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Chapter 21 Like a Beast

That's right. This is Adai, it's night. Or, it's Isaac.

in short, in the year after he did not tell the Tarona, the kind of factor that made him feel weird in his body, like a restless hand, was always caught in his head.

seems to be not in the head, as if the hand in a deeper place, that position is very vague, like the brain, but also like the heart.

He can only suppress that hand through non-stop refining, he only when he is asleep, that hand will stop torturing him, but, again turned into a dream, one nightmare after another, let him often wake up in the wild in Shing ...

He could only roar, and could only hold his head in pain, leaving a word of hurt on his arm, like a wounded beast.

is right.

is hurt, more than that hand also let him painful injury.

because there is no injury, can be more painful than the people who care about the most!

once burst, that kind of pain, nowhere to escape!

So, he didn't stop in the Ice Canyon. Anyway, along the way, those canyon edge of the Warcraft also do not provoke him, see him far away, this is very strange, even if he does not have a trace of fighting or magic.

may these Warcraft orders are not high, protection consciousness is relatively strong, perhaps they far more other life intuition, feel some kind of power in this man?

not understand, anyway, he wandered all the way to the Principality of Hill. He had no idea it was the Principality of Hill, he just instinctively felt the danger, and the feeling, like a beast.

He doesn't understand the rules of the outside world at all.

, after several lessons of nearly being killed, began to shun like a frightened beast. After all, the effect of his refining is no better, nor is it the opponent of a junior warrior. The

Junior Warrior, even in a small country just commercial in the Principality of Hill, is a plentiful one.

He was wandering around in a daze. The world is completely different from Tarona, where people always seem to be separated from each other, the strong above the weak, power standing above the top of life.

sometimes good people give him to eat, he does not speak, take over to eat; sometimes some aristocratic women look at him handsome to take him back, he is also silly like a stone, only hoarse low roar from time to time from the Roar, which is very beautiful, and he does not talk to anyone, and then quickly kicked out Sometimes he can only eat what is left of others; sometimes he happens to be in the wild and will catch the beast to feed his hunger ... The place where

sleeps, it doesn't matter. Anywhere you lie down, open your eyes, it's dawn. Anyway, no one will care about themselves.

, a beast-like man who lives by instinct, a piece of crap that can't recall thinking at all, a monster that can roar in pain anytime, anywhere ...

still have a request? It would be nice for

to live.

This is also instinctive, and his instinct is stronger than any idea, he wants to live, even if he often falls to the ground, the pain rolls around, let the occasional passing people avoid.

the world is so big, he is a lifeless speck of dust. With the flow, with the peace, silent, quietly hiding in no one's present corner, alive.

in fact, from the moment he left Tarona, the home of his heart, his heart, as if without temperature, he could not find the feeling of beating, gradually cold, only from the body do not know where the deep out of the sting, spread in his meridians, spread in his mind, but also spread in the door of his recollection, cover, Non-entry.

The sting of good despair, as if the heart also down a Tarona of snow, piled up thick ice.

actually ...

even he did not know himself: Two months ago, because of the growing cold breath of his body, his soul of the Lowen of the night of the inheritance of memory, finally began to wake up.

right, soul.

that he could not find, could not touch, and even imagined the depths, called the soul.


clean up the lobby, Adai back to his place, it is a humble bedroom, can sleep two people. The man who lived with him was called Jenson, who looked silly, and did not have a high, but there were two of them so wide.

"Silly boy, you are staying again, no wonder the old lady told you to stay." "Jenson just finished washing his feet, and the smell really didn't say."

sat by the window, looking back at Jenson, for this rude fat man, he did not resent, he just do not understand, a body always smell greasy guy, why can still make such a delicious meal.

from Tarona also more than a year, he judged people's basis is still intuition, like the beast's intuition.

"Hey, it's so tiring to talk to you, there's enough to stay, and that little yellow in my house is smarter than you." "Fat Jenson fell into bed, less than half a minute, and snoring like thunder."

a blank face, deep eyes began to new chaos. Countless pieces of debris suddenly welled up from the soul, polymerized in his mind, like sharp glass fragments, one by one, and then the fragments were put together to form some illogical images that were repeated in his eyes!

"ER! "

from the throat of the low roar like a wounded beast-a hold of the head, head rope collapsed, dark as the head of the night scattered down, covered his twisted face!"

he grabbed his arm and a blood marks of the road stretched under his fingernails ...

Suddenly, he fell down, slammed to the ground.

Voice is very loud, even a terrazzo floor is cracked!

can Jenson that fat, snoring is still shocking.


"Get Up! This goose is sleeping here. "

the next morning, a dull face was patted by a rotten hand, his palms thick, and a lot of calluses.

He opened his eyes and saw Jenson's face.

"Look what I'm doing, huh? Jenson froze for a moment, and he seemed to see a dark shadow flashing over a daze's forehead, like a mark.

Jenson did not see clearly, for the mark flashed so fast that he himself doubted whether he had read it wrong.

"This kid is staying." "Jenson plucked his head," when the handyman had been so long, he had not heard him say a few words, but well, the strength was good, very diligent. "

Jenson looked at the look of a face that was like never looking, never washed, without a sigh, and perhaps even a rude man like him felt that the face grew on such a dork.

Yes, very unique black, not very delicate five senses together really good looking, also full of unique attraction.

beautiful man Jenson has also seen a lot, June Lang masculine men Jenson See more, because in the "Ise home" such mercenary travelers frequent small hotels, there is no shortage of all kinds of men.

, ah, this guy ...

looked at his face for the first time, and Jenson did not feel attracted by the face, which seemed to him to be at home.

is handsome bar, should be able to use this word to describe, but Jenson's heart is a little sour, because that eyes are like a cold night without a moon, from the bones revealed if there is no sadness.

can't catch that sadness from where, just feel it seems to exist, because of this, only feel more sad.

those eyes ah, and that head long as black, as sad as the night sky Black, with a little despair, with a little fear, with a little stranger not near, with a little humble ... The more

looked down, the more he felt the sting in his heart was obvious, and even Jenson, who was so blunt, was unwittingly to be brought into the feeling.

snapped, Jenson patted his face hard, fat shivering, long out of breath, that sour smelly smell sprayed on the face, he did not even move his eyebrows.

"What am I thinking! "Jenson walked away strangely.

"By the way, go open the shop, Adai." "He did not forget to tell a word, when he saw the back sitting on the ground and motionless, to see the black that was about to grow to the waist, the back of the neck jerked a bit ...

"Odin Ah, what curse do I have!" "

Jenson fought the cold war and trotted towards his kitchen.

soft light fell in the humble small courtyard outside the house, piled up groceries in disarray. The

day is going to light up.


heavy door panels were lifted, and as he was about to pull down the rusty iron lock, a broken gong voice came from behind him, "son of a word, listen." "

looked back and felt a little familiar."

Oh, it was Gary, the head of the Viper Mercenary Corps yesterday.

"Go and shout your old lady out to Lao Tzu!" Come on, play this trick with Laozi rattlesnake, fool Reg, that idiot is fine! You tell her by the way, if she doesn't promise Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu will smash you up and let her know how good Lao Tzu is! "Gary was thin, a little shorter than a man, but arrogant and full of uncomfortable flavours."

in the heart can not say the antipathy, but very careful control of their own emotions, because the beast is the most sensitive is the judgment of the danger--

this guy is very strong, any could kill him!

"Not too fast to go! Can't you hear what I'm saying ***? You're a fool! "Gary Scared did not react there, rushed over and slapped a mouth."

"Pop! "The voice was loud."

still did not react, but, his eyes changed, in an instant, as if to recall what ... The strange factor in

's body began to agitation.

like a wriggling soft ball, telescopic amplitude gradually increased, suddenly!

Burst! Diffusion! Instantly occupied Adai of all consciousness!

"What's your look at that? Not convinced, huh? You want to hit Lao Tzu? Bastard, don't you see what you are? "Gary looked at him disdainfully, he was not afraid, he was a senior warrior, with the strength of the five-level peak, one step short, he broke through the" polar wall "to become a level six Combat Junior War division.

"Son of a boy, you'd better be sensible, or you'll lose your life." I'm telling you, even if ... "Gary's broken Gong's throat suddenly stopped, and he felt his throat stuck to the dead hand of an iron clamp.

is Adai!

his eyes lost their depth and became stagnant water.

Gary the whole up!

then, a click of the sound.

Gary's head softened to one side, his eyes bulging, the foaming from the corners of his mouth, and the patter smashed on the stone floor of many small pits ...

Gary to death also do not understand, why with the degree of he, will be in front of this dazed boy suddenly pinched the neck.

more than him, not even the unconscious of Adai also do not understand.

However, there is one person who understands.

when Gary's completely die-hard body slipped from a daze to the ground, he came to his senses.

but this sober feeling disappeared again in an instant, Adai even did not have time to fear--

a sharp pain jerked from the body of that unknown deep gush, instantly hit him in the brain!

stared all the time, fell to the ground.

"My God ..." on the second floor of the

Inn, the shabby wooden railings trembled as the hands holding them trembled. The owner of the

hand, is a tall man-Reg, the head of the Tiger Mercenary Corps.

downstairs that fainted silly young man, unexpectedly in a moment can have so fast degree.

Moreover, that lifeless feeling, like a corpse across the land, a head was suddenly crushed!

is so scary ....

stood on the second floor to witness the whole process of the Reg, suddenly feel the soles of the feet on the bottom of a gust of coolness.


"Bang! "Ah, the whole man flew out and smashed a table.

He struggled to get up, coughed twice, and spat out the blood of the export. Before the blood droplets landed, he felt a heavy blow on his head, then fell to the ground, and then, countless punches, blunt blows, knife cuts, swords, all greeted him, and soon lost consciousness ...

, "Damn it! Lao Tzu did not understand how Gary could have died in his hands on this kind of goods. "Viper second Cobra Barnabas patted the ash on his body.

"The body is strong enough, but not vindictive." At best, but at the apprenticeship level. "Buzz looked back at Elaine, pale," and told you, I'm not as jade as Gary, I'm not interested in a woman like you. You'd better give me an explanation, or I promise you, you'll never regret it. "

Elaine sat in a chair, surrounded by venomous snakes, all with a murderous face. The boss died inexplicably in a small hotel, no one felt!

This is no doubt an unbearable insult for the Serpent Mercenary Corps, which is not small in the Gang of the Hill Army!

for the head of revenge or second, anyway, there is a similar strength of the Basque, to the death, if you do not get this face back, will seriously affect the reputation of the mercenary corps. The head of death, or so without warning of death, this mercenary corps naturally disgraced, hierarchical society, together to make money is not easy, and a mercenary corps once the reputation is not good, it is facing the next step, it must be everyone parted.

Besides, Reg that guy is on the second floor to watch the good play, that gloating expression so that everyone in the Viper Mercenary Corps want to kill him!

to the second floor of the direction of a glance, biting his teeth, staring at Elaine, hard tunnel: "Come on, give me a reason, or I will kill you!" Head of "

". "A lewd guy around Basrah opened his mouth, his voice greasy.

"What's the matter? Lackey "The chief of the sound, called Barnabas, was comfortable.

"It's not a good deal to kill them. "Lackey looked at Elaine, and then said:" Even if you kill them, Reg they will still get this thing out, even if the face is found, the reputation of our venomous snake still has a great impact, and the city guard there to use a large amount of gold coins to fight, those guys are more greedy than a. " We're not as good as that ... "

lackey, leaning over in the ear of Bath and whispering.

Basrah's face gradually showed a smile.

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