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Chapter 3 Only Tools

"Give me ..." Big fat Perna smiled and looked at Shirley.

was shaking so hard that she subconsciously clasped Xiao Zacchaeus, "you, what are you going to do!" "

" The humble Maid ... "perna the forehead is dripping oil," Do you not know who I am, the Bora Manor to continue to exist, must look at my face ah. " "

Shirley knew the identity of the Fat Man, she could not be frightened, but always clinging to Xiao Sarai, because of the fierce force, the cry that would have been frightened has burst out in the mouth of Sarai."

"Lord Perna ..." Zacchaeus bites his teeth and walks to Perna's side.

"What do you call me? "Perna turned his head and looked at Del, his face still smiling.

"Yue, Lord father-in-law. "Samuel lowered his head, and did not knowing that, more than 10 minutes ago, the head was still proudly tilted.

yes, this fat man is the father-in-law of Earl Del, Judy's father, Offilar 6, the fourth-ranked Langton Chamber of Commerce two masters!

"Hmm." "Perna smiled and nodded.

"can ..." asked Nathaniel in a low voice.

"can't." "Perna shook his head and looked at Shirley," Do You want me to fire, give me the child, it is the inheritance of the glorious warrior lineage of the Pollack family, not the child of a maid. " "

," please! Please! "Shirley cried suddenly, her charming eyes full of fear, at this moment, she can only look helplessly at Delphi ...

, however, Isaac shunned her gaze.

so she was desperate, and, with a bang, fell to her knees, holding the kowtow of little Satan, with no hand to support her forehead banging heavily on the hard stone floor.

"Please, please ..." Shirley turned around only to say this, blood running down her forehead, dripping on the ground, spreading a red line. "she said.


Shirley Head, spit out a mouthful of blood, this sudden slap hit very heavy, let her a few want to faint.

"Wow! Xiao Sarai cried loudly, and his mother's blood fell on his little face, stimulating his instincts.

"Cheap woman! Raw, Cheap! It's just going to cry! It's a dead fight! "Judy was kicking on Shirley's chest, and Shirley did not fall backwards.

This foot is very heavy, little sprinkle from the mother's arms was shaken out, high throw up, see the back of the brain will be on the ground.

was in a shock, and his body was in a hurry ...

but had a pair of hands before he caught the child.

"It's You again! "Judy stared fiercely at the man with the baby in his arms.

"You guys ... It's too much. "Terry's young, handsome face was full of anger.

, on the other hand, climbed up from the ground, hugged Terry's feet, and cried, "Give me back the baby, give me back the baby ..."

"rest assured. "Terry held little Isaac in his hand and helped Shirley up in the same hand.

very warm hands, when Shirley's shoulder felt the temperature of the palm of the hand, she trembled, and when she took the little extra time from Litt's hand, her heart calmed down a lot.

"What are you doing! "Terry stared at Sarai," You say the glory of the warrior! Even their own women and children can not protect, you are what a bullshit warrior! "

" Shut up! "Isaac's face flushed," What do you know! Littlefield! "

" At least I know how scared she is right now! "Leigh refers to Shirley in particular.

"young man." "Perna patted Zacchaeus on the shoulder and stopped his argument. He looked at Terry with a smile, "young heart is always impulsive, let me teach you, sometimes survival is more important, in the power, you blink will lose, Blink can also get, the key to see how you choose ..." Speaking of which, Perna took out a thin metal card carved with fine stripes, "Gia's sheriff, I have a good relationship with your Duke Castroda, here are million gold coins, can be extracted in Offilar any gold line, take away, and then leave, I do not want to because of this very simple thing to destroy the serenity and serenity of Gia, as well as my trade with here. "

stared at the gold card in Perna's hand and did not speak.

and Shirley was afraid again, she instinctively took a step back, clinging to the child, terrified to look at Terry.

"How about that? "Perna smiled.

"million, really much ah." "Terry laughed, too," and I, as Gia's sheriff, could get so much money when Odin's holy calendar went through 20 years. "

" Yes, young man, great warrior, I can see that you are about to become a class six fighter, the future is bright Ah, there is no need for a woman who is not worth to lose her life, if you like women, I could ... "Perna chatter said.

"Shut up! "Terry interrupted him suddenly.

Perna's smile froze on his face.

"Even listen to you ... It all feels like an insult. "Terry took a deep breath and looked to Nathaniel," I'm sorry, my friend, from now on, the friendship between us, that's it. "

said, but was caught in the eye by the blood ...

, the blood of Terry!

is Henler!

when Perna beckoned, he instantly from the door of the small courtyard to the front of Terry, just a trick, let the original injury of the hurt injury added!

"A little sheriff, Bah! "Perna no longer kindly smiled, his eyes became fierce, and the appearance of spitting on the ground was no different from that of a Ishika."

"It's annoying to bring the baby over." "Perna Chasheli pointed, to Henler Road, he completely ripped off the strong aristocratic coat, revealing his nature.


, "My boy! "

looked at the back of a few people left, lying on the ground of Shirley hoarse ...

"The humble woman, the voice is really hard to hear." "Judy looked back and despised Shirley," father, how long are you going to stay gia this time? I'll tell the people and prepare the best banquet for you. "

" good, my daughter. "Perna laughed," by the way can bring the Duke of Castroda together, heard that the king of Luziano came to power, it is an ambitious boy, at this point, Hill's border is not calm. " "

heard Perna's words, and Nathaniel raised his head.

"Think of your brother's hatred, my son-in-law." "Perna looked at Nathaniel," You Can't go to war, you have to stay with my daughter, and ... "His eyes fell on the child in Judy's arms," your son. " "

's eyes flashed.

and Judy was a little nauseous. Look at Xiao Sarai, if not her father let her hold, she even fell to death the child's heart.

"Monseigneur." "Henler went to Perna's side, lowered his voice," Just received the magic summons of the president, a new batch of weapons armor has been shipped here, he is fully confident that you can reach an agreement with the Duke of Castroda ... "

" that's for sure. "Hear Henler say" President, "Perna's smile became a little strange," it was a greedy fellow, and the price of the equipment we sold him was high enough for him to resell it to his country, and if not Hill had money, his brother, King Carritt, was a practicing fanatic ... "Perna said here, and glanced at Xiao Zacchaeus again, Then the look collided with Judy ...

Judy nodded softly.

Perna smiled again, and the round fat face seemed as if he were relieved of something.

"For a long time did not eat the gia of the red stew deer meat ..." Perna left hand pull up Delphi, right hand pull up his daughter, smiling towards the manor of the most beautiful house to walk.

is a family of many harmony Ah ...

in that dilapidated little courtyard, the woman who lost the child that mournful cry.

is Ah, can only grieve, can only cry number, if not perna slightly take into account the feelings of Zacchaeus, perhaps she even have no chance of crying.


cried her voice hoarse.

her forehead was bloodied, and in her eyes she could not shed tears.

pregnant, hard to give birth, in exchange for, but this blood, there are tears.

originally, the status of the low Dalit is no choice, the original, let her happy let her meet that little happiness, is short-lived.

in the end, will lose to the ferocious humanity, as well as money, power.


even have no room to struggle.

She's just, a tool, a tool that can be discarded and killed casually with the use of it.

Pat ...

a little blood scattered on the ground before her eyes.

She raised her head, and a young, handsome, blood-stained face came to her eyes.

"Xie, Xie ..." Shirley could not say the words behind it, had begun to cough violently, and her vocal cords had been severely damaged by excessive fear and pain.

"Don't talk." "Terry erased the blood from his face, crouched down, and picked Shirley up."

, who struggled a few times, was powerless to lean on Terry's chest.

a hint of warmth from the bottom of her heart, in that huge sad haze, quietly lit a candlelight ...

then, with a heavy tiredness, she lost consciousness.

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