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Chapter 1 Faith and Heresy

Over here......

is small, only dozens of square kilometers.

but this plain, called "Goya," is the best place on the whole of the great 6 Offilar.

pleasant climate, sunny, green grass yin yin, flowers blooming ...

In the middle of Gouya Plain, a thick and magnificent city, scattered with the ancient grandeur of the atmosphere. The city is large and divided into 12 areas, each of which has a quaint and beautiful palace in the heart of each region. and arches by these 12 palaces is a towering steeple. There are 13 floors of the

minarets, each surrounded by a halo of different colors, and the whole looks like a vast epic of the atmosphere.

It's called the "Holy Tower." in the legend of Offilar, the 13th floor, is to guard the Big 6 odin great God.

The 12 shrines that around the Holy Tower are its most faithful believers.

.. On the edge of the ancient city, there is a large hexagonal building with strange symbols engraved on the walls, as well as patterns of wind, water, fire, light and other elements. These tattoos, all made up of colorful crystal stone.

the front of the building is a huge square, all made from the glittering white jade stone paved. Among them, it is very suitable to embellish the flower Regiment, sculpture, and Fountain. In the center of

Square, there is a huge statue at least 200 meters high. The look of the statue is unusually noble, his eyes, like the sun shining on the earth, warm overlooking the warbler flying grass long, beautiful scenery of Goya.


like the sound of being torn. then, a string of blood drops, sprinkled at the foot of the statue.

"This heresy! "Above the steps, an old man in a white magic robe frowned," and polluted the holiness at the foot of Odin's great God with his filthy blood! "he looked at the torn body in front of his eyes, a flame lit from his palms, and then a blazing fire burned the pieces of meat that hung the plasma.

"Lottesille, clean the blood in front of the statue of Odin. "He said to a young sorcerer beside him.

"Listen to your orders, Ballona president." "The young mage, named Lottesille, with his hands raised and his lips moved a few times, a clear spring came out of the ground and washed the red line clean.

See the ground white as new, Ballona happy smile.

"Ballona President. "A gentle male voice sounded behind him.

Ballona Look back, the smile on the face is more Sheng, "is the Darcy, my Odin great God, you are worthy of the most beautiful man of Goya." "saw an elegant and handsome silver robe man slowly walked to Ballona side, pink lips slightly moved, showing a touch of moving smile, it seems that ballona this old sorcerer's compliment makes him very useful."

"The heresy that killed Kebibi Saints was put to death?" "asked Damon.

"Yes, this guy is so tenacious that four Dragons knights killed him." "Ballona Road.

"Oh? "Dakota looked at the pieces of corpses that had been removed with magic by several young mages," and what stage of Odin's code did he reach? "

" He does not use fighting and magic, so it does not belong to the Austrian code. "Ballona took a look at Dakota," but .... If you really want to compare it, I think it should be about the Holy level five order. "

" is a very powerful heresy ah ... "Damon's eyes glowed.

"Yes, and he is definitely only 200 years old, you know, as long as you break through the ' Polar realms ' to reach the holy level, you can have at least a year of life." "Ballona Road.

"It seems that the teacher is right, these heresy who have the power of evil, the cultivation of talent is really strong." "Damon nodded." a listen to get Duss said "teacher" two words, Ballona face on the smile immediately turned into incomparable reverence, "Yakai temple Lord Monseigneur recently all right?" "

" Thanks to President Ballona's greetings, teacher he is very healthy, in a good mood, and recently he said to us ... "Damon smiled.

"What did Lord Yakai say? "Ballona asked, caring.

"He said, he was about to break through. "Damon is a faint tunnel."

"What! "Ballona's face was startled, and hurriedly knelt down on one knee in the direction of a temple, his hands crossed on his chest, and muttered in his mouth. it was a while before he got up and smiled and asked Dakota, "Are you here to command the spiritual temple for our Sorcerer's Guild?" with a smile, took out a golden letter and handed it to Ballona. After

Ballona took it, he put his palms on it and closed his eyes ...

A few seconds later, he opened his eyes with a slight surprise on his face, "Are you going to be the holy one of the Blue Empire?" "

" is right. "Da Duss laughed.

"This ..." Ballona some hesitation, "Dakota, you are the spiritual temple of the people, the identity of the distinguished, this to Offilar 6 countries sent the Holy Spirit, the management of the Sorcerer's Guild there, is our Sorcerer's General Guild thing." You know, we're the only foreign affairs agency. You think about how many people can't even get in the door here and can only stay on the outermost edge of Goya ... "

" Ballona President! "There was a hint of unhappiness on Damon's face," was the teacher's command.

Listen to this sentence, Ballona stoutly will be the next words swallowed back. he thought for a moment and nodded, "all right." "

a Smile," Ballona, President of the Blue Empire, the largest empire in the north of Offilar, is my hometown. That year, I stood out from countless people, became the best magical genius there, and then, by Kebibi, recommended to enter the holy city ... Now that Kebibi has left, I should do something for him, too. "

." Yes, it is. "Ballona's expression returned to nature.

"and ..." The voice of Dakota suddenly sounded in his head, "that heresy group seems to have someone lurking in the blue-that's the real purpose of the teacher to make me holy ..."

Ballona face changed a lot ........

at this time.

a strange blue-skinned, long-handed weirdo was taken up by several knights in gold-heavy armor, his bulging eyes filled with anger and fear, and his thick lips kept cursing, bloodied with sparse scales.

"Ballona President. "A knight stepped forward, bow," What about this heresy? The old method of "

" separates this evil body. "Ballona glanced at the weirdo, his face showing an objectionable expression.

"This method is disgusting. "Interrupt Lane."

"So what do you mean ..." asked Ballona.

smiled and walked forward, gazing gracefully at the freak who had lost his resistance, "Ah ... It's a buggy, a very rare race ... "

a soft golden light flashed, his hands appeared a golden harp," Let me, with the beautiful sound of the piano, to the president of the Ballona show my determination as a holy make it! " "

's slender fingers moved, and the strings were like beating elves at his fingertips.

a charming string of strings scattered out, for the air filled with ancient fragrance, brought a elegant embellishment.

with the sound of music, those few golden Beetle Knights will let go of the hand, stand to the side, the Bukit Fish's body slowly rose into the air ...

"This is the ' Requiem ', my poor heresy, let it end, for you to see off, it is God's will, do not disobey!" "


fingers swept through the strings.

the body can not move every joint in the opposite direction of the broken, the whole body turned into a twisted fudge.


This blue Fudge fell to the ground, bulging eyes are full of severe pain after the dull.

Ballona took a sip of coolness, and he finally understood why these people could enter the temple of incomparable reverence. It is not his ballona understandable to use this peculiar method of mental power alone.

"This is what happens against God's liking." "Damon stood on the steps, his voice full of heat.

"That's right! "Ballona loudly echoed," only here, is for the Odin great God to guard Offilar and exist! " "The

air is full of faith in piety ...

Ballona said right, this is located in the center of Goyaping, a large area of the ancient city, is the endorsement of God, is Offilar faith, is the Great 6 true master!

It has a supreme name--

the holy city.


Offilar Big 6. No one has ever known how it was formed, only to know that this big 6 is too vast to imagine.

Hill is a small country in the north of Offilar, the climate is very cold, because it is behind the Laris mountains, is the northernmost barrier of Offilar, year-round ice, miles of snow. As for the place behind the Laris mountains, no one has explored it, because after climbing through the endless mountains, you have to face a vast sea. The name of the sea is also very vast, called "Endless Sea."

Offilar scholars have never denied the grandeur of the endless sea, just as they have never denied that they are scholars.

Gia Town, also is the Principality of Hill in the alien, here has never been snow. It is a picturesque place in the south of the Principality of Hill, with four seasons like spring, with warm sunshine shining on the ancient town of just over more than 10 square kilometers and just over 10,000 people every day.



gorgeous fragments, fell on the carved floor, leaving a shallow tattoo.

"..." The waitresses couldn't even breathe in the atmosphere and lowered their heads.

"The humble woman! "

is another bang, and the debris is flying around."

a very luxurious middle-aged woman staring at the ground viciously, she is not bad, but the body is not as slim as when she was young.

creaked, the ornate door was pushed open, and then a yellow-eyed old man came in, bald and whizzing eyes enough to prove that his heart was deep.

"Lady ..." the old man's eyes fell on the fragments of the ground.

"Did the cheap woman have a baby ... Lacey "Middle-aged lady turned around, like laughing Xue."

"Not yet, the master forbade anyone to go in. "Lacey shook his head.

"Oh." "The Lady grinned," a fallen aristocrat, the shelf is really big, a female slave pregnant with his species, but really thought to fly up high branches. Hum, Lacey, without me Judy, without our Eaton Chamber of Commerce, he was nothing but nothing! "

Judy's voice suddenly turned higher, the maid's body trembled a little, and some unconsciously retreated a small step.

"That ... What the president wants ... "Lacey went to Judy's side and whispered in her ear.

"Don't worry, Zacchaeus just wants a son, the failed man is like this, always likes to put hope on the next generation, disgusting slave, she even gave birth to a son, and she is just as cheap kind!" "Judy hates the Channel."

Lacey nodded. "If

really dares to send that thing out, don't blame me ..." he put. Pollock, this surname is bound to disappear from Hill's list of aristocrats ... "Judy went to the curved window and looked at a mansion in the manor below. Inside the


"Oh, Odin bless, I hope Shirley can hold on." "A middle-aged man with a full head of gold was walking anxiously back and forth in a well-decorated hall.

suddenly, inside the hall came a baby's cry, and then, a fat old woman stumbled out, the mouth is still constantly high called "Master!" Master! "

The Golden Man frowned," slow down, Marka, we are not a big rich house, wrecked things you are able, do you not know that your weight is a disaster? "

called Marka fat woman face flushed, managed to stabilize the body shape, Mouth said four words:" is a young master! "

" Really!? "The Golden Man jumped three feet high, completely without that condescending temperament, crazy like rushed into the available, while the running mouth is still constantly saying," Praise you, the great Odin, we are a small family, but the inheritance of the family is still necessary, God, I am almost 40 years old, there are six wives, There's only one son! "This room in

is very soft, it may be the reason for living in a pregnant woman here, after all, it is absolutely unwise to decorate a hard material where a pregnant person lives."

"Oh, Shirley, I send you the noblest Knight Etiquette of Offilar, as the 23rd generation owner of the Pollack family. "Samuel gazed deeply at the pale woman in the bed, clenched her fist on her chest, and knelt down on one knee.

"No, no, sir, you, you can't do this." I, my identity, can't afford it. "The woman in the bed struggled to get up, and if her body had not been so weak, she would have tried to avoid the direction of the face of Delphi."

"Shirley! Don't move! Oh, my God, what have I done! "Isaac got up in a hurry and rushed over to hold his wife, who was about to fall out of bed.

, "What are you idiots doing?" "Isaac turned back and stared at the waitresses standing behind him.

"Master, don't blame them, you're here, of course they dare not come near." Shirley gently leaned her head in her husband's arms, a tear, and slipped out of her eyes.

"Shirley, what are you doing? Did I do something wrong? "It was strange to ask that his wife was crying," asked softly.

"No, sir, I just feel very happy." Shirley whispered, in fact, really let her move tears is the husband just that move, to know that the husband in her heart is a great warrior, is blessed by the great God of Odin, that kind of etiquette only in the face of the king or the Gods of faith will be used. But just now, her husband, Delporac, the 23rd generation of the Pollack family, had done such a noble etiquette to himself, to a woman of a maid's origin ...

Shirley, the sixth Lady of the Pollack family, did not know what her last name was, for she was sold to the Pollack family at an very young ...

Shirley's low status, though nominally the wife of Zacchaeus, was a little better paid than the maid, and, in addition to lust for her body and crawling on her side of the business hardly had a good word with her, and the ladies were all right to find a chance to humiliate her and break the imbalance in her heart. Beautiful women are hated, and beautiful women with low status are more unlucky. The concept of

hierarchy has always been Offilar 61 rules that will not change, as is the case in any country. But Shirley's belly was very competitive, though she knew that Isaac was only grateful to her, and that the man loved only his own son. But she doesn't care, she has long been used to being treated with indifference, accustomed to being neglected, and accustomed to humility. She had only now had enough, and at the moment the man looked at her with a change of vision, and Sarai saw that her eyes had changed, and the condescending true aristocratic lady had seen her eyes change.

looked up at Delphi, her charming face looked tired, but she still did not want to rest, she wanted to enjoy the feeling of being held in the palm of her hand, which she had never experienced in the past 20 years ...

"Master, give him a name." "Shirley is gently authentic."

"Good! Ha ha! "Isaac was holding his son at this time, and the joy was no longer known to southeast and northwest. "This is the son of my Delporac! Look, how beautiful he is, as beautiful as his mother, and when he grows up, I will teach him to fight, teach him martial arts, and make him the most powerful warrior in the Principality of Hill! No! It's the strongest warrior in the whole Offilar! So, his name should be the most dazzling-Satan Gapollac! Son, your name I have already helped you think about it, just waiting for you to come into the world to lift it up! "

Samuel looked down at the little life in his arms, and there was an indescribable fanaticism in his eyes.

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