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Chapter 23 Wake Up

Another day has passed, the Hottandin bustling still, in the dungeon, Adai has been close to the edge of death.

He was covered in injury, and in a bad environment, to support the present, has been his Tarona in the continuous refining of the miracle.

's life cycle is slow to the extreme, vitality has been unable to supply the brain, until the cycle completely stopped, is Adai out of the world.

Hazy, he qi if silk, suddenly, he did not know where to come from the breath of life, unexpectedly like in a dark light, let his fading consciousness suddenly returned!


people in the dying, because of some outstanding wishes and do not let go of fate, and the birth of residual life breath briefly condensed into a phenomenon of vitality.

so, deep in his mind, the picture of the past began to gradually clear.

but these images, the pieces that used to make his head miserable, though integrated together, appear in the order of such a disorder!

he saw a good manor, with a garden, a fountain, very beautiful, even the familiar memory of the Tarona can not be compared with it. There is no snow and ice, there is full of gentle and warm sunshine ...

's not right!

the picture has changed!

a dilapidated small courtyard, hanging on the wall of the vines like the harp broken strings, dumb low whoo-hoo.

rushed to himself with a breath of strength!


baby's cry, he only felt a pain in the back of the brain, and then everything became incomprehensible.

is that thin old sorcerer, what's his name?

or an unknown corpse, slowly rotting in front of his eyes?

, who's this body? Why would his hand suddenly lift up and reach out to himself? Is he trying to touch my head? What makes him, a corpse, even how to die do not know, even the name has not left!

, who's that woman? It's so beautiful. Why is she crying at me? Why is she so sad! Why does the pendant on her chest make my heart look like a needle!

These do not understand, really do not understand.

just those images staggered together, and then turned into a blank, can no longer search!

then, a brand-new picture appeared--

a black little boy, rickety learning steps, in front of him, is a butterfly parked on flowers ...


in the head suddenly like a piece of glass was broken, the picture steep turn--

dark night, cold wind from the tattered window whizzing into, the room, a mess, that beautiful gentle woman lying on the ground, throat a frightening wound, red blood mi mi out of the flow ...

that man yelling, opposite, a thin dark shadow, cold incomparable ...

then, is a group of blood, followed by pain, ripping heart ...

Abyss ...


na ...

is a lot better ...

picture roughly staggered, unconscious, Adai desperately struggling up-in his consciousness struggle, like in confrontation with the past, like desperately trying to seize the memory of the tail!

exactly what is right, what is wrong!

if right and wrong, true and false unknown, that memory still have what meaning!

"Cut it off! Don't dwell on those, what you need, it's me! "

a voice sounded!

so crazy! As if with a disdainful look overlooking the blood flowing under the foot!

's not right! It's not a sound! It's a call!

's not right! Doesn't seem right again!

is the order! It's compulsion!

must listen to him, because that guy has been in my body from the past has been unable to find a place to hide, regardless of how much I hurt, regardless of how hard I feel, he is to torture me, he is to let me pain, he is to let me put down those let me confused memory, to accept him, accept that as if eternal pain!

Right! It hurts!

left, there is no pain, this is very simple, but why, why I have to think of!


"Want to Die!" You piece of crap! "

that seems to be the sound of the thing blew up again!


He said I was a piece of crap!!

a motionless body at this time unexpectedly clenched his fist!


He jerked his mouth open and gasped with heavy feet!

"Oh? "There was a strange figure in the shadow of the corner, and he seemed to feel a change in the body of a daze!

the Black Crescent mark! Appeared on the forehead of a daze!

so thick, just as the night will be lonely month also dyed black ...

"What I hate most is the word!" "

unexpectedly in the unconscious situation out of a roar, such as the Lone beast was hit hard after the fierce call!"

then, countless strange dark gold characters came out of his body, and in the air they converged into a black and metallographic light, and fell into the Black crescent mark on his forehead!

then he flashed all over the black, and everything was calm. The Black Crescent Print on

forehead also disappeared at the same time.

"What kind of power is this? "The Dark Shadows in the corner reacted again. He seemed a little surprised, his right pinkie gently moving, a small white light shot into the body of AH.

"It's like a thing that's been broken through ..." murmured the Dark Shadow, "but something has also been erased ... Become incomplete ... That's supposed to be ... Recall it ... Well, it's like a memory, and for me, it's a strange name ... "The dark Shadow fell silent again after

said these intermittent words.

and at this time--

Adai in the body also gave birth to a huge change!

that seems to come from the power of another world, protecting his life center, unexpectedly, let his consciousness begin to recover! At the same time, the force was like breaking through the shackles, rushing out of the depths of his body, mending his health with great speed! The airflow in the

dungeon is distorted.


time passed.

In fact, there is no point in time in such a dark, smelly dungeon.

don't know how long, maybe a day, maybe a few days, a sit up, face full of dirt, eyes confused terrible!

"This is ... Inherit memories? "

, sitting in the past, floating in the brain like a cloud."

that is his memory before the age of two, so vague, so messy, he tried to find the soft, but only hard.

"Uh-huh! "

suddenly roar a cry.

, Kaka!

the ground cracks in the tide concave.

's fist to the death of the deadly smash on the top, crazy leak!

His good hate, his heart is full of anger, uncontrollable rage!

slammed! Slammed Slammed

for a moment, until a daze's fist was full of blood. In the dark corner of

, two gaps slowly opened and gazed at the insane fellow.

"Mom ... Why can't I see you ... Why...... I just remember your bloody look! "A kneeling on the ground, the sweat dripping down on the ground, mixing his blood, and diluting the beautiful face he desperately wanted to remember."

"Whoop, who am I ... Who am I...... Who am I ... "

's heavy breathing was accompanied by his trembling voice, which permeated the filthy air of the dungeon.

"Who am I? "


A daze stand up, the body broken cloth shredded into powder, muscle bulge, sinews dense! The air in the

dungeon seems to have been pumped away!

in the dark corner of the eyes became sharp, because he saw, a pair of black wings, a pair of black gas formed by the seemingly illusory wings, appeared in the back of Adai!

! [email protected]@ [email protected]@ [email protected]@ ......

a hard roar, that hissing hoarse, as if there is a huge force in the body to break through the general!

not right, not break through!

is going to devour him!

The white eye was gone, and the black air covered all the looks in his eyes.

He has lost consciousness.

Silent Dark Shadow suddenly got up, hands lay flat, mouth a string of strange sounds popped out, the whole person was wrapped in pale mist, and then, a few sinister white light, from his fingertips, did not enter the body of AH.

"Soul calls! "A few minutes later, he gently uttered a word. It seemed tiring to listen to his tone. He sat down slowly, as if nothing had ever been born in general and had lost movement.

fell straight down. The black wing behind

covered his body, and after a while the black wing turned into a wisp of black air, dissipating.


"What a terrible thing exists in this guy ..." for a long, the dark shadow opened his eyes and looked closely at a daze, with ups and downs in his heart, "a bit like the legacy memory of a senior life, and a bit like another soul lurking in the depths of his soul, if not I used taboo magic." The soul calls ', brings back his soul, his body has been devoured by that terrible thing, completely possessed ... Well, if this is a legacy memory, it's too domineering, and everything has to succumb to strength, this logic ... "The dark shadow seemed to sigh.


This strange man in the dark corner, unexpectedly will also this kind of bad magic!

He stopped talking and began to adjust his internal interest. The magic he cast into the body is not offensive, the magic called "Soul Call", in fact, and the demon Soul tutor Cologne used the "soul hunting" principle similar, but the effect is contrary. One is to awaken the residual breath of the soul, and the other is to erase it completely.

also one thing is the same: they, are "taboo"!

soon, the strange man entered a deep meditation, and before he awoke, he would have no sense of anything outside.

Another long time, Adai of the body moved a bit, he sat up again.

Unlike the last time, this time, the confusion in his eyes disappeared, like a muddy lake becoming clear.

just, the lake is darker than the lonely night.

right, wake up, Asura's inheritance memory awakened ...

should say that it is in a human body to wake up, if Adai is a true asura people, he will not be so miserable, but he is a human, that unknown existence Asher Lowen night soul remains and Lunan forced into his body, coupled with a mysterious silver man in the seven night soul remains integrated when the destruction ...

if it wasn't for the strange man in the dark corner, he used taboo magic. "Soul Call", in time to solidify the soul of Adai, Adai will be completely enchanted, into a unconscious only know the killing and destruction of the demon!

end, only dead, killed by a stronger man than him, or, by the Divine Goya as heresy to death!

and it is the corner of that person this inexplicable behavior, helped Zacchaeus, seven nights of Soul remains into the soul of Adai, the inheritance of memory also awakened.

, "Zacchaeus ... Satan Gapollac ... "A daze murmured the name," I don't call the night, my name is Isaac, the name I never know ... " But it's my name ... "

, oh no, it should be called Satan Now, the heart is violently undulating, the inheritance of memory awakening to his cerebral cortex brought a huge thrill, awakened his two years old before some memory images."

but he never wanted to be complete, but he only knew the death of his biological mother, only that his tragedy was caused by a powerful killer organization called "Thorns", only to know that his blood and tears were too weak-it seemed that Asura's inheritance and memory was also conscious, deliberately erased those happy and warm scenes, Just leave a scene that makes him hate and angry!

even do not know his mother, that can be the fate of the sad woman what it looks like!

He just hates, and the corners of his hate are about to crack.

This inheritance memory, this unknown Asher rejoicing's inheritance memory, really terrible ....

It left a hate, leaving the power of Satan to grow stronger, and sometimes it was more useful than any reason for cultivation!

to be strong to live, to have strength is no longer painful-this simple logic is more real than truth.

at the same time, when Satan's heart gradually was full of hate, he also learned to inherit the memory of the Thurus family inherited the cultivation methods--

that mysterious and terrible asura of the cultivation Method!

Asher Lowen Night's soul remains unconscious, so it can only continue those imprinted in the ancient blood of the Thurus, and a race, can be imprinted in the blood of the memory, only the most important method of cultivation. This is called "Inheritance memory". As for the events of the next seven nights, there is no way to pass on, unless he is a complete soul. Although the remaining soul of the seven nights was partially mended by the "soul" of the Demon Soul tutor Cologne, all his experiences and those that were later not imprinted have long since disappeared with the disillusionment of his first soul.

and imprinted in the blood of the inheritance of memory, but can live forever, as the dungeon corner of the strange man said to himself, this is some of the mysterious power of the powerful race unique, such as Offilar some tough rare warcraft, such as the Dragons, have this ability. It's innate, it's God's favor for a powerful but hard-to-continue race. Let them, no matter how difficult the environment, can be passed on, at least, can be passed on as far as possible.

"It's like this ..." sprinkled with dark, nocturnal eyes twinkling.

finally understand why they can not practice fighting, why no matter how hard they try to get that damn thing!

originally his body experienced incredible changes, in the inheritance of memory awakening at the same time, he also became the last Asura!

However, even if Satan is a descendant of the Asura ethnic group, he does not know the origin of this race ...

thought of fighting, Zacchaeus mind appeared strong Shadow, heart a pain, thinking is like automatic termination of the general. The cultivation method of the

Asura ethnic group is very special, although it is also a walking warrior line, but it is not a vengeance. Because their bodies are inherently tough, they don't need to be like ordinary people to accommodate fighting by expanding their body functions, the source of their strength, from fusion.

to put it bluntly, it is through cultivation, the production of the power into the body, direct use on the line, simple and practical.

its name is not the same as other works on the mainland, called "Nine Days Thurus curse." Its hierarchy does not go from level one to level nine, as the holy City rules do, and then into the realm of the Holy class. It's called "Heavy Day."

a heavy day to the triple day, is the "bloodthirsty Thurus Day" realm, equivalent to the first to six class warrior span.

four days to six days, is the "Killing Thurus Day" realm, equivalent to seven to nine class warrior span.

seven days to Kudzu days, is the "extinction of the Thurus days" realm, equivalent to the holy level of the first order to nine orders.

As for kudzu days later, is "Big dark Day", nine days Thurus spell did not explain in detail, just said: "Extinction thereafter, big dark day, break love, Thurus first birth." "

is hard to understand, and it's completely different from Offilar's language habits, and Satan doesn't understand." But he also did not care, the experience of this period, so that his character has made a great change, originally he was very withdrawn, left Tarona, the outside of the cruel let him fear, afraid of contact with people, so he is more indifferent, in order to protect his kind of actually a little humble fear, a lot of things do not matter, look dazed, cold.

but he still had to practice, and he was going to be strong, because of the dark, damp dungeon, because of the woman who was nice to him in that Little Inn, and because of the scars on his body, and because of the regret that he could not let go of in his heart ...

I can also practice, I can also become strong, I will not fall, my shoulders can also resist the day!

is like ...

the same man.

quiet site Sitting in the dark Dungeon stone Room, the body of the meridians fully functioning, gradually, he felt a all in the heat produced, the temperature is getting higher and hotter, scorching every meridian of him, hammering his body, and then, with the cycle of vitality, converge into Taneda, forming a whirlpool, In the rotation of the fly to absorb those hot and incomparable gas strength ... The feeling of

's first practice was wonderful, and Isaac was completely immersed in it, forgetting the existence of time, and everything around him had nothing to do with him, only the heat that kept coming into Taneda, and then turned into the power that excited him.

He knew clearly that this was not a fight, for the "Nine days Thurus mantra" passed down, called this power "repair Lori."

doesn't know how long it's been, it could be a day, it could be two days. When Satan opened his eyes, there was a strange and pale face in front of him.

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