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Chapter 2 Odin Rules

Clang The sword collides with the sword, and Mars is radiant.

"Hey! "Zacchaeus pushed his hands hard and shook the warrior across the street.

"Get Up! Littlefield! "Samuel waved his sword in his hand, and the shield on the other hand slammed into the dirt.

"Samuel, you're getting stronger." "The warrior who fell to the ground stood up and patted the dust on his armor." How long has it been that no one has cleaned it, and the heroic lineage of the Pollack family cannot be dusty. "

" alas. "When he heard what Bentley said, Nathaniel sighed softly.

"I get it." "Terry went over to Pat del on the shoulder. He is a very handsome man and looks much younger than Sarai.

"You know, my best friend ..." sighed Sarai. "Since my brother died in the war, the Pollack family has been in decline, if not ..."

"don't say that." ". "Billy interrupted him and jumped in the distance," come on, one more, tell your son with your performance, how great the warrior is. "

" is good! "Isaac smiled," and with Isaac, my mood was warm than the sun of Goya, and I was careful, Terry, and I have made great progress recently. "

" in a good mood, but also good skills to do. "A little at the foot of Terry, and he swept towards Sarai."

then the two men tore up and Drew.

Two swords hit the sound is very loud, two people more serious, the body burst out of the gas quickly filled the dilapidated small courtyard. There was a humble house in the

, with Moss on the eaves, and heavy traces of weathering of the old slate, and the decoration of the stone house Liangshan had long since fallen, and it was like the House of the poor in the Principality of Hill compared to the beautiful manor outside the courtyard.

"Master." "The wooden door opened, and a beautiful young woman came out," It was loud, and Sarai was awakened, and cried very hard. "

" get my son out of here! "A sword fended off Leigh's attack and turned his head and cried.

woman stayed, seriously, the airflow of the two men was difficult even for her to breathe, let alone a few months old baby.

"Hurry up, Shirley! "Bill roared," I, Samuel's son, will feel the breath of battle in his life! "

" All right, all right. Shirley gnawed her teeth, turned into the house, and hugged Xiao Zacchaeus out.

"Wow! "Little Isaac White's little hand was scratching on Shirley's chest, and the airflow in the yard made his little face ache.

a heartache, not by the son tightly clasped in the arms.

"let him see! "Isaac roared again, and the movement of the Billy was getting more and more fierce.

"Yes, sir." "Shirley's heart was unbearable, but she still listened to Samuel very much. Because Isaac was his son, in the tradition of Offilar, women had far no greater responsibility for future generations after giving birth, and, for their mother and son, Isaac had turned his face to Judy, the real master of the Pollack family, Isaac's first lady.

"Wow! "

cried even more, and he seemed afraid of the staggered light and shadow in front of him, and the feeling of breath made him frightened, but he could only struggle with crying.

a bang! The door of small courtyard was blown open, half a door plate straight direct to Shirley mother and son!

Brush! the shadow of the sword flashed, the door plate was zoned in two halves!

"You've gone a little too far." "In the cracked two door panels, Terry's eyebrows were wrinkled tightly together.

"What are you doing? Judy! "Randall slammed back and glared at the lady standing at the door. Just now he and Billy fight back to the courtyard door, so too late to react, fortunately quick eyes.

"Useless things, cheap species!" "Judy did not have Daniel, and looked contemptuously at the frightened pale Shirley.

"Get out! "Isaac was furious, but he still didn't dare to do anything to Judy, because there was a strong man standing next to Judy.

"Well, all right ..." came a hoarse voice, "married out for so long, how still the temper of the Big Lady." "

saw a big fat man come in, dressed in a beautiful robe, and the value of gold and silver ornaments was enough for a common hill people for decades.

"My son-in-law, what's going on with you two? "The Fat Man's round face was like a laugh, but the five senses huddled into a huddle."

saw the Fat Man, and Sarai's teeth were ringing, and he did not know whether it was anger or fear.

"Is this my little grandson?" "The Fat Man saw the shivering Shirley, and the little Isaac in her arms, which could not cry."

so he Chasheli mother and son to go ...

a sword stopped in front of him, "What are you doing?" "

" is Terry Ah, Gia's sheriff, the strong warrior, hello. "Even if the blade is only a few centimeters from the fat Man's face, he is still laughing."

clang! sword was shattered, and then a great force grabbed his arm, and suddenly he felt his strength, and then slammed into the courtyard wall.

"Gee." "Fat Man seems surprised," henler, be careful, you just protect me, don't hurt Hill's sheriff. "

" level six ... "in the gravel broken tile, Terry raised his face, blood from the corners of his mouth," This guy, at least a level six fight ... "he stared at the strong man.


Offilar There are many ways to practice on the big 6, but it abides by a code, the Odin code. There are many cultivation occupations on the

6, but they can probably be grouped into two categories: Warriors and Wizards. There are knights, archers, assassins and other branches of the warrior, as long as it is a physical attack, are zoned as a warrior class, so the branches of the warrior class are very miscellaneous. The branch of the sorcerer is relatively clear, mainly according to the type of magic elements used to divide, the common spirit system, call system, wind system, fire system, water system, soil system, thunder, light system, dark system nine branches. As long as the category of magic elements you use is one of them, you are the sorcerer of that department. Of course, there are many strange ways to practice, is not to admit that they belong to the warrior or mage, they are very rare, but also very haughty.

According to the Odin code, fighting and magic are divided into nine levels before breaking through the "polar realms" to reach the holy level: Warrior Apprentices and Sorcerer apprentices at the

level, trainee fighters at level two and trainee wizards-from here to level three Junior Warriors and junior Wizards, face the first bottleneck, called the "limit." If you break through the "limit", even if it is formally stepping into the door of cultivation, basically live a year is no problem. This step is also very good to go, the general people as long as they have the cultivation of the law, with a certain degree of patience can be done, but the sorcerer is not necessarily, because the sorcerer in addition to patience, there is a more important requirement, that is, talent, this is the Offilar 6 on the number of wizards far lower than the warrior's reason. So, a senior sorcerer, anywhere, is a symbol of nobility, a figure of great respect.

Next, Class four intermediate warriors and intermediate wizards, level five senior Warriors and senior wizards-from here to level six junior and Junior, are the second bottleneck "polar wall". To break through the polar wall, in addition to talent and strong will, but also must have the understanding, whether it is martial arts or magic, to rely on the understanding of the realm. Once you become a war teacher or magic Guide, the life span of the practitioner can be increased to the age, and the increase in body strength and mental power is quite striking.

from the seven level of intermediate War Division, Magic Guide, to eight level of senior war, magic Guide, to nine level of legendary war Division, magic Guide, not difficult, need only accumulation, is a quantitative change caused by the process of qualitative change. As long as you are diligent and willing to work hard, before the age to become a legendary strong is not too big a problem.

the third bottleneck, called the "Polar Realm."

when a practitioner reaches the pinnacle of the legendary level, if he still has to break through and reach another realm, the holy level, then what he will face is the "polar World".

that's the real bottleneck-jihad! Holy Magic Guide! This is the difficulties of countless practitioners who have been trapped all their lives!

a senior warrior, is at the top of level five. The Pollack family is also a hereditary aristocrat, with his own set of fighting methods, but Satan's understanding is too low to be slow to reach the war division realm. It was Satan's regret, and he was well aware that there would be no more order break in his life, so he wanted a son in particular, and that the title of the Pollack family had to be inherited, and that the second could be the regret of his own heart.

the sheriff of the Gia town, was about the same strength as Isaac, but he was much younger and more potential than Nathaniel, so he was entrusted with the task by the Duke of Gia, the Lord Castroda.

Gia Town, don't look at it small, can live here, not rich is expensive, because in the cold principality of Hill, can find such a pleasant climate of place, it is simply a miracle. This town is the territory of the Duke of Castroda, who is the second son of the Belsa family, and the eldest son of the Belsa family, the king of the Principality of Hill, Carrite Belsa. The

Pollack family has actually begun to decline in Samuel's hands, because the family's status is largely determined by the strong in the family. Samuel had a brother, very gifted, and it was for his brother's sake that the Pollack family had a place in Gia, but God did not help, and three years ago, in the war between the Principality of Hill and the neighboring kingdom of Luchian, the 22nd master of the Pollack family, the first strong man of the eight class, delent the Great War, died for his country.

may be a defect in the way the Pollack family practiced fighting, or it may be that the family male is not strong, and delent, like his brother, has no son, so that Isaac inherits the position of the Lord, a district five strong man inherits the title of the Earl, and Nathaniel suffers a lot of white eyes and taunts, but he can only endure, The world speaks by strength.

is very depressed and very depressed, so he a wife to pick up a wife to marry, fortunately his brother left a lot of wealth, some small aristocrats also willing to and Pollack home kiss home, after all, thin camel than horse bigger.

one night, Isaac attended an aristocratic party, was insulted, was in a bad mood, and got drunk. When he came back, just as Shirley was waiting for him to dress, and Delphi forced possession of the beautiful and seductive maid.

originally, bought the maid, raped and raped, and Sarai could even decide her life and death; but Shirley was so beautiful that, with Zacchaeus's momentary softness, she took the poor 19-year-old girl. You know, the Offilar 6 is heavily hierarchical, and a count, even if he is looking for a lover, will not find a slave. The girls in the civilian family were just playthings of the nobles, not to mention a slave.

also do not know is Odin great God poor Shirley Encounter, or Zacchaeus hit the big luck, did not expect Shirley actually gave birth to a son for him.


"Don't be so nervous, henler." "The Fat Man laughs at the strong men," it's something we own family, you just have to protect me, go out and wait for me first. "

" All right, Lord Perna. "Henler turned out of the small courtyard.

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