only in this way, you can lift the blood deed, re-sign with those powerful warcraft. " "

's heart is not moved by a burst, with consciousness and Hyenas said," What is called strong, what is called weak, I do not know. " All I know is that I signed a blood deed with you, and I did it, so I did it for no other reason. "The

whined and screamed, his voice choking a little. Satan clearly saw that tears were oozing from the eyes of the hyenas.

"My name is Isaac, Isaac Bora. You become my contract warcraft, something in my consciousness, you should know all about it. From now on, you'll be called Gita. "Isaac told the Hyenas through consciousness.

"Yes, master." "The voice of the Hyena Gita sounded very happy. "Master, I feel a terrible force in your body, lonely, crazy, desperate, well, a bit like the mood of our wolves fighting, longing for blood, whether it's your own or your enemy's." "

" It is called bloodthirsty thurus days, you try to absorb it. In addition, every time I practice, do not disturb me. "Lazarus."

"Yes, master." Whoever hurts the master, Gita will be desperate with him! Gita, that's a nice name. None of our low-level Warcraft have their own names. "Gita said cheerfully in Sarai's mind.

did not reply again, why did he name the hyena "Gita"? Because the town of Gia, where he was born, was one of his only memories of his mother, and Tarona, where he grew up, was almost filled with all his later memories ...

"Wake Up! Wake up! "Jess's hand swung before Isaac's eyes.

grabbed jester by the wrist!

eyes suddenly become fierce!

Jester only felt as if the wrist was surrounded by a circle of iron, the pain of his yelling.

was startled, stunned a moment, let go of the hand ...

Jester's cold sweat full of thick sinew. And so is


last time the head of the Viper Mercenary Corps Gary, and came out of the dungeon, plus this one.

don't understand what this manic uneasiness suddenly produced in the chest is, but at that moment, he unexpectedly, there is a punch will jester head blow the Impulse!

can not be insulted, haughty and fierce-this may be, asura blood of the most primitive Ben Zhang!


is inherently murderous ...

Asura is born with the ferocious nature!

did not speak, he did not know what to say, chest ups and downs gradually subsided, he crouched down, gently stroked the coyote Gita.

Jester embarrassed, and this man with long black hair, with his character, really difficult to adapt. The hot pain on the wrist is nothing, the key is that Satan's words are too little, that kind of silence let the jester hand is not the hands and feet is not the foot, even breathing feel unnatural.

after a while, Jester had been watching Satan touch Gita, the Strange dazed man, and even the touch of his Warcraft was so single.

to avoid falling asleep, jester had no words to say, "by the way, don't you have any other method than a blood deed?" After breaking the ' limit ', each practitioner has only the opportunity to sign a blood deed with a warcraft. To relieve the blood deed, it must be after the Death of Warcraft, and then with the Advanced Light Magic ' purify life ' before you can sign with the next Warcraft. cannot be dissolved unilaterally. There is also the slave contract and the soul sacrifice ah, these can be lifted at any time ah. "

" I only know the blood deed. "Isaac finally said another word.

Jester has grown a tone, from a young age on the hustling of the Phyllis Chamber of Commerce Master, I am afraid that for the first time in my life there is such a feeling.

because he grew up in the greenhouse, do not know loneliness, also did not experience loneliness, warm life wonderful, and how to understand, walking alone in the dark, the heart slowly by acupuncture hurt the feeling ...

did know only the blood deed, he grew up in the ice and Snow Canyon, the knowledge about the mainland is also learned in the Tarona. Ice Canyon, the first of the four fierce places in the Offilar continent, where can the survival of the Warcraft easily be enslaved or conquered, forced to sacrifice the soul? Therefore, in the Ice Canyon, there is only one way to get the contract Warcraft, that is, the blood deed--

with absolute strength to conquer the blood deed!

at this time, a beautiful girl hurriedly rushed into the small courtyard.

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