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Chapter 22 Dungeon

"Reg! "Barnabas raised his head and shouted to the second floor.

"What's the matter? Lord Basrah, your voice is much nicer than that of the Gabriel Bastard. "Reg propped up the railing, and the huge body seemed to crush the floor at any time.

"This woman has committed a homicide, and according to the laws of the Principality of Hill, she has either been executed or become a slave. We can now be sure that Gary was poisoned to death by this cheap woman. "Barnabas casually compiled the story.

"No! I didn't! I didn't! I didn't kill your leader! Elaine screamed at the sound of the remark. The man next to her reached out and held her down, and her body kept struggling.

"Oh? Why? "Reg knew exactly how Gary died, and he was still silent, and the guy looked rude and actually shrewd. He was here on purpose to see other people's "housework," and was waiting for this moment.

"As you can see, this silly boy is a brute force, based on how he could have killed Gary." "I have good reason to prove that this woman poisoned the head of Gary's proposal and killed him," unconscious continued, looking at a daze that fell to the ground. "

proposed? Forced marriages are pretty much the same. The story is really rotten enough, Reg heart a laugh.

"So what? "Reg looked at the Basque.

"So I'll take her and make a deal with you. "Barnabas pointed to the frightened Elaine.

"what deal? "Reg quietly.

"according to Hill's law, this woman was supposed to be put to death, but as a substitute for Gary, I had the right to choose her to be my slave. "Gary's eyes flashed," Reg, who I know you don't think about this woman for two days a day, and I can give her to you. But I want you to swear in the name of the great God of Odin not to tell me what happened today. It's not just you, anyone in your regiment is going to be a thing that hasn't happened! "Buzz gnawed." He is much smarter than Gary, Reg the rest of the regiment, a person to watch the buzz, is not for this?

Reg See the purpose to achieve, originally want to simply say yes, but his eyes suddenly appeared Gary was killed scene, can not help, Reg corner of the eye of the afterglow fell in a pool of blood in the unknown death of Adai.

reg a chill on the soles of his feet again, "I don't know what his origins are ... That kind of power is absolutely not ordinary, if he ... "The Tigers are only famous in the Principality of Hill, in fact, is still a small role, if not, Reg will not move so long on Elaine's mind, just take it right."

Suddenly, Reg brain flashed a terrible word, eyes can't help but a little dull.

is the power of this silly boy to explode in an instant, the reason for being mercilessly wiped out by the holy city of Goya?

rebelled against our faith and desecrated God in evil ...

reg the chest undulating.

"What's wrong with you? Not satisfied yet? "There was a bit of tension in the heart of Reg's reaction to seeing the. Is that guy going to have to sit at the starting price? BASF is even ready to lose a large sum of money.

"Nothing, that's it." "Reg took a deep breath and calmed down his mood.

Basrah finally smiled, turned around, to have been unable to struggle, face like Ashes Elaine Way: "You now belong to Reg head." I'll take care of everything when the City guard comes later. Follow Reg's head Well, he won't do you a disservice. "

Elaine had her head down, and she had taken her destiny, and to be honest, she did not believe that he would kill Gary. But if it's not Adai, who is it?

this, it's called a disaster.

and other Reg swore to Odin's great God, and Barnabas ordered the release of Elaine. In the name of Odin's Great God, Barnabas was reassured. Offilar the most inviolable is the will of God!

looked at Elaine came to their side, Reg happy open arms, a put Elaine embrace into the arms, Big Hand has reached Elaine's collar ...

's rough, rude palms rubbed his chest pain, and Elaine couldn't help but be tearful.

can Elaine no way, she is now Reg Slave, she must follow Reg side, and this oneself simply do not like the man live the wind and wind mercenary life!

endured, and she could only bear it, just as she now had to endure the bruising of her well-maintained skin. And, in order to live, she had to succumb to Reg, and had to use her body to curry favor with him, to make him satisfied!

can only blame himself too weak, too powerless, Elaine can't help looking back, grudges looked at that lying on the ground bloodied figure, vague tears, heart a burst of acid, "do not know is because of your appearance, or I am this life ... Live Well, silly boy, if you still have consciousness, open your eyes and see, this is the rule of our lives ... The weak, no strength, no power, you are ants, never know whether tomorrow can still see the sun rising ... "

Reg embrace the good, and eat the old rival Viper, he is now satisfied with the heart. Lackey that kid is really on the road, these 100 gold coins, the value of the flowers, he glanced downstairs to pat the butt of the Baroque lackey, the guy unexpectedly also secretly to his side of the smile. It's a cheap look, but the brain is still good ...

Reg no longer in charge of the bath they, contented with Elaine left.

One hours later, the man of the city guard came. Just a city guard, a dead man, it's not enough to alarm Hottandin's sheriff.

However, compared to other places, Hottandin's law and order is very good, after all, it is a famous commercial city in the northern part of the Offilar continent, a large number of expats, if the other big people in the matter here, with the armed forces of the Principality of Hill, how to say also have to eat a lot of dark losses.

led a warrior in the armor of fine steel, not tall, but very strong.

"Harlan Dude, Haha, it's you." "Bath took a look at the comer, happy." Harlan, the captain of the Hottandin City guard, and his classmate who graduated from the same issue of the Fort Saint-Sid Warrior College, the relationship between the two is very good.

had a good relationship, less than 10 minutes, "ise" This small hotel was affixed with a large seal, the property confiscated. All the Buddies were discharged, and Elaine became a slave.

was asked by Harlan to throw into the dungeon, this is the above, Harlan when the Hottandin Guard captain has been a few years, it seems that their sheriff especially like to put the prisoner in the dungeon, just like that guy has this hobby, Harlan also do not understand why, he also lazy care, sir, do just do, do more, talk less, It was a prerequisite for him to stay in the captain's position for a long time.

did the thing, and Barnabas entertained Harlan at the most luxurious hotel in Phyllis Street, "Golden", which was a hefty expense, and the reason why Barnabas was willing to produce this blood was mainly in the hope that the impact of the heel of the "Viper" mercenary corps could be stifled as far as possible in the smallest range, and Harlan was the key.

on one side is singing and dancing drunkenness, the other side, but is a dark and humid dungeon.

lay on the muddy ground full of stinky water, unable to move in the slightest. His hands and feet have been broken, the cervical spine is misplaced, the flesh is hurt countless, in a word, he is not far from death now.

began to buzz they did not immediately kill Ah, because Hottandin after all, there is the law, as well as the city guard, as well as the sheriff, a small mercenary regiment can not achieve the degree of disregard for these, but they are not stupid, control is very good-not dead, but absolutely not live long.

Moreover, the kind of torment that dies but cannot die is much worse than relief at a moment.

This is the worst dungeon in the prison of the Hottandin City guard. There are no guards, only a low enclosed stone room of about 200 square meters. A few holes were opened on the top stone wall, which was used by the guards above to throw food and water down the bottom.

Offilar in almost all the capitals of the country, there are such dungeons, and some of the most powerful practitioners who violate the rules of the holy City will be held here. In every dungeon, there is a magic array under the Sorcerer's Guild Sorcerer, and there is no need to worry that they will run away by force.

fell like that in the stench of mud, motionless for two days.

Dungeon In addition to Adai, but also a person, but this person seems to be quieter than him, sitting alone in the cold corner, as if not breathing in general ...

"Well." "A stiff body moved a bit."

just so little movement, the people in the corner seem to have reacted, "not yet dead?" "He got up and walked slowly to the side of Adai.

can finally see what he looks like, but, it's best not to look at it-where is this a human being? Clear is a quiet corpse!

Pale, about 1.8-meter of the height, body thin, ten fingers such as hooks, nails or black. A messy white hair covered one side of the eye, revealing an eye deep in the eyes, surrounded by a circle of green eyeliner. Lips are very thin, the nose is not high but is a hooked nose, face not only pointed, but also the cheekbones protruding!

is even more exaggerated, he is very young, but he is bent on his back, walking slowly, and stiff limbs.

accurate, this is not a person, is a human body corpse.

He held out his hand and tried it in front of his nose, "It's fast not to die ... It's a good body ... Unfortunately ... "after jumping out a few words, he slowly returned to the corner and sat cross-legged, and a few seconds later, he was integrated into the cold darkness.

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